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My introduction to swinging parties

Friends show me how to swing

I had been a widower for two years and very much missed the sex my wife and I had had. I didn`t want to try to get a "girl friend" which other men had done. Instead, I masturbated pretty regularly. Always standing up and in the nude in my lounge with newspapers on the floor to catch my cum when I ejaculated. I had been jerking off and had a good erection when the doorbell rang.

I put on my dressing gown and opened the front door. My next door neighbour, Margaret, was there. She had come to invite me to have drinks that evening with her and her husband, George. We occasionally exchange visits for social evenings. I accepted the invitation but before she returned to their bungalow she said that there was a bulge showing in my dressing gown.

"What`s that? It looks as if you have an erection. Have you?"

"I`m sorry to say I have".

"Why be sorry? You were probably masturbating. Were you?"

"Yes, I was".

"You don`t alway need to do that if you do what George and I sometimes do. We go to swinging parties where we get plenty of sex. I expect you know that men have sex with another man`s wife and the women have sex with another woman`s husband. Wife swapping it`s called. Would you like to come with Geoge and me to the next party?"

"Yes. I`d like to try it. I haven`t ever been to such parties".

"Well. Now you can finish off what you were doing, but as you`ve said you want to go to a sex party where everyone is naked I`ll see you naked there. I`ll see you having sex with naked women and even ejaculating. Can I see you finishing yourself off?"

"Why not? That would be someting new for me. Come into my lounge and watch me".

In my lounge I took off my dressing gown and stood, naked. in front of her. I liked her seeing me naked and my erect penis She stood there as I took hold of my erection. I stroked it until my cum shot out on to the newspapers on the floor. I was pleased that she saw it happening.

"Goodness. How far your cum shot out! And how big your erection is. At the party ypu can have sex with any woman. I`d love to have that big cock in me" she said.

That evening I went round to their place and over drinks George said that Margaret had told him that I wanted to try a sex party. He added that she had said that she had watched me mastubating and liked the size of my cock and wanted to have sex with me. She`d been fucked by others as he had fucked other men`s wives. She told him she had never been done by any man who had a cock as big as yours. There would be a party next week and I could do his wife there if I liked.

"I lked seeing you masturbating but having sex with you will be very much better" Margaret said to me.

While waiting to go to the swinging party I masturbated twice a day. I was looking forward to having sex. I hoped it would be with Margaret. She was a good looking woman. She had a good figure as far as I could see, though she was fully dressed, of course
George and Margaret took me to the party. It was in a large house and it took about fifteen minutes in their car to get there. On arrival I was introduced to a lady who arranged the party and was surprised to be asked for £25. George explained it was to cover the cost of drinks and snacks and the laundering of waterproof sheets which are put on the mattresses on the floor. On entering I saw about six couples, presumably men and their wives and a woman, apparently unaccompanied and all were completely nude.

George Margaret and I stripped off. Now I saw what a good figure she had. Her pussy was shaven and I could see the lips of her cunt and what firm breasts she had. My cock began to grow. I hoped I would put it into her during the evening.

Drinks and snacks were handed out. George said I could have Margaret first if I liked. I replied that I wanted to fuck her. She said she wanted me to do her first before I went to another woman.

She led me to one of the mattresses on the floor and we laid side by side on to it. She held my slightly swollen cock and stroked it to full hard-on. She was careful not to make me cum. I slipped several fingers inti her cunt and caressed her clit until it was hard.

"Make me cum" she said.

I did. She released my erection and I took my fingers out of her. She opened her legs and said she wanted me to give her a good fuck. I entered her to find she was wet in there from the orgasm she had just had. I pushed in and out, in and out, until that wonderful sensation came over me and my cum shot deeply into her.

"Oh! I`m cumming! I`m cumming! Dont stop! It`s lovely!" she cried.

I didn`t stop although I had already ejaculated. I fucked and fucked her until she`d had several orgasms. While I was doing Margaret I saw that George was standing nearby watching me fucking his wife. He was stroking his erect cock as he watched and ejaculated on to one of the waterproof sheets on a mattress.

I withdrew from Margaret. She said it was the best sex she`d ever had because of the sixe of my cock. George said he could see how she had enjoyed her sex with me and was pleased about it. While we were talking I saw fucking going on all around us.

There was an interval for another drink while we all recvered somewhat. After a while the organising lady came in and said it was getting late and we should restart proceedings, which we were all keen to do. I found the girl who had previously seemed to be unattached and I managed, despite having cum into Margaret 30 minutes before, to give her a good fucking and I had a good ejaculation again though perhaps not as much as I had with Margaret. Like Margaret, the girl said it was a wonderful fuck, much better than the one she`d had with another man. I had, in one evening , fucked two women which I thought was quite an achievement, for me, anyway.

George and Margaret returned me home and during the trip we all agreed it was a good party and we must go to another. 
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