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My Little Secret

Alli has a naughty little secret...
Ok, so I have a little secret, it's no big deal, it is just I have a huge crush on my best friends dad. Okay well maybe it's a little of a big deal, but I guess every girl has a weird crush right?

I stare at myself in the mirror. I tie my long dark hair up in a messy bun and put my tight black jeans on and a checked shirt. My ass looks huge as I wiggle it in the mirror and laugh at myself. I finish applying my make up when the doorbell rings.

I open the door, it's Anna

"Hey Anna"

"Hey babe" she squeals and hugs me.

Over her shoulder I can see him, he gives a friendly wave and inside I melt.

"You look gorgeous, you know we're only going to see a movie?" She giggles.

"Yup! I can't wait. How come you're not going with just your dad? I thought you guys wanted to spend some father-daughter time together?"

She rolls her eyes, "Well yeah but he's kinda boring, and anyways he suggested that I take you."

"Oh, that's nice of him" I blush, feeling a little excited inside. 

I turn to slip my red heels on, shout goodbye to my parents and head out the door.

"Ready to go?"


As I walk to the car my stomach tingles, I wonder why I am so nervous.

I sit in the back seat, I twirl the sides of my hair left out from the bun. Anna has the music loud and is busy typing away to someone on her new phone. I glance over at the mirror. He really is gorgeous, his short messy hair and his golden brown eyes. His irresistible jawline and broad shoulders. The light stubble on his face makes me want to kiss him so bad. We make eye contact and I immediately turn my head to face the window.


She's beautiful, the way she twirls her hair around her finger. I've watched her grow from a playful little child to a sexy young woman. If she wasn't my daughters best friend, oh the things I'd do to her. I can feel my cock growing.. don't think about her, don't think about her I tell myself.

After a long painful journey, we eventually arrive. I pay for the tickets at the desk after Anna pleads for the premiere seats.


"Daddy can we get sweets?" Anna says in a sweet little voice.

"Sure, I'll go queue for them. You and Alli go make your way into the theatre and I'll meet you there."

"Thanks Daddy! Remember I want popcorn and Alli likes lollipops! Get drinks too".

He smiles and walks up to buy our food. I stare after him. Then suddenly Anna grabs my arm, excited and squealing and pulls me into the theatre.

Anna runs to the back row and we sit in our premiere seats waiting for the movie to start.

"Why are you so quiet?"

My throat feels dry, I cant think of an excuse.

"Umm....I just ...uhh I feel kinda bad that your ..uhh dad is buying us a lot?"

She gives me a concerned look.

"Don't worry it's nothing. Daddy's got a lot of money! A few premiere tickets and sweets are not gonna matter." she smiles and returns to her phone.

He makes his way up to the row were sitting in and I find myself staring at his crotch. Am I just imagining what I see or is there a bulge in his shorts?

He sits next to me and the lights begin to dim.

"Anna turn your phone off" Jack says in a firm tone.

"Daddy, hold on I just-"


Anna rolls her eyes then immediately turns her phone off. I smile back at her and then face the screen again.

My breathing begins to quicken. I squirm uncomfortably. I am intoxicated by his scent, his freshly showered and his aftershave body make him so unbearable. I suck hard on my lolly - forget him, focus on the movie. But I can't. I want him.


I face forward, she sucks hard on her lolly. I think I'm going to explode. Luckily she can't see the bulge in my shorts. It's dark, but all I can think of is her and the way she swirls her tongue around the top of the lolly, me, wishing it was my cock.


The bulge in his shorts, I can't stop staring, it's big. I want to touch it. I'm so turned on. I can feel the wetness in my panties.

I have an idea.

I reach over and nudge the drink sitting in the cup holder hard. It falls and the juice spills all over Jack.

"Im SO sorry!" I whisper loudly to him.

"Ssshhhhh Alli" Anna moans.

Jack sits back and exhales loudly.

"Im really sorry, I'll clean it up." I put the lollipop down and dig into my bag quickly and pull out a tissue. Inside I am buzzing.

Jack moves uneasily. I steady him and place the tissue on his thigh, then begin to rub it back and forth.

"I can do this." his sexy voice is low and calm.

"No im sorry, it was my fault. Allow me."

I move my hand further up his leg until I reach the top of his thigh. I take a deep breath and move to his crotch.


My boxers are tight, my cock is screaming for attention. It wants to be released, to be sucked, I want her to touch me, to feel how hard I am. It's wrong, I should stop her. But I can't, it feels good and anyway Anna is too busy watching the film to be paying attention to whats going on.


He jumps slightly as I spread my fingers along his bulge. Fuck, he's big and he's so fucking hard. His breathing rate increases as I rub the tissue around to absorb the spilled juice and at the same time I can feel my panties being soaked by my own juices.


She rubs me, I know she can feel me, she likes it, 'cleaning up the mess'.

"Guys move. I need to go to the bathroom." Anna squeezes past quickly. She clearly doesn't want to miss the movie. I couldn't care less about the movie.

Her fingers dance around my crotch, I take the wet tissue from her hand and throw it on the ground. I place her hand on my bulge again and place my hand on top of hers.


Yes, she's gone, I feel so brave. Anna is out of sight now as she heads to the bathroom. I love feeling him, it turns me on so much. He has his hands on top of mine, he's showing me how he likes it and guiding my hand in a fast motion around his erection.

I want to drive him crazy.... I pull my hand away from his and slip it into my tight jeans. He raises an eyebrow in surprise. I giggle as I slip my fingers into my panties, I feel so dirty, a bad girl, but I love it.

I insert my fingers into my soaking wet pussy. He watches my like a hawk, he can't see what I'm doing in the darkness but he knows. I pull my fingers out slightly then plunge them back in again. I pick up a pace and soon I'm fingering myself hard. I contain myself and try not to moan. My teeth bite into my lip to contain my noise.

Shit shes back.. Anna makes her way into the theatre. I pull my fingers out my pussy and out of my jeans....

I lean over to Jack, steady my breathing and whisper in his ear.

"This is how much you turn me on" and insert my wet fingers into his mouth, then wipe my fingers over his lips.


Holy fuck, she's good. I lick my lips, savouring the sweet taste of her young pussy. I need to get out quick or im gonna cum in my shorts.


She begins to make her way up the stairs. I pop my finger into my mouth and suck. I can taste me, the excitement of it all. He is watching me closely still, then slowly I pull my fingers out and give him a cheeky smile.

Anna makes her way into the row as she squeezes past us.

"Hey Daddy, can my friends sleepover tonight? And maybe have a BBQ? She innocently enquires. 

He stares still in shock,

"....How many?"

"Only about 50 people, coolio?

"Uhh sure whatever, you won't be disturbing me right?"

"No Daddy, I'll tell them 3rd floor is off limits! Thanks, love you." she whispers.

"Yesss Alli!!! Party at mine!!" and turns her attention back to the movie.

I turn to face Jack and whisper in his ear, "I can't wait 'till tonight." 

He leans over me, "Hey Anna, Daddy has a business call to make." As he makes his way out of the theatre. "Meet me in the car after the movie."

I know that he doesn't need to make any 'business call'. He just needs to release his desperate load, I wish I could join him and watch him cum, but she'd get suspicious..I stay put in my seat and resist the idea. I smile to myself....I sit back and enjoy the movie... I've driven him crazy. I'm dying with excitement inside, he hasn't seen nothing yet. It's only just the beginning....tonight, Daddy is gonna see me turn into a naughty little girl....

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