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My Neighbor Janice Chapter 8

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Things continue with Janice and more.

I woke up to the alarm and Janice was already up, she was in the kitchen having coffee and a cigarette. She was all showered and made up; she was dressed ready to start her day. She told me she woke up at 5:00; she couldn’t sleep so got up and decided to get ready. She was wearing a black suit pants that had a matching jacket, a white satin blouse, the same black bead necklace and earrings she wore the night before. She had on her bright red lipstick, with black pumps.

She looked very sexy, yet very professional, she asked if I had slept well and I told her like a rock thanks to her, she smiled then poured me a coffee. We chatted, had a cigarette, then I told her I had to get a move on, I gave her a kiss; I went home to get ready for work. I headed out for my day, it was a pretty crazy day and I again worked late. I did not get home around 8:00.

I had eaten at work so when I got home I got comfortable in my gym shorts; I was kind of tired then fell asleep on the sofa I don’t even remember what was on the TV when I must dosed off. The phone woke me; the time was 10:30 when I looked at the clock on the wall. I saw it was Janice’s number that came up on the call display so I answered it. It was Kelly saying she saw my lights on, she asked if I wanted to come over for a drink as her mom and Mike had just dropped her off about 5 minutes ago and have gone to Mikes.

I told her I had fallen asleep on the couch; and that I really did feel like getting dressed again; but for her to come over to my house if she wanted. She told me she would be right over; I told her I would go unlock the back door. I met Kelly there then we went upstairs.

She looked very nice; it is obvious she hadn’t changed from being out with Mike and her mom. She was wearing a yellow, black and white dress, with swirls through out it, rather low cut in the front, with bright yellow high heels and tan color hose. I could smell her perfume in the air as I made us a drink. She sat on the sofa and I joined her; I apologized for what I was wearing but was quite relaxed and a just bit tired from my day. She told me that was fine as she sat back; she lit a cigarette; I joined her in that; we had our drinks and chatted.

She told me they had a nice dinner, where they went and so on. She looked very sexy, I felt my cock get hard as I believe me any man would have; looking at her and smelling her perfume.

I moved towards her; slid my hand up her leg; leaned forward to kiss her. She was very receptive to this; then slid my hand completely up her dress to her crotch, which was warm and somewhat damp. I could taste the liquor in her mouth and the lipstick from her lips as we kissed. She parted her legs a bit more to my touch; giving me access to her box, she moaned slightly as I touched her while we continued to kiss.

When our kiss broke, she smiled at me and said, “That feels very nice do you enjoy that”?

I told her that I did and hope she enjoys that too.

She replied “You don’t have to ask do you”.

She smiled then she put her hand on my cock under my shorts. I kissed her again; we went to the bedroom and got undressed. Kelly was wearing a very sexy lace light yellow bra with matching thong. I told her how sexy she looked and she told me she bought the lingerie the day we were in the states at Fredrick’s.

We got into bed and she said, “See I did not drink too much tonight and I am going to bed with you”.

I smiled at her as we continued our fore play with each other. I started to finger fuck her and touch her g-spot.

She really got into it saying “Oh yes, oh make me squirt again; oh make me squirt, oh fuck that felt so fucking good”.

I continued to feel her; suck on her tits; I felt her fluid building inside her, so I quicken the speed of fingering her.

She moaned, she started to shake, she yelled out something I couldn’t make out, then she starting spraying her fluid out of her pussy just as hard as the first time or maybe even harder.

She yelled, “Oh stop, stop, stop, no more, no more it hurts, it hurts”.

She layback rather limp, she told me how good it felt; she pulled me down to kiss her.

Kelly said “Oh I want you to fuck me doggy style”.

After a minute or so she got onto her hands and knee’s; I positioned myself behind her; I inserted my cock inside her tight, wet still quivering pussy. It felt incredible as I entered her; I started to fuck her slowly; she fucked me back by slamming her ass back against me almost coming out of her, our rhythm then became more in unison with each other. I told her how tight she was; that she is a good fuck; I grabbed her hips; took control of the strokes; increasing the pace.

Kelly yelled out she was cumming; I fucked her faster; then felt my load being ready to be expelled. I yelled to her I was cumming and dumped my sperm into her, held her hips tight until my load stopped shooting into her; then released my grasp of her; she went forward lay on her stomach; squeezing her legs together, and I lay beside her.

I said “Oh god Kelly that was so good”.

Kelly replied “oh yeah; mmm it was”.

She rolled on her side; she smiled give me a smooch, not a kiss, then said, “Let’s go have a cigarette then we can get you to sleep”.

Kelly went to the bathroom; she came out bare naked with a towel, and said “I better sit on this so I don’t leak cum on your furniture”.

I replied “I don’t know how anything could possibly leak out of your tight hole”.

She answered “With the amount you deliver man I don’t think I have enough room inside me for it all” she laughed.

We had a cigarette and she asked, “Can I sleep here again tonight”.

I told her sure but have to get up for work again so it will be an early morning. She told me it would be OK, I then set the coffee; and we went to bed.


I woke to the alarm in the morning.

Kelly moaned said, “That was a quick night”.

I replied, “Yes it was”.

I got up, hit the shower and when I came out Kelly was dressed, a bit messy, sitting at the bar; she was having a coffee and a cigarette. I told her I was going to get dressed and join her shortly. When I joined her she poured me a coffee and we talked. She told me I probably would not see her again this week as she has plans with her mom; with some of her friends on Friday and Saturday. She will be going home Sunday afternoon so she told me if she could she would stop by and say good-bye to me before she left on Sunday if I will be home. I told I most likely would be home and I really enjoyed her company, not only the sex; but give me a call if she could.

Kelly then said, “Jeff, I want to thank you for the last week and a half; the time went by so fast; I enjoyed myself very much; I am not that experienced in sex; you showed me and I experienced something different; I don’t know why I did what I did, but I don’t feel guilty. I am glad I did what I did and I hope you don’t think I am a bad person because of that and don’t know if we ever will fuck again”.

I told her I do not think anything bad of her; what happened, happened and I enjoyed the time with her too. We finished our coffees and she left, and I went to work.

Janice called me during the day to say hello and told me to call her at home on Monday at around noon, as she would be back from the airport by then. I told her I would and to enjoy her weekend with Mike and Kelly.

She told me she would have a surprise for me when I get home from work on Monday and would see me then. Work was busy as hell, there were some changes were going on and I worked late again, when got home went to bed early.


Both days at work were busy; home late again Thursday however came home at noon on Friday. The weather was OK, I did a lot of things at home which needed to be done, and even did spring yard work. I rested up as I was quite tired as I had a long couple of weeks, and still wondered in my mind how everything transpired.

Sunday I woke up and felt really good and I had a long hot shower. I noticed Kelly’s car in Janice’s driveway; and the sun was shining brightly. I made coffee and relaxed for a while now that all of what I had to do was caught up, laundry, cleaning, and even the yard work so all I had to do was get ready for work tomorrow.

Kelly called me at about 1:00 and asked if it was OK to come over. I told her sure and to use the back door, as there were a lot of the neighbors were outside in their yards and on the street. She told me she would be about 10 minutes so I unlocked the back door, and waited for her. When she came in I could smell her perfume, she looked very sexy, her make-up was all done, she was wearing her pink lipstick, she had on skin tight slim fit jeans that really showed off her sexy ass, a tight white short sleeved scoop neck top that showed the outline of her bra and her bare belly, gold herring bone chain, with thick gold hoop earrings, and her pink high heels.

I asked her if she wanted a coffee or something to drink and she said she would love a coffee, she set her cigarettes on the bar and sat down and crossed her legs. I poured her a coffee and joined her at the bar. I asked her how the rest of her week was and when was she leaving.

She told me she had a good time with her friends that she was all packed; had the car loaded; and was leaving right after she left my place.

I asked he,r “When does Greg get home”?

She answered, “Mid afternoon tomorrow”.

She told me her mom and Mike went over to the states this afternoon and were staying at a hotel since Mike’s flight was so early in the morning; and they thought it would be easier then going so early tomorrow morning. I told her I was glad to have the chance to see her before she left, and thanked her again for the company we shared for the past couple of weeks.

She told me if and when I am ever in London or when ever to call her cell and if she can talk she would, if she couldn’t she would say sorry you have the wrong number.

I asked when she planned on being home.

She said, “Oh whenever I get there, I won’t have much to do anyway”.

I looked at her; I got off my stool; I put my hand on her back then leaned into her and kissed her. She kissed me back; put her hand on my head, played with the hair on the back of my head and neck. We stood up facing each other; put our arms around each other; and kissed very passionately probing each other mouth with our tongues. I told she was a great kisser and I enjoyed kissing her very much. She smiled looking up at me with her hands hooked together behind my neck as we were standing facing each other with my arms around her lower back.

I asked softly, “Kelly would you like to go to bed”?

She replied, “Yes I would like to”.

I led her to the bedroom; we undressed; she lay back completely naked; spread her legs open wide; and I went down on her eating her sweet pussy until she had cum. When I finished I went up next to her; kissed her.

Kelly asked, “Do you want a blow job or do you want to fuck me”.

I slid my finger along her wet slit, positioned myself between her legs; entered her; I started to fuck her slowly; watching the look on her face and looking down at her sweet tits.

She moaned out “Oh it feels so good, fuck me hard, fuck me hard, oh yes fuck me”.

I increased my pace a little harder, faster and kept increasing the speed until she yelled out that she was cumming.

I let the large load I knew I had inside of me spurted deep into her tight pussy. I held my cock in her for a few moments; then slowly pulled out of her, my cum sort of bubbled out of her pussy when I withdrew; I then lay down beside her. We snuggled and kissed a bit; we got up, Kelly went to the bathroom and when she returned we then dressed, then went back to the living room.

We had a cigarette and talked for a while. She told me she did not have the intent to have sex with me when she came over, but said she was glad we did. I told her I enjoyed it very much too as I was quite horny. She told me she would have to go to the drug store now and get a douche so when she baths tonight she can clean pussy, as the last thing she would need is for her husband to smell any sex in her tomorrow when he gets home.

She kind of giggled then said, “I thought I was rid of any scent of you in my pussy from the other day but what the hell, it only takes a few minutes to clean myself out and besides I can smell you tonight on my way home”.

We chatted for a bit longer she said she should get going, we kissed and she left. The rest of my day was pretty quiet I barbequed a steak for dinner and watched some TV and then went to bed a little early looking forward to seeing Janice tomorrow when I get home.


I woke up then got ready for my day; I was looking forward to my evening with Janice. I went to work and the VP came to my office started blowing smoke up my ass about how pleased they were with my work the last month doing my work and the work of the manager who was off on sick leave. Then he proceeded to tell me that 1st I was going to (Toronto) to run the office there as the senior manager there was going to be off for the month. The corporation has acquired a suite for me there; that there is a car in the parking garage which he gave me the keys to. Anything I need to get, charge to the corporation since they know this will be quite an inconvenience to me. He told me to finish what I have to do today and take the next two days to get ready and be there Thursday morning and he will meet me there to get things started. I thought fuck what bad timing if he only knew.

At 11:00 I called Janice’s cell; I asked her where she was and she told me she was just about home. I told her I was coming home early and had something to tell her so she told me to just come over to her place after I get home then asked what time I would be home.

I told her at about 2:00 give or take half an hour.

She said, “Ok I will be waiting for you”.

I got home around 2:30, I changed and went over to Janice’s; I went upstairs, she had the blinds drawn, no lights on and just some candles burning. I could smell her perfume; she was sitting on the sofa on a blanket, her legs parted, she was smoking a cigarette, wearing a bright red bra open for her nipples, red panties with black lace trim an open crotch, red garter belt also with black lace trim, with red stockings, red stiletto high heels with straps at the ankles, necklace of two strands of red beads, and large red earrings, her make up was all done, her eye shadow was quite dark and blended out more than usual and she had on her bright red lipstick.

I looked at her as she took a long drag of her cigarette.

Janice looked at me very seductively then asked, “Well do you like how your cheating fucking slut is dressed; this is another surprise I bought for you that day at Frederick’s. Baby I have some cum in my cunt from the fuck I had this morning and from last night; do you want to come fuck my dirty cunt, I haven’t cleaned it, I know you like that you dirty mother fucker, do you want to come and add to it; do you want to fuck me like the dirty fucking cheating slut that I am, still full of my mans cum”.

I took my pants and shirt off; displayed to her the hard on that she gave me.

I answered her, “Bend over you dirty fucking cheating whore, Yes I am going to fuck you like the dirty bitch you are; and fill that dirty fucking cum filled cunt with more cum”.

She immediately got on her hands and knees on the sofa; I came up from behind her and shoved my cock right into her, she quite was wet.

She yelled out, “Oh yes fuck me like the dirty whore I am, you like fucking this whore don’t you, oh god Jeff I am such a dirty fucking whore, oh god babe I like your cum in my fucking cunt, oh yes fuck, oh shit, oh fuck, fuck, fuck, oh yes baby, oh yes. I need another fucking load of sperm in me, my dirty fuck hole needs it baby, oh fucking god yes, oh god yes. Fuck that’s it, fuck it, fuck it, oh god yes, oh hard like that, oh yes hard, harder, harder, oh my fucking god, oh sit, oh shit, oh shit yes. Oh keep hitting that spot, oh yes fuck my nasty fuck hole, yes shit, oh, oh, oh, god yes I’m cummming, oh fuck, fuck, fuck, oh, oh, oh, yessssss”.

I couldn’t go on any longer listening to her and feeling her tightness, I exploded my fucking load deep into her fucking hot snatch.

Janice moaned out loudly, “Oh yes, oh god, oh fuck yes, oh yes I love to feel that cum in me, I love your fucking cum in me, oh god yes fuck that feels so good”.

She was milking on my cock with her internal muscles. I know that I shot a big load into her and when I withdrew again I was amazed on how little would come out with my cock. Her twat then seemed to just close up like a vise, she stayed on her knees for a few minutes; she cleaned the little dribble from her snatch with her fingers then put them to her mouth and licked them. I sat back on the loveseat across from her looking at her incredible sexy ass sticking in the air and her well-fucked snatch.

“Fuck that was good,” I said breathing hard as I was still catching my breath.

She then got up; went and made us a drink; she sat down on the towel on beside me; gave me my drink; kissed me hard. I grabbed both of her nipples that stuck out of the openings of her bra and squeezed them firmly. She moaned loudly, I then released them as our kiss broke. We lit a cigarette; and had our drinks then I told her the bad news about having to go away.

“Oh fuck that’s horrible; oh fuck now you and Mike are both going to be gone,” she replied.

I told her I was leaving Wednesday so I could get settled and at least we have today and tomorrow night.

“Oh well got to do what you got to do, but we don’t have to like it and just hope the time goes by fast,” she replied.

We had a couple of more drinks, and we talked about a lot of things. I asked her what Mike had said about her belly piercing. She told me she was quite surprised that he didn’t mind it; he actually said it was sexy. She told me that it was getting pretty well healed now and she no longer has any discomfort. Janice told me she had a prime rib roast in the oven, for dinner, and it would be ready in a couple of hours. She then asked what I did while she was busy with Mike and Kelly.

I told her all I did ( with the exception of what Kelly and I did ) and that the time went by pretty quick. She told me it just seemed Mike got here and was gone again. She told me she is going to visit her sister next weekend and will see the girls too since I won’t be around. I asked her if she wanted to go to the states tomorrow night for dinner as I will be getting ready all day to leave Wednesday and she accepted.

I started to get hard again; I took Janice by the hand; I led her to the bedroom; I laid her down on the bed; I pushed her legs up and back; I shoved my cock into her and started to fuck her again. I would stick my cock all the way in then take it almost out then put it all the way in again and kept doing this. I looked down at her; I could tell she liked it; as she played with her nipples she moaned softly. I continued this for a while; it felt good; then increased the speed of my strokes.

Janice moaned louder and said, “Oh god, oh yes fuck me, oh it feels good, oh for Christ sakes make me cum, just don’t fucking tease me, oh god I want it, fuck me, fuck me, oh fuck me again”.

I went faster and harder, surprisingly she started to cum quickly, she was moaning and her and body tensed.

Janice started yelling, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, oh my god yes, I’m cumming again, oh keep fucking me, like that, right there, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, fuck yes, I’m cumming all over your cock, oh my god do you feel it, oh my fucking god, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, yes, oh, oh, oh, fuck”.

“Yes I can feel you cumming, it feels so good, you dirty fucking slut, you are a nasty fucking cheating slut who loves cock, you like being fucked don’t you, whore?” I replied.

She yelled, “Oh yes, oh god I love cock buried into my fuck hole, that hole is made for fucking, for cumming and having cum dumped inside me, are you ready to cum in my slutty fuck hole, I need it, oh yes cum in me, cum in my dirty fucking cunt, oh yes do it now, oh shit yes cummm baby”.

I could feel my load ready to go and blew it into her.

Janice screamed, “Oh yes, oh fuck yes, oh fuck yes, oh so deep, I feel you at my cervix again, oh god that’s so good, oh so good, oh if I could you know you would be making me pregnant right now with all that cum in my cervix, oh god yes I have four loads of hot cum in me in less than 24 hours”.

I was sweating like hell, it was dripping from my body on to her legs, and we were both glazed in sweat. I held my cock in her and held her legs up as I used them for balance. Janice used those fucking cunt muscles and milked my cock hard, oh it felt so good. I let her legs down withdrew from her and lay down beside her. I kissed her hard and told her she was one hot fuck.

She smiled then replied, “Jeff I like to fuck, I really am a dirty fucking whore”.

We rested for a bit; Janice then got up went to the washroom and freshened up. When she returned to the bedroom she told me to go take a shower while she finishes dinner. I got up to go shower and she put on a red see through negligee that went down to her ass. Janice went to the kitchen and I hit the shower.

When I came out of the shower; she had set the table; she made us a drink and was sitting in the living room having a cigarette. We then had dinner cleaned up; we watched some TV and both of us fell asleep in each others arms. I think she woke up first and when I felt her move I woke too.

Janice said, “Let’s go to bed it’s been a long day”.

We went to the bedroom; Janice stripped naked lay back on the bed; her head on some pillows, she spread her legs open with her feet flat on the bed, and her knees in the air.

“Come eat me, come eat my dirty fucking cunt; come eat my dirty cum filled cunt,” she said.

I went down on her, licking and suckling her snatch, she surprised me again that she started to cum so quickly; she held my head tight into her crotch.

Janice yelled, “Oh fuck I’m cumming, oh yes I’m cumming, oh my fucking god yes, eat me, eat me, eat my cunt, eat my fucking cunt, oh god yes, yes, yes”.

Janice finished her orgasm, she released her grasp on me, she let her legs fall; she looked down at me still between her legs; she smiled with a very naughty look.

“Come up here to me,” she demanded.

I did as she asked, we kissed and she licked my face. Janice fondled my cock then went down saying, “I want to suck your dirty fucking cock”. She started sucking me, making me hard in her mouth; she was jerking my cock with a firm grip ( she normally does not use her hands ) and how I don’t know, having me cum again into her mouth. I told her I was completely spent.

She said, “Good, got make sure you have enough before you go”.

“Oh yes, but I am fucked out,” I replied.

We then went to sleep.


I woke up to Janice’s alarm and she again was not in bed. I got up then went and had a piss. Janice was in the kitchen having a coffee and a cigarette; she was wearing a lace lime green bra and panties, spice color stay-up stockings. Her make-up and hair was all done she looked incredible as always.

She said, “Good morning, I sorry I forgot to shut the alarm off I did not want to wake you”.

I told her it was ok, I really needed to get up anyway as I have a lot to do today.

I then joined her; we had our coffee, I told her how pretty her lingerie was; that she looked very sexy and we talked about our plans for the day. Janice got up; went to finish getting dressed and when she came out she was wearing a thin white blouse, lime green skirt, with matching jacket, tan hose, a thick gold chain necklace with a heart pendent, with a pair of gold hoop earrings. We had another coffee and she had to go. I told I would let myself out and see her tonight when she got home.

I then went home and started to do all the things I needed to do, as I was going to be gone for a month (fuck there was a lot to do with such short notice). I believe I had completed all my tasks and got things all ready to put in the car in the next day. Janice called about 1:30 and told me she took tomorrow off and that she was going to be home about 4:00, she would change her clothes and come over.

Janice arrived at my place about 4:30 and wow she looked hot. She was wearing a short sleeveless very tight blue dress, made of a very smooth shiny material, which showed every curve of her body, her nipples showed through a bit as well, suntan color very shiny hose, with blue and black high heels that matched her dress and a black jacket. She had large thick gold hoop earrings and a herringbone necklace, gold bracelet and several rings on her fingers. Her make up was exquisitely done and she wore a very deep red lipstick.

I said, “Oh my you look fucking hot”.

She smiled and said, “Glad you like it, so are you ready to go?”

I told her I was; we then got into the SUV in the garage, the one which the company provided for me, (a Lincoln navigator), I am not too fond of Fords it however had very dark windows so she did not have crouch down as no one would be able to see in and we left. We got to our destination had a couple of drinks, a nice dinner. I was surprised how busy the restaurant was for a Tuesday night. We talked a lot at dinner about me going away, about her coming to visit me if possible, as well other day-to-day things.

Janice stated rubbing my leg with her foot under the table then told me how much she liked the night that we came home and I took her by surprise in the landing of her house, that it really turned her on. After dinner we had a couple more drinks then headed for home. We got back about 9:00 put the car in my garage then went into my house. I asked Janice if she wanted a drink.

She answered, “Let’s just go to my house have a drink there and settle in for the night”.

We went over Janice’s, she took her jacket off, she then made us a drink, we then sat on the sofa, had a cigarette and talked for a bit.

Janice commented, “You know Mike will be back before you will as he is scheduled back on the 26th”.

I told her I never even thought about it and that she is right so when I get back everything will be back like it was before. I reached over and ran my hand up her leg to her crotch feeling the warmth between her legs through her panties and hose. She parted her legs a bit more to give me more access to her snatch.

I whispered softly as I kissed her neck, “Oh fuck you feel so warm down there”.

She replied, “Yes I know, I’m so excited tonight, I am dripping, god I am so fucking horny”.

I then tried to reach into the front of her pantyhose.

Janice exclaimed, “Oh fuck it, just rip them, finger my dirty fucking cunt, make me your fucking bitch, I’m just a dirty fucking whore, you like fucking this whore so just take me. God I really need it, I’m just a dirty fucking cunt, just a nasty fucking cunt, just take me, do what ever you want to me Jeff, I am your fucking cunt tonight, make me fucking sore”.

I then grabbed the crotch of her pantyhose, I ripped them open, I pushed her panties to the side; I took my fingers and shoved them into her cunt. I told her I was going to make her fucking cum as I finger fucked her hard with two fingers as I worked her g-spot.

She moaned loudly then yelled out, “Oh my fucking god yes, yes, oh fuck yes oh my god I’m going to fucking squirt, oh my fucking god”.

Janice started to squirt her juice all over the place like a fountain even hitting the coffee table with her spray from her snatch. She really sprayed a lot making quite a mess.

“That’s good you nasty fucking cunt, make a fucking mess, you dirty whore,” I told her.

She begged me to stop but this time I kept going for a bit longer. She ejaculated a second and third spray even harder and fuller than the first one. Her streams landed almost fully on the coffee table.

I looked down at her and said, “You made quite a mess, you nasty fucking cunt. Now we have to clean it up”.

I then reached down to her between her tits, pulled her up by the front of her dress and her bra then pushed her down on her knees, forced her head down to the coffee table.

I yelled, “Lick that fucking cunt juice up, you dirty cheating fucking slut”.

She licked and sucked the juice off the table almost wildly as I held the back of her head and hair while she was doing so. When I saw she was mostly finished I let her head go, she looked up at me, smiled very seductively, her makeup was messed, and her lipstick was smeared on her face.

I then said to her as I took off my pants, “That’s a good little fucking cheating slut licking up your cunt juice”.

I took her by the hair and pulled her face to my cock and said, “Come on, you dirty fucking whore, suck my fucking cock, you cunt,” as I pushed it into her mouth.

She started sucking hard as I held the back of her head and fucked her mouth. I could feel myself getting ready to cum as she greedily was sucking me.

I said, “Oh fuck I am going to cum and spray your fucking face, you hot nasty slut”.

I pulled out of her mouth, grabbed my cock to control the stream just as I started to cum. I shot my load into her face hitting her forehead, above both of her eyes, her hair and then shoved my cock into her mouth again.

I said, “Clean my cock, you fucking dirty cunt”.

She obediently sucked and licked my cock with her eyes closed as my cum leaked down to her eyes, her eye make-up was leaking down with the cum down her face. I took my cock out of her mouth and told her she was a good fucking little slut, and watched my cum continue to drip down her face, then onto her dress landing on her breast area and into her cleavage.

She asked me, “Do I look like a nasty fucking cum whore?”

I told her she did and she looked very slutty. She took her hands to her face and eyes wiped the cum from them, she licked her fingers clean. She then slowly opened her eyes, looked up at me and smiled very seductively.

I asked, “Did you like that”.

She replied, “Oh fuck yes, that was great I love being your whore, your dirty filthy little cum slut, your obedient little cunt”.

I helped her up to her feet, I gave her a kiss licked her lips and we sat down on the love seat. She still had cum all over her which was now starting to dry and I lit us both a cigarette. She seductively took a drag of her cigarette and then blew her smoke into the air and asked if I would make us a drink. We drank our drinks, talked a while, then we went to the bedroom.

Janice took off her clothes; she lay down on the bed completely naked, spread her legs open.

“Eat my cunt,” she said.

I went down on her; I ate her out until she had cum again, and until she stopped me due to the sensitivity. We then lay in bed and talked a while more about what time I was leaving tomorrow.

Janice got up and said, “I am going to have a shower, will you go make us a nightcap and I will see you in the living room”.

I went made drinks turned on the news and waited for Janice to finish her shower. Janice came out to the living room, she was wearing a short white see through negligee, I could read words written on her body in red lipstick, above her right tit she had the word “ SLUT ”, above her left tit “ WHORE ” and across her stomach “ CUNT ”.

“WOW, that’s so fucking hot, Janice, you’re making me hard again,” I said to her.

“I hoped you would like this, this is what I am, this how I feel right now,” she replied.

We had our drinks; a cigarette then I took her by hand and led her into the bedroom, once inside the bedroom I pushed her face down on the bed, I told her to lift her ass in the air and to spread her legs. Janice lifted her ass then parted her legs as I told her. I shoved my cock into her twat felling her wetness.

Janice grunted saying, “Oh god yes”.

I then took my cock out of her very wet cunt, then put it right to her asshole, pushed it right inside of her ass.

Janice screamed, “Oh fuck me that hurts, oh my fucking god, oh god, oh my fucking god”.

“You want to be sore you fucking cunt, I’ll make you sore you dirty whore, I’m going to fuck your nasty asshole, you fucking cunt,” I yelled.

Janice cried out, “Yes fuck my ass baby, oh god yes fuck my dirty asshole, fuck my shit hole you nasty fucker, I like it, oh god yes, oh yes fucking make me hurt for being such a nasty fucking whore, I’m your cunt baby, take me, make me yours, I’m your cunt”.

I fucked her asshole hard as she continued to moan while I did so. Her ass was so tight it felt incredible as I was fucking it. I could fell my load getting ready to blow.

I yelled out, “Fuck I am cumming you cunt, I am fucking cumming”.

Her asshole seemed to tighten around my cock.

“Yes cum in my fucking ass, cum in my fucking ass,” she yelled.

My load shot out of my cock like a bullet into ass, the feeling was so intense I nearly fell over; I had to hang onto her ass cheeks to keep from falling.

Janice moaned out, “Oh fuck baby, that was good”.

I slowly pulled my cock out of her ass; then Janice fell forward onto her stomach. I then went and lay down beside her on the bed, she was gasping for her breath looking at me. After she seemed to have caught her breath she got up on her knees and went down to my crotch, took my cock into her mouth, sucking it and licking it like a mad woman. I couldn’t believe what she was doing considering that my cock had just come out of her ass. This really turned me on, this was just unbelievable to me; I started to get hard again as she sucked me. Janice then turned herself around and came up to me and kissed me deeply.

“Jeff I hope you liked that, I like to suck cock after it’s been in my ass, it’s such a dirty act, it turns me on knowing that what I am doing is so nasty, and since I’m such a nasty cunt I believe it is my duty to clean my man. I hope you understand what I am saying to you. The nastier the better, I told you earlier that you would learn more about me as we go along and I hope I will not turn you off, with me being like this,” Janice exclaimed.

I answered, “No I like it very much; I can almost hardly wait to find out what else about you I don’t know”.

"Well the way you just took me is something I really like, so now you know that; also Jeff I really like to be called a CUNT like you did tonight, it really does something for me, I just can’t explain that I just really like it, so never hold back you can call me a CUNT whenever you like,” she stated.

I answered, “You really are something, woman”.

Janice smiled then said, “Lets to sleep I am getting tired, it been a long day”.


I woke in the morning it was about 8:30 and Janice was sound asleep next to me. I just lay there and looked at her for a while but had to go and have a piss. I quietly got up went to the bathroom and when I returned Janice was waking up. She told me she was going to start the coffee then we went out to the kitchen, both of us completely naked. I really like looking at her naked ass as she walked in front of me. I gave her a little slap on the ass as we got to the kitchen.

She turned smiled and asked, “So are you going to miss your hot little dirty whore’s ass?"

I replied, “Most definitely”.

Janice got the coffee going, we sat at the bar and lit a cigarette, when the coffee was ready she poured us each one. She asked what time I was going to leave. I told her at about noon which would give me enough time to get to where I was going, get settled, grab some dinner. I then would get ready for the next day to meet the boss and find out what I would be doing for the next while. We had our coffees and a few cigarettes each.

Janice said, “Well you better take this fucking cheating whore to bed and give me a good fucking”.

I got up took her by the hand, we went to the bedroom; I laid her on the bed, put my head between her legs then started to eat her out.

She moaned out, “Oh fuck yes, eat my horny twat, lick that fucking clit, tongue fuck my hole for me baby, and lick my dirty slutty fuck hole”.

I continued to eat her; she held my head tight between her legs.

She yelled out, “Oh god fuck, oh yes fuck, oh that’s it, oh fuck I am cumming, oh I’m cumming, oh god lick my cum out of my fuck hole. Oh god, I am such a nasty fucking whore”.

Janice released her grip that she had on head; her body relaxed; I went up to her and kissed her. Janice began to fondle and rub my cock.

Janice moaned out loudly, “Fuck me, stick that hard cock in me, fuck me hard, spray your cum inside my cheating whore fucking cunt as I not going to be getting any for a while. Oh fuck I love your cum deep inside of me, I am so fucking horny Jeff I want it, fuck me baby, fuck me, fuck me”.

I positioned myself above her; I lifted her legs up and back. I shoved my cock inside of her, Janice sort of grunted as I did so.

She yelled, “Oh fuck yes, oh fuck yes I need that, fuck me babe, fuck your whore, fuck my dirty cunt like you never fucked it before. I want to feel your fucking sperm so deep inside of me, I want to be able to smell you for the next couple of days inside me”.

I continue to fuck her and increased my speed; I was fucking her very hard.

Janice tensed up and started yelling, “Oh fuck, oh I am a whore, I need to be filled, I’m a nasty fucking cheating whore, oh god fuck I love cock, oh god I’m fucking cumming, fuck yes, oh my fucking god I’m cummmming. Oh yes, oh yes, oh shit, oh shit, oh fuck yes, oh babe fucking cum in me, blow that fucking hot load into my fucking snatch. It’s so fucking thirsty for your cum, oh god yes your there again, oh god yes flood my fucking cervix”.

I just couldn’t hold back any longer, I told her I was cumming then started shooting my load into her box.

She yelled, “Oh yes babe, I feel it, I feel it, oh fuck yes give me all your fucking sperm, oh fuck yes, oh god yes give to me deep like that, oh god you dirty mother fucker that feels good there”.

I held my cock inside her, I held myself up using her legs. She continued to milk me with her vaginal muscles until I couldn’t take it any more; the sensation was just too great, I pulled out of her tight snatch. I collapsed on the bed next to her. We were both breathing very hard and were both covered in sweat as we lay next to each other. I told her that was one great fuck.

She replied, “Oh yes it was, my dirty slutty cunt needed that, it needed to be filled with cum”.

I looked at Janice and said, “Last night and this morning is the first time I ever fucked you without being all made up”.

She replied, “I think you are right, are you OK with that”.

I replied, “Oh yes, cunt, it’s OK with me as long as I am fucking you”.

We kissed for a while; then I started to feel her tits.

I said, “I am going to miss those fucking tits, cunt”.

She smiled at me and said, “Look while you’re gone I don’t expect you to be celibate, but for fuck sakes be careful”.

I told her not to worry, that I sure would not want to ruin what we have. She smiled at me again and kissed me very hard.

I asked her about if she thought she would be able to come and see me or maybe I would come home on a weekend. She told me she would see how things go; what kind of plans she will be making with the girls and her sister. I told her to say hello to Kelly if possible and we would be talking anyway. I would call her with my phone number where I would be staying and told her I hoped she would get a chance to come to see me. She told me she sure would like to, as it would be nice to get away for a weekend as well before Mike came home. We then got up and went back out to the kitchen had another coffee and cigarette. I told her I had better get home as it was around 10:30, I needed to get cleaned up and load the car. She said she would come over to my house in about an hour to say good-bye and I told that would be great.

I then went to my house and did what I needed to do; I showered, dressed loaded the vehicle and was ready to leave. It was about 11:50 and Janice then came in, I was sitting at my bar having a cigarette going through my list to make sure everything was done.

Janice looked very sexy her hair and makeup all done, wearing her short faded blue jean shorts, skimpy white take top that showed her belly, with sheer white bra, blue jean material high heels, with gold necklace and hoop earrings. I told I was already to go and told her I would call her tonight with my phone number of my suite (but she could always call my cell) after I got settled and asked her what she was going to do with the rest of the day. She told me she had some things to do, after I left then she was going to take it easy and relax today.

Janice stood up beside me; smiled very seductively, put her hand on my crotch. She asked me if I would able to cum again. I told her I might as she felt me and I could feel my cock growing inside my pants. She then undid my pants, took my cock out; stroked me, making my cock harder and harder. I told her that if she not careful I was going to cum.

She said, “Good I want you to cum but let me have control where it goes”.

She started jerking me off harder and harder, as she stood between my legs looking down at me.

“I want you to cum for me, cum for your cunt,” she said.

I braced myself by holding onto the arms of bar stool and counter. I told her I was about to cum, she then knelt down, leaned forward putting her tits in front of my cock, jerking me with her right hand and pulling her top and bra away her left tit with her left hand.

She said, “Oh cum babe, cum into my bra and on my tit”.

I started to cum and she directed my cum on her tit and inside of her bra. I was surprised I still had much left but she received a good deposit on her tit that leaked down her tit, she let her top and bra go, and my sperm was trapped in her bra making a large wet spot through her top as she rubbed it. She then licked the head of my cock clean, as she looked up at me and smiled. I told her that was so fucking hot and felt so good.

She replied, “I m glad you liked that, now I have your cum in me and on me”.

She put my cock back into my pants and zipped me up.

I said, “Well I guess I better get going”.

I got up kissed her, gave her a hug and gave her ass a little smack. I told her I would call her when I got settled and hoped she would have a good day.

I then headed out for Toronto not looking real forward to be away. I arrived downtown at about 5:00, the traffic was a bitch, I got settled in my suite which I have to admit was extremely luxurious more than I ever expected. I went out and had dinner, then returned to my suite at about 8:30.

I called Janice; I gave her the phone number and address of where I was. I described the suite to Janice in as much detail as I could. It was on the 30th floor, it had an open concept, two huge bedrooms with king beds, three large baths with very large Jacuzzi style tubs with separate showers in each of the ones off the bedrooms, another large bathroom off the hallway. It had large fully stocked kitchen with marble counters across the length of the room with a built in Jen Air range, oak cupboards, dining room, a fully stocked bar with anything one could want.

There is a large living room with one wall that was all mirrors that made the suite look huge when you walked in the door all though it was huge anyway. It had beautiful furniture forest green in color, a very large screened in balcony complete with a beautiful set of rattan furniture, couch, love seat, and end tables. There is a full utility room with washer, dryer and complete with cleaning supplies, vacuum etc. I told her I could get to like this, and sure could have a lot of guests in with the size of the place if I needed to. There was an indoor pool, sauna and gym in the building as well. I asked about her day and she told me it was fine, she relaxed a lot and was ready for work tomorrow.

She told me she was still wearing her cum stained bra and top as we were speaking. I told her she was making me horny just thinking about how she looked at that moment. Janice told me she was going to Kelly’s this weekend and if possible maybe come to Toronto the next weekend to see me. We talked a bit more then said goodnight to each other. I made myself a drink, got my clothes ready for the morning, settled down and relaxed to watch some TV.

At about 9:30 the phone rang and a woman who identified herself as Gina told me she was my executive assistant. She asked if everything was to my satisfaction in my suite, I told her everything was fine. She told me she would be picking me up at 8:45 in the morning to take me to the office to meet with my boss at 10:30. I thanked her and told her I would see her in the morning. I set the coffee up for the morning after I figured the machine out; finished my drink had a shower then wet to bed.

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