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My girlfriend gives a friend his birthday present

What to do when you get to a birthday party without a present? My girlfriend sorted it out.
My girlfriend and I are both 28 and we've been together for the last three years. She's 5'6", very lean and medium body size.

Last week a friend of ours was having his birthday party, but due to a lot of work we didn't have time to get him a present. We got to the party kinda sad that we didn't bring him anything, but he didn't seem to mind.

After a while at the party, we were at a table talking to some people and my girlfriend whispered to me, "I know what to give him for his birthday."

I asked "What?", but she just replied with a smile.

Then she got up and walked towards our friend, who was doing something else on the other side of the room. She talked a little bit with him (couldn't figure out what they were saying), and then they both went further inside the house.

A few minutes later I got a text message from her. All it said was, "Yummy" but it had a picture attached.

It was a picture of her mouth sucking the tip of a cock (which I guessed was our friend's).

I was excited and wanted to reply and ask for more, but I didn't want to interrupt. So I waited for about 20 minutes before she came back. She was alone, and when she came closer she said to my ear, moaning: "Humm. Let's go home and fuck."

I readily got up and we said a few goodbyes (except for our friend, who was still somewhere inside the house), and then left. On the way home I aked her a few times about what happened, but she refused to say anything, just smiling.

Once we were in our bedroom, I asked again what had happened, and she said, "Fuck me and I'll tell you."

I threw her on the bed, and got our clothes off. She laid on her stomach (she likes me to fuck her from behind), and I got on top of her. When I touched her pussy I realized that whatever happened had got her dripping wet. I started fucking her and then asked again about what happened.

She smiled and told me. Here's her account on the story:

"I asked him if we could go to his room for a bit, and he agreed. I don't know what he thought, but I tried to keep a serious face. When we got there I locked the door and told him to sit on the bed. He hesitated, but then sat. I went to him, got on my knees and started touching his legs. He startled and asked what I was doing, and I said that it was his birthday present. He was clearly surprised, but didn't do anything to stop me. I felt his cock through the cloth, and it was already hard. So I opened his pants, took it out and began to lick it. Soon I was sucking it all over, and he seemed to really like it. I was loving it, and wanted to tell you. So I pushed him back to lay on the bed so he wouldn't see what I was doing (I was on my knees, on the floor). That's when I took the picture and sent you. I'm not sure for how long I sucked him, but for two or three times, when he was on the verge of cumming, I stopped and waited for it to pass. I wanted it to last."

At this moment, I was already feeling as part of the story, and was going really hard on her. She was telling me everything, phrase by phrase, alternating between speaking and moaning. I didn't know if she was moaning because of me fucking her or because of what she was remembering. I didn't care. Sometimes she would just close her eyes, lick her lips, open her mouth, as if she was really trying to relive it. She continued:

"At a moment I really considered fucking him, but I was so horny with the taste of his cock that I couldn't stop anymore. So I just kept sucking and stroking, making him moan louder and faster. Then he looked at me and came. Flow after flow of cum in my mouth, everything so delicious I didn't want to lose a bit. But it was so much that it started oozing through the corners of my mouth. He seemed to enjoy seeing it, so I just opened my mouth a little bit, his cock still inside, and let it pour over my chin. The taste is still on my tongue."

Then I came. The thought of her enjoying so much the cum of another man made me explode. It was a feeling that our cocks was serving her wishes, and our cum was the proof of her power. Then she added:

"After everything calmed down, I cleaned myself and left him laying on the bed. That's when I went to talk to you."

We cleaned ourselves and went to bed. Before we slept, she asked me, smiling: "Whose birthday is next?". I didn't know, but I wondered myself.

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