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My little secret

A true story of a naughty Catholic University girl
I am taking a quick break to regroup after the Unexpected Lover series . . . I decided to include another one of my experiences that took place a little later in life. Again, this is a true story with the names changed to protect the identities of those involved. It’s going to take a minute to get to the sex . . . but some back story is necessary to get an idea of what was going on.

If someone told me a simple game of “I’ve Never” with my friends and a pitcher or four of margaritas would end up like this; I might have reconsidered coming over tonight. Don’t get me wrong. I love my friends, but sometimes when I’ve been drinking and get giggly I tend to over share. Tonight though, it didn’t seem that anyone was minding my story too much; in fact Laurie and Gail seemed to get a little turned on by it. That though, is another story for another day.

The premise of the game was easy enough. One by one we went around the room saying something sexual we had never done. Anyone who had done that thing had to take a shot. Then you had to tell the story, from beginning to end, answering all the questions asked along the way. Things started innocently enough with the silly things that no one has done.

“Ok Ok Ok I’ve got one,” Laurie said. “I’ve never done it with an alien.”

We all threw pretzels and chips at her “C’mon, no one has! That’s not cool, you’re cheating,” we all told her.

“Ok then, I’ve got nothing...You go, Gail,” Laurie said.

“Ok,” Gail said, leaning back on the couch, “I’ve never had sex with a teacher.”

Instinctually, probably because of the buzz I already had going, I picked up my shot glass and downed the tequila. I hadn’t intended on sharing that fact yet, especially since it had only happened the night before and no one knew Mark and I were even hinting at sex, or even friendship outside of the school year.

Mark and I had met a little less than two years previously when I walked into the choir room on my first day as a college student. I was still reeling from the fallout with Kevin about a month prior, and wasn’t exactly looking for anyone or anything. When I walked in the room, my eyes locked on Mark’s steel grey eyes and the wall around my heart started melting without me even realizing it. He was one of the most attractive men I had ever seen in my life. He was only a little taller than I was, maybe 5’5” or 5’6” with short dirty blonde hair, a firm ass, broad shoulders, and one of those smiles that could brighten any room.

I looked up to realize all the ladies were looking at me; no one else had taken a shot. Shit! I was the only one. I was going to have to tell them.

“Oops,” I said trying to spit the tequila back into the shot glass, “I wasn’t listening, I thought you said never had sex under the bleachers.” I said trying to pawn it off on story they all already knew.

“Um, no. I’m not falling for that,” Gail said. “You knew what I said. Spill it!”

“There isn’t anything to spill,” I said. “I’ve never done it with a teacher before either. I said, trying to distract them with the semantics.

It was Amie’s turn and she looked me right in the eye and said, “I’ve never had sex with a professor.”

Shit! I was caught! They all knew . . . how could they know? I didn’t even tell anyone when he kissed me after the choir concert in December.

I must have turned bright white as the blood drained from my face. I had no way to talk my way out of this. I stammered, “Ummm, ahhhhhh.” I cleared my throat and looked at the ceiling.

“We’ll count the shot you already took. Go ahead and spill the beans,” Laurie said.

“I told you before, there was nothing to spill,” I said, protesting. I was scared to find out what would happen if I admitted it. I wasn’t even sure what was going to happen when classes started back up in September. Would I even see Mark before then? “Ok. Fine! I give in . . . so what happened was . . .” I started telling them the story, and watched as their faces dropped with what I’d been hiding from everyone.


Things started innocently enough, skipping my class after choir to have lunch with Mark and Angela, one of the other girls from choir. We had done that twice a week for the last nine months, all the way through both fall and winter semesters. As each week passed, I was having a harder and harder time getting Mark out of my mind. I started fantasizing about him following me back to my dorm room after rehearsal and ravaging me.

As much as I wanted that though, I couldn’t let it happen. I was engaged, and was supposed to be getting married in June of the next year. Also, if anyone found out not only would I be kicked out of school, but Mark would lose both his job at the university and his day job because he worked for the husband of our faculty advisor, Ginny. As I look back now, there was some blatant flirting going on between Mark and I that I must have been ignoring as it happened. Telling the story, all of the comments and innuendos became crystal clear.

One afternoon in December, when Angela was sick, just Mark and I went to lunch and he confided in me that he was in love...with Angela. He had bought a ring and planned to propose to her on Christmas Eve when they were getting together for coffee after she opened presents with her family. I was crushed, but kept it hidden. I was happy for him, I mean I wanted him to be happy, but I really wanted him to be happy with me.

He was telling me this because he knew that because Angela was a student too he could lose his job, but maybe not because she wasn’t taking the choir class for credit. He wanted me to be aware of the reasons in case he wasn’t back next semester. Because it was the last day before finals week I knew I wouldn’t see Mark again until after he proposed.

I was busy moving back home and out of the dorms in preparation for the whirlwind months leading up to my wedding. I didn’t have time to think about Mark or school or anything really, in the two weeks before Christmas, my engagement fell apart. On Christmas night my fiancé walked out of my house with all of his presents and leftovers in my mother’s precious Tupperware, never to return. I was in pretty bad shape, but keeping a brave face to keep functioning at work at home. Around 11am the day after Christmas, my phone rang, it was Mark. He had never called me at home; ever...he said he didn’t want to have to talk to my parents if one of them answered when I wasn’t home.

The conversation was not what I expected. He met Angela on Christmas Eve where she introduced him to James, her fiancé. It seems James and Mark had the same idea, but James was faster. He confessed he only went after Angela because I was getting married and he couldn’t have me. He told me he loved me and he couldn’t stand to see me with anyone else. I broke down crying and told him all about the night before and how I was no longer engaged. He comforted me and said we would talk more when the semester started in two weeks. He also said he had a surprise for me that I couldn’t tell anyone about, especially the people at school. Heartbroken but intrigued, I blindly wandered through work the next two weeks waiting for the semester to start and the first choir practice on Tuesday afternoon.

Walking into the practice room, I felt my nipples grow hard under my sweatshirt. I hoped it wasn’t as noticeable as it felt. I had no idea what was going to happen; I was still receiving credit for participation in the choir, so technically the threat of job loss was still a serious possibility. Every time I caught Mark’s eyes during rehearsal I felt my panties grow moist, but I didn’t know if it was because I knew something was going to happen or I just wanted something to happen. As rehearsal ended, everyone was mobbing Angela to get a look at her ring, I caught Mark’s eyes and he rolled them and stuck his tongue out at me. I couldn’t help but laugh.

Mark made up some excuse to get me back to his office with him where he presented me with my surprise. In order to spend as much time with me as possible, he made me his assistant, added me to the vocal jazz ensemble without requiring an audition, and decided I would have private voice lessons once a week with him. That way we would have ten hours a week in which we could be alone together between “working” and my lessons.

During those lessons, the workout my voice was getting had nothing to do with singing. Most of the afternoons were spent with my hard nipples in Mark’s mouth while the tip of his middle finger brushed against my g-spot and his thumb teased my clit. I don’t know how someone didn’t know something was going on in there. I did my best to stay quiet, but more than once I know my moans had to have escaped the security of that little office.

For the next four months of the semester, two days a week we ended up in the office together, making out, groping each other, and driving each other crazy. As things got more serious and we were starting to get together off campus, and for non “choir-related” things, I was angry that I had to keep lying and hiding things. More than once in that four months I demanded we stop hiding, I wanted him to choose me over everything else. I wanted to be worth the risk. No matter how hard I tried, I was never given the answer I wanted.

On the day of graduation, I gave Mark an ultimatum. I was no longer taking choir for credit, and I wouldn’t be anymore, I had fulfilled my fine arts requirement. I wanted us to go public, damn the consequences. I was tired of living in the shadows. Mark told me it couldn’t happen, at least not yet. I had two more years till I graduated and he couldn’t promise me to be public until then. I was livid and stomped away in a huff. It would be two weeks until we spoke again.

The night Mark called; I was at a friend’s house for a Memorial Day BBQ. I had been drinking and complaining about Mark to my friend. My phone rang and when I looked down and saw Mark’s phone number I didn’t know what to do. Mark wanted to apologize, he told me for the past two weeks, he couldn’t stop thinking of me and he’d rather be unemployed than have me mad at him or never see me again. He told me to come over, I could have what I wanted; I could have him. I had never driven that fast before. I had to get to his house, I honestly thought we were going to get dinner or something; I had no idea what he had planned.

When I used my key to unlock the apartment door, I could see a path of candles and rose petals leading into the apartment. When I looked up, I saw Mark standing in his bedroom doorway wearing jeans and a wife beater. The setting sun highlighted the blonde streaks in his wavy hair. I closed the door behind me, realizing we weren’t leaving the apartment that night. Mark walked up to me and cupping my face in his hands kissed me gently as he guided me through the illuminated path to the bedroom.

He gently pushed me back onto the soft mattress, pulling my shoes off. Then he unbuttoned my shorts, kissing my exposed stomach gently as he pulled them off. He grabbed my arms and pulled me up to take off my tank top and bra. Lying on the bed in only panties, Mark’s lips and tongue wandered over my nipples as they grew stiff and the wet spot between my legs grew larger. As his fingers and lips drew near to the waistband of my panties, every nerve ending on my body went crazy in anticipation. He pulled my panties off slowly, his mouth hovering over my clit, driving me insane. I was lying there, trembling, waiting for something, anything to happen.

It felt like hours before I felt the tip of his tongue brush against my lips, parting them gently. My hips lurched toward the ceiling as my back arched. Mark took the opportunity to bury his entire face in me. As his nose rubbed against my clit, his tongue poked my wet slit; I ground my pussy into his face as I moaned. As my orgasm grew closer, his tongue moved to my clit, rolling in waves as his fingers rubbed my g-spot. I came hard, screaming out his name while slamming his fingers into me. Breathless, I sank back into the bed.

Mark rolled me over on to my stomach and slid me up toward the headboard. He kissed from the nape of my neck to the base of my spine and back up. Gently, I felt the head of his rock hard erection pressing on my leg. He grabbed my hips and pulled them up, positioning himself against my entrance. I felt him slowly slide inside me, taking his time. The slow pace increased every sensation, multiplying the pleasure.

My back arched to match each thrust he made; low moans escaped his lips each time he became fully enveloped by my wet cavern. Every time I tried to increase the pace or the pressure, Mark took firm grip of my hips and slowed me down. He intended for the pleasure to build slowly. This was not just making love; this was the culmination of nine months of fantasy.

Mark rolled me over again, so we could be face to face and he could kiss me while we made love. His steel colored eyes locked on mine as he caressed my breasts, paying special attention to the nipples. I felt his tongue slowly tease one, than both nipples and his teeth soon followed with gentle nips to my nipples and neck. The same slow pace ignited a slow burning fire in my belly. With each thrust of his cock, the pleasure built. My fingers and toes were tingling as my orgasm built slowly but surely. I had never experienced anything like this before; I never knew how much better it was when the pleasure was delayed. With Mark, it wasn’t about the quantity of orgasms; it was about the quality of them.

Soon, we were both near orgasm and the pace became quicker as neither of us could hold on any longer. Mark’s thrusts became harder, lifting my hips up with each one. His quiet moans turned into loud grunts as his orgasm drew nearer. I could not stay quiet anymore. I just kept begging him to let me cum; I had to have the release. I knew I could not hold back any longer, I wrapped my legs around his waist and digging my heels into his hips, I pulled him deep inside me as I bucked my hips against his, forcing my orgasm to come. As the muscles of my pussy quivered and twitched around him, I screamed his name and scratched down his back as the pleasure took over my entire body. Despite the overwhelming orgasm, I was able to match Mark’s thrusts as his orgasm came.

I felt Mark tense up right before he exploded inside of me. He screamed out my name as I felt his hot semen hit the walls of my pussy. Continuing to thrust at the same frantic pace as the orgasm subsided; I felt another orgasm building in me. Soon, my muscles were throbbing all over again as my body convulsed from the stimulation. My second orgasm brought his erection back to life. Mark wasted no time in putting his erection to work and he did not want to wait for his second orgasm either. As he slammed into me repeatedly my fourth, fifth, and sixth orgasms overtook me, leaving every movement he made result in a pleasure overload. Soon he emptied his second load into me and collapsed on top of me in exhaustion. I rolled and looked at the clock; it had been six hours since I had arrived at his house.

Knowing neither of us had the energy for any more attention that night; we curled up together and fell asleep. In the morning, I kissed Mark goodbye and went home to savor the amazing night of pleasure I had just experienced. After a short nap I found myself here, at Laurie’s playing I’ve Never with her, Amie, and Gail.

“So, you’re saying that was last night?” Gail said.

“Yeah, that was last night,” I said.

“And you didn’t tell anyone any of this was going on?” Laurie asked.

“No, I didn’t. I kept it my little secret,” I said smiling to myself.

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