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My Neighbor Angie (Pt.1)

A true story of finally hooking up with my neighbor
As my wife Krista and I backed from the driveway, our new neighbor-to-be came bouncing out of her house to say hello. Although a co-worker of Krista's, I had never met Angie. A slim, bubbly red-head with a raspy southern voice, she immediately hit my soft - and hard - spots. We hadn't even made an offer on the house but I knew we would and that Angie was a must-do.

We bought the house and moved in about six weeks later. After a long day of unpacking, Scott and Angie invited us over for a cook-out and some drinks. As I showered for the evening, I couldn't help but think about how much I already wanted to seduce Angie. She wasn't exactly a knock-out at 40 years old but her overflowing personality made that 5'6", 110-pound, almost too skinny body come alive. And, yes, I was a sucker for red hair and raspy voices that said "do me" no matter what other words came out.

As we ate, drank and talked through the evening, I couldn't help but steal continuous stares at Angie's tight ass and small, B-cup, at best, breasts. The fact that her nipples pointed through her thin top all evening and her running shorts allowed for brief snapshots of her satin pantied crotch did little too ease my urges either. I did however learn through this little get-together than Angie liked to play the little conservative "who me?" flirt. It was hard through all of the sexual innuendo, comments, and obvious flashes she gave to figure out whether she was a serious player or just liked to play the part. But I was certain I would find out in due time.

Throughout the rest of the summer, we enjoyed Scott and Angie's company. Impromptu get-togethers, cook-outs by our pool, and even a couple of dips into the spa made Angie even more desireable. I had seen all of her except the most wanted parts. I had stared at her hot little bikinied camel-toe from across the pool deck. I had received her tighter than necessary hello and good-bye hugs. Perhaps it was the chase or perhaps it was the challenge, either way, I grew more certain with every encounter that I would feel and taste this hot little package.

It was Labor Day weekend, about six months after we had moved in, that I decided it was time. Krista had gone out of town for the weekend with some other girlfriends and Scott had to be out of town on business. As I awoke that Saturday morning, my thoughts of Angie were stronger than normal. I immediately decided that this was my best chance to find out how far she would really go. There was a huge risk involved but as I lay in bed with my raging hard on, no risk seemed too large. Angie was making me crazy and I had to know.

I decided to spend as much time as necessary outside that day in the hope that Angie and I would "naturally" engage. I would figure out exactly how to seal the deal as the events unfolded. In an effort to be as obvious as possible, I decided that only a pair of swim trunks would be needed. I wanted to hang as freely as possible with the hope Angie would notice.

I spent the morning doing yard work, trying to stay as visible to Angie's house as possible. By noon, there had been no Angie sighting and I was getting overheated by the sun and my raunchy, racing thoughts of what I wanted to do to her lithe body. I decided to take a break and went inside. After popping open a cold beer, I flipped open my laptop at the kitchen bar and pulled up my favorite porn video site. While it wouldn't satisfy my overriding desire, at least maybe I could stroke myself to temporary satisfaction.

As I clicked through various fuck films and sucked down a couple of beers, my mind continued to see Angie and I on the screen. Even though the kitchen window faced my flaming friend's house, I failed to notice when she came across the driveway. It was only when I heard the kitchen door open and that sensuous, throaty voice give a much too peppy "whatcha doin' neighbor?" did I realize that Angie had arrived.

Startled, I swung quickly around to eyeball her tanned, black bikini-clad body before ever making eye contact as her head poked through the door. It took what seemed like eternity for me to realize that my porn video was still playing and that Jenna Haze was going hard at it and begging for more. As Angie finally entered and our eyes met, I tried frantically to shut off the video.

"Ahh, I see Mikey is being a naughty boy while Krista's away," she said teasingly.

As I felt my face flush, I tried to play the macho card by replying "Well, nobody has offered the real thing yet today so what's a guy to do?"

As I closed the laptop, Angie reached for my hand and stopped me. "Well, what makes you think you're the only lonely thing around today?" she said in full stare at my now half-erect cock pointing straight forward in my swim trunks.

"Pull that back up and let's see if it's as hot as it sounded," Angie said laughingly. Was she still playing the tease or was she here to have some fun? My horny, racing mind was unable to process the situation quickly enough and I was suddenly unsure of whether or not to take the risk with this woman that I'd been lusting over for six months.

I decided to go slow. "Really? I never figured you for the porn flick type." I said in my most fake-surprise voice. As I sat on the barstool motionless, she reached for the laptop, pulled it to her and pulled up the video from the history file.

"Well, didn't anybody ever tell you things aren't always as they appear?" she asked without even looking at me. I could smell the sweetness of her tanning lotion and she let her body rub against my arm and leg ever so slightly.

As Jenna resumed her moaning and begging on the screen, Angie seemed entranced by it. "Wow, I can never tell if these girls are faking it or not," she said rather matter of factly. I hadn't taken my eyes off her pert little tits and it was all I could do to not take her straight to the floor and ravage her.

"Well, I think mostly they are faking," I replied as calmly as I could.

"Really?" Angie asked as Jenna's "yes, yes, harder, more" cries filled the kitchen. "I've never faked an orgasm in my life" she proudly but nonchalantly announced. "And who is this girl? She's really good and isn't all over-boobed with silicone either," Angie said as she moved her crotch against my knee and bent over on the counter to get a closer look.

It had become plainly clear to me that today would in fact be the day that Angie and I came together (pun intended). We both sat silently for what seemed a very long time, watching the video, each of us lost in our own deviant thoughts. Just as Jenna received the final cumshot across her tits, I heard Angie utter a soft, low moan of "mmmmm."

"You seem very familiar with that ending," I said teasingly.

Angie raised off the counter and turned toward me. As she stood between my knees, just a foot from my now rapidly growing cock, she gave a most sultry look and said, "Actually, I'm not. But doesn't everybody have a bucket list?"

I was happily stunned. For six months I had plotted and planned, conjured and connived about how I was going to bed this woman and here she was all but ripping off our clothes and fucking me silly.

"Well, I guess they do at that," I said as I smiled and stared into her eyes daring not to show any sign of not being up to her advances.

"And what else is on your list?" I asked coyly so as to not rush things as much I as wanted to.

"I want to make one of those videos," Angie said.

"Say what?" I blurted out half-laughing.

"I want to make one of those videos," she repeated as she laughed too.

"Well why haven't you and Scott made one?" I asked.

"He's not exactly the great explorer when it comes to sex and besides, I don't know if I could let loose with him like I could someone else. It just wouldn't be the same," she said in her now shy "what me?" way as she looked straight down at the miniature flagpole in my shorts.

It was obvious that it was now put out or shut up time. "Well, why don't you just tell me what you would do in your little video," I said, as I put my hands on both her hips that had lightly pushed against me during all those friendly hugs over the months.

Without any help, she took a step in and with her mouth just inches from mine said, "Better idea, why don't I just show you?"

With that our lips locked. Our tongues engaged in a battle. Her arms went around my neck and head. Mine went straight to her tight ass and pulled her to me as I slid to the edge of the barstool. It had to be the hottest, wettest, fuck-me-now kiss I had ever had.

I ran one hand up the back of her neck, through her thick shoulder length red hair, and to the top tie of her bikini. The other found its way to the tie around her back. At once, the silky black cloth that was hiding those perfectly pear-shaped little tits was gone.

As I broke our liplock, I continued to kiss down the front of her neck and onto her chest. My fingers found one of the points that had garnered so much of my attention over the months. I continued to press her ass to me as I pinched and rubbed one nipple while sucking and licking the other. Her hands and nails ran across the skin of my back as she pushed herself against me. She let out a soft, sensuous moan that said, "Fuck me hard and now."

As I continued to pinch and pull at her nipples, I lowered myself from the stool and kissed downward across her flat, hard stomach. One hand slid to her tight ass and pulled her tighter against my face as I reached the top of her bikini bottom. In my mind I'd always envisioned Angie as having a clean shaven pussy. As I teasingly bit at the top of her bikini, my fingers untied the strings on both sides. Angie parted her legs just enough to allow them to fall to the floor.

And there it was. My lips felt the closely trimmed ecstasy of her red fluff landing strip and I nearly exploded on the spot. I stroked her ass and outer thighs as my tongue lightly explored everything around her shaven slit. Angie's hands tried to guide my head to the promised land but I wanted to tease her some more. Her moans had grown in frequency and volume.

Suddenly Angie lifted her knee and placed it on the seat of the barstool. "Oh Mike, eat my pussy now!" she pleaded in a strained, begging voice. She arched her wet glistening pussy to my face as I took the first taste of the juices I had longed for. A long slow lick from the bottom of her overflowing slit to the top brought a loud "Oh my god, yes! Fuck me with your tongue, Mike!"

I peeled back the lips of her pussy revealing all of the pink wetness inside. The tip of my tongue gave her swollen clit a few quick flicks followed by a more firm lapping with the flat part. Angie forced herself toward me harder as her moans grew closer to cries. She easily had the sweetest tasting pussy I'd ever had. I began to nibble at her clit with my lips in between the circles being made around and on it by my tongue. Angie now had my head firmly in her grasp as my cock began to ache for release from my swim trunks.

I decided that this woman wasn't letting go until she came and while I was enjoying her fruits immensely, I wanted more than anything to stick my raging cock in her hot hole. Angie had continued to grind her wetness against my face as I picked up the pace with my tongue on her clit. About ten minutes from the time I had tasted the first drop of her, I slowly entered her with two fingers. Gradually my fingers served as her dildo while my tongue massaged her now hard clit. Angie's moans had grown to begs.

"Yes, Mike. Fuck my pussy. Make me cum, baby," she wailed. "That's it, that's so damned wonderful," she cried as her breathing became shorter. I was now in full finger/tongue fuck mode on her dripping cunt. Licking, probing, slurping, and sucking every inch of her drenched hole.

"Oh shit! Oh fuck!" Angie screamed. "Don't stop, don't stop, I'm cumming, I'm cumming," she begged as her hands suddenly released the grip on my head. Squeezing her tits and nipples, Angie's leg went taut and straight before buckling slightly as she was nearly squatting on my face.

"Oh my, oh yes, that was so damn good!" Angie exclaimed as her orgasm began to subside.

I continued to lick lightly all around her dripping slit as if to clean her up for the next round. The sweetness of her juices were like fine wine. My mind began to wonder about the next phase as Angie removed her knee from the barstool and tried to steady herself with her back against the counter. Looking up at her, she pinched at her nipples and gave me her sexiest smile.

"You know that was just a warm-up, don't you?" she said slowly and with conviction. She grabbed her beer and handed one to me. "Cheers, I do believe we're gonna be here awhile," she teased.

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