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My Hot Loving Wife

All I wanted to do was come home and relax.
It all starts just after I get home from work. It was a crappier day than usual and I'm exhausted. I tell my wife that I'm going to go take a shower and then lie down and relax a bit before dinner. I go to the bathroom and start the water, get undressed, switch it over to the shower and get in.

The hot water feels wonderful on my head and skin as I start to let my body relax from the crazy day. I'm lost in a daze when I hear the shower screen slide over and a voice say, “How about some company there, lover?"

"Sure," I said, "come on in."

She climbs into the shower and we trade places as she gets all wet. I start to get my scrubby all lathered up when she says, “Here, let me do that for you.” 

She takes it from my hand and starts to wash me. She starts at my neck making slow circles with the scrubby as she begins to work down my chest. She gets to my nipples and slowly circles them, paying extra attention to them as she knows that this is a sensitive part for me. I just close my eyes and tilt my head back, enjoying the sensation that I am getting from her attention. All the while I am starting to get a hard on from what my wife is doing to me.

After giving my nipples all the attention that they can handle she starts to wash my arms and hands, again going in slow circles so that I get the maximum enjoyment and relaxation possible. She then moves to my hips but making sure not to touch my hard-on while slowly moving to my legs.

At this point she has me switch places with her, my back to the shower as she then proceeds to scrub my legs. She kneels down so that she can scrub them easier. She is eye level with my hard-on and as I look down at her beautiful face, she looks up at me, smiles and winks, then proceeds to finish my legs.

At this point I am getting really excited and start thinking of getting us both out of the shower and to bed, but as I reach for her arm to lift her up she tells me, “Not yet, honey, I am not done washing you up yet.”

I say, “Okay, just let me know when you are done.”

"Oh you'll know,” she replies.

With that I just close my eyes and tilt my head back into the water to start rinsing off the soap. Just about the point when I think it is all off I get this immense feeling of warmth around my cock. I open my eyes to look down and here is my wife with my cock in her mouth, starting to give me a blow job. I guess this is what she meant by not being finished yet.

She slowly starts to go up and down, very methodically, her tongue wrapping around the tip as it goes in and out of her mouth. I go to put my hands on her head to steady myself.

She brushes them away and mumbles, "No hands,” while my cock is still in her mouth.

I put my hands back down to my sides and let her continue what she started. She then takes her hands and reaches up to my balls, slowly squeezing them as she goes up and down on my cock, matching each squeeze with her downward stroke.

It is at this point that I start to feel the early stages of my orgasm. I can feel my cock get harder in her mouth as she continues to suck and squeeze me, driving me to the edge of a mind blowing finish. She senses that I am close, and then takes her index finger, slides in onto her mouth to get it slippery and then, without missing a beat, presses it into my asshole.

All at once my eyes shut tight, my back arches as I inhale deeply. My wife knows just how to hit my most sensitive trigger, and in two more bobs of her head my body tenses up as I unleash load after load of my cum inter her mouth.

I can feel her moan in pleasure as she takes all of it into her mouth, not missing a beat, swallowing every drop. She then slowly sucks the last of my cum out of me. Letting my cock slide out of her mouth she stands up, looks me in the eye and says, “Now you are all clean and we can get out of the shower.” 

She kisses me deeply then climbs out of the shower, grabbing a towel on the way out, saying, “Better hurry up because I won’t wait too long for you.” 

I stand there, my head spinning, my cock throbbing, thinking WOW, that was amazing. I then turn the water off, climb out of the shower, grab a towel myself and head towards our bedroom thinking to myself, all I wanted was to come home and relax.

As I approach the door to our bedroom I see my lovely naked wife laying down on the bed, her head propped up on a pillow and her index finger making the 'come here' motion. Who am I to argue when my lovely naked wife says “Come here”.

I make my way to our bed and climb up next to her. I admire her beautiful body, the soft curves of her hips, the way her mound rolls softly to her abdomen, then the slow trail up to her breasts with the most perfect nipples at the top. Then up to her supple neck, her moist lips, past her cute nose to her beautiful eyes giving me that come-to-me look that I can’t resist. I lean down to kiss her, her lips parting, our tongues intertwining, getting lost in each other’s taste and touch.

My hands slowly start down to her breasts, caressing them, squeezing them and then softly pinching her nipples. I hear her moan in approval as I move from one to the other, all the while still kissing her deeply and passionately.

I release from our kiss and move my head down to her breast. I love the taste of her breasts and take one into my mouth, sucking it into me as I swirl my tongue around her nipple, flicking it, teasing it, savoring it. I move to her other breast and repeat what I had just done while I use a free hand to play with the other one. I can feel her breathing start to deepen as I continue this process. 

After a bit I let go of her breasts and slowly kiss my way down her abdomen, covering every inch with soft kisses. I make sure not to miss any part of her skin as I make my may to her pussy, knowing that that is where she truly wants me to be.

I reach down with my hand and slowly spread her thighs apart. I move myself around on the bead so that my head is between her thighs, thus able to get the most out of what I am about to give her.

I slowly start to kiss around her mound, moving to the inside of her thighs but not quite touching her pussy. She arches upwards as I get close to her pussy, only to fall away when I move back to her thigh. I know she wants me to kiss here there but I am not quite ready yet. I want her anticipation to last as long as it can, and continue to kiss around her pussy savoring the smells and tastes of her body.

Once I am satisfied that she is truly ready I move to the top of her pussy with my tongue, dragging it upward over her slit, not inserting it but just over the outside of her lips. I hear her moan deeper and then I hear a sharp gasp escape her lips as I move past the bottom of her pussy lips to her ass hole.

I use both of my hands to lift up her legs so that I can get to all of her. I lick around her tiny hole and then move back up to the top of her pussy lips and start over again, each time going in a bit farther with my tongue but without going all the way in. Each time I get to her tiny ass hole I let my tongue linger, putting up a little pressure but not going in as I want her to enjoy the feelings that I am giving to her.

Finally on an upward stroke I let my tongue slide all the way past her lips, falling inside her pussy, moving all the way up to her clit. It is like hitting an open electrical outlet for her and her body arches upward as I hit her sensitive spot.

Her breathing is picking up pace and she is getting more excited as I start to go up and down her pussy, faster, deeper. At one point I push my tongue into her ass and I hear an “Ooooohhhhh!” from her as she arches up further and tries to push onto my tongue not wanting it to leave.

I let her legs come down as I drag my tongue back up to the top of her pussy. I lap at her pussy on the way up, sucking her juices from her as I go. I find her clit with my tongue and start to softly flick over it, each time sending a jolt thru her. I pick up the pace now, feeling her hips starting to sway in an up and down motion knowing that she is close.

I take my fingers and insert them into her pussy, curling them upwards and stroking the upper part of her pussy as I continue to tongue her clit. She is so close. I clamp my mouth down on her pussy, sucking and licking her clit as I finger her pussy, matching each stroke with my sucking motion.

Her hips are bucking wildly now, her moans are getting louder and then she arches her back, slams her legs around my head and screams out “Aaaaahhhhhhh!” as her body is wracked with an earth-shattering orgasm. I continue to try and lick at her knowing that she cannot take much more, and then slowly yield to her sensitivity and remove my head from her pussy, crawling my way back up to her head as she slowly subsides from her orgasm.

At this point I am rock hard again and want nothing more than to fuck my wife so that we can both continue to enjoy the passion that we have for each other.

I roll over onto her, placing my legs between hers, resting my body on top of hers. I lean down and kiss her deeply again enjoying our moment. I look into her eyes as I place my cock at the edge of her pussy and start to enter her. She rolls her head back as I push my cock into her sliding it all the way in and then just letting it rest there.

She reaches her hand behind my head, pulling me towards her and whispers into my ear, “Take me now, lover.” 

I want nothing more and with that I start to roll my hips back and forth moving my cock in and out of her pussy in a slow easy motion. As I am doing this she reaches her hand between us, finding one of my nipples and with a quick motion squeezes and pinches it, sending sharp sensations of pain and pleasure through me.

I lift my chest off of hers with my arms so I am able to arch my hips and enter further into her, while picking up my pace and hitting all the way to the back of her pussy. 

She leans up and takes my nipple in her mouth, clamping down with her teeth. I arch in pain as I drive my cock in as deep as it can go. I can feel my cock getting harder as I am close to my orgasm.

My wife can feel it also; she reaches around my back with her hands and digs her nails into me, pulling me closer to her, all the while biting down on my nipple.

At this point I can't control myself anymore and I let my orgasm explode from the tip of my cock, filling up my wife’s pussy. I buck and buck with each release until I am dry heaving into her as my orgasm slowly subsides. I crash down onto her chest, gasping for breath as she holds onto me, stroking my back as I finally relax in her arms.

I lean down and kiss her again, deeply and longingly. I roll off to the side, leaving my arm draped over her as we hold each other for what seems forever. She then leans over, kisses me lightly on the lips and says, “I love you, honey.”

“I love you too, dear,” I reply. And then I roll up next to her, relaxed, content, and close my eyes and get some sleep.

What a great day it has been.

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