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My Little Trip To Miami

Great sex on a short vacation!
A while back I had just signed a new really big client to a two year contract for my company and received a large bonus. I decided to do something really nice for myself so I decided to fly to Miami Beach and spend a few days.

I’d been seeing a guy fairly regularly for the last year and he seemed pretty hurt that I didn’t want to take him. I told him I just needed some “me” time. I didn’t consider our relationship that serious and I do sometimes go out with other guys. I had enough flyer miles built up to fly free if I went coach, so to be frugal I did and I booked four nights at the Hotel Bentley South Beach. I researched the internet for some clubs and found some I would try, then I shaved my pussy and legs for the trip. I went out and purchased some really sexy short provocative dresses and packed my two tiniest bikinis.

My flight arrived early enough in the day for me to get settled into my hotel room and get in some later afternoon sun at the beach. So I put on a really tiny bikini packed a beach bag and beach towel, put on my sunglasses and went down to the beach. The beach was not crowded but still enough people for me to enjoy doing some people watching. I really liked watching some young hunks playing volleyball, their slightly damp muscled bodies glistening in the sun.

I also noticed some other women in their twenty's had taken their tops off, I even saw a woman that looked to be in her fifty's going topless, so I mustered some courage took my top off and just lay back and enjoyed the sun’s rays. When the sun started going down I left the beach took a walk and found a Cuban sandwich place and ate before going back to my room for a nap before heading out to a club.

I spent along time doing my make up making sure it was perfect and applied my eye shadow extra dark to be extra sexy. I put on a little baby blue mini backless dress that tied around the back of my neck it plunged to my navel in front barley holding my breasts in and was so low in the back that it gave just a hint of my butt cheeks. This was one of my new ones and putting it on made me feel sexy as hell. As I started to put on some matching baby blue panties I got a crazy thought and thought what the hell and tossed them back in the drawer and went pantyless. I put on my heels grabbed my clutch, double checked it to make sure I had some condoms, went downstairs and found a cab and told him to take me to Club Flavour.

I already was filled with anticipation and some anxiety as I entered the club. It was around midnight, research had told me that Miami clubs don’t even get cranked up until late. It was already full of people and I noticed several guys checking me out. So I made sure I teased them just a little and did my sexiest little walk. First, I sat at a bar and ordered a drink to calm my nerves. My dress was so short it was difficult to sit on that bar stool without flashing everyone there since I was not wearing panties. Very soon I was asked to dance and I went out onto the dance floor with this nice looking guy but soon I noticed a really hot tanned dark haired Cuban looking guy leaned back on the bar obviously checking me out. I glanced over at him long enough to let him know I had noticed him.

I danced two other dances with this guy and the Cuban guy kept watching me and smiled at me. I smiled back. He looked to be about six feet three inches tall with a nice muscular physique but not bulky muscled and I was sure as small as his waist was that he probably sported a nice six-pack stomach. After that dance I thanked the guy dancing with me and did a little sexy strut back to the bar where I’d been sitting and let the Cuban guy see me give him a quick glance. He came over and offered to buy me a drink and I said, “Okay.” I thanked him for the drink but didn’t give him much eye contact at first. He was smooth and very secure of himself and I liked that. His said his name was Esteban. Soon we were on the dance floor. He was a great dancer.

I was very attracted to him and we danced a long time. His touches were perfect, slightly erotic but not too pushy. he knew what he was doing and it was working on me. We had several drinks, chatted over the loud music and danced some more before he asked if we might spend some time together that evening. I asked what he had in mind and he asked if I'd like to come over to his place. I told him I’d feel more comfortable if we went back to my room.

His car was parked down the street. I told him where my hotel was and he needed no directions. Sitting in the car I noticed my little dress had rode up and he was looking out the corner of his eye at my legs, so I moved my right leg up high against my door and slid low in my seat to really tease him. I was sure he could tell I was not wearing panties and I was really getting horny.

After parking he took my hand as we walked and into hotel and to the elevator. I was so horny and quite buzzed from the drinks that as soon as the elevator doors closed I threw myself at him. He kissed me deeply and I felt his strong hands around my waist. I raised me right leg up against him wrapping it around his torso and his hands slid down onto my butt, then his right hand slid underneath my dress and up enough to caress my ass cheeks then underneath them. That’s when the elevator stopped on my floor. We proceeded down the hall slowly as we were kissing, grabbing and fondling each other all the way. I had to fumble to open my room door because my back was against the door, we were kissing, my breasts had slid out of my dress and his hand was already caressing my pussy and believe me I was wet as I’ve ever been. This went on at the door for at least two minutes and someone was walking down the hall, at that moment I really didn’t care what they saw.

Inside the room I pushed the door closed behind us and we made out all the way to the bed. I was pulling his shirt off and feeling his firm muscles chest and arms, he was squeezing my breasts with one hand and squeezing my ass with the other. At the bed I quickly untied my dress behind my neck and let it fall to the floor and then stepped back from him about four feet so he could ogle my naked body. His desirous eyes on me was an added aphrodisiac and I felt so naked and aroused. The I stepped back to him and we were lost in passionate kisses.

He picked me up and turned me around lying me gently on the bed with my legs hanging off from the knees down, dropped to his knees in front of me then grabbed and pulled me toward him and then his face went between my legs and he started licking my pussy. Oh my God was he good! He was so good at this. I squirmed and moaned and didn’t mind loudly telling him how good he was. I have never had an orgasm that fast before and I let him know when I did as I really shouted it out. I kind of embarrassed myself. Next I sat up and undid his trousers and they fell to the floor exposing his very erect and very big cock! It easily matched the biggest one I had ever experienced. I thought to myself if he can use that as good as everything else he’s done this is going to be one amazing night!

I couldn’t wait to taste it. I wrapped my lips around it and got it nice and wet then worked my tongue all around, up and down on it and gently caressed and held his balls in my hand. I lowered my head and licked his balls and pulled his cock up high so I get lick and suck on his balls and scrotum. His smell and taste was delicious, I just took in the aroma with sensual delight.

After several minutes of me pleasuring him he stopped me, stepped out of his trousers which were around his ankles and kicked his shoes off. I slid back on the bed allowing my legs to be wide open in front of him. He climbed onto the bed and took me slowly pressing his cock into me. He soon proved to be every bit as good as I hoped he would be. We fucked with him on top of me for several minutes before his strong arms lifted me over and onto my knees and he pushed himself into my pussy from behind. His torso slapped against my ass and the bed bounced with every push and thrust. I have no idea how many times I yelled out loud “Fuck me!” But I am sure guests in the rooms on each side had to hear, no matter how thick those walls were.

He had great sexual staying power but eventually he came and I could tell when he did. That’s when I realized that I completely forgot about having him wear a condom. Oh well I thought don’t worry about it now. I lay in his arms for quite awhile us talking, our faces close together. He was very good looking with these seductive black eyes that made love to me all by themselves. After awhile we started again, this time I wanted to impress him with some of my best sex maneuvers and I got on top and he seemed to really enjoy it immensely. We made love at least two more times before falling asleep.

The next morning, actually almost noon, he took me to breakfast. I actually had planned to try and seduce a different guy every night while in Miami, but Esteban made me forget all about that and we spent the next three days and nights together, sometimes at his place, a condo close to the beach, at the beach, clubbing and dancing and him showing me around Miami. We even went to Haulover Beach and sunbathed and swam in the nude. I had so much fun. It ended all too soon and I had to fly home. My boyfriend at home tried to pry out of me any details about my Miami trip but I’ve only vaguely told him that I just sunned at the beach, ate at some great restaurants, shopped, played tourist and enjoyed some refreshing alone time.

I had given Esteban my phone number and email address. I did receive one email from him two days after getting home in which he told me how much he enjoyed his time with me and if I come back to Miami to call him. I emailed back and told him I would do that and I never received any more contact from him. I am sure he sees many other ladies so I’ll accept that. But if I can get back to Miami sometime soon I think I will contact him to see if he is available.

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