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My Handsome Farm Hand

At first I find my Uncle's farm boring, but then I met a handsome farm hand...
God, this farm was boring. Why did my parents drag me out here? My Aunt and Uncle didn’t even have any kids so there were no cousins to hang around with. I was bored out of my mind listening to their conservative politics and I absolutely loathed playing Canasta.

I escaped the latest card game and decided to walk around the large farm. Uncle Hal told me he had hired some extra hands for the week while we were there so he could take more time off to spend with us. A few of them were cute but none of them looked my way as I passed. Bummer.

It took a while but I finally made it to the far edge of the farm, out where a storage shed was kept for tools and old tractors. It was on the edge of the woods and I decided that once I reached there, I’d turn back and face my boring evening with the old folks.

When I reached the woods, I stopped and stood with my hands on my hips, staring into the trees. They were thick but beautiful and I could smell pine. The wind was blowing through them and I smiled as the whoosh soothed my nerves.

As the wind died down, I watched the trees slowly come to stillness and that’s when I heard it.

I turned around quickly and saw exactly what I expected to see. A man, one of Uncle Hal’s regular hires, stood behind the storage shed his jeans down to his knees. He was jerking off, watching me.

He had obviously started before he could have seen me, but the leering grin on his face told me that watching me had helped him along quite a bit.

I just stared and he stared back, not even pausing. I looked down and couldn’t help but smile a little. It was a nice, fat cock he stroked.

He started grunting then, breathing heavier and seconds later cum erupted from his shaft and he groaned deeply. He continued to move his hand along his dick, but slower, and I watched as the orgasm ran its course, making him shudder several times.

I didn’t know how I was supposed to feel about this, but my pussy was on fire watching this handsome man pleasure himself. He was older than me but only about 15 years, and he was hot. I noticed the wedding band on his hand and wondered why he had to jack off secretly behind sheds at work.

“Sorry if I interrupted,” I said, finally breaking the silence. I crossed my arms, framing my breasts so that I could push them up a little.

“Not at all,” he said politely, as if women caught him masturbating all the time. He leaned over to pull up his jeans.

“You like an audience?”

“Doesn’t matter to me either way,” he said. “I just needed to rub one out is all.”

“Wife not taking care of you?”

“I’m not married.”

I scoffed. “The ring says otherwise.”

He shrugged. “Habit. We’ve only been divorced for a few months.”

“Sure,” I said.

He hesitated, looking at me for a moment then said, “I hope you don’t think I’m trying to seduce you, little girl. I’m not into children.”

“I am not a child!” I cried. “I’m seventeen!”

“I bet you still wear a training bra,” he said and laughed.

Being very proud of my breasts and angry at being called a child for the fifth time that day, I reach down and lifted my t-shirt baring my breasts to him. I wasn’t wearing a training bra – I wasn’t wearing any bra – so he got a good look at my goods.

“I was wrong,” he said. “Very nice.”

“Thank you,” I said testily, lowering my shirt, now feeling a little embarrassed. I crossed my arms again, but this time across my breasts as if I could hide them now.

“Seventeen, huh?” he said.


“Legal, then.”

“Um, yeah.”

“Want to fuck, little lady?”


“Yeah, never mind,” he said, a mean grin on his face. He turned to start back toward the farm.

“I don’t even know you!” I called after him.

“Didn’t stop you from showing me your tits,” he called back. “Come on. It’s going to get dark soon and there are coyotes in those woods.”

I glanced behind me and then ran to catch up with Mr. Thick-dick.

A quarter of the way back he softly said, “You really shouldn’t show your boobs to strangers, you know. Not all men are as civilized as me.”

“Civilized? You’re the one jacking off in public.”

“I was jacking off behind a shed at the edge of the woods over a mile away from the main house. I think I did a good job secluding myself.”

“What if I had been a little girl? Would you have kept going?”

“Of course not,” he said, glancing at me in disgust. “I told you, I’m not into children.”

“You called me one.”

“Only to rile you up,” he admitted.

“What would you have done if I had said that I did want to fuck?”

“We’d still be back there, fucking.”

“You’d really fuck me?”

“What is that so surprising?”

“You work for my Uncle,” I said. “I’ve seen you here before so I know you’re not one of the temps.”

“So?” he said, shrugging. “Doesn’t mean I’d turn down a lovely young woman’s pussy if it was offered. I don’t care who they’re related to.”

“Do you go back there to get off all the time?”

“About once a day,” he said. “I’ve had a bit of a dry spell.”

“Can’t you do it at home?”

“I do.”

“Insatiable much?”

“Very much.”

I glanced at him then back forward. “I don’t get it. You’re really good-looking.”

I saw him smile – a real smile this time. “Thank you.”

“So, why don’t you just find someone to fuck?”

“I work long hours and I don’t really feel like it. The divorce pretty much did me in. It’ll be a while before I go looking again.”

“Not even just for sex?”

“That takes even more energy,” he said, looking at me. “If you’re a guy.”

“Oh,” I said.

We were coming up on the main barn and after that the house was just another minute’s walk.

“Hey, you want to feel them?” I asked. My heart started beating faster.

“Feel what?” he asked absently.

“My tits.”

He looked at me sharply, frowning, but then his eyes moved down to my chest.

“Wouldn’t mind it,” he said.

I looked around – no one else was in sight – and I trotted over and into the barn. He didn’t run with me but moments later he slipped into the dark barn and closed the door behind him silently.

I could barely see but I could hear him breathing. “Where are you at?” he whispered.

“Over here,” I said, and lifted my shirt.

He moved closer and he bumped into me. He grasped my waist with both hands to steady me so I wouldn’t fall.

“Sorry,” he whispered.

“No problem,” I said. “Go ahead. Touch them.”

He said nothing but slid his hands up my sides and then onto my breasts.

“Mmm,” he groaned and squeezed gently. “They feel just as nice as they look.”

“Thank you.”

“No, thank you,” he said, his voice still a whisper but it was getting a little raspy. “You sure you don’t want to fuck, little lady?”

“I don’t know,” I said.

“Maybe this will convince you,” he said and before I could ask what he meant I felt his tongue on my hard nipple.

I let out a soft little “uh!” in surprise but thrust my breasts forward. He chuckled softly and moved his mouth over my nipple, sucking firmly. He slid his hand around me and pressed it against my back, pulling me even closer to him. His other hand continued to knead my flesh.

“Oh, that feels so good,” I whispered.

“Yes,” he answered, then sucked my nip even harder.

“I’m not going to fuck you,” I said, “so you might want to slow down a little.”

“That’s all right,” he said, and pulled off of me, letting me go. “Now I have something else to think about while I jack off tonight. Your sweet firm breasts in my hands and in my mouth.”

“Are you hard?”

“What do you think?”

“I’ll give you a hand job before you go if you want.”

“That’d be awful nice of you, little lady. It’d be even nicer if you sucked me off, instead.”

“I don’t do that with strangers.”

“But you’ll stroke them off?”


“Works for me.”

I still couldn’t see but for the next five minutes I let my hands explore his balls and shaft. He grunted loudly when he came and I laughed softly as his come covered my hands. I continued to stroke and squeeze his balls and he whispered, “Nice,” very softly.

“I better get back,” I said as he redressed again. “They’re probably wondering about me.”

“Wait,” he said. “Do you want something? I’ve been told I do very nice finger work.”

“Actually, I would love that, but I’m already later than I told them I’d be. My mother is really paranoid.”

“All right then,” he said. “Thanks for the pleasant afternoon, little lady.”

“You’re welcome.”

We left the barn separately and I went inside. After a quick visit to the bathroom where I frigged myself hard until I came, seeing stars, I went downstairs for my boring night with the old folks.

For the next two days I took a walk out to the far shed again but he was never there. I started to think he was avoiding me but then I ran across him helping my Uncle rebuild an old building that had recently started to fall apart. He nodded at me and smiled and I nodded back, blushing slightly. My Uncle just waved at me and I kept going, afraid he’d notice my red cheeks.

I pretty much gave up on getting him alone again and I wasn’t even sure what I’d do if I did. Did I want to fuck him or maybe just fool around again? I didn’t really know and it scared me. So, while I was disappointed, I was a little relieved, too.

So on our last day on the farm I took another walk out to the shed but this time just to listen to the wind in the trees again and smell that pine. When I stepped behind the far shed I heard him say, “Finally,” and I gasped, spinning around.

He was there and my heart took off. “Hey,” I said, a little breathless.

“Hello there,” he said, still leaning against the building. “You come to watch me again?”

“If you want me to.”

“I’d still rather fuck you, little lady.”

“Have any condoms on you?” I asked.

Huh. I guess I did want to do him.

“Several,” he said, grinning. “Come here.”

“What, we’re going to do it here? Outside?”

“You have a better suggestion?”

“What about the barn?”

“Uh-uh,” he said, shaking his head. “It’s the middle of the day. The barn is the busiest place on this farm during the day. Right here is the only safe place for us to fuck. I did bring a blanket, just in case you said yes.”

“All right then,” I said, smiling.

The first time was a little awkward. He just started undressing so I did, too. He was already hard so he slid a condom down his thick shaft and told me to lie down. I did as he asked and for the next few minutes he sucked on my tits and rubbed my clit making me nice and wet. As soon as I came on his fingers, he moved over me and worked his fat dick inside my cunt.

He kept his eyes closed as he fucked me but I watched his face. I could tell that even though he enjoyed fucking me, he felt a little wrong doing it. I figured it was because I was almost young enough to be his daughter. It took him a while to come but when he did he couldn’t help but yell in pleasure, shoving his cock as deep into me as he could.

He rolled off of me onto his back and gasped for air.

When his breathing was almost normal I very softly said, “Are you all right?”

“Yeah,” he said.

“You – you don’t seem all right. I wasn’t lying – I am seventeen.”

“Oh I know,” he said and laughed a little. “I confirmed that with your Uncle.”

“Then – what is it?”

He sighed deeply and then said, “It’s just that you’re the first person I’ve fucked since my wife left me a year ago. Still felt like cheating.”

“You still love her?”


“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” he said and pulled himself up onto his side. “Because even though it did feel like cheating at first, I really enjoyed plowing into your hot little body.”

“You’re pretty hot yourself,” I said, and moved my hand so that it cupped his balls.

“You’re leaving tonight, right?” he said, moving his hand over my right breast.

“Yes,” I said and then gasped a little when his thumb rubbed my hard nip.

“Then I better fuck you as much as I can before you go.”

“Won’t Uncle Hal wonder where you are?”

“No,” he said, shaking his head. “I’m off the clock right now. Only had a half day today.”

“Really?” I said, pulling myself up onto my side. “I told Mom I’d be gone all afternoon, too. Said I was walking into town and back.”

“You’re a smart little lady,” he said, his hand sliding to my bottom. “Why don’t you roll over and let me fuck that tight little ass of yours?”

I gasped a little, staring at him.

“What? You never been fucked there before?” He slid two fingers in my crack and I flinched when one pressed against my hole.

“No,” I said, squirming slightly but he just pressed harder. I cried out softly as he slowly moved his finger inside.

“I really want to fuck your ass, little lady,” he whispered, then moved his lips to my neck. He groaned as he licked and sucked. I could feel his cock getting hard against my hip. “Let me fuck it, nice and slow. If you don’t like it I’ll stop. I promise.”

I knew that was a lie. The first time I fooled around the boy promised he’d warn me before shooting off in my mouth. The only warning I got was the loud moan right before my mouth was filled with his stuff.

But I was curious. His finger actually felt really good.

“All right,” I said.

He pulled away and after I made sure he was getting another condom, I rolled over and waited. I wasn’t expecting the lube, so I gasped harshly when he poured it on my ass but he only laughed softly. I said nothing and moments later he pressed against my back.

“Oh god,” I whispered when his cockhead found my asshole. I could feel his hand holding it there as he pressed forward. I cried out softly and he grunted sharply as he finally worked his way inside.

After a few shallow thrusts he let go of his dick and grabbed my hip instead. “Oh baby,” he rasped and began.

He started slow, working his way deeper inside of my with each thrust. I breathed deeply, forcing myself to relax and by the time I could feel his balls snug against my ass I was so close to coming I knew one more thrust would do it.

He laughed in surprise when I came moments later, shuddering beneath him and after that he moved faster. I was so blissed out and relaxed I didn’t mind at all.

“Jesus, baby, but your ass feels so good around my cock,” he rasped. “Oh god, I think I could fuck this tight behind all fucking day. Jesus Christ.”

“Yes, fuck me,” I whispered. “Fuck me faster. Please.”

“I knew you’d like it,” he said and obeyed me.

I groaned deeply, feeling his balls swinging behind me, gently caressing me with each push forward. I couldn’t believe I liked this.

“Oh little lady, I’m afraid I’m going to come already. You’ve excited me so much.”

“Yes, I want to feel that. Cum in my ass, please.”

“Anything you want, lover.”

He stopped talking but started grunting as he fucked me, moving a little faster with each thrust until finally he rammed his cock as deep as he could, groaning desperately against the back of my neck. I yelled as his cock swelled and I came seconds later, overwhelmed with the sensation of fullness.

We lay like that, his cock buried balls deep in my ass, gasping for air. He moved his hand around me and held me tight against him, covering my tit with his palm.

I dozed off but was aware when he pulled away from me I guessed to remove his spent condom. Moments later, he returned and rolled me onto my back.

He moved over me and between my legs, pressing his body against mine. I kept my eyes closed as he kissed my neck, cradling my head in both hands.

When he kissed me, I moved both arms around him. His kiss was slow, deep and sensuous. I’d never been kissed like that before and it wasn’t long until my pussy burned with lust. I ran my hands up and down his back, clutching at his flesh. He chuckled when one of my hands firmly grasped an ass cheek.

“I’m going to kiss your sweet pussy now, little lady,” he rasped, then kissed me again, pressing his tongue deep in my mouth. He broke it to continue. “And then, if you would, I’d like you to ride me so I can watch your tits bounce as you bounce on me.”

“All right,” I agreed. I didn’t want to admit to him that I’d never been eaten out before, either. I had considered myself pretty experienced, but being with him showed me that I was only experienced with inexperienced boys.

I found it difficult not to scream as he licked, sucked and probed my cunt with his lips and tongue. Three times I had to bite my lip and groan loudly instead of letting loose the cries I was desperate to unleash.

When he finally stopped, I was limp, and it was the only time he was impatient with me. He pulled me up and on top of him as he lay back.

“Come on, little lady, I’m so hard I’m afraid I’m going to pop before you’re even on me.”

“Just a second,” I barely gasped.

“Please, baby,” he groaned, pulling my legs apart as he thrust.

I gasped as his cock filled me with one deep push.

“Fuck me, please,” he groaned. “Oh god, I need to cum inside of you.”

I pushed myself up and started bouncing, still gasping. Both of his hands moved up to grasp my tits and he squeezed harder than ever before, but not so much that it hurt.

“Oh yeah, that’s it,” he groaned. “Bounce in my lap. Do it. Fuck me.”

After a few moments I caught my second wind and did as he wanted, moving faster and faster until I was bouncing so hard and fast on his cock that I was amazed he hadn’t shot off yet. He moved both hands to my hips and held on to them, thrusting up in time with my bounces so that I was impaled on his cock as deeply as possible every single time.

We both yelled louder than we probably should have when we came but no one ever found us so our over-caution was never really needed.

He pulled me down and kissed me deeply once again, even though neither of us could breathe normally yet. I just held him tight as he rolled me to my back again. He thrust his hips forward, keeping his dick inside of me as long as he could.

We both dozed off this time and lay entangled for a good twenty minutes. I came back to consciousness as he nuzzled my neck with his lips as his hand palmed my breast.

“I think it’s time we left, little lady,” he whispered into my ear.

“Oh, do we have to?” I asked, wrapping my leg about him.

“I am done in,” he said, laughing gently. “You just fucked me so good I think I’ll be nice and satisfied for a good week or more.”

“Oh, me too,” I said wistfully. “Thank you so much.”

“Is this the first time you’ve ever been with a real man?” he asked.


“I’ve ruined you for all those high-school boys, haven’t I?”

“I think so,” I said, and meant it.

“Don’t you worry, little lady. Any straight man would love to bed you. All you probably have to do is ask.”

“I only live an hour away, you know,” I said, feeling slightly excited about what I was about to propose. “Maybe we could see each other again.”

He was quiet for a little while. “I don’t think so,” he said. “I don’t want you to think this is something more than just a nice fuck.”

“I don’t,” I assured him. “It would just be nice to know there’s a man out there I can call when I need a good fucking. I’m not looking for a boyfriend right now.”

“Let me think about that,” he said.

“We’re leaving today.”

“Yeah. I forgot about that.”

“Let’s just do this,” I said. “I’ll give you my number. Call me if you want a young friend with benefits. If not, just skip it. It won’t hurt my feelings. I’ll just miss that fat cock of yours.”

He laughed. “All right. That sounds fine.”

We redressed shortly after that and I gave him my cell number. It wasn’t until I got home that night that I realized that he had never told me his name.

After two weeks I gave up on hearing from him. I dated a couple of times and fucked both guys. They were okay but nothing like my afternoon with my farm hand.

Two months later my phone rang. I almost didn’t answer because I didn’t recognize the name David Henry. After three rings I answered.

That night, I was finally fucked properly once again.

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