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My Neighbour Janice Continued Part 3

Continuing my fuck buddy relationship with my neighbour Janice, and we start to take more chances.

Friday was busy day at work, I was glad to go home. Hooray, the weekend is here! When I arrived at home I relaxed and had a drink and prepared to BBQ a steak I had ready for dinner. I had dinner and did some email and cruising on the computer. I then watched some TV and then headed off to bed.

Saturday I had slept in went and did some shopping and then met a friend for lunch. I returned to the house and did normal house cleaning and laundry. I felt tired that evening and actually went to bed early at around 11:00 and I guess I needed it as I slept till 9:00 the next morning. I made breakfast did, my ironing and planned my menu for the next week. I did not know if I would see Janice today or not and kept pretty busy in the house.

At 1:45 the phone rang I saw it was Janice. She told me she just got home; I asked her how her weekend was. 

“It's a long story," she said,"I will tell you later if you can come over or do you have any plans?"

 I replied, “I had no plans just doing what one must do around the house”.

 She answered “Great, give me about 3 hours and come over. I have some things to do as well,” and also asked “Do you want to be bad and order a pizza for dinner?"

 I said “Sure that a great idea."

She replied “The back door will be open and I will see you then."

I asked if she wanted me to bring anything over.

She said, “Some diet 7up if you have I forgot to pick some up."

I replied “Sure I have lots and I will see you in a while."

At 5:00 I went over to Janice’s and she was sitting in the armchair in the living room having a cigarette and having a drink. She sure looked good, hair and makeup was flawless as usual; she was wearing a very bright red lipstick. She was wearing a short blue jean skirt, tan color pantyhose, a short sleeve navy top that had a low cut square neckline which really showed her tits, large red bead necklace, large red button earrings, and her red high heels with the gold heel tips.

I said, “Oh my Janice you sure look very hot and sexy”.

 She replied, “Well that’s good. I am hoping to make your cock fucking good and hard as I did not get any this weekend”.

 I then asked her about her weekend.

 She said “Pour yourself a drink, I just made one for myself then sit down and I will tell you about it”.

I made myself a drink and then sat down on the love-seat across from her.

 Janice said “Well about my weekend poor Mike was not feeling good I guess he got the flu, I ended up playing nurse all weekend not that I minded, don’t get me wrong, then Saturday morning I broke a fucking finger nail making the bed so I had to come to the city had my nails redone, I was due anyway and today just come home to get myself ready for next week so I am just kind of glad to be home”.

 I told her I really liked her nails.

She said “I changed the color slightly to this brighter red I wasn’t so sure at first but now really like it and they are just a bit longer than I am used to”.

We then talked for a while we had a couple of drinks, and let me tell you; her plan to make my cock hard was sure working.

She then asked me if I was ready to order the pizza yet.

I replied “Anytime was good with me”.

Janice got up and called in the order they told her it would be about an hour as they were busy.

She walked back to her chair and sat down with her legs slightly spread then said to me “So would you like an appetizer before the pizza gets here?” as she sat back in the chair, spread her legs wide open giving me a look up her skirt at her panties and her pantyhose covered crotch.

 I smiled and I replied, “I would love an appetizer” she stood up, took off her heels, lifted her skirt to her waist and pulled down and off her panties and hose.

She sat back in the chair with her skirt up at her waist and said “Come over here then and eat my hot wet and horny little snatch”.

I got up went over to her and went down to my knees in front her and started to lightly lick her slit which was wet and creamy and then went up to her clit tonguing her up and down and sucked on her clit too. I looked up at her and she was playing with her tits squeezing them and playing with her nipples over her top and started to moan and she exclaimed loudly “Oh yes that is so good, oh fuck I really like that, oh fuck that feels so good, oh fuck, fuck, fuck, yes lick my hot horny little fuck hole, oh fuck I need it, fuck yes eat me, eat me, eat me, make me fucking cum you dirty cunt licker make your hot little slut cum”.

She arched her back and tensed up and screamed “Fuck yes, yes, yes, I’m fucking cumming oh fuck, oh fuck yes” her body relaxed and she sort of went limp, she looked down at me and said “Come up here and kiss me I want to taste you”.

I went up and kissed her and played with her tits for a bit as I lay across her body still on my knees. Janice said, “That was so fucking good, I really loved that, you really do have a talented tongue”.

I got up and smiled and said “I am glad you liked it” as I looked down at her still laying back in the chair, then I lit us both a cigarette and made us another drink.

The doorbell then rang and the pizza delivery was here so I went to the door, got the pizza. Janice then got up put her panties and shoes back on and left her pantyhose on the floor.

We then ate, had a cigarette, then cleaned up and it was about 8:30.

Janice came over to me in the kitchen and rubbed my cock through my pants and said, “Oh fuck your cock is good and hard”.

 I replied, “What do you expect you dirty little fucking whore”.

She said “Yes that’s right, I am a dirty fucking whore, a dirty whore that needs to get fucked, good and hard, right up my dirty little whore fuck hole, come let’s go to the bedroom, I want you fuck me like the slut I am”.

We went to the bedroom got undressed crawled onto the bed, we kissed hard, sticking our tongues into each other mouths, as I squeezed her tits and played with her nipples and slid my hand down to her crotch and slid a finger into her wet hole as she grabbed onto my cock and started to stroke me.

She moaned loudly and said “I want you fuck me with that hard cock” as she continued to stoke me,” You’re dirty little slut needs to be fucked so badly”.

I lifted myself up, positioned myself above her, as she spread her legs open exposing her tight little fuckhole and yelled out “Stick that fucking cock up my cunt and fuck me, fuck me good and hard”.

I then shoved my cock inside her hard and grabbed her tits; she grunted and said loudly “Oh yes, give me a good fucking, fuck me hard”.

 I replied loudly as I started to fuck her “Yes you fucking dirty little slut, I am going to fuck your little tight fuck hole hard, do you like me slamming my cock up your hot fucking cunt”.

Janice screamed back loudly “Yes, yes, yes fuck my slut cunt, blow your hot load of fucking cum inside of me, I need your hot fucking load of jizz inside my fuck hole”.

I yelled back to her as I was fucking her “Tell me you fucking nasty slut. How bad do you want it, you are just a fucking slut whore aren’t you, and you’re my fucking cum dump right slut”.

She was bucking and pushing back against my cock hard, looking up at me with almost glazed look in her eyes, she started to tense her body as I fucked her and she yelled out “Yes I’m your fucking cum dump whore and you fucking like it, oh, oh, oh fuck I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh fuck, fuck, fuck me I’m cumming”.

I could feel myself getting ready to cum and yelled out “I’m cumming slut, fuck me, I’m cumming, I’m going to shoot my hot fucking load, deep inside your hot fuck hole”.

I could then feel my load shooting inside of her, very strongly and she screamed “Oh, oh, oh, fuck yes, yes, yes I can feel your fucking load inside me, oh yes, yes it feels so good”.

 I held my cock deep inside her for a bit after cumming as her body relaxed, then pulled out of her, and you could see a small pool of my cum at the entrance of her fuck hole, as most was deep inside her and she still had her legs up with me holding her up at the ankles.

She was looking up at me and asked “Did you like that”?

 I replied “Very much so” as I released her ankles and we lay down beside each other.

Janice said “Why don’t you be a sweetie and go get our cigarettes and the large glass ashtray at the end of the bar and make us a drink”

 I replied “Sure”

I then got up and completed my task and when I returned to the bedroom and Janice was sitting up on the bed.

We lit a cigarette and I looked at her and said “I have never been with a woman as hot as you, and you sure know how to push my buttons”.

She replied with a laugh “So you like my dirty mouth hey”.

I replied “Oh yea very much so but never really knew a woman who was like this before”.

She replied “Well, you are the first man who I have been with, that I’ve talked to like that, and that and it also excites me a great deal as well and I love it when you talk dirty and call me dirty names. We have a special relationship and I am enjoying it, and sure hope you like it too”.

I replied “Oh I am", I am so glad we talked and drank that wine that night”.

I then asked her about Mike and she said “I met Mike a while ago and we really got along well, then started dating, I really do care for him, we do have a good time but this is not what he would be into as he is so much more reserved , but this is also something what I need and I am happy that you are so agreeable to this situation, not many men would want to be with a woman who is with someone else and even more want to fuck a woman after they have been fucked by another man. I have to be honest that really does turn me on and makes me wilder I guess”.

I then asked her “I guess this is stupid of me to ask you now, after fucking you, and filling you with sperm, but I assume you are on the pill”.

She said “Oh don’t worry sweetie I will not be getting pregnant as I had my tubes tied after the birth of my second daughter, I was not going to be having any more children, and oh by the way, you are only the third man ever to cum inside me, beside my ex-husband and Mike”.

Janice then went on to say “Mike is kind and sweet and I needed something like that in my life at the time”.

I then told her “I understand completely and am very content to be your friend, and fuck buddy and if I ever do fuck someone else, well lets just say I am very careful, as in the past I found fucking married women the safest as I am not looking for anything permanent right now but this seems like a pretty good situation” as I smiled at her.

Janice then said, “Well in about ten days Mike is going to be gone for a month so do you think you can handle me” as she laughed.

I replied “Well it going to different as I was not used to any regular fucking for a long time like now, but I guess I will suffer” and laughed.

She then said “While Mike is gone I want to experiment further and would like to know if you are interested in some role playing”.

 I replied “Sure what would you have in mind”
Janice said “Well I have a few more fantasies and we can explore them together”.

We then noticed the time and Janice asked, “Are you going to spend the night”

 I replied, “Yes that would be nice” we then kissed a bit and we went to sleep.

I woke in the morning to the alarm and Janice was not in the bed. I got my ass out of bed and found Janice sitting in the living room, having a coffee and smoking a cigarette, she was all showered, done up just wearing a cream colored bra, panties and pantyhose.

 She said, “Good morning did you sleep well”?

I replied “Yes, I did, how long have you been up”.

 She replied “Oh just a little over an hour”.

I helped my to the coffee, sat down still bare ass naked (I don’t mind be naked) and also lit a cigarette as I admired her.

I asked her if she was going to Mike’s tonight after work or was he coming to her place.

She said “Neither, I am going out with the girls after work to celebrate one of the girls birthday but would probably be home early at about 8 or 9.

She asked, “Are you going to be home and can I call you when I get in” .

I replied “Yes I am planning on being home so far and I have no plans so give me a shout”.

I could feel my cock getting real hard from looking at Janice and I really couldn’t hide it and she asked “Am I making you horny”?

 I replied “Oh yes you are making me quite horny dressed like that”.

She smiled put her coffee cup down on the table and put out her cigarette, reached behind her back and undid her bra and took it off and said “Come here and masturbate for me, I like that, and cum on my tits but don’t any on my face, I do not want to have to redo my makeup, I like the feel of your cum on my tits, I can let it dry and wear it today”.

I stood up went over to her in the chair, started to stroke my cock for her and then she started to talk dirty to me.

She started saying “Fuck your cock is hard, I can still smell my fucking cunt on your cock, come on you slut fucker, shoot your hot fucking load all over my fucking tits I want it”.

I could feel myself cumming and said “Oh you dirty little fucking whore, you are a dirty fucking slut, oh fuck, here I cum slut, here I cum” I started to shoot my cum all over her tits and when I finished she had a very nice load on both of her tits and a little between them.

She looked up at me and said “Fuck that was good” as she rubbed my cum all over her tits, stood up and put her bra on.

I said to her “Fuck me you are an erotic woman who is sure full of surprises”.

“I am happy you liked it” she replied.

We then went to the bedroom and I got dressed to go home to get ready for work and Janice sprayed some perfume on her breasts and bra then put on a real sexy emerald green dress.

She looked gorgeous which I told her and she said to me “Don’t forget today is St Patrick’s Day”, which I did forget until she said something to me.

 Janice said “Oh by the way come to the kitchen I have something for you”, she gave me a key and said “here is my house key and it fits both front and back doors so in case you need it if I ever forget to unlock the door for you and as my neighbor you should have one anyway”.

I said, “Good idea I am going to get you one today and I see you have same locks as I one key does all”.

I gave her a little kiss and said “wait to hear from you tonight” and headed for home to start my day.

Well went to work nothing to exciting happen during the day and got home at about 5:30. I made a veggie stir fry for dinner did some reading on the computer checked out my email, then just relaxed and watched some TV.

I saw Janice pull in and it was about 8:45 and in about 5 minutes the phone rang and she said "Give me about 20 minutes then come over".

 I went over let myself in with the key and locked the door. I went up stairs and Janice was in the living room, with about 10 of the jar style vanilla scent candles burning, and the scent was very nice, she was laying on the couch, smoking a cigarette she was on her side with her one leg bent at the knee giving open view of her crotch.

She was wearing lacy bright blue bra, panties, and garter belt, with matching color stockings and black come fuck me high heels with a long black bead type necklace the doubled around her neck, large gold hoop earrings and very bright red lipstick.

I said “Oh fuck you look hot you nasty slut”.

 She replied “Make us a fucking drink and then come here”.

I made the drinks then went to the living room and she ordered me “Take off your fucking clothes and show me that fucking cock of yours and it better good and hard”.

I took off my clothes and went over to her where she was laying; I gave her the drink I made for her.

 I said to her “Aren’t you being a fucking nasty little slut tonight”.

She replied “Yes I feel very fucking nasty I hope you do too”. She took my cock in her hand brought it down to her mouth and took a long drag of her cigarette, blew the smoke at my cock then licked the head, hard with her tongue like a lolli pop. It felt and looked amazing as I watched her while she teased me like this for a few minutes.

She said “Did you like that”?

 I replied “Oh yes”.

She then sat up and I sat down beside her and kissed her as she stuck her tongue very deep into my mouth, then when we pulled apart and she asked “Can you taste your cock on my tongue”?

 I replied “Yes”.

She took a sip of her drink and asked if I had a good day. I told her it was pretty normal and asked how her evening out was.

She replied; “It was nice we had a lot of fun and sure talked a lot”.

 I said, “Janice you look very fucking hot tonight and blue sure looks good on you”.

She sat back on the couch, smiled and said “I am happy you like it”. I sat back with her, started to feel her tits, started to kiss her again, she kissed very hard back. I then slid my hand down her stomach to her crotch and felt the wetness in her panties as I ran my finger along her slit and caressed her clit with the tip of my fingertip.

I said, “My hot little slut sure has a wet cunt now don’t you”.

She moaned softly and said “Yes I do, yes my cunt is so very wet, I am very fucking horny, and I love the way you are touching me like that, oh fuck that feels so good and your making me so hot” her body started to tense up and she screamed loudly “Oh fuck, oh fuck, I think I am going to cummm, don’t stop, don’t stop, fuck yes don’t stop, fuck oh fuck, oh fuck yessss I am cumming, I am cumming”.

I could feel her panties get completely soaked as if she pissed herself. I took my hand and cupped her crotch, her body then relaxed as she looked at me and said “That was really fucking good sweetie, could you pass me my drink” which I did and then lit her and I a cigarette.

We finished our drink and cigarette and I asked “Are you ready to go to bed so I can fuck that slut wet fuck hole of yours now"

She replied “Yes take me to bed and fuck me like the fucking whore I am”.

We got up and went to the bedroom, Janice took off her panties and threw them on the bed.

She laid back on the bed and said “Come here and fuck your slut, you’re whore’s cunt needs a fucking now , I want your hot fucking cum inside of me, make me smell like a well fucked dirty whore”.

I then positioned myself above her and held her stocking clad legs up in my hands as she took my cock in her hand, guided into herself, I pushed it hard into her tight hole.

She then grabbed her tits in her hands, she squeezed them, she took a deep breath, gasped, then yelled “Oh fuck that cock feels good inside me, fuck me, yes fuck me hard, fuck me like the cheating little slut that I am”.

I started to fuck her harder, she had me very excited at this point, her hole is so tight that I could feel my cum starting to build very quickly.

 I screamed out “Yes you fucking little slut, you hot little fucking cheating whore, I am going to cum into your hot fucking hole, I am going to fill your hot cunt hole with cum , fuck yes, yes, yes I’m cumming”.

Janice yelled back “oh fuck yes, fuck yes, fill me with your hot sperm deep into my hot fucking hole, oh fuck, oh yes, yes, yes I can feel it babe, oh fuck that feels good, oh god it's so deep inside of me”.

I held my cock inside of her as she wrapped her legs around me pulling me tight and was squeezing my cock with her muscles inside of her, milking it into her.

She said loudly “I want every fucking drop of your cum, do you like me milking your cock with my cunt"?

I replied “oh yes that feels so good, oh so good”.

She then released her legs from around me I pulled cock out of her, and then looked down at her.

She said “Did you like that”?

I replied “Oh yes, oh yes that was hot”.

She asked “Babe would you go get our cigarettes and the ashtray” so I went and retrieved what I need to and also brought in a large glass of ice water as I was parched. When I returned Janice was lying on her back with her legs spread, running her finger up and down her wet slick slit.

She asked me “Does my cunt look like it’s well fucked, come here and smell my fuck hole, does it smell like I am a well fuck whore”.

 I bent down and inhaled the aroma from her, and told her “Yes you smell like a well fuck whore”.

She smiled, sat up the bed, as I passed her cigarettes to her, then joined her on the bed and told her how hot I thought she really was and that I have never had such intense sex in my life.

She said “I am really enjoying it too and oh man you really shoot your cum, I can really feel it when you are going off”.

She then got up after we finished our cigarette went to the living room to put out the candles that were still burning.

She then returned to the bed laid down and said “Come lay by me for a while”.

 I laid down beside her on my back, she laid on her side next to me, as she put her stocking clad leg over mine, she slid it up and down my leg as she ran her fingers and nails up and down my chest, and played with the nipples of my tits. She then slid her hand down to my cock and fondled it; she also slid her fingernails up it.

She asked me “So do you think you can cum again for me” as she continued to play with my cock, which was getting stiff again as her touch was amazing.

I replied to her “I can try”.

I placed my hand to her crotch which was soaking wet, with some sperm on her slit.

She said “I want to suck your cock and I want you to cum on face”.

 I then raised myself up, positioned myself in front of her face and put my cock into her open mouth, which she started to suck. I started to fuck her mouth, as I looked down at her and hear her slurping on my cock.

I said to her “fucking suck my cock you whore, suck it, oh suck it, yes suck it, so I can cum all over your fucking face”.

 I could feel my orgasm starting to build and I pulled my cock out of her mouth, then started to stroke it very hard, my cum started to spurt out onto her face.

She yelled out “Oh yes baby, oh yes, oh yes that’s it, cum on my fucking face I want it”.

When I finished cumming she took my cock in her hand, and spread my cum all over her face with the head of my cock, I could hardly stand the sensation at the head then she licked it clean until I could not stand it any longer. I had to pull my cock away from her. I was holding myself up on the headboard of the bed.

 I looked down at her smiling and she asked, “So was I a bad girl or a good girl”.

 I replied to her “I think a little of both” then laid down on the bed next to her and kissed her.

Janice got up off the bed, took off her shoes, bra, garter belt and stockings and crawled up on the bed next to me.

 “Are you going to sleep here again tonight” she asked.

 I answered “Yes”

We kissed and we went to sleep I don’t even know what the time was but I was beat.


I woke to the alarm again and Janice was again not in the bed, so I dragged my ass out of the bed, I had a very strong piss hard on; then I remembered my clothes were still in the living room.

I went to the living room, Janice was standing at the bar in the kitchen, wearing just a silky looking sheer white bra, which you could see her darkness of nipples through with matching panties. You could also see that she was wearing a pantiliner as well. She was already showered and completely done up, having her coffee and cigarette.

She looked at me smiled and said “Oh my look at that hard cock”.

 I said “Yes I have a tremendous piss hard on this morning”.

She walked over to me and put her hand on my cock then said “Fuck that is hard”.

 I replied, “Yes it almost hurts”. She said as she took off her panties and knelt in the arm chair “Come here and fuck your dirty little slut right now with that hard fucking cock”.

I said “I don’t know if I can or if I will be able to cum as I never fucked with a piss hard on before. I think you milked me dry last night you fucking slut”.

She replied “let’s try I am sure I can make you cum, I will do my best to get you off you fucking stud”.

I positioned myself behind her and put my cock into her very wet inviting hole, I started to fuck her slowly then a little faster and faster and it actually felt pretty good as I was going in and out of her.

She screamed out loudly “Oh yes, oh yes, fuck me, yes that’s good, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me in my hot fuck hole with that fucking hard cock, fuck me hard, I ‘m a cheating fucking whore, pound me with that hard cock, oh yea, fuck me like a dirty fucking bitch in heat, oh yes, oh yes, oh fuck yes, I’m cumming, fuck yes I’m cumming, come on blow your fucking load into my fucking cunt, I want to smell you all day leaking out of my nasty fucking hole”

I started to cum and yelled out “ Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh yes, oh fuck yes, you fucking slut I’m going to blow my fucking load into your fuck hole you cheating fucking slut”.

I then felt my load go into her.

Janice yelled “Oh yes, oh fuck yes, fill my fucking cunt with that cum, fuck yes, oh that feels so good”;.

 I finished blowing my load inside her and then just held my cock in her for a bit and she started to squeeze it with her muscles inside again until I could take it anymore, I had to pull out.

She just kept kneeing forward in the chair of a minute and said, “See I told you that you could do it”.

 I replied, “I don’t know how, it has to be you; I have never cum so much like this”.

She smiled as she stood up, picked up her panties, put them on while looking at me and said “Now your slut has you’re cum inside, I will be able to smell it through out the day to remind me what a cheating fucking whore I have become”.

I said “I have got to go have a piss”.

 Janice replied “I want to watch you would you mind”.

 I replied “no not at all”.

We went to the bathroom and started to piss as she watched me. When I finished I looked at her as she smiled. I wiped myself with a piece of toilet paper as not to maybe dribble on the floor, as I still had to return to the living room to still retrieve my clothes.

We left the bathroom, and we went to the kitchen, Janice poured us a coffee and we had a cigarette.

 I said “Oh by the way” as I went and picked up my pants, reached into the pocket “Here is the key to my house”.

I asked her if she was going to Mikes tonight and she said “I think he is coming here but I’m not sure, I will call your cell today and let you know”.

I said “Well I better get going and get ready.

Janice then said “I had a great time Jeff”.

 I replied “Yes so did I”, I gave her a small kiss so as not to ruin her makeup or lipstick and headed off for home and to get ready for work.

When I left for work Janice’s car was already gone. At about 11:30 my cell rang while I was outside the office having a cigarette, I saw it was Janice’s cell.

She said “hi there just wanted to let you know that Mike is coming over to my place tonight but he doesn’t know if he is going to spend the night or not so I will let you know if I can”.

I replied “OK then I will wait to hear from you, if and when you can, if not will talk to you when we can”.

She said “My daughter called this morning and they are coming on Thursday night and are staying until Monday just FYI.”

I said “I guess you are going to have a busy weekend”.

She replied “sure looks like it however I am really looking forward to it, but Mike probably doesn’t because I still do not let him stay if the girls are in the house”.

I said “I guess I won’t be either then” as I laughed.

She said “Oh by the way just wanted to tell you I am in the bathroom right now, I had a pee and when I wiped myself I could smell the scent of your cum” as she giggled like a little girl.

I said “Janice you are being bad”.

She replied “yes I am, I have to go, so call you when I can bye now”.

I said goodbye. I had a very busy day and was glad when it was over and was looking forward to the Easter weekend and the 4 days off.

I arrived home a little later today and when I did get home Janice’s car was in the driveway and so was Mike’s. I made dinner did my email, then watched some TV. At about 9:00 there was really nothing I wanted to watch on TV any longer and Mike was still at Janice’s, I was tired anyway so I went to bed.

I was woken at 11:15 by the phone, it was Janice much to my surprise.

She asked “Did I wake you”?

I replied “Yes I went to bed early I was tired I guess”.

She said “Oh I wanted to tell you Mike just left, and I wondered if you wanted to come over".

I replied “sure give me10 minutes”.

She said “OK when you can, I am in bed anyway”.

I put my jeans on grabbed my keys and cigarettes, went out the back door and headed over to Janice’s, let myself in, went upstairs the house was dark except for the light over the counter in the kitchen. I went down the hall to the bedroom, there were a few candles burning, Janice was on the bed completely naked, her legs were closed together, she was sitting up against the headboard having a cigarette. I was thinking what just happen in there, (I could smell it) while looking at her body, her succulent tits, my cock became very hard.

She looked up at me as I took my clothes off; put out her cigarette, slid down a little on the bed still looking at me, she spread her legs open and pulled her slit open, showing me a small pool of fresh sperm was at the entrance of her hole.

She said strongly” Do you like looking at that freshly fucked cunt, do you want to fuck that freshly fucked cunt that is leaking another mans sperm, tell me that you want to fuck my cum filled cunt, tell me that I am a dirty fucking cheating whore, and that you are going to put another load of cum deep inside my hot little fuck hole”.

I replied to her firmly “Yes I do like to look at your freshly fucked cunt, Yes I want to fuck your cunt that is full of another mans sperm, I want to fuck your cum filled cunt you dirty fucking cheating whore, and Yes I want to dump another hot fucking load of cum into you’re your hot little fuck hole”.

Janice lay down, she spread her legs wide open and yelled “Come and fuck me, come fuck this dirty cheating whore”.

I positioned myself up to her on the bed, picked her legs up, holding them apart, in the air, and then shoved my cock into her tight already cum filled hole.

She grabbed her tits in her hands and yelled out as I started to fuck her very hard

“Yes fuck me Jeff, fuck me, fuck me like the cheating whore that I am, fuck me hard, yes I like that you are fucking my cunt filled with another mans cum inside of me, oh fuck that is so nasty, fuck yes, oh fuck yes, make me fucking cum, oh fuck yes I am cumming, fuck, fuck, fuck”.

I was fucking her hard and fast and with her talking dirty, I was cumming, I could feel myself getting ready to explode inside her.

 I shouted out “Fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck I’m cumming inside of your dirty fucking cunt, you dirty fucking cheating whore, oh fuck , I have cum inside your fucking hot fuck hole, you’re a whore aren’t you”.

She shouted back “Yes, yes, yes. yes I am fucking whore, I am a filthy fucking cheating whore, I have just been fucked by you, I had you fill me with your fucking sperm, right after my boyfriend fucked me in this bed and left me with a load of cum inside of me”.

I held my cock inside her as she wrapped her legs around me, I could feel her milking my cock again.

“I want every fucking drop of your sperm”. She then released her legs from around me, I pulled my cock out of her and lay down beside her on the bed.

She relaxed for a few moments, then got up, straddled my face.

She yelled “Eat my fuck hole, clean my fucking hole you fucking cunt licker, yes eat my fucking cunt you nasty boy, clean that mess you made, I need my cunt nice and clean, oh yes, fuck I like that, that feels so good”.

She lifted herself up and said “did you clean my nasty hole, did you clean it good”.

I replied “Yes I licked you clean you nasty fucking whore”.

 She looked down at me, lay down beside me, then started to lick the cum that was all over my face. When she finished her task we lit a cigarette and talked.

Janice told me she was glad I came over because Mike is coming over tonight (Wednesday) after work, he will be spending the night, then her daughters will be home Thursday and are going to be here until Monday.

 I am not sure when they are leaving on Monday either. Mike said he wants to be with me as much as possible next week even though he is coming here for Easter dinner as he leaves on Friday.

Janice then said, “I do not know if we are going to have much of a chance to see each other. I will call you when I get a chance and if the girls go anywhere on the weekend and if you are around maybe I could sneak over to your house for a quickie.

"Oh yes by the way, was I ever happy that I got home this evening before Mike was here, as I literally smelled like a fucking whore in my panties from your cum last evening and the morning. I could really smell it because while I was driving home in the car, I had the heat on from the bottom for my legs and feet, the scent was very strong, I have to be more careful but at least I had a chance to shower and give myself a douche before he got here”.

I asked “Do you want me to spend the night”.

She said "Yes but I can’t fuck in the morning, yesterday was a little to close for comfort. I agreed and we went to sleep.


We woke to the alarm and both got up out of bed, we went to the kitchen, both of us were naked had a coffee and a cigarette. I gave Janice a kiss and went home to get ready for work. When I left for work Janice was still at home.

At about noon Janice called me on my cell.

She asked, “Hello are you having a good day".

 I said "Busy but OK I guess".

She said "I don't want to keep you as I am sure you have a lot to do with the weekend coming, but I hope you don't mind I went into your house this morning after you left I was hoping to catch you before you left, anyway I left you a little present under your pillow on your bed".

I asked what it was and she answered, "You will have to wait and see when you get home".

 I said "OK thanks and I will be around most of the weekend if you get a chance to call".

She said, "Can you talk freely right now"?

 I replied "Yes".

She said "Call me a dirty name".

 I replied "OK you dirty fucking cheating whore, now you be a good fucking dirty slut and get back to work".

She told me that she had her hand on her cunt in her office and was rubbing herself.

 I said, "Well you be a good fucking slut and don't get caught".

She laughed and said "OK talk to you when I can".

I was curious what she left me and when I arrived at home that evening I went right to my bedroom and looked under my pillow and found my present which was her dirty panties and pantiliner from the other day in a zip lock bag with a note saying

"Hope this reminds you of us through the weekend"
Your dirty fucking cheating whore Janice xoxoxo

The Easter Weekend

Well Thursday was a good day, worked till noon corporation let us off at noon, took us out for lunch and drinks. We all were gone by 3:00 and I was home at 3:30. Janice was not home yet, and I decided what to have for dinner, which would be very light, as had a pretty good lunch.

I saw Janice come home at 5:15 and she called me about 10 minutes later.

 She said "I see your home".

 I replied "Yes got off early and corporation took us to lunch".

She said "The girls are coming tonight and could be there any minute".

 I said "Well I guess I will talk to you when we can".

She replied "Yes maybe they will go shopping sometime Saturday and we could talk".

I told her it sounded good and that I was putting my car in the garage as snow is predicted for Friday.

Janice said “Yes that why girls are coming tonight”.

 I said, “If you could come over use you’re key and sneak in the back”.

 She said she would and I could hear a noise in the background then she said “The girls are here so I let you go talk to you when I can”.

The rest of Thursday was quiet and had some dinner did my email and watched TV I went to bed at around midnight.


I slept in and sure as hell snow came again but I wasn't going anywhere so I really didn't care. I did house work, laundry; ironing even wiped the entire kitchen down top to bottom. I did not hear from Janice at all not that I expected to either. I talked to family on the phone from far and away and relaxed the evening and went to bed at about 2:00am after watching a couple of movies on the tube.


I got up at around 9:00 and made coffee and cleaned both bathrooms up & downstairs vacuumed whole house. The snow was melting so I did not even go to shovel it; I had a shower about noon and was relaxing on the couch.

It was about 1:30 when I heard a noise and Janice’s voice.

"Are you home".

I said “Yes upstairs come on up".

Janice looked very nice she was wearing, loose leg hanging black pants but tight in the ass, which revealed the defined divisions of her beautiful ass cheeks. She had on a blouse, which was made of a very smooth material, powder blue color that you could just see her bra through. She was caring her cigarettes so I knew she was going to stay a while.

She told me that the girls just went to the mall and would be gone for a couple of hours.

 I greeted her by saying "So how is my hot looking fucking cheating whore" as I walked over to her, kissed her, I put my hand down the front of her pants that had an elasticized waist, she tried to stop me but was to late, when I had my hand was down her pants and pantyhose, through her panties I could feel the unmistakable lump between her legs of her menstrual pad.

She said "Sorry but I started my fucking period last night and I am flowing pretty heavy today as usual for my second day so my hot cheating cunt hole is out of commission".

I told Janice that didn't bother me that she was having her period.

She replied, "are you fucking kidding me".

 I replied "no not at all".

She smiled and said "You are a kinky bastard aren't you".

I smiled back at her, then put my hand now into her panties between her pad and her smooth twat, gave her a feel along her tight little slit.

 I then thought I could feel a string and I asked her "Are you wearing a tampon too"?

She replied "Yes I have too, my second and third day I flow very heavy, it saves changing pads so often, and a tampon is not enough and do not want to come through".

I ran my finger up and down her slit a bit, she was very wet down there that was for sure. I took my hand out after a few more feels up and down her slit, then being sure not to touch her blouse with it in the event blood was present (wasn't much at all) and what there was and I licked and sucked my finger clean.

She said "I am so surprised, I have never known anyone who would go near me while I am on my period before, god you really are kinky Jeff".

I told her that I did not mind and then I knelt down in front of her put my nose to her crotch and inhaled her sweet intoxicating menstrual vapors coming from her heated padded crotch.

She held my head, as she trembled standing there.

She said "Oh fuck you are making me so horny, it's not like I am not horny enough while I have my period, oh this is such a nasty dirty thing".

I replied "I love the scent of a woman menstruating, I have no problem with eating a woman out or fucking her while she is menstruating either".

I asked her if she wanted to have sex.

She very boldly blurted out "Yes but let me go home me first, and get a new pad and tampon".

I said, "OK I will be here waiting".

I then readied the bed with two large washable burgundy blankets and a large thirsty burgundy towel.

Janice returned we went to the bedroom; she placed her new tampon and pad on the dresser as I took off the gym shorts I was wearing, exposing my hard cock to her.

She took off her pants, followed by her blouse, she did not take off her bra, then removed her pantyhose and sat on the bed where I prepared it for our sex session wearing just her snug fitting black panties that exposed the bulge of her menstrual pad and white bra
She then lay back on the bed, I removed her panties that contained her slightly used pad, placed them beside her, went right down on her to start eating her out. I licked her shaved slit up and down, licked and sucked on her clit, which was very hard and erect.

She moaned and exclaimed "Fuck it’s not going to take me long, oh fuck I am so fucking horny, I'm so tuned on, oh, oh, oh fuck yes".

I pulled her on tampon string with my teeth, her tampon came out of her which was soaked full and dropped it at her crotch with my mouth, I started to lick inside her hole and her clit for a while.

She screamed out loudly as her body stiffened "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck yes, eat my bloody fuck hole, oh yes, fuck yes, oh, oh, oh fuck I am cumming".

 She was right, it did not take her long to cum, she became all wet and the mixture of her menstruating discharge and her cum which was very evident at the entrance to her tight little hole.

She laid back limp, as I positioned my stiff cock between her legs which I lifted up like a 'V' as I was standing on the floor, I then shoved my cock deep and hard inside her very wet hot tight hole.

She grunted and started to yell "Oh yes fuck me hard, fuck yes, yes fuck my dirty menstruating cunt you nasty fucker, I’m so turned on, make me cum again you fucker, blow your hot load of cum inside my nasty fuck hole, oh fuck I love this, yes, yes, yes, oh fuck yes".

Janice tensed up she was cumming and her muscles inside of clenched my cock, I could not hold back any longer my body stiffened.

 I screamed "Oh fuck here I cum you cheating little slut, I am filling your hot box with my cum".

I could feel myself spurt and spurt inside of her, spraying her insides with sperm. I held my cock in her for a few moments and she used her muscles to milk me as she always does and it felt great.

I guess I was very turned on and horny as well, I pulled out of her and some sperm and menstrual fluid leaked out of her onto the towel.

She asked as she laid there "pass me my tampon and pad from the dresser".

I did as she asked, she unwrapped the tampon, inserted into herself dropped the applicator on the blanket beside her, she picked up her panties took the used pad off, unwrapped the fresh one and replaced it in the gusset of her panties, she slid up off the bed and put her panties on then adjusted the pad correctly in her crotch.

She knelt down in front of me, sucked and licked my cock clean of any of the remaining fluid that was present and did not even mess up her makeup.

 She finished what she was doing and said "Good as new, now you do not have to take a shower" and laughed.

I asked "What about yourself"

She said "Oh I am OK".

She picked up her pantyhose put them on while saying how much she enjoyed that, then put her blouse and pants on as well.

We then went to the living room; I made us a drink, had a cigarette and Janice told me she wanted to talk to me about something.

I asked her what she wanted to talk about.

She said “I really don’t know how to say this; but to just say it, Jeff if you are going to be fucking anyone else please wear a condom since I let and want your cum inside of me”.

I told her I always do; and assured her since we started fucking I haven’t been with anyone else. The last woman I fucked without a condom was a bit ago; I knew her and her situation, I was tested because of my life insurance a short time ago and know I am OK.

She told me that she knew her plans for the next week now, the girls were leaving Tuesday morning, Mike was going to be staying with her all week until she took him to the airport in Detroit on Friday. She has Friday off, and should be home at around 2:00 in the afternoon from the airport on Friday so we won't be seeing each other until then anyway, but she would call my cell if anything came up.

She then said "I better get home before the girls do".

She gave me a kiss and said " By the way for next weekend, I would like to role play, so I want you to think about this, I am totally your own cheating little slut, yours to do whatever and anything you want with me, I will do whatever you say and you can make me do anything you want, so if you think there is I need to have call me and let me know OK".

I replied "OK I will think hard and get all horny thinking of this" .

I smiled at her gave her another quick kiss and she left.

The rest of the day went by quick and I watched TV and took it easy.


I woke up at around 9:00 and did the coffee thing and it was a nice day not to cold and at least no more snow. I went for a drive it sure was quiet around the city being Easter Sunday. I came home put my small ham I bought in the oven and made some scalloped potatoes for dinner. Nothing interesting happened and I guess I felt lazy. I went to bed at around 12:00.


Wow another day off, the temperature outside was OK, but not warm enough for me yet. I decided to clean the garage so took my car out, cleaned the garage then cleaned the car inside completely I guess it needed it. I did a few other things then had dinner and went to bed at 11:00 after the news to start another week.

Tuesday – Thursday
March 24 – 27

I got up at 6:30 did my morning routine and went in to work. I learned that one of the project managers collapsed Monday at home and was in the hospital having tests to see what was wrong with him.

The VP came to me and asked if I could oversee his projects, until they know what was wrong with him or how long he was going to be off. I accepted the assignment even knowing my days were going to be extended doing his work and mine but he is a really good guy and I wanted to help out. I worked till 9:00 that night and got home about 9:30. I was beat had some soup and sandwich and went to bed.


I got up at 6:00 coffee, and in to work by 7:30 I had a lot to do and some meetings scheduled for the day. Found out later that day that my work companion contracted a liver infection of some sort and was being cleaned out, he was on some strong antibiotics something called albumin I think. He will be off for three weeks not too bad, I thought and I am glad he is going to be OK. Anyway got through another day, left work at 8:00 stopped had some dinner out and a cold beer then went home watched the news and crashed.


The week is sure going very quick as I was really busy, but I hoped to get all on track and hoped to get home at earlier hour tonight, which I think might happen. At about 11:00 my cell rang I answered it without looking at the display.

I heard the voice on the phone say "Hi it’s your hot fucking cheating whore are thinking of the weekend" and she laughed.

 I told her of my predicament and didn’t have any time at all, but would have time today for sure.

She asked if I wanted her to pick-up anything or get anything special to wear?

I said, “Surprise me”.

She said, "Do you want me to be a bad whore or a good whore”.

 I told her “I definitely want you as a bad whore”.

Janice replied, "Good I like to be a bad whore".

We said good-bye and I went on with my day got home at 5:30 definitely earlier that rest of the week. I went to bed early as I was looking forward to tomorrow and was scheming plots in my mind for the weekend.

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