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my first affair

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Jack and I started talking online about eight months ago. He was very untrusting of women and it took almost two months for him to tell me his real name. Jack worked long hours and didn’t have time for a relationship. He wasn’t the type of man for one-night stands. So therefore, he sought his pleasure online. The first time we chatted, he wouldn’t divulge too much information about himself. I had to actually probe him for answers. The more Jack and I talked the more intrigued I became.

I had to know more about this man. I found myself thinking about him almost daily. I kept thinking of ways of how to get him to open up. The only time we could chat was late at night because he always worked late and my husband was gone. The night he told me his name was Jack is when he started opening up a little more. He told me his wife had left for a younger man about a year ago. She had filed for divorce two weeks prior to her departure. I read his words, I understood his pain.

My husband had an affair with our neighbor. Even though I was still married, I understood the hurt and anguish of losing a spouse. I couldn’t forgive my husband, but with me being a nurturing female, I felt I could save my marriage and husband from the depths of hell. My husband worked the midnight shift. I found myself excited, yearning for my husband to leave for work so I could log in. It seemed I was rushing him out the door more and more. A few times he would ask if I had a friend coming over to see me. I would ask, jealous? He would always say no, which stung. I guess I wanted him to be a little bit jealous.

Every night at approximately 11:30pm, I would log in to chat. Jack would be there waiting for me. His first words, how was your day? My husband never asked that, it was as if he didn’t care how my day had gone. We would exchange the small talk for a few minutes and the conversation would turn. All he had to do was tell me how much he had been thinking about me and I was putty in his hand from that point. He would start by telling me how he longed to just hold me in his arms and brush my hair from my face. He would whisper how beautiful I am in my ear. His lips would nuzzle against my neck to make shivers go up and down my spine.

As he typed these words, I could almost feel him near me. I wanted to close my eyes and feel him, not just hold me, but I wanted him to make love to me. He would tell me how he wanted to caress every part of my body until I would beg him to fuck me.

After a few months of just chatting and a lot of flirting, he asked me did I have a webcam. I was hesitant to say yes, but I did. He told me to turn it on and I did as he asked. He asked me to take my shirt off and I did what I was told.

I have to admit, his dominating tone or so it seemed was making my pussy ooze juices. He then proceeded and said now the bra. He told me how beautiful and firm my breast looked. He asked me to cup my breasts and squeeze my nipples. I did, but I wanted to rub my throbbing clit. He turned his cam on at this point, but not toward his face and he had the cam on his hard cock.

I wanted to cum. I continued to rub my breasts and nipples and he asked if I would take off my pajama pants and panties. I was more than hesitant. No one had ever seen me naked except for my husband. He could see the hesitation on my face.

He said, “I would never ask you to do anything you didn’t want to do, but in my marriage, my ex-wife was the commanding one and I never got a say-so in anything, not even how I wanted sex, when she gave it to me.” I shyly removed my pants and panties.

He said, “You don’t have to show your pussy. I want to watch your face as you make yourself cum.” He asked, “Do you want to rub your pussy?” I nodded my head.

My clit was throbbing. As I began to rub the swollen clit, I started thinking about Jack, how I wanted him to touch me, how I wanted him to feel the wetness between my thighs. After a couple of minutes, I couldn’t hold back the orgasm that was had built up inside me. Jack sat there stroking his cock as he watched my face as I had the best orgasm ever. I lifted my fingers to my lips and let Jack watch me taste myself.

This was the first time I had ever tasted my own juices. I liked the taste. As I was licking my fingers, I saw Jack’s cum fly out of his cock. I wanted to taste his cock and his cum. After we came, we talked for about an hour later and he told me he had to get to bed. He had to be on a plane early in the morning. I told him good night and I would talk to him later.

The next night at 11:30pm, I log in, but Jack was not there. I was worried, but understood he could have flown out of the country and he was probably tired from the flight. I wait for him about 10 minutes, he doesn’t log in, and so I log off. I am getting ready for bed and hear a faint knocking sound. I ask myself, is someone at the door. Immediately, I thought my husband had forgotten something and ran downstairs.

I asked, “Who is it?”

The voice that came back wasn’t familiar, but the name was, “It's Jack”.

I looked through the window to ensure it was truly Jack. I fumbled for the locks and flung the door opened. I practically yelled, “What are you doing here?”

He said, “I’m here to take what I want.” He shut the door behind him and took me in his arms.

He hugged me for what I felt was eternity, but only a few minutes. I started to ask, how, why, but his lips stopped me. His kiss took me off guard and I melted into his arms. He said, “Show me to the bedroom.” I took him to the guest room and I explained to him I couldn’t do anything in my husband’s bed.

He understood and before we even got to the room, he was pulling at my clothes. My shirt, my bra ended up in the hallway. He lay me slowly back on the bed. He slowly kissed me as he was lightly touching my breasts. My nipples hardened under his touch. He turned on his back and pulled me on top of him. He was fully clothed but I could feel his hard cock against me. My long hair flowed freely as I leaned down to kiss him. He told me how beautiful I was.

He pulled me down again to kiss me deeply, more passionate than before. He pulled away from my lips only to suck on my nipples. He would nibble on each nipple and I could feel my juices flowing. He moved me off of top of him and pulled my pants and panties down; the smell of my pussy juices filled the air. He said, "I have wanted to taste you for a long time and now I’m going to." He was still fully clothed as he began to lick on my swollen clit. I could feel my juices flowing the more he sucked and lapped at my clit.

The moans were loud and didn’t seem like mine, but they were coming from my mouth. I let out a loud moan as my ass came off the bed and cum over his face. My body was trembling as I was coming. After gaining my composure, I stood up and kissed him. Again, I tasted my juices on his lips. I removed his clothes and as I pulled his pants and boxers down, his hard cock was like a sling shot coming out of his boxers.

He said in almost a begging voice, “Please suck my cock.”

I got on my knees and slowly took the head of his thick cock inside my mouth. I slowly sucked on it as I held his balls in my hand. He grabbed the back of my head and thrust his cock inside my mouth and told me to suck it faster.

He and I seemed to have the same rhythm pattern. The faster I sucked the more movement he would. I knew he was ready to cum and he pulled it out of my mouth and came over my breasts. He helped me up off my knees and we showered together. While in the shower he told me he thought he would never want to get close to a woman again, but I was different. He told me he had wanted me from the very first chat. After the shower, we lay in the bed and just talked and held each other. As we talked, his hands would lightly touch my body and my body would respond. I could feel his cock hardening again and my juices were still flowing freely.

He looked in my eyes and said, “I want to make love you. Do you want to make love to me?

I nodded my head and he started slowly kissing me. He sucked on each nipple and lowered himself between my thighs again. He gently licked my pussy from my tight hole to my clit. He slowly licked until he made me orgasm again. This time, my pussy lost all control and squirted cum on his face. He positioned himself between my legs to put his hard cock inside my pussy. I knew he was going to be dominating and going to fuck me hard.

He bent over to kiss me and he slowly inserted his cock inside me. It was thick and my pussy felt a new and wonderful thing. He slowly fucked my pussy, going in and out and rubbing my clit. I never had an orgasm with my husband fucking me before and I didn’t know what it would even feel like, but Jack’s thick, hard cock made me realize what I was missing.

My pussy was having convulsions as it was tightening and loosening against his hard cock. It seemed to last forever and I didn’t want this amazing feeling to leave my body. After I came, he turned me over on my hands and knees; he slowly entered my pussy from behind. He started slow and he would smack my ass and I would feel a stream of pleasure invade my body. He picked up the pace and I could feel his balls hitting my clit. My body was in shock, I wanted Jack to fuck me hard.

I eventually yelled, “Fuck me Jack, please, please fuck me hard.” He started pumping my pussy harder and harder.

Each thrust was building up anticipation for another orgasm. His final thrust pushed me over the top as he let out a yelp as if he were in pain as he filled my insides with his cum.

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