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My friend's new girl

A hospitable couple treat an old friend
Adam and I had been friends since school. We were almost inseparable sharing everything from sporting teams to copying each others homework. Like many close friendships from childhood, the pressures of adulthood, education and work had pulled us to separate corners of the country and we now rarely saw each other, barring a few chats on Skype once in a while.

When Adam invited me to visit him, I was happy at the prospect of beers and a catch up with an old mate. Nothing much had changed and we still shared the same sense of humour and banter, something that the newer friends I had in my adopted home-town never quite understood. He had also told me that he had a new girlfriend and he could not wait for me to meet her.

The trip up north was pretty grim. The train was heaving with Friday afternoon commuters trying to escape the city and I was crushed into my seat by a bloated business man who would not stop shouting into his phone about some inane statistics he needed to massage. Four hours of that and I was glad to step onto the platform and met with the sight of my friend.

“You look knackered mate, rough journey?” asked Adam

“Like you wouldn't believe. I could murder a cold beer.”

“No worries, then,” said Adam “We'll drop your bags at mine, ditch the car and hit the local.”

The plan was simple and perfect. Old friends, a cold beer and a relaxing local pub. Ten minutes later we were standing at the bar and sipping down the first cold beer, which tasted like pure heaven after a stressful trip.

After taking a table, and some catch up chat, I was eager to know more about this mystery lady in Adam's life.

“So, who's this girl you've been wanting me to meet and where is she now?” I enquired.

“She's out with work friends, you'll get to meet her later. I think you'll really like her,” came Adam's response.

After sinking several more beers and a few tequilas for old time's sake, it was safe to say that Adam and I were drunk by closing time. Thankfully, the walk back to his place was short as Adam was stumbling pretty badly, a merry stagger to compliment the raucous laughter. After lurching through his front door, Adam headed straight upstairs, stopping only to to tell me he was “fucked” and needed to go to bed.

“Make yourself at home on the sofa,” he slurred.

I was still awake enough to stay up for a while so headed into the living room, switched on the tv to the sports channels and flicked through, eventually settling on the previews for the weekend's football. Ten minutes passed before I heard a click of keys in the door, followed by footsteps though the hall way.

Poking my head up above the sofa, I was treated with a feast for the eyes beyond all expectations. I knew I had had a few to drink, but the girl stood in front of me was drop-dead gorgeous. Long, straight blonde hair framing a beautiful face with wicked blue eyes that told stories of naughtiness without her having to say a word.

“Hi,” she said, shattering the ice and snapping me out of my trance. She was leaning in the doorway to the living room, wearing a red, mid-thigh length dress, knee high boots and nylon pantyhose that gave her legs the most divinely slender shape.

“You're not much of a talker are you?” she continued after I fumbled for words in what seemed like an age.

She leaned over to take off her boots, unzipping the sides and giving me a show if those killer legs and the tight ass that was being shown off under her figure hugging dress. I could do little to keep my erection down as, after kicking off her boots, she came over to the sofa, shoved my legs aside and sat down next to me.

“Hmm, If you won't talk, I'm going to have to make you make some noise in another way.”

I barely had time to process what she had said before she pinched my thigh, hard, causing me to yelp and jump up beside her.

“Ah, so you can make noise,” she teased.

“Yes, I can talk as well,” I meekly responded, still shocked that she had pinched me.

“Does this boy on my couch have a name or am I just going to have to call you hard-on all night?” she said, gesturing to the rather large and poorly concealed lump in my jeans.

“Uh, uh, I'm sorry about that, I must have been snoozing when you came in. You know, like morning wood? Oh, and I'm James,” came my pathetic response.

“Aww, shame,” she replied “I was kinda hoping that I'd caused it.”

“Well, you certainly helped maintain it,” I spat out without thinking.

Why the hell was I saying something like that to my best mates super-hot girlfriend? Well, I knew the answer full well; because she was 5 feet 5 inches of pure, model like gorgeous and I was a little bit tipsy.

“You're a little drunk aren't you?” she replied. “I bet you can't keep it that way for very long.”

I told her I would probably need some help with it. I did not expect to get it. I was wrong!

Before I knew it, she had reached over and was unbuttoning my belt and tugging at the buttons on my fly and was freeing my cock from my boxers.

“Only a semi? I'm disappointed!” she taunted as she toyed with my hardening length.

It was not a semi for long as her perfectly manicured nails dragged gently across the tip making my dick twitch with pleasure. Sensing my full hardness, she shuffled onto the floor between my legs and licked my penis from base to tip, all the while maintaining unbroken eye-contact.

A few more licks and a few kisses later, she was rolling her tongue around the tip, gently wanking the base. I thought I was going to explode there and then. After a minute of teasing, she opened her mouth and took me between her rose red lips, sucking gently as she inched it further and further along her tongue.

My cock bottomed out about three quarters of the way in. She held still for a few seconds, just letting me rest in her warm mouth before slowly moving back up to the tip. He tongue swirled around the shaft, causing divine sensations that made my head to roll back in pleasure. She quickened her motions and started bobbing her head down in my lap, my hips arching to meet her.

I think my thrusting must have given away how close I was to cuming because she swiftly released my cock from her mouth and lay back on the sofa.

“You're not keeping all the pleasure for yourself young man!” she stated bluntly. “You've got to please me first.”

By this point, I had lost control of my senses and any inhibitions I might have had. Spreading her pantyhose clad legs and hitching up her skirt, I buried my head in her crotch planting hard kisses around the gusset. My clawing fingers caused a small ladder in the nylon, which rapidly became a wide hole as I tore at it. Pulling the flimsy material of her thong panties aside, I buried my tongue in her already sopping pussy. She tasted as good as she looked as I explored every inch and fold of her lady garden.

A few stiff licks and my straining cock could wait no longer. Hovering over her, I plunged deep inside her sopping mound with one easy motion. She bit her lip and let out a little whimper as I completely filled her, the soft pubic hair bristling against mine. Slowly withdrawing everything but the tip, I slammed back down inside her feeling the lace of her panties scrape my cock. Her hands wrapped around my back and her finger nails dug into my shirt as I continued to thrust. I could tell she was tight but she was also so wet that her pussy felt like a slick velvet tunnel.

“Fuck me James, make me cum,” she whispered in my ear.

Quickening my strokes, I could feel her clenching around my cock as she began to buck wildly.

“I'm cuming James, I want you to cum with me,” she demanded.

I did not have much choice. Her body tensed and it sent me over the edge. My balls contracted and I sent stream after stream of hot cum into her pussy before collapsing down on top of her, breathing heavily.

Imagine my shock when I heard a clapping noise come from the doorway. My head bolted above the line of the sofa only to discover Adam giving me a round of applause.

“It's not what it looks like,” I stuttered, knowing that it was exactly what it looked like. I was balls deep in his new girlfriend.

“No point hiding it mate, I've just watched you for the last ten minutes. How was it for you Emily?”

“He didn't need much persuading, he's hornier than you said he was!” came the shock response.

By now, the combination of tequila and confusion was making my brain hurt.

“I told you you'd like her mate,” said Adam, looking squarely at me, “She's a lot of fun, isn't she?”

All I could do was nod. Had this whole thing been set-up? It was at this point that I realised the erection poking through Adam's dressing gown as he released it and stuck it in Emily's waiting mouth. This was just the logical step of Adam and I sharing everything and it was going to be a fun weekend.

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