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My first College Experience

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So within a week of starting college, there was a party in my building. I was a freshman, so I was still kind of new to the whole college life. Granted, this was not my first party, but it was my first party where I fucked a complete stranger. The party was themed, "Naughty and Nice Masquerade". I decided to go along as an adult version of Snow White. The one rule of the party was that no one could know who was going as what. After a few hours of drinking and messing around, I was feeling a bit light headed from drinking and decided to get some air. I told the girl I had been talking to I was just stepping outside, when the guy who was standing behind me talking with his friends said he would come with me. He was dressed as Superman and it suited him because his body was incredible! We got talking on the way downstairs and he said how good my legs looked under the incredibly tiny skirt I was wearing. He reached over, and as we were walking, he ran his hand up the back of my leg and onto my ass. When his hand reached its destination, he let out a little sigh. He noted that he was a sucker for a nice ass.

We had barely gone any further, when he grabbed my waist and pushed me up against the wall. He reached under my skirt and ran his hands up my thighs and over my hips. He held onto my hips and rubbed himself against me. I could feel his bulging cock through his costume. He was big, I could tell already! He started rubbing my tits and this made me extremely horny.
I suggested we move to a more private place as we had barely made it 10 meters from the party. He grabbed my hand and he lead me to a bathroom on the ground floor which no one really uses. As soon as he locked the door, he pushed me against it and started rubbing my clit while kissing my neck. He was an expert. I moaned in his ear until I almost came. He stopped and told me he wasn't ready for me to come yet. Now it was my turn. I pushed him against the door and took off his pants. His dick was so hard and big! I took it in my mouth and sucked it. I licked and sucked his massive dick until he was ready to come. I stopped before he came and walked over to the sinks. I leaned over them and pushed my ass out for him to see. He let out a moan and walked over to me. He rubbed my ass with his hands and then his cock. As his cock was rubbing between my ass cheeks, he leaned over me and whispered in my ear, "I am going to fuck you so hard. I hope you like it a little bit rough." I told him that. I love it a bit rough and he just smiled.

With one movement he buried his cock in my pussy. He took my breath away. After a few strokes, I was moaning with pleasure as my pussy tried to take more of him than I thought was possible. I looked up int other mirror above the sink to see him watching me through his mask. His eyes were electric. This made me moan more. He spanked my ass as he pumped me and this made my pussy so tight. That made him fuck me harder. When he could feel me about to come, he pulled out and moved me so I was against a wall. He removed the red neck tie I had been wearing and tied my wrists together behind my back. He looked into my eyes and smiled at me. He turned me around so I was facing the wall and held onto my wrists. He used my wrists to guide me onto his cock and pushed it into my pussy as far as it would go. I was so close to orgasm already that it did not take long before my pussy was so tight around his cock that I came. After I came he spanked me again and pumped me harder than I thought could be possible! I very quickly got aroused again and he pumped me this way for a few minutes. When he was ready, he grabbed my waist, pulled me onto him as deep as he could go and blew his hot cum deep into my pussy. The feeling of his cum blowing into me made me come again.

He stroked my ass as he pulled out of me. I turned myself around and knelt on the floor. I licked his cock clean with my hands still tied behind my back. When I was done, he was starting to get aroused again, but we had been gone for a long time. We both cleaned up and we decided that we should go back to the party separately. He left first, after grabbing me on the ass again and kissing me on the neck. I waited a few minutes and left also. I went back up to the party and started chatting with people again as if I had never left. I felt his eyes on me for the rest of the night, and when it came time to leave, he touched me on the ass and whispered his room number in my ear. I went back to my room first, let my room mate fall asleep and then snuck to his room, which I discovered he has to himself and we fucked again. The only difference this time, was there was no masks. I found out, it was the guy I had been crushing on for weeks!

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