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My Neighbor Angie (Pt. 3)

Angie lays out the plan....
from Part II....My cock had definitely noticed. It was coming alive again. I needed the cool water of the pool if I had any hope of surviving this day. With two giant steps, I leaped into the water next to Angie. Perhaps as a thank you, I embraced her. She wrapped her legs around my waist. Without entering her, my cock was serving as a seat between her ass and pussy. Our lips came together in a deep, raw kiss that told us both there was plenty more to come.

Angie slowly manuevered herself until her pussy was pressing against my once again fully-erect penis. Her tongue darted between my lips and began to explore my mouth. Her lips pulled and played against mine, and it was perhaps the most romantic and sexy kiss I'd ever received.

When she broke our kiss, Angie stared into my eyes. Her hand reached down and guided me into her. She was tight, but I could feel myself slowly going deeper and deeper into her. My hands squeezed her ass cheeks as I held her up. Her eyes never left mine.

Angie giggled. "Guess you're not used to girls whose abs are this firm, huh, Mike? You just normally push your dork in and shove stuff aside, right? Well, my muscles are in shape, and I have to sort of relax and rearrange things!"

Angie twisted herself and flexed her hips, and she slowly took me the rest of the way in.

"You're thicker than Scott," she cooed. "God! This feels really great!"

Angie began to slide up and down my shaft, twisting her body and clenching her vagina as she did so.

"I thought I'd never get to fuck you! I really needed this! Oh fuck yes! Yessss! AH! OH! YES! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Angie said as her breaths became shortened.

She was grinding hard onto my cock, her clit rubbing against me with purpose. As I tried to keep my balance, I would take a step or two. Each time it caused her to clench her tight pussy around me more securely.

"Oh damn, Angie, your so fucking tight!" I said as I began to thrust harder and faster.

"Aaahhhh shit! I'm gonna cum! FUCK YEAH! MMMMMMMM!" Angie yelled as she pulled me hard into her and threw her head back. I momentarily wondered if the neighbors in the houses nearby might hear us. Then Angie squeezed her pussy hard again and I didn't care. I could feel strong, pulsing contractions rippling up her body from her crotch to her chest as her moans deepened.

As they subsided, Angie lay back, almost floating, breathing hard. Just her face and breasts were above the water. My penis was still semi-hard and completely inside her. I began to slowly twist and turn my penis. Her vagina was so muscular she could almost squeeze me out of her pussy!

I moved in and out. My cock got harder and the strokes got longer and faster. Angie sat back up and wrapped herself around me again.

"Gonna do me again, baby? This time I'll bring you off, too!"

Again she did her up-and-down slide with the twisting, but her pussy-clenching was now completely synchronized with my thrusts. I started going long and fast, and she kept up. I could feel she was at the brink again, but she kept looking at my face with an open-mouthed smile on her face. I could feel her eyes boring into mine, pulling at my thoughts and feelings.

Angie knew when I started to get close. She began to squeeze even harder as I pumped. I felt heat spreading out from the base of my cock and spreading through my body. Her cunt lips felt incredibly hot around my throbbing tool! I felt myself rubbing against her cervix and began to cum. Angie pulled my head forward and kissed me with a fury as I sent at least a half-dozen squirts into her.

As my erection faded, Angie slipped off me. I held her, and we kissed and cuddled for several minutes. Then she jerked herself away from me, swam to the side, and hopped out!

"You're not through yet. pool boy!" she laughed as she headed inside dripping wet.

By the time I managed to get my legs back under me and go inside, Angie was drying off. The cold of the air conditioning had her nipples rock hard and what I would have thought was impossible started. My limp dick was twitching again.

Angie laughed sarcastically. "What's wrong Mike? Did I squeeze the life out of that sweet thing?"

I couldn't help but laugh with her as she threw me a towel but I had started to wonder just how far this was going to go.

"Let me ask you Angie, what's going on here? I mean I'd love to keep this going all night but how come you're never let on that you wanted..." I said inquisitively.

"To fuck you?" Angie finished. "Hell yes! I've wanted to jump you since you took off your shirt the day you moved in!"

"Angie, that was six months ago! I never . . ."

"Yeah, yeah, you never thought it was possible, and I thought I had gotten over it, too. Until your drunk ass copped a feel last month at Glen's party!" Angie said as she wrapped the towel around her waist. "But let's take a break, have a couple of beers and I'll explain my problem."

I watched her body move under the towel as she got the beers from the fridge. Her nipples seemed permanently hard. I followed her to the den as she dropped the towel along the way. We sat down on the couch and I ran my eyes up and down her body as we drank.

"Well, one problem would be a big one. What if I get you knocked up?" I asked. "Hell, what if I already have?"

"Problem solved," she said matter of factly. "I'm fixed."

"So you're inconceivable, but not insurmountable or inscrutable?" I joked.

"Hah! Cute! But you're right. I found this out right after Scott got promoted last year and started travelling and working seventy hours a week. I tried getting some toys for myself and doing the cyber-sex thing but that made it worse. That's when I shaved my pubes, by the way. Except for the landing strip of course. Girl's gotta have a soft landing spot." she laughed.

"You see, Scott's a great husband and I love him dearly but the sex thing has just kinda faded big time. So, I guess you could say I've strayed a bit. And watching internet porn videos doesn't help at all!" she said trying to lighten the moment.

I couldn't help but think to myself, "and boy am I glad you did."

"So, what? You've started to just fuck around or am I the lucky first?" I asked in what I hoped would be a joking manner.

"Look! I LIKE the feeling of a hard cock spewing inside me, but I don't want to sleep around. I LIKE waking up and finding a man wrapped around me in my bed. I'm used to it, and I miss it! He's not here a lot and, well, I'm horny. And so I figured with you, I'd at least be with someone that I knew was decent and wouldn't get me in trouble with Scott." Angie explained.

"So you don't want . . ." I started to ask.

"I DON'T want another husband! I DO want someone to fuck me! And I picked you since, well, I thought you could get it up more than once a night and you looked like you could use a little pussy! No offense to your dear Krista."

I stared at her body so beautifully tanned and wickedly displayed as she sat Indian-style on my couch. As I stared, her nipples seemed to stiffen even more. Angie reached over and began to fondle my balls and growing member. She was smiling, "Do we have a deal, Mike? We screw each other as much as we want until one of us calls it off. Just purely athletic sex at least twice a week, with no romantic strings attached? I think you guys call that sport fucking don't you?"

"Hell, yes we have a deal! You know I've been dreaming about fucking you since the first night we were over at your house." I said excitedly.

Angie gave my cock a hard tug as she sprang from the couch. "I knew you'd be a good neighbor!" she laughed. "Now where's my bathing suit?"

"What? You're leaving?" I asked with great surprise.

"No, fuck buddy. I'm not leaving. But I told you I wanted to make a porn flick and that's how we're spending the rest of our day and night - unless you're not 'up' to it."

Angie headed to the kitchen to find the bathing suit she left there seemingly days ago. I followed her tight ass swaying in front of me - my cock acting like the arrow of a compass. Visions of sticking my hard throbbing rod deep in her bunghole swirled through my head.

"Now, I know you have two video cameras and I have one. I'm going over to my house and get mine. You set up both of yours wherever in this house you want to become a star and I'll be back," Angie said as she tied her bikini bottoms on.

Angie gave me a quick kiss on the lips and bounced out of my house like a no-care-in-the-world twelve-year-old. My first thought was to shower and then it dawned on me. A shower with Angie would be the perfect opening act for her video.

Buck-assed naked still, I went to find my video cameras. Thoughts ran through my head of what I wanted to do with Angie. Every porn flick I had ever seen seemed to clutter my brain. Should we do raunchy? Maybe romantic filth? Perhaps something kinky. I finally settled on just letting it play itself out as Angie certainly seemed to have a plan so far.

Knowing that I must have a shower though, I decided to set up in the bathroom first. Thankfully, our bath was a very large one with a garden tub and perfect 6'x6' stand-up shower basin that we had put it right after we bought the house. While I didn't want to spend the money, Krista actually designed it with sex in mind since she loves masterbating, as well as getting banged, under the water. The shower had a ledge around three of it's walls at a perfect height for sitting or standing sex which had long ago been broken in well. The double doors were actually a blessing for this event since we could leave both open and get a full view for the cameras.

One of my tripods reached to ten feet high which was more than enough to set up for a good overhead view. The other I decided to keep low at just about the height needed to capture any sitting down action. I figured we could set Angie's up in between and get just about every move we made. I laid some towels on the floor to handle the water that was certainly going to be splashing out.

About twenty minutes passed when I saw Angie coming back across the driveway with a large tote bag as well as her camera bag in tow. "What is she bringing over here?" I wondered.

She came through the door with a huge sexy smile. "Are you moving in?" I asked jokingly.

"Not quite fuck buddy. I just thought we might combine some nourishment with our exercise. So, I brought some fruit and things."

As I helped her unpack the bag, it became clear that my dear neighbor and friend with benefits was about to get kinky. She had strawberries, bananas, three cans of whipped cream, chocolate syrup and one very thick cucumber that must have been ten inches long. And the "things" she mentioned included a butt plug, her vibrator, a dildo that made the cucumber look small, handcuffs, and a cock ring.

"My God Angie!" I half-laughed. "Are you seriously planning to use ALL of this?"

"Well fuck buddy, I figure it's Saturday afternoon. Scott won't be home until Monday and you have a free ride until Tuesday. Soooooo...if you remember I warned you we were going to be here awhile," she said in her most teasing way.

"Now, where did you decide to set up the cameras?" she asked as she headed for the den.

"Well, I thought before we started covering each other with cum again, we'd better clean off the old stuff. So follow me," I replied as I took her camera.

We reached the bathroom and she excitedly exclaimed, "Oh my God! This is perfect!!"

I smiled as her pert tits bounced along with her tip-toe jumping. I wanted to fuck her right there on the bathroom floor at that second. Instead, I began setting up her camera.

"Why don't you just step in and let me check the angles," I told Angie.

"Looks like you're already at a good angle," she cooed looking straight at my cock once again pointing to the ceiling.

Angie stepped toward the shower while untying her bathing suit for the second time in my house. When she turned around I could see what took her so long to return with the camera. She had completely shaved her landing strip!

"The airport has a new runway," she said as her hands slowly carressed her upper thighs. "Think you'll still be able to land?"

I couldn't do anything but stare at her beautiful bare pussy. She took her index finger and gently traced along the folds of her lips. Her other hand slid upward across her stomach to take a nipple between her finger and thumb.

"Is this a good angle?" she asked as raspy and sexy as she could.

I couldn't take it any longer. With my cock jumping, I flipped each camera on, turned the water on, and stepped into the world of homemade porn.

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