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My long road to recovery, Part I

How I met nurse Amy for the first time.

I woke up with a sweat, and with a little pain in the groin area. Half a sleep I reached down and felt I had a hard-on, not a normal one, but really rock hard, so hard that it hurt a little.

"Don't do that." a sweet yet firm voice said. "Iwill take care of that."

The voice radiated such authority that I let go in a reflex. A moment later I felt a soft hand close around my rock hard manhood while a second hand gently started to caressing my balls.

"I'm afraid this will hurt a little, but I promises it will feel a lot better afterwards." the same sweet voice said, the firm tone had faded and was replace by a caring one.

When I finally opened my eyes I thought I had died and gone to heaven, how else to explain the beautiful Angel I was seeing... but wait did angels wear nursing outfits? And were are the wings they are supposed to have...

While all this raced through my fever riddled mind the Angel lowered her head and toke my manhood in her mouth and started to suck on it. First slow and gentle but gradually harder as she toke it in deeper and deeper. She was right it did hurt as my dick seem to get even harder, but it was mixed with such a wonderful indescribable sensation that the pain was hardly noticeable and even seem to enhance the sensation. As her wet lips kept going up and down my shaft and one hand still caressed my balls, the other hand slowly moved up my chest and started fondling my nipples, which instantly turned hard too.

Not long after I could not contain my self, the view of that wonderful creature sucking my dick and the sensations that gave me, made me explode. While I came she looked up and smiled warmly at me as she swallowed load after load of my cum without spilling a drop.

"Now, that should feel better." she said, while still smiling warmly into my eyes.

And she was right although my dick was still hard it did not hurt any more, so I tried to say yes but my mouth was so dry only a croaking sound escaped my lips.

"Ssh. Don't talk." the Angel said "You still have a long way to go before you're better."
"You have a severe case of Priapism.

And when I looked questioningly at her she added in a more business like tone.

"It means you have a permanently erected penis."
"And in your case the erection keeps increasing over time."
"I'm assigned to regularly release the pressure that creates by suction therapy.

"What's your name?" I tried to ask, but my voice failed me utterly this time.

"Ssh." she said again "Just relax for now, you need your strength."
"There will be plenty of time to talk when the fever subsides a bit."
"I promise I'll be back in two hours for the next therapy session."

And she gave me a wet kiss on the lips. I could still taste the salty flavor of my own cum on her lips. Without an other word she turned around and walked out of the room turning her head and smiling one last time before the door closed behind her well formed body.

Well if all the therapy sessions are like that I don't want to get much better I thought. Even so I hated it that I did not know the name of the Angel that had given me such intimate pleasures. But then I remembered a name tag floating through my line of sight as she had bent down to kiss me. I tried hard to visualize it and suddenly it came in focus in my mind:

            Amy, Private nurse

Now knowing the name of my Saving Angel I fell a sleep completely satisfied.

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