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My Naughty, Naughty Halloween

So, it all starts on the 28th of October. The first of four Halloween parties to attend! Needless to say, I was a very busy girl that weekend! I had four different costumes too, A sexy Sailor, A Naughty Police woman, A sexy Belly Dancer and my Snow White costume.

I went to one of them with Jared (and I didn't wear the Snow White costume again! haha this party I wore the sexy sailor to). He was dressed as a vampire! A mid 19th Century vampire! He really liked my costume because the skirt is layered and sits kind of like a tutu! I wore the Belly Dancer outfit with Parker, and he dressed as Tarzan. (needless to say, he didn't wear much!) The Snow White Costume I wore to one of my girlfriends parties! I went by myself to that one! I couldn't pick one of the guys over the other! And the Naughty Police woman I wore to the party with Michael! He was Iron Man, Very sexy!

The party with Jared was the first party (on the Thursday). It was an awesome party! Lots of dancing, a bit of drinking and lots and lots of fun!! Jared and I spent most of the night dancing and playing some games. (just the usual, apple bobbing, etc) I did get a little bit naughty...hehe ok, so I got a lot naughty!

After the party with Jared, he decided he would drive me home because I had had a little bit to drink and he hadn’t had much at all. When we reached my building, he asked if he could come in and grab a glass of water. I lead him into my room and as soon as the door was closed he grabbed onto me and pushed me against the wall so my back was to him. I was a little shocked at first, and then he started kissing my neck and running his hand up the back of my thigh. I relaxed a little and he held onto my hips, after lifting up my skirt to see all of my butt! He nibbled on my ear and then asked if he could have the glass of water. So I walked to my fridge and got it for him. Now, at that time I had a little bar refrigerator because the bigger refrigerator decided it wanted to die. I bent down, my butt facing Jared, and got the water out, then walked over to the cupboard and reached up to get him a glass. I gave him the glass of water and as he drank, I removed my costume.

I was feeling in a bit of a tease mood, so I decided that I would get him a little worked up and then make him leave. After all, he had done the same to me the day before! I was standing in front of him in nothing but my panties and shoes! I walked over to him and as he finished his drink, I kisses his neck and chest. I kissed him and pushed my body against him until he had to start moving. I continued to kiss his neck, lips and jaw until we had reached my door. I reached around him and kissed him one last time and then pushed him outside. As I closed the door his face was half shocked and half grinning. He knew it was payback.

The party with Parker was 2 days after the one with Jared (my girlfrend's party was in between, nothing eventful there), and I was wearing the Belly Dancer outfit. When I arrived at Parker's house, I was surrounded by about 15 guys, all wearing not a lot! We were all going to the same party, so I went to their place to make it easier! They all seemed to go for the costumes with the smallest amount of cloth they could find! (mind you, they are all very athletic people, so they have good bodies and muscles!) One was a Neanderthal, one was a male supermodel (wearing his boxers), Parker was Tarzan, one of the other guys was Duff man from the Simpsons, minus the top and cape! hahaha (he was wearing nothing but spandex and beer cans!)

We all got onto the mini bus, and ended up being one seat short. I sat on Parker's lap because the party was only about 15 minutes away. The whole way there, Parker kept running his hand up and down my spine, from the bottom of my top, to the top of my bottoms! Before we got off of the bus he kissed my lips and my neck and told me that I looked very sexy. All through the party, he would kiss my neck and just under my ear at random. Parker isn’t much of a dancer, but he did dance with me whenever I asked him to. A lot of guys were commenting on how my costume looked, playing with the beads and playing with the pieces of material that were hanging around my legs. ( it looks like this, only red)

Parker came over, grabbed me on the hips and pulled me backwards out of the group of guys. I knew it was him as soon as he grabbed me. His hands have a very distinct feeling. I smiled at the group of guys as I was walking backwards and excused myself. When we were on the other side of the room, Parker turned me around and smiled.

“Tarzan want Alice.”

I laughed and kissed him on the neck. He laughed too. We stayed until the end of the party (about 2am) and then caught the bus back to Parker’s house. I was, again, sitting on Parker’s knee. All the way back, he was rubbing my thigh and kissing my neck. We got back to his house and had a few more drinks with all of the guys (and some girls they had brought home). After everybody had decided to go and do what they were going to do, Parker and I decided that we would jump in the pool for a while.

We walked out to the pool, and parker jumped in, costume and all. (he was only wearing a loin-cloth and underwear so it wasn’t much!) I was a little nervous. I wasn’t wearing a bra with my costume. I took off the bottom part of my costume so I was wearing just my panties. Parker told me not to worry about anyone seeing, because everyone would be busy by now, so I took off my top and jumped straight into the pool as soon as it was off. Parker swam over to me and pulled me onto his hips. I reached around behind him, removed his loin-cloth and threw it to the edge of the pool. He wrapped both of his hands around my waist and pulled me in close. He kissed up my neck and along my jaw. He moved us to the edge of the pool and gently put my back against it. He kissed my neck and lips while grabbing at my breasts and waist. After we touched and kissed for a little while, Parker suggested that we move inside.

We went inside and decided to have a shower. We got into the shower together and began washing each other. Parker began kissing my neck while rubbing soap all over my breasts and pussy. I leaned my head back against the wall and he grabbed my hips and pushed himself against me, while still kissing my neck. The soap and water on my breasts and pussy felt so good against Parker’s muscled body, and his cock. As we rinsed the soap off of our bodies, I couldn’t help but watch Parker as the water ran over his muscled body. As we stepped out of the shower, he turned my body to face his and he kissed me. He lifted me up so I was sitting on the bench next to the sink. He kissed down my neck and onto my chest. He licked and kissed my nipples while holding onto my waist tightly. He kissed down my stomach and across to my right hip. He kissed my left hip and then kissed my pussy. He looked up at me and smiled.

Without a word, he began licking my pussy. He licked and flicked at my pussy until I was ready to orgasm. He stopped just before I came and winked at me. He kissed back up my body and then my lips. I could taste myself on his tongue and I liked it. He pulled my pussy towards his hips and began rubbing his cock against my pussy. I reached up and kissed him. As I did this, he pushed his cock into my pussy. I moaned instantly. He told me to be as quiet as possible because the bathroom was right next to 2 bedrooms. He drove his cock in and out of my pussy as I held onto his shoulders. I tried to stay as quiet as I could. He pulled my body close to his and held me tightly around the waist again. He pushed in and out of my pussy faster and harder. I moaned quietly in his ear and he kissed my neck and bit at my ear. He slowed down and slid his cock out of my pussy. He asked me to bend over the bench, so I did. He slid his cock back into my pussy and I came almost instantly. He felt my pussy tighten on his cock and moaned. He reached around and grabbed onto my breasts as he pushed in and out of my pussy.

I could feel every bit of his cock in my very wet pussy. As he got very close to orgasm, I tightened my pussy around his cock even more. When he felt this, he held onto my body very tightly and began fucking me faster again. I could feel his cock getting harder and harder as he was getting closer to orgasm again. I felt him cum as he pushed into my pussy again. He held onto me tightly for a while after. He removed his cock from my pussy and turned me around. He pulled my body to his and held onto me tightly. He kissed my neck as I held onto the back of his head. He lifted his head and smiled at me. I kissed him on the lips and told him to clean up. I wrapped a towel around my body and quietly made my way to his bedroom. I climbed into his bed, naked of course, and waited for him to come into his room. He came in and climbed into bed. He hugged me closely and we fell asleep.

And Finally, the party with Michael! (I was the naughty police officer, Michael as Iron Man (there is no sex in this one, but a little making out)) I arrived at his apartment (that is where the party was) to find over a hundred people all in costume, dancing, drinking and making out! I made my way around the rooms to find Michael. I eventually found him out on the balcony with some of his friends from college. I walked out and Michael jokingly said

"What seems to be the disturbance officer?"

"I have recieved a noise complaint. The organizer of this party has to be punished."

I winked at the rest of the guys ont he balcony and I turned Michael around and put my handcuffs on him! (Yes, I have handcuffs!) I lead him to the bathroom that was connected to his bedroom (the one from the story), the only room that was out of bounds to everybody (his bedroom that is). I closed and locked the door behind us and turned him around so he was facing me. I gently pushed him towards the door, and he got the idea (I can't move him without him concenting, he is too strong!) He leaned against the door and I started kissing him. I kissed down his neck and along his collar bone. I ran my hands up his body and felt his muscles under his Iron Man lycra! I pushed my body against his as he moaned quietly into my ear.

"Damn it, Alice. Take the handcuffs off. Please?"

I looked up into his eyes and grinned. He knew I wasn't going to and sighed. And somehow, he still managed to take control of the situation! He stood up off the wall and moved towards me, I tried to back away to stop him getting what he wanted, but within a few steps, I hit the wall with the mirror on it. I was stuck. He pushed his body against mine and started kissing my neck. I tilted my head back and he kissed my neck and nibbled on my earlobe. We continued our little make out session until there was a knock on the door. It was one of Michael's friends telling him that there had been a bit of a problem. I un-cuffed Michael, with a lot of resentment with whoever was stopping what I was thoroughly enjoying, and we walked out in to the lounge.

One of the glass doors on the television cabinet had been broken. I helped Michael clean it up and then we danced and drank for the rest of the night. I danced with a few of the other guys there, mostly Michael's friends from college, while he was being a good host. But when Michael and I dance, It gets very sexual! hahaha we basically make out in the middle of the floor. He rubs his hands all over my body and I do the same to him. We kiss each other all over too. On the neck, chest, everywhere we can get to! haha

I did get to finish the little session with Michael! It was amazing! We were both so frustrated from the Halloween make-out, so the day after I met him for dinner and we went back to his place! That was pure relief! haha

<3 you all as always
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