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My Girls Best Friend

Doesn't everyones lady have a sexy friend?
So, where do I start? I guess about the time my girlfriend asked me to drop off some of her old clothes to her best friend’s house on the way to work is as good as any. Her name is Lisa. Oh ya, and I'm Jake. But anyway, my girlfriend had grown out of some of her clothes and decided to have me give them to Lisa on my way to work. No problem, right? Well, Lisa is about 5'9", very slim, blond, a little pale but still nice skin, and very attractive in the face. Now, I'm not an ugly guy I don't think. I'm 6'3" and athletic, tanned, long dark brown hair, but she made me look like some whiny computer nerd with her good looks overshadowing me. I probably should also mention my girlfriend was mad at me because the other week I showed Lisa my eight inch cock while we were all shit faced. Who knew you could get in trouble for that?

Anyway, I took the bag of clothes and left early to make it to her house and work in time. This is where it gets good.

I get to Lisa's house. She lives in a nice house. She is a spoiled rich girl, but really down to earth somehow. I knock, and she answers. As I look over her body, I can feel my cock wanting to spring to life. I fight to keep it down. Her tight blue jeans hug her shapely ass so nicely, and the white tank top she is wearing lets me see her thin blue bra, holding her B cup breasts so easily. They may be small, but they fit her shape perfectly. If I could only get through the tank top, I'm sure I'd see some nipple.

"On your way to work, Jake?" She says with a smile. I nod, being a little shy of course.

"Um, ya," I say. "Tammy wanted me to drop off these old clothes for you." I hand her the bag, which she takes and smiles, her thin lips so eagerly needing to be kissed.

"Thanks, Jake. Why don't you come in for a little bit? I know you're awfully early for work."

How do I say no? I can't! She is so hot! I agree, walking in as she shuts the door behind me. I follow her down the hallway, watching her ass the whole time. I can't resist! Oh how I want to do bad things to her.

Well, enough of the boring introduction. Let's get to the good part. After all, that's what you're reading for, right? We have a little small talk, talking mainly about how we both hate her boyfriend (that she is broke up with at this moment) and how she doesn't like how timid he is in the bedroom. This is where it goes from normal to the best day of my life.

"I could make you cum hard," I say.

Immediately I turn red. I just fucking said that OUT LOUD!! What was I thinking?

"Oh?" She looks at me puzzled for a moment. "Wait until I tell Tammy about this! She's going to be pissed at you!"

"Oh my god, please forget I said anything! I don't know where that came from! I-"

She undoes her jeans, pulling them off quickly. No panties on either, just her bald thin pussy, smiling at me.

"Well, you better do it then, or I'm telling." She winks and giggles.

Now, any decent man would think it over for a second. Me? Fuck no! I rush over to her, laying her back on her soft fluffy bed and spreading her legs around my face. I've wanted to taste this hot cunt for so long, and here's my chance! I lap at it a few times, testing the juicy waters. I hear her breath pick up slightly, and in my excitement; my tongue finds her clit and begins to firmly massage it.

"Oh wow," she cries out, "how did you find my clit so fast!?"

She presses her pussy against my face as my tongue coats her sexy slit in saliva. I feel like an uncaged beast now! This is actually happening! Don't mess it up, right!? I think this as my tongue slides to her asshole. She gasps and pulls away for a second, looking down at me curiously.

"Sorry?" I say, gulping nervously.

She giggles, removing her tank top and bra as she does. Her body was already starting to perspire. Then, she holds her legs up some, giving me more access to her tiny tight asshole. I grin, my tongue lapping at it. My hands are on her inner thighs, sliding up with my fingertips to her pussy lips, spreading it open. She moans in delight. I position my thumbs next to her clit, gently squeezing and rubbing it from either side. Her tiny 22-year-old body bucking on my face makes my cock throb against my pants. Then, as I lick up her ass to her clit, it happens.

"Oh FUCK!!!!" She screams. I feel her slit pulsating as she moistens. "God damn that was a good orgasm!" She slides back on the bed, trying to catch her breath.

"You taste so good, Lisa."

I lick my lips as she removes my pants and boxers. My hard dick is thrust into her mouth deeply. Have you ever seen one of those pornos where the guy fucks the girl’s throat, choking her and making her spit dribble down her body? Well, this was like that, but she was doing all the work. Her gagging turned me on even more. Her tongue wasn't lazy either; the tip of it licking up and down and around my cock as she deep throated me hard. My god this was excellent! My hands grasp her soft tits, squeezing and tugging on her nipples as she sucks me.

Then, I think I make a mistake. My cock unwittingly explodes in her mouth. She gags hard, spitting up some of my cum as my cock flops out of her mouth, pumping hot jizz all over her chin and on her left breast. Her breast was glazed over. There was so much cum. I never came like that before! It was so sexy.

"Oh shit I'm sorry!" I say.

"I just hope you have more where that came from," she says in a lustful manner.

Now usually, my cock would go soft after that. But he wasn't going down without a fight today! Still hard and throbbing, I pressed my hard dick into her super tight slit. It was a little difficult getting it inside of her, but she opened up quickly as she groaned uncontrollably.

"Fuck me Jake! Fuck me like I'm a little plaything for your big hard cock!"

I rammed it inside of her with all my might, groaning with her as we looked over each other's sweaty bodies. She played with the cum on her chest as we fucked, winking at me as she would taste it periodically.

As if her 'fuck me like a plaything' words just struck me, I turned her over and pressed my throbbing prick against her asshole. Slowly, I went in her ass, deeper and deeper. She whimpered a little, but told me to keep going, that it only hurts on insertion. Well, apparently that was true, because after a couple slow pumps, she was ramming her sexy backside against me, making sure my cock fucked her beautiful asshole deep and hard. Oh Lisa, you are my living fantasy!

As her ass was stretched wider with each thrust, my hand started rubbing her pussy, palming it underneath her. One finger slid in, then two, then three, and then four...

Then I got carried away, or so I though. I made a fist, and pushed it into her tight pussy. She yelped and looked back at me with a face that said 'I can't believe you stretched me this far' or something like that. But her hips activated, grinding my fist and my cock deeper in her holes, and it happened again, just as the ball of my wrist was getting coated inside her warm gooey cunt.

"Oh fuck I'm cumming!!!!!!!" We both yelled in unison. We both laughed and said 'jinx' like two idiots, but still, the pleasure was unimaginable! I felt her pussy pulsating on my fist as my cock filled her asshole deep with warm sperm. The second best cum I ever had.

After that, I pulled my fist and cock out of her holes, and she licked my cock clean. Her light-blue eyeliner running, her body sweaty and cum dripping slowly out of her asshole, she lay back as I stood over her. We both shared a giggle, and a promise to keep this a secret. So anyone reading this out there, these are not our real names, but they were all real orgasms. And work? Best fucking workday of my life.

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