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My Final Fantasy: Part IV-Reality

Marella brings the game to it's conclusion.....
My Final Fantasy: Part IV— Reality

Well tonight is the big party that John and Marella have been planning for his new business launch in Durham. Marella is the sexy young nineteen-year-old student John has hired part time to live in his house and help him take care of the large property. When we last left our two characters it was mid-day on a hot sunny day and John was poolside at his large country home having been trapped in a verbal conundrum by the ever so smart and even more flirtatious Marella. Her partner in crime in this endeavor was her equally sexy best friend Alley who had contributed her own amazing bikini clad body to today’s little set-up causing John no end of discomfort with his hard cock tenting his shorts.

Under the pretence of protection from the blazing sun Marella has induced John to coat both of their young firm bikinied bodies with suntan lotion. This scenario is, of course, one of the classic male fantasies and is a fantasy featured in John’s “Final Fantasy” erotic stories. John hasn’t the faintest idea that Marella has read his “Final Fantasy” stories and has been re-enacting scenes related to them in real life over the past few days. Today’s suntan lotion threesome fantasy is the final episode before Marella ends her little game tonight.

The question Marella had posited to John when we left them was related to the sexual practices of cultures that allowed polygamy and multiple sex partners. She had suggested John might enjoy having both her and Alley as wives but that his would necessitate difficult choices at bedtime. Her question and ran as follows,

“So John how do you decide which one of us you will sleep with tonight? Or do they like having threesomes all the time? Wouldn’t it be hard? So would you pick Alley or me tonight? Which one of us John? Or do you want both of us?”

John’s hands are covered in suntan lotion as he gazes down at Marella’s perfect ass covered only by a small triangle of white fabric contemplating how to answer her loaded question. Stifling her internal giggles Marella turns her head on the towel, the sun beating down, and says to Alley,

“You see how timid men are? They never want to admit their real fantasies. Of course he wants BOTH of us doesn’t he Alley?”

Alley giggles in response and nods her head in agreement. Marella then address John again.

“You see John if we played “Final Fantasy, I’d always win. Do you know why?”

John mumbled a negative and started moving his hands again across Marella’s amazing silky smooth body. Marella adds,

“Because John, in order to win in Final Fantasy you must be able to seize the day. And do you know how you know when you’ve seized the day and won the game John?”

John is confused by this whole line of conversation, his senses overwhelmed by the two near naked nineteen year-old co-ed bikini bodies he has been coating with lotion and the hot beating sun. John shakes his head “no”.

“Well John the “Victory Fanfare” music will play and you’ll know you’ve won. Do you hear any Victory Fanfare music yet John?”

The girls smirk at each other and John feels decidedly left out of their little private joke. John feels Marella slide up and stand beside the lounge chair, his lotion covered hands now held out in the open air feeling useless.

“C’mon Alley let’s have a dip and get ready for the party. I don’t think there’s much chance John is going to drag us off to his lair, tie us to his bed and have his way with us.”

Marella pauses for dramatic effect and casts a very devilish look at John, arching her white bikini-clad body so that her breasts and ass both push out in opposite directions, and bats her eyelashes while she bites seductively on her lower lip.

“Is there John? Threesome?”

Marella looks at John in the most provocative and challenging way. He knows she knows something, but he has no idea what she knows or how she can be saying all these things. It’s like Marella can read his mind or has somehow gotten inside his mind. If John knew that Marella had in fact read his entire “Final Fantasy” erotic story collection it would all make sense? As it stands, John is confused and bemused by the Marella’s flirtatious, teasing and seductive behavior.

Marella continues,

“Perhaps John would be more inclined to seduce you Alley if you were wearing your old schoolgirl uniform or if you were a sexy secretary at his office?”

John can do nothing but laugh very uncomfortably as the two girls look at him with teasing and questioning eyes. His mind is swirling and confused and he wonders why they are using examples that come right out of his mind and right out of his stories? He chuckles nervously and replies,

“Ok you two vixens, enough teasing of John. Have your swim. I need to get ready for the party.”

John gets set to depart and Marella adds as he leaves,

“Oh John, Alley is going to stay for the party and help me supervise the caterers and the DJ. Is that ok?”

John acknowledges that it’s a great idea and then retreats as fast as he can into his house to have a shower and make the final calls and preparations. Marella and Alley continue to swim for a while and then also head to Marella’s wing to get ready.

Marella soaks in the tub for a long while softening her body hair and then gets out her ladies Schick Quattro with the four blades and the pivoting lubricated head. She applies a liberal amount of Kiehl’s shaving cream to her pussy area. Marella ever so gently proceeds to remove all the light fuzz that has grown over the past few days leaving a perfectly smooth pussy area. She soaps and cleans away the shaving foam and then gets her mirror to check she got all the hair. Perfect! She wants her body to be ever so soft and smooth for tonight.

Toweling off Marella applies moisturizer to her body; her tanned smooth legs, to her firm and full breasts and especially around her just shaved sensitive pussy. As Marella strokes on the moisturizer around her now silky smooth pussy it tingles and aches in anticipation of more fun to come later tonight. Marella checks her body in the mirror and is pleased with what she sees reflected back. Marella hurries to dress and get ready and rushes Alley as well.

The party John has planned will be eclectic for sure. He has instructed Marella from the start that the last thing he can stand is a boring party. Accordingly the food and wine will be a mixture of classics and innovation. That means while 1990 Dom will flow, so will crisp young Australian Roussane’s and fresh light New World Pinots from Oregon. Little Thai spicy canapés are on offer along with French classics.

As for the music, Marella, on John’s instructions has hired one of the top local DJ’s who can mix house industrial techno and classic pop/rock and do his own mixes on request. Unknown to John and in a teasing gesture to his age (well a little exaggerated actually) Marella has asked the DJ to do special mixes of Jimi Hendrix’s “All Along the Watchtower” as well as a mixed version of Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”. Marella hopes it will impress John since Jimi Hendrix is a favorite of hers and she knows he likes him as well.

As for the crowd John has invited clients, suppliers and a collection of various people from the local university crowd, the local art gallery, the mayors office, etc. John has also asked Marella to invite a few interesting people she knows to “mix up the crowd” and “make things more interesting”. Since Marella hangs around with a lot of people heavily into music she has invited a couple of hot musicians from a local rock band that is gaining popularity as well as three or four of her very attractive girlfriends as “wall decoration”. She knows her girlfriends will enjoy the free excellent booze and music.

John is dressing and hears Marella’s voice calling out directions loudly. The caterers have arrived, the food is being prepared and serving dishes and glasses are being unloaded into the house. John puts the finishing touches on his outfit. John selects classic soft Italian French cuffed black trousers with front pleats and adds a black alligator belt and elegant black Italian loafers. For his shirt he slips on a hand made white cotton shirt from Ascot Chang made from the finest Thomas Mason cotton with the original Perry Ellis collar (they have the pattern on hold exclusively for John) and the thicker Italian style buttons. John adds a black double-breasted Brioni jacket that is as soft as butter and no tie. John wants the party to be casual and fun, so no tie. John splashes on some of his favorite cologne, gargles a final time with mouthwash and brushes his hair. Ready!

John heads downstairs knowing the guests will be arriving any minute. John surveys the scene and sees things coming together very well. He gazes around and then he spies her. Marella is standing about twenty-feet away and John is struck by her beauty. She is wearing a classic sleeveless little black dress that makes her body look stunning to say the least.

Marella’s dress is short enough for John to notice how short it is, but not so short as to be considered trashy. Marella has piled her hair on top of her head with pins in a gorgeous French twist. This makes her neckline and shoulders, sexy, long and elegant and further accentuates her already stunning bust line. It also allows John to notice the little silver necklace and her sparkling diamond stud earrings. Everything about Marella suggests elegance, beauty and poise with an incredible undercurrent of “oh my god I wish I could fuck that girl” sexiness to it.

Before John can contemplate how much he wants to bed Marella the commotion commences and people begin to arrive. The DJ starts off with some light music on the main floor being attended to by his assistant, a cute Burmese/Chinese girl with blue streaks in her hair, while down below in the bar and entertainment area that leads out to the pool deck the DJ will later let loose with some stronger tunes.

Marella is very busy with Alley making sure everything is going smoothly, however she does take time to admire John’s outfit and his profile as he confidently moves from group to group greeting people and introducing people to each other. God she thinks to herself, not long to wait now. Her pussy tingles as she watches him and her nipples harden a little just from her naughty thoughts. Her prey, busily attending to his guests, has no idea that he is being stalked.

It’s at this moment that Marella sees her sexual rival arrive and smoothly move up to meet John. Wow Marella thinks, that was fast work? A woman can’t help but admire another woman who can deploy her sexual weapons adeptly. Marella had invited one of her English professors, Christina, at a moment when she thought John could use a good bedding to help him unwind. At twenty-nine Christina is quite tall with an athletic runners body and very firm 34B breasts. Tonight she is wearing a tailored cream blouse that is semi-transparent and shows a hint of the very sexy lace push-up bra beneath. This is paired with a classic black mini skirt with nice large black button details on the front waistband. On her legs Christina is wearing very sexy black stockings that terminate at a junction with very sexy Louboutin high heels. Christina’s long straight dark brunette hair is shiny and full and looks gorgeous.

Christina was the “perfect match” for John and it had been Marella’s intention to let her lick him, suck him, tie him up and fuck him and blow his mind like any good Irish lass can. Marella is also of Irish descent with her Celtic name meaning “shining sea” and she is well aware of how fiery Irish girls can be in bed from personal experience. Marella had then planned to have a good old “girl talk” with Christina so she could vicariously hear all about what John was like in bed and perhaps masturbate to the fantasy of the two of them heating up the sheets. That was, however, before Marella had discovered the Final Fantasy stories. Marella’s own hormones and desires had now kicked in and Christina needed to be deflected, diverted and defeated.

Marella’s mind wanders as the party swirls around her. She wets her lips and thinks how she would love to pounce on John, drag him back to her room and fuck him silly right now. Marella gazes at John and thinks he’s just so manly, so mature, not at all like the boys at Uni and he looks so good tonight. Marella’s thoughts float about and she imagines John kissing her softly, kissing her roughly, kissing her everywhere, kissing every crevice of her body and holding her in his strong arms. Marella’s breasts start to ache; her pussy begins to tingle as she thinks about later tonight.

Marella sees Christina starting to smile, flipping her hair and flirting with John. No sexual rival was going to be allowed any of John’s special attention tonight except Marella, she was certain of that. It’s one thing to admire another woman’s technique, entirely another thing when her tools are being deployed on a male you regard as your territory. Marella strides over and inserts herself between John and Christina. The two of them are a bit confused by the rather abrupt intrusion. Especially Christina who thought she was making definite progress with this quite rakish and handsome older man Marella had told her all about. He certainly smells hunky and tasty, hmmm wonder what his cologne is Christina thinks to herself? More to the point I wonder how big he is and what he’s like in bed?

“Sorry John, Christina is very into music and I want to introduce her to one of the guys from the band before they leave.”

Marella looks at Christina with a big innocent smile and drags her away with a gentle grip on her arm. Christina is a bit confused as her understanding was that she is here to charm and seduce John? However Marella soon has Christina deep in conversation with a rather handsome shaggy haired lead guitarist whom she finds somewhat devilishly attractive and her own age too.

Once Christina is well and truly deep in conversation with the guitarist Marella suggests the two of them go downstairs where the DJ is now thumping out dance tunes for the younger crowd. The Champagne is having a positive effect on Christina who is now obviously flirting with the shaggy haired guitarist and as the two of them head for the lower floor Marella feels she has done her job. Her rival suitably disposed of Marella mentally brushes her hands together in a “pleased with herself” manner.

Marella scans the room and sees John talking to some men who work with suppliers and customers. She decides to go check her room one final time to make sure everything is ready for the final level of her game. Marella touches base with Alley and once again ensures the drinks are flowing and that people are all having fun. She mentions to Alley that she should soon put the bottle of Champagne in an ice bucket in her bedroom along with two glasses.

Marella slips down to her wing of the house and opens her bedroom door. She surveys the scene. Candles ready to light, a large bouquet of flowers in a vase, the iPod set to go with romantic music, fresh bed sheets and quilt puffed and soft and lightly scented with lavender, her school girl outfit laid out on the chair, her “sexy office girl” outfit hanging by the closet, a Cosmo with an article titled “How to be a SEXY WIFE” is on the table together with the “Story of O” by Justine Reage and “Justine” by the Marquis de Sade and then on the coffee table is a bikini, a bottle of suntan lotion and a small book titled “Threesomes: A How to Guide”. On the far bedside table are her vibrator, gel and a towel as well as the ankle spreader she has borrowed from her Goth friend. Marella looks it all over and decides everything is ready to go.

Marella returns to the party, her mind preoccupied with her up-coming plan to write an alternate ending to John’s “Final Fantasy” stories. She checks the crowd, the food, the wine, the bar area, makes sure everything is ok and then her eyes search for John. Finding John in a group of friends she slides softly beside him and gently links her arm in his at the elbow.

John looks sideways with a glance and sees Marella’s big eyes looking up at him, her face smiling. John for some reason isn’t surprised Marella has linked her arm onto his. He likes Marella’s presence next to him and finds it calming. John looks at Marella; she’s stunningly gorgeous beside him in her little black dress, her heels, her shining hair piled high in a French twist, looking elegant and poised. Everything going on in the party is Marella’s work and is under her control and John is amazed at her abilities. John can’t help it, he knows it is impossible, but he dreamily imagines that in fact Marella is the perfect trophy wife. Marella is what any man would consider the “total package”.

The party carries on and Marella stays close to John’s side, only drifting off to check on this or that and make sure the party is running smoothly. She stands close and holds his arm gently or slides her hand up his back possessively. Marella takes John’s hand at one point and leads him downstairs for a slow dance to an incredible version of “Stairway to Heaven”. As they dance close together John feels Marella’s sexy young body next to his, he feels her hair tickling against his nose, her perfume wafts up, he feels his hands so close to her perfect ass low on her back, he can’t help it but he gets so hard.

Marella feels John’s strong arms around her, his warm presence next to her enough to make her pussy wet, one of his hands on her lower back tantalizing close to her ass gives her tingles. In the low light she leans her head against his chest and softly whispers,

“You happy with your party? It’s going pretty well right?”

John smiles and looks down at Marella.

“It’s all your doing Marella. Incredible, you really did a fantastic job. And….”

John pauses unsure if he should proceed and Marella looks back with questioning eyes,

“Yes John?”

“Well I hope you don’t mind my saying this, but…..well….you look gorgeous tonight. I’ve never seen you look so beautiful.”

Marella smiles a wide smile, tingles going down her body. She tries her best not to display her emotions, her heart skipping wildly. Stay composed she tells herself.

“Thank you John. That’s very sweet of you. I knew the party was important to you so I wanted to look my best.”

John smiles and feels warm next to her and her words make him feel even warmer. Marella continues,

“The thing with me John is that there is never a dull moment. You sure you’re ready for that?”

John looks back at Marella quizzically, his eyes showing his confusion. Before Marella can expand on her comment the song ends and new duties and people draw them away and back into the life of the party.

Eventually the party begins to winds down and in differing clusters and various groupings people begin to make their way home. Marella sees Christina heading for the door holding hands with the shaggy haired guitarist. Christina’s face is painted with a wide grin other women well recognize. Marella chuckles to herself thinking, “I won’t be the only Irish lass getting a major fucking tonight.” Alley comes by and says goodnight to John and Marella. It seems Alley has met a rather promising young architect who is also deserving of an initial romp between the sheets so Alley can “test drive” him and see if he’s a keeper. John and Marella thank her for her incredible help and then Marella whispers some soft feminine encouraging words to her best friend. The two of them smile and giggle as John watches, letting his body finally relax and slow a little from all the activity of the party.

As Alley departs and the door closes the two of them are left alone. The house rings with nothing more than silence. The contrast to what was happening only a few minutes ago could not be greater. John is at a loss and now confused at what to say to Marella, what gesture to make? How can I thank her for all this work John wonders. Being a woman Marella has no time for such doubts. Seize the moment is the way forward she knows. Marella takes John’s hand and leans in to speak softly,

“One last thing John. The party isn’t quite over yet. Just one last thing…..”

Marella’s voice trails off liltingly and she pulls lightly leading John down the stairs towards her wing. John follows, his eyes always on Marella’s body, always on her ass; he admires her beauty, her neck, her shoulders, he thinks thoughts he shouldn’t. As they near her room his confusion, his disorientation, increase. Why is she leading me to her room?

Marella turns at the door and looks into his eyes and smiles. She knows there is no turning back now. She turns the door handle and opens the door slowly. She pulls John into her room. He has never been inside since Marella has moved in and he is immediately aware that he is in a woman’s room. It smells feminine, it feels feminine, and every sensation is feminine.

Marella turns to John and without giving him a chance to speak—in fact placing a finger against his lips to stop him-- she explains that she knows he desires her. Marella takes both of his hands and holds them lightly in hers her eyes locked on his. Marella lets the light touch of her fingers and her eyes convey to John that she desires him as well.

Marella turns to each fantasy laid out in the room and she explains to John, that if he truly desires, each fantasy will come true over the coming weeks. She tells him she will dress up in her schoolgirl uniform for him. She will come to his office and they can make love while the staff is out for lunch. They can tie each other up, he can use the ankle spreader, and he can dominate her. She will dress like an elegant wife and travel with him on his next trip and they can act like a married couple and he can take her and make love to her on the balcony of their hotel. Marella giggles and tells him that if he is really up for it she will talk to Alley and he can have his threesome.

The whole time she is talking John is getting harder and harder, his cock engorged and thumping in his slacks. John’s hands and his mouth are desperate to touch her, to start exploring Marella’s incredible body, exploring her sensitive areas. Marella’s words are coming to his ears as if out of a dream, as if out of his stories. She will not let him speak and he is befuddled, but excited beyond any thrill he has ever experienced in his whole life.

Marella turns her back and leans down and lights the candles while turning off the lights. She starts the soft piano music on the iPod. She walks back to John and turns her back to him.

“But tonight John, is my fantasy. I want you to unzip my dress. When you are finished with me I want to feel disheveled! When I dream about you John…..”

Marella pauses and smiles,

“I am always disheveled at the end of the dream. That is how I want you to make me feel.”

John slowly unzips Marella’s dress, his eyes increasingly teased as more and more of her beautiful naked skin is exposed. He hardens further. John works the zipper down to the first rise of her incredible firm rounded ass and her hips. John pulls the dress away from Marella’s shoulders and then slipping it down he works it over her flared feminine hips.

John’s eyes widen as in the soft warm yellow candlelight he takes in Marella’s incredible nineteen-year-old body in the sexy black lingerie. A lacy half-cup strapless push-up bra accentuates her bust. Delicate thin lace panties are held on her hips only by the thinnest of strings, delicate bows on each hip; her front and back are decorated with tiny triangular panels of black lace. Marella turns to face John, her eyes perfectly calm; John’s eyes are full of confusion, lust, desire, need, panic; a disarray of feelings sweeping over and about him in a swirling whirlpool of temptation and torment. Marella calmly reaches out to undo John’s thick Italian shirt buttons and she feels the softness of the Thomas Mason cotton against her fingertips.

John’s clothes are soon discarded and they move to the bed. Marella lays back on the cool quilt, her graceful body movements like those of a ballerina’s. John begins a journey, a journey of exploration to learn this young woman’s body. A journey to learn her secret spots, her little zones, how and when to touch harder, stroke faster, go slower, stop, begin again, lick, touch, gentle squeezes of the hand, loving words, deep sighs, kisses to the nose, kisses to the neck, a gentle bite, a harder bite, a stroking of the inner thighs, a raking with his nails, when to go deep, when to go shallow, how to place his fingers on her stomach and feel the tremors to take her to the very edge and bring her down again. There is so much for John to learn.

As John’s kisses begin on her neck, on her lips, Marella feels her body finally begin to be satisfied like in her dreams. She feels the tingles and the tremors commence. John’s smell and the touch of his naked skin against hers, the feeling of her fingers running through his hair as her hands drive his mouth harder onto hers, their tongues entangled, is so deliriously delicious, every new sensation thrills her.

As John’s lips and tongue travel to Marella’s naked shoulders she sighs and arches her neck, biting her lower lip. Marella pushes with her hands on John’s head, her needs rising and shifts his lips to her left breast. As John latches on and starts to suck and stroke her nipple with his tongue Marella feels the tingles, feels her nipple harden in his warm wet mouth and the real tingles and aches in Marella’s pussy begin to grow. Marella’s hands grab lumps of John’s hair urgently and she shifts his lips to her other breast. This continues as John slowly and patiently arouses Marella, her pussy getting wet and slick from the feelings of a new lover, a lover she has been dreaming about for weeks, finally teasing and touching her in all the ways she has imagined.

John’s hands and fingers trace Marella’s body with light strokes while his kisses flirtatiously arouse her. John teases the sensitive spots, the underside of her arms, the underside of her breasts, her tummy, the inside of her thighs, and with each set of touches Marella’s arousal increases, her breathing becomes heavier and more ragged, her body alternating between rigid arches and gyrating efforts to gain more friction.

Marella’s nails dig into John’s scalp when he finds a spot on her body that is extra sensitive. At those special spots John stops and explores as you would on a holiday if you discovered a nice hidden waterfall or hot spring. At these special spots John tries different kinds of touches, different amounts of pressure, different directions of strokes, he deploys his tongue, he uses his fingers, tries a gentle bite. John loves learning what turns Marella on and pleases her. John records every one of Marella’s responses, the shivers and shudders, the sighs and moans, the cries, the nails digging in his scalp, the arching of her back, the curled fingers and toes, in his brain. John is creating for himself a mental map of how and where to please this special woman.

Marella’s hips are gyrating now with a desperate need for her pussy to be touched. John’s hand, between her warm soft thighs, has as yet, to even lightly touch her pussy or the delicate lace covering it. Sensing the moment is right John grabs a handful of Marella’s hair in its tight French twist with his right hand, pulling her head back roughly while simultaneously with his left hand stroking on top of her lace panties. John’s fingers feel Marella’s panties already soaking wet from his foreplay. John pulls her panties aside and brings his hand to his mouth wetting his fingers with saliva. John brings his wet fingers back to Marella’s pussy and gently slides a single finger on the outside of her soft pussy lips. The effect is electric as Marella shudders and her hips thrust up against his hand seeking more contact.

John chuckles and latches his lips back onto Marella’s breast. John strokes Marella’s firm rubbery and now erect nipple with rapid strokes of his tongue, hard and then soft alternating, always alternating, adding gentle bites and dragging with his teeth every so often. John uses his other hand to pull Marella’s panties off her hips and then takes his already wet finger and strokes deeper into her pussy. Marella pushes up against his finger and arches her body. John searches with his fingers and finds Marella’s clit--lightly at first—he glides a finger teasingly over it’s very tip. A deep throaty sigh escapes from her throat and Marella rolls her head side to side calling out John’s name repeatedly.

John moves his head down her body, Marella’s hands pushing and urging him in that direction as he kisses down her soft smooth stomach with delicate kisses and gentle bites. John’s right hand replaces his mouth on Marella’s left breast as he rolls and teases her nipple with his fingers wet and slippery from the saliva his mouth has left behind. John’s mouth now is at Marella’s hips, teasing her hips with kisses and gentle love bites. The fingers of his left hand are probing and exploring Marella’s pussy moving more deeply with slow loving curiosity.

Marella’s hands push hard on John’s head and drive his mouth to the edge of her pussy. She is desperate for his lips and tongue to move the final inch, but he teases. John waits, licks Marella’s pubic mound, he licks her outer pussy lips, but he just teases and rolls her nipple waiting for the right moment. Marella’s hips thrust up against his chin, against his mouth, her hands pushing hard on his head, her nails painfully digging into the sensitive skin on his scalp as she desperately struggles for more contact, struggles for the release she needs.

Finally, sensing his moment, feeling her stomach muscles relax for a second, John moves his mouth that final important inch and his warm wet mouth covers her pussy. John’s tongue enters Marella’s pussy with darting and probing strokes, light and fast, but perfect. Marella’s musky sweet smell has been teasing John’s nostrils already, but now John can taste Marella’s peachy young sweetness and lap her juices. The teasing over the past weeks and days has been too much for both of them. Where normally John’s foreplay and his teasing of Marella’s body would continue and continue, John is impatient and wants to see Marella’s body consumed by an orgasm, wants to feel her convulse against his tongue. John quickly finds Marella’s clitoris and begins rapid strokes, feeling her body’s response like a light switch has been turned on.

Marella feels John’s tongue on her pussy, his tongue building a rhythm, a cadence of strokes so delicate, so teasing, so delicious, that the sighs and moans just keep slipping from her lips. Marella is unaware, but her fingernails have drawn blood on his scalp as in her delirious throes of passion and release Marella has broken the skin. John feels her muscles tense, her thighs tremor, her body arch, and John increases the speed of every stroke, he rolls her nipple harder, he stokes with his finger in her pussy faster. Feeling Marella’s arousal build John is caught unaware when suddenly Marella’s fingernails really go rigid, her body arches and Marella screams out his name and cries for him to not stop.

Marella thrusts her gyrating hips against John’s face, her pussy hard against his tongue seeking the ultimate release. John pushes his finger as deep inside her pussy as he can flicking it wildly side to side while simultaneously rolling her nipple with his other hand and giving it an even harder pinch as Marella approaches the apex of her release. Marella’s body shudders and shakes, her head thrashes side to side and her thighs grab John’s head in a lock as her body goes rigid, arches in a deep arch and then collapses back onto the bed.

Marella sighs the deep contented sigh of a woman who has just had a complete orgasm. Marella’s fingers soften on John’s scalp and she playfully brushes at John’s hair. John stops licking, knowing how sensitive Marella’s pussy will be at this moment, but does not move his head or his lips. John’s eyes gaze up across Marella’s gorgeous body, now coated with a thin film of sweat and he spies the pink vibrator on the side table. John’s cock is pulsing and throbbing, but John knows he still has work to do and ignores the pesky hard rod.

John stretches out his arm and grabs the vibrator and the gel as well as the blue towel. John slips the towel under Marella’s firm ass as she giggles and tries to stop him.

“No John, no…here…come up here…..”

John smiles looking up at the glowing face of his young lover.

“You said disheveled darling, so I’m giving you disheveled.”

John grabs one of the pillows and props it under the towel and Marella’s ass to raise her ass up off the bed. Marella feebly attempts to stop him, but John’s tongue begins more soft strokes to her pussy and clitoris and Marella is soon subdued by passion and lies back and begins to moan again. John pops open the gel, not missing a stroke with his tongue and coats the vibrator with a liberal amount of gel. John uses his strong arms to pull Marella’s thighs wide apart, exposing her sweet pink pussy completely to his ministrations. John takes the gel-coated pink vibrator in his left hand, positions it at Marella’s tight pussy entrance and slowly pushes it into her sopping wet tight pussy. John has not turned the vibrator on yet, that will come a little later.

John slowly strokes with the vibrator, taking it out twice to add more gel, getting Marella very wet and slick. The thick nine-inch vibrator fills Marella up and she moans wildly pushing her hips against the deep strokes of the vibrator and the light fast strokes of John’s talented tongue on her clit. As Marella’s arousal rises again and she is delirious with lust John takes his right hand and holds the vibrator in place. John moves his left hand to Marella’s amazing firm rounded ass and coats it with Marella’s juices and the gel that is dripping and flowing down from her soaked pussy.

John takes his slick finger and coats Marella’s anus with juices and gel and then rubs and teases it with his finger while stroking with the vibrator. John feels Marella’s body tense and her fingers grab him rigidly again in nervous anxiety at the probing of her ass. John takes his time and turns the vibrator on to its lowest speed to distract Marella while the whole time teasing around her bum with his finger. John lets Marella’s arousal build and at a moment when her muscles are relaxed he pushes just slightly into her anus, about half an inch with his finger. Her bum tries to pull away and her fingers stiffen, but John pushes down with his chest and his body weight and keeps his finger inside her bum just slightly.

John works slowly and patiently, stroking with the vibrator in Marella’s pussy and teasing her bum with his finger. John pulls his finger out of Marella’s ass three or four times to get more gel and each time he reinserts his finger he goes deeper and deeper. John’s mouth and tongue are the whole time lightly flicking Marella’s pussy with delicate strokes and sucking motions. Finally, John works his finger all the way inside Marella’s ever so tight anus. Marella’s sphincter is now coated with lots of gel and it is easy to smoothly slide his finger in and out of her anus in an opposite penetration to the vibrator. When the vibrator is deep inside her, the finger in her ass is out and when the vibrator is out, the finger in her ass is deep inside. John alternates these strokes and builds the speed slowly.

The double penetration of her pussy and her ass is driving Marella to new heights of passion and she is thrusting and humping with her hips. John senses the rising need in his lover and turns the dial on the vibrator to increase the speed. John hears Marella cry out in approval and thrust up her hips to meet the strokes. John keeps stroking in each orifice and then as Marella approaches her second orgasm John turns the vibrator to top speed, increases the speed of the strokes both front and back and pushes hard with his tongue on her clit.

One again John feels Marella arch her body and cry out, this time her shudders are larger and more violent than the first time. Marella’s nails dig and rake his shoulders and she pulls up her body as she does a stomach crunch in and incredible sexual release, her toes curling, her legs trembling, her stomach as hard as wood, her muscles tense, her mouth open but silent. John pushes the finger in Marella’s ass as deep as he can and makes circular motions to tease the sensitive tissues inside her anus. In Marella’s pussy his finger slides rapidly side to side and up against her tissues high up behind her clitoris teasing it with flicks. Marella’s body bucks and shudders and she cries out his name again and again, her hands frantically grabbing at anything they can grab, her eyes tightly shut, her face contorted in ecstasy.

John feels Marella’s body buck once, twice and then a less violent third time, before she collapses back against the bed, her body spent and sated. This whole time John’s cock has been throbbing and thumping, pumped full of blood, engorged and ignored. John lifts his juice-coated face from Marella’s sweet pussy and looks up. John very, very slowly pulls gently to remove the vibrator from Marella’s pussy and once that is out he slowly and gently removes his finger from her ass. John grabs the towel under Marella’s ass to wipe his face and remove some of the wet juices from his chin.

Marella slowly emerges from her dazed and delirious state and opens her eyes to look at John as he crawls towards her. His hard cock is pressing into her warm soft body and as his eyes become level with hers he smiles.

“You like that darling?” He asks.

John strokes the loose strands of hair away from Marella’s face and kisses her softly on the lips. In her delirium Marella is almost speechless, the dazed afterglow of two huge orgasms holding her in an almost floating state.

“MMmmm uh huh…..I did baby…..I liked that a lot!” she says softly.

As Marella’s eyes sparkle and dance looking into his John can wait no longer and he shifts his hips. John’s almost eight-inch cock finds the entrance to Marella’s young sweet pussy. Marella pushes her head into the crook between John’s shoulder and his head and bites hard on his neck as his big thick cock enters her pussy for the first time. Marella loves the feeling of John’s real cock filling her up instead of the vibrator and she lets out a female sound of pleasure.

John grabs onto Marella’s ass and pulls her tightly into his body and rolls quickly so Marella is on top straddling him, riding him cowgirl. Marella reaches up with her hands, her incredible breasts pointed out and her nipples erect and pulls the pins from her hair. The French twist released, Marella’s long hair tumbles down and hangs around her face. John looks up, his cock tingling and burning and takes in Marella’s beauty as she begins to shift and thrust her hips against his hardness.

Marella for her part gazes down at this older man, so handsome and sexy and rakes her nails across his chest, stopping to tease his nipples. She feels his response to her touching his nipples, noting his moans and shivers. Giggling Marella wets her fingers in her mouth and returns to his nipples with wet weapons this time. As she lightly teases his nipples with her wet fingers she feels John thrust up into her with his hips. Her pussy is soon burning just as much as John’s cock and the two of them lock their eyes with a ferocious intensity as their rhythm builds.

Marella loves watching and listening to the effect she is having on her man. She loves the power she has over him as a woman as every movement and touch results in a sound, a thrust, a cry from her lover. Marella smiles as she learns how to tease John’s body and excite him to new levels. The excitement of finally having John deep inside her, of his sounds, of his smell, of his taste, of this touches to her breasts and hips, his eyes always fixed on hers; Marella’s pussy aches for a release from the touch of his cock. Marella places her hands on John’s chest to stabilize herself as she increases the speed of the thrusts with her hips, her tingles and burning growing.

John calls out for Marella to slow down. He is close to coming and won’t last long at this rate. Marella sees the pleasure etched on John’s face and smiling and giggling she increases the speed of her hips and watches as his face contorts and feels his fingers dig hard into her hips. Suddenly John’s body arches, he cries out. The suddenness of John’s orgasm triggers Marella’s release and the passion of the two lovers cascades as each of their bodies thrusts and writhes against the other seeking pleasure and release. John shoots load after load into Marella’s tight pussy, his hips driving his cock as deep as possible into her, his hands pulling her hips hard against him in a primordial instinctual desire to fertilize his chosen female.

The two lovers collapse and roll back onto the sheets, hearts beating wildly, breathing ragged, chests rising and falling in heavy heaves. Marella’s hair is tangled and strewn across the pillow. Marella’s arms are a-skew and her hips and legs are crossed like a scissor across one of John’s legs. He turns and smiles,

“So?” John asks quietly.

Marella giggles and reaches out to lovingly touch his cheek and flick his nose teasingly the way lovers do after making love.

“Well, I certainly feel disheveled.” She replies.

To be continued……….

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