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My Hot Wife

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She wasn’t getting ready for bed. She was getting ready to fuck.

One night I went to bed before my wife which almost never happens. I was lying in bed reading when my wife walked into the room and gave me a naughty little grin, gave her butt a little shake and then went into the bathroom to get ready. She was in there for a long time which I thought nothing of, because her bedtime routine  consists of about one hundred systematically developed steps, but on this night she wasn’t getting ready for bed. She was getting ready to fuck.  

She stepped out of the bedroom in one of the sexiest outfits I have ever seen. A black bra with a slight patterned trim, crotchless panties, stockings complete with garter and a sexy pair of black pumps that made her ass look fantastic (not that it doesn't normally).  She even put on makeup, not the way she normally does, tonight she had on dark eyeliner, and red lipstick which made me want to plant a big wet kiss on her luscious lips.

I went to get up but she told me to stay where I was in a dominating tone. I was so hot it took all my energy to stay still. She slowly waked over to the opposite side of the bed in which I was laying. She leaned over towards me and began kissing my neck softly. I reached up to caress her neck but she slapped my hand down and whispered in my ear in her sluttiest voice, “you can look but do not touch.” Then she reached down and grabbed my cock hard, squeezed it and said, “I am going to get this dick harder than it has ever been before,” and gave me another little lustful smile.

 She got on her knees on the bed and began to slowly run her hands up and down her body. She squeezed her beautiful tits together and slowly slid them down to her ass. She teased me by swinging her hair around so it would gently graze my skin and give me goose bumps. I went to get up to touch her hot body myself but she just shoved me back down. “I told you, don’t fucking move!” she said in her strictest voice. Then she grabbed my thighs squeezed them and slowly ran her hands down my leg, making me even harder.

Then she went into her night stand and grabbed something. I didn’t know what she was looking for so the anticipation got me even hotter. She pulled out a dildo and a bottle of lube. Sex toys are not anything new in for our sex life, but she is never the one that suggests using them, so my dick got even harder. It felt like it was going to burst through my underwear. She began lubing up the dildo. She stroked it slowly, and I wished it was my cock she was handeling. My wife gives the best handjobs and watching her give one to this toy made want one even more than I usually do. I wondered what it would be like if I was watching her touch the real thing. Then she turned on the vibration and began rubbing the plastic cock on her boobs and my attention was brought right back to her.  “I bet you wish this was your cock,” she said to me giving me a devilish look.’

She climbed back onto the foot of the bed and slid the dildo down to her pussy and slowly inserted it inside of herself. She let out a moan and I thought I was going to cum right there just from watching her. She has such a small tight little pussy that she really had to move slowly at first to get the big fat vibrating dick all the way inside. She began fucking herself faster and harder. I could see her nipples getting hard, which always happens right before she cums. She shoved it in as far as she could, held it there squeezed her boob with her free hand and then all of the sudden let out a earth shattering orgasm. I have never seen her cum that hard before.  Her body bucked and she screamed so loud I thought the whole neighborhood could hear.  

She slid the dildo out dropped it on the bed, still vibrating, and looked up at the ceiling for a few seconds or so and then slowly turned and looked at me. “Did you like that little show baby?” she asked, not innocently. I was so amazed and turned on I could only nod.  She giggled and then crawled up towards me. She took her bra off now and her big tits fell out. She knelt at my feet and then grabbed the top of my underwear and pulled them off. “There's my hard dick,” she said before she placed her tits around my throbbing member. She shook them back and forth, her soft breasts felt like fluffy pillows smothering my rod. She continued to tease me with her boobs. It was torture…a good kind of torture. Finally, she took me in her hand.

 My senses exploded as she started to stroke my cock. I could feel my orgasm begging already. I tried to hold it back but it was too late, there was no stopping it, so I just let it overtake me and I shot my load all over her pretty little hands. It was one of those full body experiences and I forgot where I was for a second. She giggled at me and I felt a little embraced for not being able to hold back. She wiped my cum off her hands in the bathroom and came back out staring at me.  

“I’m not done with you yet,” she said and gave me a big wet passionate kiss. She shoved her tongue deep in my mouth I thought she was going to choke me with it. I reached up and grabbed her tits and played with them, I love my wife’s tits they are just about perfect and I love to show them off when I can. She let me play with them for a few seconds but again stopped me. “I am in charge here,” she told me again in her stern voice.  

She pulled my whole body and my head came off the pillow. “Stay there,” she ordered and then straddled my face. She lowered her sweet pussy onto my mouth and told me to get to work. I could look up and see her squeezing her nipples, while I tongued her clit.  She ground her pussy on my face while she screamed dirty talk at me. She came again. Right on my face. I love when she does that, and I could begin to feel my cock come back to life.  

She started playing with my balls licking them, patiently getting me hard again. Within a few minutes I was standing at attention and she rolled onto her back and threw her legs in the air (pumps still on). “Fuck me now,” she demanded, and I was nothing but eager to oblige. My dick slid right into her wet pussy, stretched out from the large dildo from earlier. I fucked her as hard as I could, she grabbed the heels of her pumps so I could get as deep ass possible in her warm wet pussy. She came again, but I kept fucking her hard all the way through her orgasm. She screamed praises about my cock and told me she could feel my balls smacking her ass with every thrust. She reached down and grabbed them as I fucked her. She squeezed them, which put me over the top, and she could tell I was about to cum again. “I want you to cum inside me,” she gasped and then stared straight into my eyes as the wave of orgasm burst through my body. I shot every drop of my man milk into her. I laid on top of her, kissing her neck as we both tried to catch our breath. I rolled off and out of her and we held each other for a few minutes.

She crawled out of bed and went back into the bathroom and when she came out, she was back to her normal self.

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