My insatiable Asian secretary

By CaptainPants

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Office encounter ends up with a messy blowjob

Most of the daytime, I spent driving around the town for
work and sometimes, I had to return to office late in the
evening to catch up some paper work. I had rung in earlier
to Madeline, my part time secretary (Mabel was on leave),
to leave some of the files I might need on my desk before she
went off. About 8pm, I returned to my office, it was empty,
I had checked. I made myself a coffee, and prepared a long
night ahead. At around 10 pm, I was pissed when I realized
that one of the important files was not to be found when I
heard that the office main door was opened. Some sales chap
coming back for a last minute prep, I supposed. I did not
bother to see who was that and just carried on with my search
in my own private office. "Hi, " a familiar
sweet voice startled me … "oops! Sorry to scare you
… but I thought you might need a hand with all the paper works
before the Christmas." My perky 22 yo secretary,
Madeline, was wearing a flowery green T and a tight denim
skirt that showed off her young, beautiful long legs.

"Ya, you got me there alright … I do need some help here … but I am
not paying you the OT …" I teased, always feel good
to see Madeline … she is so … hhmmmmnn … so … sunshine … young,
lively and energetic … not exactly the glamorous type of
look but she does have her own charm to attract me … and her
sweet voice … always a Christmas chime to my ears among the
usual office noises …

sometimes I wondered if she is the reason that makes me feel
like coming into the office during the day. "Well,
I think I have forgotten the SoSo Accounts file and I thought
I better come back to get it for you before you JUMP on me tomorrow
…" she smiled, I was sure there was something else
she tried to tell me in that statement. Then she swayed out
of my sight liked a butterfly and I realized that I was drooling
over the tight young ass clad in the tight denim skirt. Joey
was rising … in a while, she was back with the file I needed.
"Is this the fax and order you are looking for earlier?"
she came over and flipped opened the binder … she leaned
over my desk, her left leg bending at the knee and slowly
raising into the air … her T was stuck between her hot young
body, tummy to be specific, and my old desk … the T stretched
as she leaned further over, hugging tightly to her firm
breasts … over the pile of binders and papers on my desk,
I could easily make up the shape of her lovely breasts, tightly
clad in a sports bra, I guessed. I sat down on my comfy working
chair … trying to peep down her blouse through her collar … the
T was stretched so tight that the collar was tight around
her base of the neck … nothing to see … but the jutting shape
of her lovely breasts emphasized by the stretched flowery
green T was enough to arouse Joey … good thing that I was sitting
down. Then she flung her smooth long hair … the momentarily
let go of her tummy on the desk edge allowed the T to be slightly
loose fit … and when she bent down again … mambo jumbo !!!

I could see the top of her fair breasts tightly squeezed
into a white sports bra …

I swallowed … and I knew both of us heard that … I looked up
and our eyes met … "Need anything else … Joe?"
her sweet voice became more seductive. "I don't
think you just came back to pass me the file, right … Madeline?"
She smiled … then she closed her eyes seductively, leaned
closer into my face and kissed me on the cheek …
lightly patting and slowly moving towards my lips … we kissed
… and the kiss soon evolved into a passionate blend of saliva
of two persons in heat … I slid my hand behind her head … feeling
her long black hair … our tongues explored the far reaches
of our throats and the corners in our cavities. At least
ten minutes had passed, she leaned back, licking her lips
… and sat down on the chair across my desk … she lifted her
two legs up and rested their ankles on my desk … widely spread
apart … I could not help myself but to gaze at the
junctions of her long sexy legs … oh hell … she came prepared!
I could see all the way up her bare thighs to her naked crotch
… she wore absolutely nothing under that damn tight denim
skirt … her pubic hair was nicely trimmed into a narrow patch
… must be for wearing those high cut bikini swimwear … her
cunt lips … pink and full … succulent and swollen … sticking
up among the seemingly smooth bush of her turf … my eyes spitted
fire and my throat went dry … more to come … she lifted her
ass slightly and hiked higher her skirt … she had her left
hand swept down along her opening … combing her pubic hair
… stroking it … her fingers brushing through her cunt lips
… up there, she had her middle finger of the right hand between
her full lips … sucking and wetting it … all the time, her
eyes were on me … watching with flares my every expression
… I was totally numbed by this gal … sweet 22yo … I always thought
that was innocent … how terribly wrong I was !!!!!

And now I was about to PAY the price for my MISUNDERSTANDING
… slowly … slowly … but unstoppably … she lowered her wet
glistering middle finger to her sex hole … “Tell me, Joe
…” her sweet voice was a total hypnotism to my ears … if she
asked for a raise now, I would pass her the blank check … “tell
me … how did you fuck June …” I was
momentarily taken back by her question … “what … what do
you … “ I squeezed some words out but my heart was racing with
her middle finger reaching her sex spot – come on … just a
bit more – “don’t pretend … June is my housemate and she said
that you are gooooood …” her middle finger finally reached
the destination and she slide it in with the word “gooooood”…
her face twitched a little and a small droplet of sweat formed
on the tip of her nose … the finger slide in all the way to the
knuckle … “hhhmmmmnnnnn …” I was at a lost of words … “QUICK!!!

Tell me how you fucked that horny bitch … “ she demanded as
she slide her finger out … I began to tell … of how June masturbated
in nude next to me when we shared the same bed … how I found
out and sucked on her 34” tits till she orgasmed … Madeline
had spread her cunt lips with one hand and busily rubbing
her exposed clit with the other … her finger slide into her
opening on and off when my detail got juicer … I carried on
with June while stroking my hard cock through my pants …
at the part of me licking and lapping on June’s breasts,
Madeline grouped her hands on her breasts and started to
squeeze them with all her might … she pulled her T off, over
her hear and exposed her white sports bra … her nipples pressed
so hard against the material and jutted out … her hair fell
back down onto her face and breasts … all messed up, yet sexy.
She ran her hands through her hair, swiping them back behind
her head … then she then unclasped her bra, releasing its
angry restless pair of prisoners … letting me see her bouncy
breasts … and their tight jutting nipples. “Still …” Madeline
was gasping … her finger had returned to fuck herself while
her other hand pinched the breast and nipple … “how you FUCK
her …” Seeing the show that she had put up, Joey was pissed
with no attention given to him … I rolled my high back chair around the desk …

she swivelled around on her chair till she sat facing me …she still had
one leg on my desk and the planted the other one on the floor
… “I did not fuck her just yet …” I tried to gain control of
the situation … I stroked my dick and her gaze dropped to
my obvious bulge in my groin … “she sucked me off … a real pro
…” I teased Madeline with a look to challenge her that June
is a better cock sucker than she is … “hhhhmmmmnnnnn …” she
sighed … her leg came up to my crotch and started stroking
my hardon … liked testing his firmness … her eyes flared
the similar passion I had seen in June’s eyes … “SUCK ME!
commended. ^There was an explosion in Madeline’s eyes …
she dropped to her knees … right in front of my crotch … and
her hands were immediately running up between my legs,
feeling my hard cock … she unzipped my fly, freeing my bulging
menace … she licked her lips and showered her warm kisses
on my cock through my underwear … she licked and lapped till
my underwear was soaked with her saliva. “Enough … now suck
me !!!” I lifted my ass for her to pull off my pants and underwear
together … she did that … and she looked up passionately
at me as she wrapped her wet lips around my cock … sliding
her head down taking more of me into her sweet warm mouth
… that produces so much sweet voice through my handphone
whenever I called back to the office …

I could not believe that I was being blown by Madeline … the young Asian
babe in the office – I wondered if she had sucked off her own boss
that old slimy fox – yet her talented tongue convinced me
that I was not dreaming … it gave me all kinds of sensations
… she pulled back, leaving my saliva covered cock hanging
there, jerking furiously for more … she looked up and smiled
… I pushed on her head and she began licking … not missing
a cm of him … I watched as her tongue hungrily lapped up and
down the shaft … “yeeessssss … that’s right … June was lapping
like this as well …” I urged her on with detailed description
of how June had licked and lapped my cock … “more saliva …
June got more faster tongue action …” and Madeline lapped
my cock in frenzy … she seemed to be competing with the June
in my description … “she would have sucked my balls by now
…” then she put her hand, with long painted fingernails,
under my balls and tickled them … before sucking one after
the other into her mouth … her hand pressed my cock flat on
my stomach as she sucked hard on each ball … “yyyeeessssss
… now suck my cock … really suck on him …” Madeline obeyed
and wrapped her lips around my cock head … sucking him tight
between her lips, she swirled her tongue fast and wet on
my pee-hole … sending jolts up my spine … I held tight onto
her head … eager to fuck her mouth … but she steadied herself
and remained sucking and tonguing my cock crown … without
warning, she slipped her lips down over my thickness till
her nose hit my cock base and was buried in my cock hair … deepthroat
… I arched … my ass left the seat as her mouthy suction took
me deeper into her … FUCKING FUCK-TASTIC!!!!!!

Before I could react, her head moved back up the shaft and she resumed
sucking and lapping on my cock crown … and she plunged
again … again up … suck and la p … again down … again up … suck
and lap … again down … I was liked riding on a roller coaster
… I had to … I just had to … I stood up from the chair … Madeline
remained kneeling before me with my meaty hard rod fully
in her mouth … I adjusted her to the correct height … with
both hands behind her head, I rammed my cock in and out of
her mouth … sensing that I was about to come, she grouped
her hands behind my ass and pulled me deeper … I was practically
banging my groin in her face … I looked down and saw the cock
blurring his in out in out motion between Madeline’s sweet
lips … I rammed harder … and faster … “Oh....Mad … I’m coming…”

I rammed my entire length deep in to her mouth and shot my load …
she dug her finger into my asshole as I shot my first load straight down her
throat … I looked down and caught her gaze on mine … and I spilled
another load … she sucked hard when I shot my load … the feeling
was amazing when the gal sucked as you shot your jism in her
mouth … and another … she sucked again – her timing was so
fucking zen!!! – and another … and she sucked on … Madeline
simply gulped down every load I could offer … I held on to
her head for support from such powerful orgasm … she continued
sucking on my spent cock … lapping her cum-coated tongue
around my thickness … after a long while, she released my
cock and “did June get you off like this …” she teased … I was too shock to
answer … “now, I will suck you back to life … and I want you
to fuck me here good and hard while telling me how you fucked
that horny bitch …” and Madeline went back to sucking my
cock … hearing her request, I could feel my cock rising again...