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My Lover Knows

A short hotel tryst
I'm waiting by the doorway of the hotel suite's bedroom. I can hear the electronic key card sliding and unlocking the door. My lover enters the room after a long day of work and a two hour drive to our secret place. He gives me the shy smile I have come to adore, as he places his suit jacket on the chair. I'm dressed in lingerie he bought me a month ago and sent to my work. He can't send it home to me; my husband, nor his wife for that matter, would appreciate it. It's a push up lacy bra that he can see my nipples through and a g-string that slides between my ass cheeks like it was made for me.

He looks me up and down as he walks towards me. We are quiet, like we are sharing a secret. His large hands slide around me as he envelops me in a kiss, his tongue sliding into my mouth teasing me, caressing me from the inside. His large hands roam my body as if he hasn't touched me before. He moves his hands down my waist to my hips as his mouth moves down my neck, his tongue tracing a line from my ear to my collarbone. 

I am wet already.

His kisses trail down my body to the edge of the lace of my bra. I can hear him murmur as he kisses across my ample tits. My breath catches in my throat. I love when he kisses me there. My lover knows how much my body craves his touch. He runs his fingers up my sides and runs them behind me. He lightly runs them up my back to the snap of my bra. He expertly releases me from it. My breasts are free within the lacy cups. He pulls the straps down and gives me a wicked smile. When he gives me that smile, I know he is about to give it to me. I can feel myself moisten. My pussy is more than ready.

He throws the bra to the floor and pushes me against the door frame. My tit is in his mouth. My nipple tightens under his sucking. His one hand massages the free tit. My pussy tightens. I need it, I want it and I cannot wait. I run my hands down his shoulders as he is bent over my tit. He releases my tit to look at me. I give him a look. He knows his clothes should come off. I want them off.

He straightens out and lets me unbutton his shirt. He stares at me intently. I throw his shirt somewhere off to the side. His body is average but he keeps it fit. I slide my hands to his zipper, his erection in the way. I smile as I brush my fingers across it through the fabric I feel him twitch. We smile at each other as I undo his zipper. I grab the waist of his pants and make a show of moving them off his hips slowly and bring them to the floor so I end up on my knees in front of his wonderfully hard cock.

I slide his boxer briefs down, releasing his hard cock, its tip already glossy from pre-cum. I lick my lips. I lick the underside of his cock head and I can hear him moan a bit. His hand is running through my hair. I slide my mouth over his cock. The thickness filling my mouth. I think about how I want this thickness inside me giving me pleasure. I am already anticipating riding this cock until it empties its load inside me.

I go back and forth on him, my tongue swerving around his head and taking him in deeper. I play with his balls and run my hand behind him and grab his ass. As I fuck him with my mouth I grab his ass and slide my hands around him. I can feel him about to cum but he pulls me away. Not yet, his eyes say.

I stand up and he picks me up. He carries me to the bed and lays me down. He eyes my body, he drags a hand across my body between my breasts and down my stomach. He grabs the elastic of my g-string. He begins to pull it down, but seems to have a second thought and moves to pull it down with his teeth. I spread my legs a bit so he can pull them down better. He flings them behind them and then passes his fingers across my pussy. I'm not completely shaved this time. I have left a landing strip. He spreads my legs and gets between them. He stares at my pussy a bit like he has never seen it. It makes me want to laugh, its like a kid in a candy store. I'm not against him licking me as if I was his lollipop.

First, he takes his finger gently down my slit. He likes to get the tip of his finger wet. He sucks on it and then opens my pussy lips. He dives in, I can feel his tongue against my hardened clit. My body arches against him already, I am beyond ready to come.

As he licks my clit he slides two fingers inside my pussy. I feel him start to finger fuck me. I love when he does that. I love feeling his fingers inside me. I"m moaning and the pressure is building. I am going to come from his fingers and his tongue on me. He feels me tighten around his fingers. The pulsing increases. He stops, slides his fingers out gently. I can see by the lamplight in the room that his face is glossy. He has me all over him.

He rolls me over to my belly and grabs my hips up. He loves to fuck me from behind. I feel his thick cock slide inside my pussy. His length fills me, I feel him slide in and out of me. As he moves he grabs my ass and squeezes it, spreads my cheeks a bit. I can hear the wet slapping of our bodies. He drives into me harder. I can feel him gearing up to come. He pumps against me a few more times and then I can feel the warm trickle of his cum on my back rolling down as I am face down, ass up. I love that feeling but he wont forget me. I stay where as I am. I don't know how he wants me.

I feel the bed move and he lays down with his head under my ass. He playfully slaps my ass telling me to lower myself on his face. I adjust myself and sit on his face, grinding against his mouth and tongue as he plays with my cheeks and slides his hand between them. I can feel my pussy juices flowing out of me and I start to come hard by his tongue. I'm overtaken by this orgasm and move on him wildly. 

When I finish, I move from his face and straddle him. He cuddles me against him. We only have a few moments left before we need to head home. We stare into each other's eyes. He knows what I am thinking next.

I'm thinking a shower is best shared by two.

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