My first day at work

By Ladyinsomniac

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A short story about a rough first day day. My first posting please be gentle.

I had never done this kind of work before but all the shows made it look so easy just whisk around the cafe and serve beverages with flair. All my friends told me with my figure it would be so easy to make up for the minimum wage with tips. Even though I am a size 12 with 40 d cup breasts by frequent visits to the gym I stay in excellent shape with a nice firm hiney, with long black hair and green eyes. Any way enough about me back to my adventure.

It was the morning rush it seemed like everyone and their brother had converged on the coffee shop it was my first day and I had already served caffienated to a gentleman who asked for decaffeinated and had received such a dressing down from the owner I was  about to cry I really needed this job. I had just run out of unemployment and maybe I fibbed a bit on my resume and in the interview to get this job. We finally made it through the morning rush and my feet were killing me when I had gotten dressed this morning my little black stilettos had looked so cute with my awful little waitress dress. Now it was just excruciating pain that's when the incident happened I was taking Mr. D (he's the owner) his espresso and I tripped and broke a heel spilling hot espresso all over his lap.

He started to scream at me for my incompetence and I started to beg. Like I said I really needed this job I was late on my rent and now had ruined my only pair of interview shoes. Picking up the napkins from the near by dispenser I started to do my best to dap at the mess I had made. Bending over his lap he was getting a good look down the front of my dress. My bosom was heaving beneath the cheap polyester but I had taken the time to put on a sexy black lace bra to reward myself that morning. As I attempted to blot the spill I whispered " I mean it I will do anything to make this better, please it won't ever happen again."

Mr. D just laughed while he looked around the cafe, " Anything you say? Than you better come to my office and help me finish cleaning up this mess." Pushing me back he got up and put a closed sign on the door and drew the blinds. I slipped off my shoes to be better able to follow him to the back. I was definitely willing to do anything save my job. Following him I never realized what a big man he was at least 6 foot if not taller and so broad in proportion. I found myself wondering if all of him was so big.

Once we were in the office he locked the door behind us. This is when I got a little scared I thought maybe before he was teasing me and just wanted me to put some stain remover onto the spots. I was standing watching him as he sat in his office chair. His hand moved slowly to the zipper on his pants, his voice was husky with lust when he spoke " You did say anything, yes?" I nodded a bit hesitantly as he pulled  down the zipper of his trousers.   He already had an impressive bulge in his boxers and I was still nervous I mean I had said anything but did I mean it? I reluctantly stepped forward it was now or never and bowed my head in acceptance.

" Well," he said ,"suck it." Dropping to the floor in front of him I knelt and finished unzipping and unbuttoning his trousers. Easing his cock  from its confinement in his boxers. Slowly I took him in my mouth just the head at first slowly comming to terms that I was on the floor of a family owned business giving my boss head to save my job. I had never done anything like this before and I found it exciting. I felt his hands on my shoulder and in my hair as I started to work with more enthusiasm I have always enjoyed sucking cock and it had been so long since I had been with anyone. I couldn't help it I was giving him a deep bj taking extra time to lick every inch of his cock. I used my left hand to stroke his long shaft while I twirled the tip in my mouth like a lollipop. I was going to show just how eager  I was to please. The more I sucked I realized the wetter my panties were getting. Soon I was making soft begging noises around my mouthful.  I thought I would try to get out with some dignity and started to attempt to deep throat him. Gasping after the attempt I had gagged myself on his member.

"Do you want it in you?", he asked. I gulped deep on his cock and nodded.  I couldn't help it any longer I was so horny. It had been so long since I had been with anyone. I nodded than continued to suck, "Stand up and bend over the desk," he commanded. All  I could do was obey I was dripping and not thinking just about willing to do anything to solve the aching need in my cunt. Leaning over the desk the cold metal felt so good against my feverish skin I felt him caress my ass as he pulled down my little black thong panties. Obediently I stepped out of them to give him better access and left them puddled on the floor. I felt his hard cock head probe my cunt he entered shallowly and than pulled out. Than he drove his cock in and I was completely filled. I didn't realize how tight I was and he was taking no mercy I had been to depressed to masturbate lately but with the slippery bj he had just received and my natural response to cock it seemed like we would be ok. He pounded my pussy deep and relentlessly while I bucked beneath him. Oh it had been to long I couldn't help it I was  moaning and pleading for more, harder, deeper. 

I couldn't believe it at first it was so humiliating here I was letting some almost stranger fuck me in the office of a coffee shop I wouldn't even go into before getting hired at and I was going to cum. I could feel it and so could he I was so tense around his cock. After all his talk and anger he encouraged me to cum working his fingers around so to play with my clit. I really probably would of been ok without his help but than it happened. Melting on his throbbing member I had the most intense orgasm of my life, better even than my first vibrator experience.  A few deep pumps  latter I felt a hot gush in my cunt. He had just pumped me full of  his cream. Gasping in pleasure he pulled out and sat back down in his chair pants still undone stained and disheveled. His cock with glistening with my pussy juices and traces of his cum.

I straightened up off the desk than did what came naturally. I returned to my hands and knees and cleaned his cock with tongue. Gently sucking him to get every last drop of cum out while I felt the load in my pussy start to trickle down my thighs. His sighs of pleasure made me think that maybe I had done ok. At last he spoke, " Alright lets see how you do tomorrow but your still going to have to prove yourself any more mistakes and you'll be right back here." I nodded and let his cock slip out of my mouth. "Yes, sir I understand sir" At that point he told me clean myself up and go home for the rest of the day. I wonder what my second day of work will be like.