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My First Call Girl

My First Call Girl

She was gorgeous! She was friendly! And she was available for a price.
I make almost monthly business trips to San Diego, which is great in the winter months because it’s cold in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where I live. So I will usually spend as much time as I can laying by the hotel pool and soaking up the rays.

Those trips are always busy and had become quite boring for me. Like any other guy, I always looked for female companionship, but was rarely successful.

But yesterday I couldn’t believe my luck when a gorgeous brunette entered the pool to get wet, then came out, smiled at me, and spread her towel on the chaise lounge next to mine! There were plenty of empty lounges available, but she picked the one next to me.

“Hi!” she said as she spread out her towel and lay down, put on her dark sunglasses, and just lay there while I looked at her, unable to tear my eyes away from her perfect body.

She had long dark brown hair, brown eyes I think, an adorable smile, and a body that was fabulous! Her gorgeous boobs appeared to be real and were at least a size 38D, her pierced belly button was on a flat tummy, and her hips and legs were simply fantastic! To me, a horny guy on a business trip, she was the picture of perfection. I couldn’t imagine a girl that I would pick to take to bed over her.

As I lay there taking her bikini off in my mind, she smiled and said, “Like what you see?”

“Oh I’m sorry, but you are simply captivating. I couldn’t help but stare.”

She chuckled and said, “That’s okay. I’m used to it.”

“I’m still sorry.”

I turned away thinking that I’d blown any chance I might have had to get to know her. That was that.

Then she turned toward me, extended her hand and said, “I’m Amber. What’s your name?”

Not quite able to hide my surprise, I shook her hand and said, “Umm Bill. I’m Bill.”

“Hi Bill. What brings you to San Diego?”

“One of my many business trips. I live in Canada and love the southern California winters.”

“I’m sure. It must be really cold up there right now.”

“Yep. It was ten degrees and snowing when I left yesterday.”

“Well, welcome. Enjoy your stay.”

She turned back to face the sun as I kept my eyes glued on her. She was so gorgeous that I just had to soak up her beauty while I could. I felt so lucky that she had chosen the chaise lounge right next to mine. And that made me wonder exactly why had she picked the chaise lounge right next to mine?

So I gathered my courage and asked, “What brings you to San Diego?”

Without turning, she said, “I live here. I’m meeting a client here in the hotel later.”

“Oh? What business are you in?”

It was an innocent enough question, but I wasn’t prepared for her answer.

She turned her head toward me, raised her sunglasses, smiled and said, “I’m in the escort business.”

“Oh wow!” is all I could say. To me, escort equated to call girl. But maybe I was wrong.

“I can tell that you’re shocked. Sorry.”

“No, no! I’m sorry that I’m shocked, but I’ve just never met an escort before. You’re just so gorgeous that I can’t imagine you escorting me to a party or something. I’d be the talk of the office for months!”

She laughed and said, “You probably would be. I get that a lot.”

I figured I’d pried into her life enough, so I turned back and lay down while my mind conjured up an office party with Amber on my arm as I walk in. All the guys would turn their heads and their mouths would drop open and all of their wives would be jealous. I would swell with pride and smile from ear to ear.

I didn’t know what else to say. Her beauty was intimidating…and she was a call girl/escort! I wondered how much she charged.

After about fifteen minutes, she got up and said, “Well, Bill, I need to run. I hope to see you later.”

I quickly stood up and shock her hand. “Me too. I’d like that.”

With that she was gone and I thought I’d probably never see her again. After all, she was gorgeous; she was a “working girl”; and who was I that she would want to see me again?

* * * * *

The next afternoon I was back at the pool and Amber showed up.

“Hi Bill. Care if I join you?”

“No, not at all.”

She was wearing the same light blue bikini as the day before and looked even better than before. I guess it was because I’d been fantasizing about her. We’d made love for hours until we were both exhausted.

After she sat down, I got up the nerve to ask, “Amber, I’m dying to ask how a guy gets to ask you out?”

She smiled and said, “Well, my agency would have to verify you first. Then we could go to your place or mine. Or we could just go out on a date. Whatever you want.”

“Wow! Okay. Umm, this is a bit awkward for me. How much do you charge?”

She smiled and said, “Normally around $500 per hour, all inclusive. But I like you so we could work something out.”

“Whoa! That’s a lot of money! I’d have to think about that. You’re certainly worth that much. You’re so gorgeous.”

“Thank you, Bill. Think about it and let me know.”

“I will. But I leave in a couple of days to go back.”


She handed me a simple business card with only the word “AMBER” on it and a phone number.

“That’s my agency’s number. Just call and say you want me. They’ll take care of the rest.”

“Great! Thanks.”

We talked for another hour and she had to leave again. She said she had to meet with a client. I guess that meant she was going to have sex with a guy she’d never met before, although she had said that many of her clients were repeat customers.

* * * * *

After soul-searching for several hours, I called the number on her business card. After giving them the necessary details, they said they’d call me back.

I sat biting my fingernails for an hour until the phone rang. It was Amber and she said that she would be available that night after nine. So we agreed to meet in the hotel bar at nine.

In the bar, we talked for about twenty minutes when she suggested that we go up to my room. My heart was beating a mile a minute as I put my arm around her waist and ushered her through the door. I had no idea what was going to happen or what she might do. I just knew that I was so excited that my voice was quivering.

When I closed the door, Amber put her arms around my neck and kissed me.

“Don’t be nervous, Bill. We’re just going to make love the way I’m sure you’ve done many, many times.”

“Yes, but you’re so gorgeous and a relative stranger!”

She smiled and kissed me again. “We won’t be strangers an hour from now.”

Then Amber walked over to the bed, turned around, kicked off her heals, and started to remove her dress. It was a tight, slinky number that showed off her great cleavage and was low-cut in the back.

“Would you unzip me?”

Nervously, I walked over and unzipped her dress. Somehow that zipper sound was arousing. I could see that she was not wearing a bra or panties as she pushed her dress off and let it fall to the floor. Then she turned back around and let me look at her gorgeous nude body before putting her arms around my neck again and kissing me hungrily.

“Mmm. Why do you still have your clothes on? Let me watch you take them off.”

She sat down on the bed and watched as I removed my shoes and socks, then my shirt. I was still shaking like a leaf in anticipation of having sex with the most gorgeous girl I’d ever known. We met just the day before and now we were about to have sex. I was nervous.

When I got to my pants, Amber slid to the floor and said, “Why don’t you let me do that?”

As she unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my pants, she would glance up at me with a smile that seemed to say, “You’re going to enjoy the next hour.”

When she unzipped my pants and pushed them to the floor, my bulging cock was highly visible inside my boxer shorts.

“Oh, Bill! I think you want me don’t you?”

She leaned forward and kissed my cock through my shorts and I almost passed out. My head was swimming with sexual desire. My cock was enormous and Amber was kissing it. I couldn’t believe it was happening.

When she pushed my shorts to the floor, she took it in one hand and slowly stroked it. I knew that she must have done that to other men a hundred times, but at that point I didn’t care. Amber was about to suck MY cock right there below me! I couldn’t believe it was happening.

I took her head in my hands and ran my fingers through her silky hair. That feeling alone almost made me shoot off. Then when she licked my cock up and down its length, I almost went into cardiac arrest! The sight of that gorgeous girl, who was only twenty-two years old, licking my cock, was almost more than my heart could take.

I moaned and as she slipped it into her warm mouth. She pushed her tongue under it and pushed it all the way down. She didn’t gag. She didn’t cough. She just pushed it to the back of her throat and let me hump her face.

I wanted to fuck her throat until I shot my load. And I wanted to fuck her with her legs around my waist, too. And I wanted to ram her from behind. I wanted to fuck Amber in every imaginable way! But given an hour, I had to choose just one, so I had her stand up.

We kissed hungrily again and she whispered, “How do you want me?”

“I want your legs around my waist. I want you to pull with you feet as I fuck you slowly. I’ll make it last as long as I can.”

“Mmm. Okay.”

As she lay down on the bed, I admired her body once again. It was magnificent and I was about to fuck it.

My head was swimming as I crawled between her legs and she wrapped them around me. I guided my cock to her pussy and shoved hard. I was so aroused that I felt like the animal in me had taken over. I grabbed her wrists and pressed them to the bed and started to fuck her. Our lips and eyes were just inches apart as I thrust in and out of her gorgeous body. We both started to moan as my thrusting became vicious. I had to stop before I came.

I released her wrists and we kissed. Then I moved to her neck and shoulders and down to her plump breasts. She ran her fingers through my hair and moaned as her nipples became hard.

After my arousal had settled down a bit, we started fucking again. I grabbed her hair and buried my face in her neck. She was moaning and thrusting with me.

“I’m going to cum, Bill. You’re so good! Don’t stop! Fuck me!”

I was almost ready to cum also, so I thrust hard into Amber and let her hump on my cock as her orgasm took over her body. She groaned and pulled with her feet until it was over.

At the same time, I shot my load into her body. It felt like a quart of cum was ejected into her as it surged through my cock. I could feel my cock jerking and swelling with each spurt. I didn’t want it to ever stop.

But, of course, it did. As I slowly rolled off of Amber, she was gasping to catch her breath.

“Wow, Bill. That was fantastic!”

“Aww. I bet you say that to all of your clients.”

She laughed and said, “I usually do, but this time I really mean it. You gave me a wonderful orgasm! I quite often have to fake it.”

“That’s a nice thing to say, Amber.”

I couldn’t help but wonder if she says exactly the same thing to all of them. I would never know, of course, but I would always wonder. Was I really that great or was she faking it?

We talked for a few minutes and she had to leave. I guess my hour was up.

I’ll never forget Amber or how much it cost me to fuck her, but it was worth it.

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