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My Neighbour Janice Continued Part 6

We get caught, but not the way you may think!

Tuesday – Sunday


On Tuesday I went to work played catch-up from Monday. Janice called me and told me that she was going to have a surprise for me the next time she saw me and wouldn't’t tell me anything else.

Wednesday I had a routine day and nothing exciting happened, work, dinner with some friends and got home at about 9:00 and Janice wasn’t home, I went off to bed after news.

Thursday Morning I got up shaved and showered. As I was getting out of the shower I heard Janice’s voice calling me. I told her I would be right out and to help herself to coffee.
When I came out to the kitchen Janice was standing at the bar having a coffee and a cigarette. She was all dressed ready for work; she looked very beautiful and sexy as always.
She was wearing tan color business suit, jacket and skirt, a white shiny satin blouse, tan hose with black pumps, gold necklace and small gold hoop earrings.

I said good morning to her, gave her cheek a kiss then asked if she was having a good time with Mandy as I poured myself a coffee.
She told me it has been fun and she has really enjoyed the last two days.

I asked where Mandy was now.

Janice said “She was sleeping; she will probably be getting up late”.

We had our coffee then Janice asked “Do you want to have a quick fuck before work”?

I told her “Of course I would”.

She went over to the arm chair in the living room, undid her jacket, she lifted her skirt exposing her thigh high stay up stockings, removed her white satin panties, and knelt in the chair.
I came from behind her, and entered her.

She said “Oh fuck yes that feels good baby, oh I missed this”.

I continued to fuck her doggy style; I really enjoy looking at her ass when I fuck her doggy style. I could feel my cum building within me.

I told her I was not going to last long this morning.

She said “Oh yes baby, oh just cum, I just want your cum inside me”.

After a few more strokes I shot my load deep inside of her.
She milked me dry as usual, making me feel very satisfied. I then withdrew from her.

Janice took her panties off the arm of the chair and put them back on. She straightened and adjusted her clothes and asked if I liked that, as she sat down.

I told her I did but was sorry that I had cum so fast.

She said “Don’t be sorry, I got what I wanted and am glad that I made you feel good, now I will be able to feel your cum leaking from my cunt all day, be able to smell it and you know that’s what I like”.

We had another coffee and cigarette then she left to go to work.

I got dressed then left for work too.

Janice called me in afternoon saying her and Mandy are going out to dinner and most likely be quite late and she has taken Friday off.

I told her to enjoy herself and I’ll see her when I see her. I told her I was going to be in and out over the next few days so I would leave my car outside rather than put in the garage so she would know if I was home or not.

She replied “That’s great, I see you when I see you then”.

Friday –Sunday

I had a lot of things to keep me busy and time went by quite fast. I worked Friday and was quite busy there. I had to do some shopping, also did some yard work cleaning up from that fucking long winter. I did a lot of house work and laundry. I didn’t see or hear from Janice which I did not expect too anyway.

Monday – Sunday


Janice called at about 6:30am and said she has a lot to tell me, however she is running late this morning. Mandy will be leaving this morning and Kelly her other daughter (Kelly is the older of the two daughters and is married) will be coming home tomorrow. We will have tonight to be together so she will call me when she gets home. She asked if I was going to be home tonight.

I told her as far as I know I would be. I told her I had to get ready for work so I would talk to her tonight.

While on my way home Janice called my cell and told she was now home. “Just come over when you get home and settled” she said.

She also told me that she had picked up some prepared chicken wings from our local market (they are very good) to eat and has them in the oven to keep warm.
I told her would be home in about 10 minutes, see her in about 20 and that I will bring some Corona’s over to have with the wings.

When I arrived at Janice’s she was standing at the counter in the kitchen reading her mail, still obviously in the clothes she wore to work.
She was wearing a navy blue skirt, matching jacket which she had undone, navy hose, a sheer white blouse that you could see her white lace bra through, black high heels, a gold necklace with a round medallion, and wide gold hoop earrings.

I put the beer in cooler down, I then asked her if she wanted a beer, she said she did, I opened two then gave her one.
I walked up to her, kissed her hard, deep and slid my hand under her skirt feeling right up leg to her crotch, rubbing her box through her pantyhose.
She put her head back and moaned slightly.

I said “Oh my whore likes that doesn’t she”.

She replied “Oh yes it’s been a while”.

She just looked back at me still moaning and parted her legs a little more giving me full access to her. I ripped her pantyhose open, pushed her panties aside, shoved two fingers inside her, and started finger fucking her. I then put my fingers up inside her to her g-spot stroking it with my fingers and held her up against the counter as her knees were getting weak.

She was starting to get wet very quickly as I stroked her spot, she then started to shoot her fluid out of her all over her legs, shoes and the floor.
When she couldn’t stand it any longer I stopped, took her hand, I led her to the bedroom. I pushed her down on the bed; I got between her legs to eat her snatch.

She grabbed my head and was screaming “Yes, oh yes, oh fuck yes” over and over.

She tightened her body then she squeezed by head between her thighs as she had cum.
When she released her grip that she had on me I got up took my clothes off. I looked down at her disheveled look, positioned myself between her legs, lifted her legs up and back, and shoved my cock into her.

She grunted loudly as I entered her saying “Oh god yes, fuck me, fuck me hard, I need a good fucking, fill my fucking cheating whore cunt with sperm”.

I continued to fuck her gradually increasing my speed while looking down at her, still wearing her clothes.

I yelled out “Oh fuck I’m going to cum”.

“Yes, yes, yes fill me up, oh I want your hot cum inside of me, oh fuck yes give it to me now”, she demanded.

I then started to release spurt after spurt after spurt of sperm into her and when I stopped she pulled on my cock with her tight twat muscles milking me.

I told her that was so fucking good and she smiled as she looked up at me.

She said “Yes it was, you really filled me babe, I can feel it deep up inside me, I really needed that too, and I didn’t expect that, the spontaneity and change made it so good, really good, but my legs are fucking soaked”.

I pulled my cock out of her, and then I slipped her panties back in place. I looked at her; she really looked sexy to me.

Janice said ‘Let me get out of these clothes”.

As she started to undress she said “Let’s go have our wings and beer I have a lot to tell you”.

Janice stripped down to her bra and panties and peeled off her torn pantyhose and threw them at me and laughed. I put my shorts on and as I did so, I noticed that she had a gold chain at her belly button.

I asked “When did you get your belly button done”?

She asked “Do you like it; I told you I had a surprise for you”

She told me Mandy talked her into it last week”.

I told her I liked it.

She said “I am glad you do, but I’m not sure Mike is going to though”.

We went out to the kitchen ate and drank a few beers. Janice told me Mike was now coming home Sunday the 20th for a week, and then has to go back on the 28th for another 4 weeks as things are not going quite as planned.

I asked “When did Kelly decide to come”?

She answered “Just the other day, her husband has to go to Calgary. She really doesn’t want to stay in London by herself so she thought she would come visit me and see some of her friends”.

We then cleaned up everything including the floor where Janice had squirted.

She then sexily looked at me and said “I’m so horny let’s go back to bed”.

We went to bedroom; we both stripped then got into bed. I started sucking on Janice’s tits, as I stroked her moist slit and her clit. She began to fondle my cock making me very hard.

Janice cooed and moaned loudly “Oh god, oh yes, oh fuck I’m cumming, oh fuck, fuck, oh yes, oh yes, oh fuck I’m getting off again, oh fuck, oh fuck I’ve cum again, oh fuck that felt so fucking good”.

I took my mouth off her tit then I looked up at her. She took her hand off my now hard cock; I lifted myself off the bed, knelt above her, I then brought my cock up to her mouth.

She licked the head and asked “Are you going to fuck this dirty sluts mouth, I have been a very bad girl, I need to be punished, fuck my slutty mouth, cum all over my face, or wherever you want to”.

I held the sides of her head lightly, I slid my cock into her inviting, open, warm mouth, and I began to fuck her mouth as she sucked on my cock.

I said to her “Oh Janice my god you are one hot slut, I love watching my cock going in and out of those sexy red lips, of your dirty fucking mouth, oh fuck it feels so good you nasty slut”.

Janice started to suck a little harder; she was making slurping mmm mmm sound quite loudly. She was playing with her clit with her fingers. I could feel myself getting ready to explode; I grabbed my cock to be able to control the spray. I pulled it out of her mouth just in time; I then started to shoot large amounts sperm all over her face, lips hair and neck.

Janice licked the end of my cock for a moment but I had to take it away due to the sensitivity.

Janice looked up at me and with a very sexy voice she asked “Baby do I look like a nasty fucking slut, do I look like a dirty fucking whore with your cum all over me, and up inside my dirty cunt”?

I replied “Yes you look like a dirty fucking cum slut you nasty whore”.

All of a sudden we heard “MOM”.

We the saw Janice’s daughter Kelly at the door of the bedroom, she was standing, turning, then suddenly walking away.
Janice quickly jumped out of bed, she took her hands wiped the cum off her face spread it on her chest.

Janice whispered “Oh god, oh god, oh fuck no, oh fuck, stay here”.

She grabbed her panties off the floor. She put them on with her short white satin robe that hangs on the bedroom door. She left the bedroom and closed the door but it stayed open about 2 inches. I could hear some of what Janice was saying as she was talking to Kelly and could hear some of what Kelly was saying to Janice.

Some of what I heard were both of them saying to each other was they were sorry, no that’s not Mike.

I heard Kelly say she should have called that she was coming early. After that I could not make out what they were saying as they seemed to be talking much softer.

After about 20 minutes Janice came back to the bedroom, and closed the door. She sat on the bed and lit a cigarette.
I looked at her, she had a very embarrassed look about her, as well she still had some sperm in her hair, her makeup and lipstick was also smeared from when she tried to wipe my sperm from her face.

I really did not know what to say but I asked “Are you OK”.

She answered “Yes; I am very embarrassed though; I never thought this would happen; I have always been so careful with my sex life with my girls; I never exposed them to it”.

I asked with genuine concern “What did Kelly say”?

Janice told me that Kelly told her that she was sorry for not letting her know that she was coming today instead of tomorrow as planned, that whatever I do is my business; that she understands; that she is OK with this; that she was very surprised to say the least of what she had saw and heard.

“I’m sure that’s an understatement of the century; also that it was you in here with me”. Janice added.

I asked Janice “What did you say to Kelly”?

Janice replied “I told her that no one but no one knows about us, that we enjoy each other sexually from time to time; that I was so sorry for what she saw and that I was acting like a complete and utter tramp; and it would have never happened if I knew she was coming tonight”.

I said “What happens now”?

Janice replied “Well she has gone downstairs to her old room to go bed. She is tired, so if you want to stay tonight I don’t think it matters now, so I will leave that up to you Jeff”.

We both lit another cigarette; I took her hand as I told her I wanted to stay with her tonight.
We finished our cigarette and went to sleep.


Janice woke me in the morning before the alarm. She gave me a kiss, as she fondled my cock then asked “Do you want to fuck before you go”.

I told her “Yes”.

She lay back on the bed, she spread her legs bent her knees with her feet flat on the bed. I got into position above her; I lifted her legs then entered her and started to fuck her.

Janice moaned “Yes babe fuck me, oh god yes fuck me”.

I increased my speed; she started moaning telling me she was cumming. I could feel her tighten inside and I came into her.
Janice then relaxed and I withdrew from inside of her.

She looked up at me smiled and said “I hope that will do us for a couple of days”.

We then got up had coffee together and talked a bit.

“If we are going to have a chance to get together Jeff we will have to do it at your house but we won’t probably be able to spend the night with each other” Janice said.

I agreed with her then told her to call me and let me know how things are going and to enjoy her time with Kelly.
I kissed Janice then left for home. I got ready for my day then went off to work.
Janice called me later in the day then said that she and Kelly were going out to dinner and asked if I wanted to join them. I told her I would love to but I have to work late and would not be home much before 8.00.

She said “OK well maybe Friday if you can”.

I replied “That’s probably good then we could go over to the States”.

I got home about 8:30 had a long day. I ate watched some TV for a bit and hit the bed.

Wednesday – Thursday

Both days very busy with work and I got home late both nights. I was off to bed after the late news and I never heard or saw Janice at all. I had to leave a bit earlier in the mornings as well so we never even had a chance to have coffee either.


I hoped today would be better than the rest of the week was. When I got to the office things were quiet and everything was going well. At 11:00 I was about to call Janice about dinner tonight when my cell rang. I saw it was Janice calling. I laughed as I answered it. I told her I was just going to call her about tonight. She asked if it was a go for tonight and I told yes.
She told me she was going home at noon today. She asked if I wanted to come home and change before we went or did I want to meet them at the shopping center that is located a couple of blocks before the border.

I told her I was dressed pretty casual today with just sports jacket and Dockers pants, I was not wearing a suit so I would be fine to go as I am. I asked what time did they want to head over as I could leave the office anytime after 2:00pm. We agreed to meet at 3:30 so we could get through the border traffic and still have time to have a few drinks before dinner, in the event there is a wait to get in for dinner.

I asked how things were going with her and Kelly. She told me “great” they talked a lot.

Janice said she still felt a little embarrassed but she never realized that Kelly was so very open minded and mature, but she would tell me about that later. I met Janice and Kelly at our meeting spot and we decided to take my car.

When in the car Kelly smiled and politely said “It’s so very nice to see you again Jeff”.

It was my turn to be embarrassed (I must have turned every shade of red that there is) as I thought about the last time she saw me.

I had my cock in her mother’s face; my sperm all over her; and I was calling her mother a cum-slut and a whore.

Both of the women looked very nice; sort of dressed up but not over dressed, they looked very classy.
Kelly was wearing gray suit, pants and jacket with black and burgundy pin stripes, a burgundy lace bordered silky low cut camisole top under her jacket, pink high heels. She wore gold chain necklace that looked like a braided rope, gold half hoop earrings. She had a bright pink lipstick on that matched the color her fingernails. She also carried a pink purse.

Kelly is about the same height as her mother maybe a touch shorter, almost the same build a bit thinner. I would say she is rather petite, and also a little smaller in the bust. Kelly has the same hair color as her mother however it is longer. Kelly also has dark brown eyes (she got those from her father I would learn). Kelly also has the same tight well formed and defined ass as her mother.

Janice looked very hot but classy as usual; she was wearing dark red lipstick, a very sexy red dress with a scoop neckline, a wide black belt at the waist, pearl necklace with matching earrings, black color hose, with black high heels.

We did not have too much of a delay the border and same with city traffic. We arrived at our destination at about 5:00. There was going to be an hour wait to have dinner so we hit the bar until our table would be ready.
We had drinks, we talked and enjoyed ourselves. After a few drinks Janice excused herself to go to the ladies room.
Kelly said she was glad we have a few minutes alone so she could talk to me.

First she apologized to me about what happened on Monday night; she said that she heard noise in her mom’s room and since the house was in darkness she thought her mom was watching TV in her bedroom.
When she looked in and saw us she sort of froze for a moment before she said anything as she was somewhat shocked.
She then out and out told me if you two want to dirty the sheets together it doesn’t matter to her as long as her mom is happy.

I told her that her mom and I have a good time together, we enjoy a lot of the same things; and neither of us really is looking for a permanent situation. Slightly embarrassed I did ask her what she did see and hear on Monday.

She said “Well I saw and heard everything from the time that you took your penis out of mom’s mouth, till I spoke. I do not know why I even said anything but I guess I was a bit shocked”.

Janice then came back to the table and asked what we were talking about so intently. Kelly told her mom that she was apologizing to me for Monday night.

We then had a few more drinks until our table was ready. We had a nice relaxing dinner and talked. When we finished we went to a club for a bit, I took it easy as I had to drive but the girls really got into the booze, I don’t think either was felling any pain.

At about 12:00 we then headed for home.

While on the drive home Janice surreptitiously played with her tits and her nipples through the material her dress. She then put her hand up her thigh to her crotch teasing me as Kelly could not see anything because she was sitting behind Janice.

We decided to leave Janice’s car where it was, the women would go pick it up tomorrow sometime as neither woman should drive.

Janice repositioned herself in her seat spreading her legs open I bit more and rubbed her crotch under her dress. She was really making me fucking horny.

When we got home Janice told Kelly to go into the house and that we would be over in just a bit.

Kelly went Janice’s house and we went into mine.

Once in my house Janice told me that since Kelly is OK with us, she would like it if I would come over to her house for drinks, I could spend the night since we only have two nights before Mike comes home Sunday.

I grabbed some things to wear at her house since Kelly was there, I really couldn’t run nude or in my underwear. Janice came into my bedroom with me; she put her arms around me. She then asked me to make the cheating whore cunt that she is, cum before we went over to her house.

I lifted her dress pulled her pantyhose and panties down, sat her on the bed and ate her out until she came. She lay limp for a few moments then she got up, she pulled her panties and hose back on.

She told me how great that felt.

She asked “Do you want to cum too baby” as she touched my cock in my pants.

I told her I could wait till we go to bed and she smiled.

Janice said “OK babe your dirty whore will make it special for you then” she winked at me.

We then went over to Janice’s house, Kelly was already there she had taken her jacket off and was just wearing her silky camisole top with her pants. We then had drinks and both women were getting quite tight, as they seemed to drink quite a bit on top of what we had already consumed earlier.

Janice asked Kelly “Do you mind if Jeff spends the night here”?

Kelly replied “Mom I told you; it’s OK with me, what ever you want to do is your business” Kelly slightly slurred her words.

Janice went to the bar, made us all another round of drinks and excused herself to go to the bathroom. She wobbled slightly as she walked down the hallway. I never have seen her really like that before.

Kelly then came over and sat beside me, she lit a cigarette and sat back.

Kelly said softly “When you two want to go to bed just give me a wink and I will go down to my room to give you some privacy”.

Kelly then took my hand into hers, she gave me a smile. She then took my hand and put it on her tit.

She then asked me rather seductively in soft voice “Do you like that; does that feel nice”.

I very gently pulled hand back and said “Yes it does Kelly; but I don’t think we should; I don’t think it is right; I think you had a little too much to drink”.

Kelly replied quietly “I’m sorry Jeff; but I’m just feeling really horny”.

We could hear Janice was coming out of the bathroom. Kelly got up and returned to her chair before Janice could see her.

Janice then returned to her seat and sat down beside me, she kissed me on the cheek and neck.

She whispered in my ear “I’m so fucking horny; I want to go and fuck”.

We finished our drinks and I winked at Kelly. Kelly then got up; she said she was going to bed and that she would see us in the morning.

When she was down the stairs Janice reached over and grabbed my cock.

“Let’s go to bed babe, I’m so horny, fuck I am so fucking horny, I really want to fuck” Janice said.

We got up and went to the bedroom. Janice took off her clothes, she pulled the covers back on the bed; she then laid back on the bed and spread her legs wide open.

She said “Do what you want to me; I am your dirty fucking whore, use me , abuse me, I am yours, I’m a dirty fucking cunt”.

I stripped then got on the bed beside her. I started sucking her tits; running my fingers up and down her slit then started to finger fuck her.

Janice started to moan out “Oh fuck yes, oh my fucking god yes, that’s good oh I need it, oh god finger my fucking cunt” and she continued to moan.

As I reached up hooked my two fingers up to her g spot and was massaging it; I could feel her getting very wet inside the fluid pooling in her hole. I then started to finger her faster her body tensed up and she started spraying her fluid all over us and the bed.

She was screaming ‘Oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck, fuck, oh yes, oh my god no more”.

I stopped withdrew my fingers from her and gave them to her to lick which she did with very much enthusiasm.
I told her how hot she was and then went down on her and started to eat her out. She spread her legs and lifted her knees; held my head into her crotch.

Janice moaned out loudly “Oh fuck yes, oh yes eat me out, make me cum again, oh fuck yes it feels so good, you are taking good care of my horny cheating cunt, oh god fuck yes, oh god fuck yes, oh god don’t stop, I’m fucking cumming, oh shit I’m cummmming, yes, yes, yes, oh fuck, oh, oh, oh fuck”

She clenched her legs together and squeezed my head between her legs into her mound and held it tightly into her crotch. She let go after a moment as her orgasm subsided and looked down at me.

She said “Oh fuck that was so good again; come up here kiss me and fuck the shit out me; fuck me like the cheating slut I am; I’m your dirty fucking whore, I’m your dirty fucking cunt”.

I came up to her; kissed her, and she eagerly licked my face and sucked my tongue and reached down and stroked my cock. After a few moments I positioned myself between her legs grabbed her legs and pushed them up and back to her shoulders and shoved my cock in to her; I started to fuck her.

Oh god it sure felt good as I entered her tight hole and pumped my cock in and out of her; watching her glaze my cock with a white film of her cum from inside her.Janice moaned as I continued to fuck her and increased my pace.

She yelled out “I’m cumming, oh god fuck me, oh fill me with your fucking cum, fuck, fuck, fuck, yes oh yes, cum you fucker, cum inside my hot fucking cunt, oh god I’m on fire inside, I’m your fucking whore, you like me being your whore don’t you, I’m another mans woman, I’m a fucking cheating slut”.

I just couldn’t hold back any longer and my sperm started spurting deep inside her rope after rope, I could feel it leaving my cock. She brought her legs down; clenched them around my ass and held me tight in her as she milk my cock with her hot twat.I was glazed with sweat, breathing very hard looking down at her, and she was smiling looking up at me.

She said “So did you like that fuck babe, did I turn you on”.

I replied “Oh yea you sure did”.

I pulled my cock from her and lay beside her to catch my breath.

We kissed for a bit and then had a cigarette enjoying the ecstasy we both just experienced. When we finished our cigarette we cuddled up to each other and went to sleep.


I woke in the morning and Janice was lightly rubbing the hair on my chest and kissing and suckling my nipple of my right tit. I said good morning to her; took my hand placed at the back of her head and twirled her hair in my fingers.

She looked up at me said “Good morning”.

Her hand went down to my cock; and she started to play with it.

She whispered to me “Do you want to fuck me, do you want to fuck another mans woman, this woman has a very, very hot cunt this morning, oh babe I need the fire in put out”.

I kissed her and softly said “Get on your hands and knee’s slut so I can fuck you like the cheating little bitch you are; I’ll fill you with fucking cum again so your man can smell me tomorrow when he comes home”.

Janice got on her hands and knees I mounted her doggy style; I shoved my cock into her; held her hips and began to fuck her slowly.

She moaned “Oh god yes that feels so good, oh your so fucking deep, oh that’s it fuck me like that, I’m just a fucking cheating whore who loves you to fuck me, fill me with your hot nasty fucking cum into my fuck hole, oh my god maybe Mike will smell you, oh my god, oh my god, he’ll know that I’m a fucking whore, oh my god”.

I increased my pace feeling her tightness around my cock and her dirty talk excited me very rapidly and told her I was going to cum.

She screamed “Yes fill me; pump it into me deep, I want your fucking hot cum deep inside of me”.

I couldn’t hold on any longer and spilled my cum deep inside her. I couldn’t believe how hard I came again. I held her by hips lingering in the ecstasy I felt as she milked me until I couldn’t stand it any longer and had to withdraw my cock from inside her.

She leaned forward for a moment with her ass in the air, then laid down on her back looking up at me.

She said “Wow that was another good fuck babe”.

I lay down beside her; we kissed a bit; she told me she was going to make coffee told me to go ahead have a shower.

She got up took a pair of very bright white shiny satin panties with diamond designs on them out of her drawer, she put a panty-liner in them; put the panties on; and a white lace trimmed satin negligee that had hem line half way between her knees and her ass.

I then asked Janice “Do you always wear those liners in your panties”?

She replied “Yes most of the time I do, they keep me fresh. I spend a lot of money on my panties, the liners really protect them from my discharge and the cum that does seep from me, which I seem to have a lot of these days. When I wash my lingerie I also use a special lingerie detergent. I find they are easier to clean and extends the life as I hand wash all my lingerie, so there you go, you just received a lesson on women’s lingerie”.

I looked at her, tits looked very nice under the material she was wearing; and her small pointy nipples were quite visible through the material.

I got up and hit the shower. I came out to the kitchen Janice and Kelly were having a coffee and a cigarette.

Kelly was wearing a white tank top with no bra, her nipples of her tits were slightly visible and a pair of very tight white satin short shorts so I would say she looked pretty hot.

I joined them and asked “What are you ladies going to do today”.

Janice said “Well we have to go get my car first”.

She then she suggested we go to Great Lakes Crossing to go shopping.

She asked if I would join them.

Janice said she had a store she wanted go to and wanted me to go with her but she needed to start some laundry, she smiled at me; I knew she was talking about the soaked sheets from last night.

Kelly said “Yes that would be great; I haven’t been there for a long time”.

I said I would love to go with them; we could have dinner then go to a club I know up that way which has great music; atmosphere; very casual dress.

I said “I am just going to wear jeans today to be comfortable”.

We all had more coffee; I told Janice I was going home to get ready, to give me call when they were ready to go,

Janice then said “OK I’ll call you when we are ready to go and I want to take my car today”.

When I finished my coffee I went home did what I had to do and waited for Janice to call.

Janice called me about 2:00 and said they were ready so come on over and we could go.

I went over and oh wow both of them looked very hot and sexy. Both made up; Janice was wearing a short blue denim skirt; a red silky sleeveless top, black hose, red high heels (definitely CFMP), gold earrings which were large circles of mesh, and a thick gold chain which looked like a braided rope with bright red lipstick.

Kelly was wearing a short black denim skirt, bright blue short sleeve low cut pull over top, tan hose, black high heels, a hearing bone chain, with large gold hoop earrings with the same pink lipstick she wore the night before.

Janice motioned me to come to her bedroom and told me that Mike had called and she would be picking him up at 6:30 pm tomorrow evening so she would be leaving at around 4:00 to go to the airport.

She also said “Oh since you left this morning I started my fucking period so don’t get carried away and stick your finger into me”!

I said “I will be careful and not to worry” and smiled at her.

We returned to the kitchen and Kelly asked “Are you two ready to go or what”.

Janice said we are ready and both women grabbed short black leather coats and their purses. Janice had a soft leather large red purse and Kelly had a black purse.

I sat in the back of the car and the ladies sat in the front so if I had to crouch down in the event the neighbors were outside as it was a nice day.

Kelly said “Wow you two are careful no one sees you together”.

Luck would have it no one was outside and when we got a couple of blocks away Kelly and I changed seats. We arrived at the mall at about 4:00.

Janice told me she wanted me to come to one store with her and then I could go where I wanted if I wished. I told her I would stay close to them as I really didn’t have any place in particular I wanted to go. Janice then proceeded to take me to the Fredrick’s of Hollywood store and Kelly tagged along. When Kelly went to another area of the store Janice smiled and asked me if there was anything I would like her to bye and we looked at a lot of sexy lingerie.

She said “Go out to the mall as I don’t want you to see what I do bye now so I can surprise you in the future”.

I went out in the hall of the mall; browsed around window-shopping watching the people come and go.After about half an hour Janice and Kelly came out of the store with their bags of purchases, which looked like a lot and we then went out to the car. The girls said they were done and we left the mall to go to dinner.

After dinner we headed to the club I knew and arrived there about 9:30. Oddly it was relativity busy so early in the evening. We got good seats and the music was great. We ordered drinks and I told the girls if they wanted I would take it easy to drive home.

The girls did enjoy themselves drinking and dancing, as did I even though I kept myself legal to drive. The time went on quickly and we headed for home at about 1:00am and got home at about 2:30. The gals were giggly and laughing as we went into the house they both had quite a jag on.

Janice said “Just leave the bags in the trunk they would get them in the morning”.

We went into the house Janice made us a round of drinks and went to the living room, Janice and I sat on the love-seat and Kelly sat on the couch. We had our drinks: we laughed and talked about the evening. Both women were feeling pretty good as they both had a lot to drink but they were really having a good time.

After we all had a few more drinks, I needed to sort of to play catch up I guess, I started feeling pretty god myself. Kelly excused herself to go to the washroom and when she left Janice straddled me on the couch; she stroked my cock in my jeans.

She asked quietly “So are you going to fuck my dirty menstruating cunt tonight”, as she kissed me softly”.

I answered “Oh god yes I am, I can hardy wait you horny little whore”.

We could hear Kelly coming back so Janice got off me, then excused herself when Kelly returned to the room.

Janice said “My turn”.

Kelly sat down beside me; lit a cigarette; took a long seductive drag of it; as she looked at me.
She put her hand on my crotch and gave my cock a light stroke which was hard from Janice’s touch moments earlier. She exhaled her smoke; parted her legs a slightly.

Kelly asked very softly “Would you like feel my pussy”.

I thought about it for a second and told her “Yes I would”.

She put her cigarette in the ashtray; then stood up in front of me and lifted the front of her skirt with one hand; pulled the front of her panties and pantyhose down a bit with the other hand revealing the top her bald pussy.
I put my hand to her pussy and touched her smooth skin; then slid a finger to her very moist, very tight, wet slippery slit. I inserted it in her slightly more and lightly fingered her pussy, as Janice seemed to be taking a while in the washroom.

I could only think that she was probably changing her tampon and pad. After a bit of fingering her we then could hear Janice running the water in the washroom so I quickly removed my finger from Kelly's pussy. She returned her panties and pantyhose to their place; dropped her skirt; then sat down on the couch again picked up her cigarette. I sniffed my finger and licked it clean.

Kelly smiled and asked me quietly “Is that good”?

I smiled and I replied as I raised my eyebrows “Oh yes so sweet”.

Janice returned and sat down.

She lit a cigarette; put her hand on mine in my lap.

She asked if I was ready for bed. I told her anytime was OK with me.

Kelly said she was tired too; she finished her cigarette got up and said goodnight then went downstairs to bed.
Janice then sat back smoking her cigarette, she started touching her right tit with her left hand; smiling at me.

She asked “Are you ready to take your menstruating horny little whore to bed to eat me and fuck me”.

I told her I was; so we got up; turned the lights off and went to the bedroom where Janice had lit several candles.
She took off her top, skirt, pantyhose, revealing the red bra and red panties she was wearing.

Janice took a dark blue blanket; she spread it on the bed; then laid down on it still wearing her bra and panties.
I undressed then laid down next to her on the bed then put my hand on her crotch which obviously revealed she was wearing a pad.

She asked “Are you really sure you are OK with this, I am flowing very heavy I just had to do a change”.

I assured her I was and I placed my face into her crotch. She parted her legs and I took in the aroma being emitted from her vagina and I looked up at her massaging her tits and pulling on her nipples through the sheer material of her bra while looking down at me.
I got up, and then knelt beside her I grasped the sides of her panties. She lifted her hips so I could remove her panties; which I did and placed them down beside her.
There was a very small amount menstrual fluid in her pad as she just had changed it. I could see her tampon string hanging out of her slit.

She looked at me and said “God Jeff this makes me so fucking horny as it is something I never thought a man would do to me, it is just so fucking nasty I love it”.

I then asked her “Do you want me to eat you with your tampon in or out it doesn’t matter to me it’s just a little more messy with it out but OK with me either way”.

She looked at me and said “Fucking take it out of me babe; I want it to be nasty since I am such a fucking dirty slut. I want you to be a nasty fucking pig with me tonight”.

I parted her legs a bit more took the string from her tampon and gently removed it from inside of her, it was quite soaked and she had just changed it so I knew this was going to be messy.

I placed the tampon on the blanket beside her. I then went down on her; I started licking her slit and into her up to her clit; she really was flowing quite a bit as there was fluid quickly at her entrance to her vagina.

She moaned and said “Oh babe; fuck that feels so good; oh yes fuck I love that; oh fuck that is so good; oh yes eat my menstruating cunt; oh eat it you dirty nasty boy; oh fuck yes, fuck yes, make me cum in your fucking mouth”.

She was now moving her hips pushing herself up against my mouth and then moaned out loudly” Fuck I’m cumming, oh god, oh my god, oh shit, oh fuck yes, I’m cummming in your fucking mouth oh, oh, oh god, fuck no more, no more, stop, oh stop”.

I then stopped, I could feel my face was quite wet and I looked up at her.

She said “Come up here to me and kiss me, I want to taste myself from you, I want to lick my fluid off”.

I went up as she asked I started to feel her tits as she lick my face, neck and chin. We then French kissed deeply for a few minutes and she returned to licking my face ferociously cleaning me.
When she finished licking me she stroked my cock and looked at me.

She said “Time for you to cum, come on and fuck me; fill my dirty sloppy fuck hole with your cum babe, fuck me deep”.

I looked down at her and her thighs and her snatch was a bloody mess. I lifted her legs up and back then stuck my cock into her hot, wet, but still tight waiting hole.

I said “Oh fuck that feels so good, it seems so warm and wet Janice”.

I started to fuck her.

She exclaimed “Oh yes, oh yes, fuck me, fuck me hard”.

I increased my pace fucking her harder and faster.

She then said “Oh god yes, oh just like that, fuck that’s deep, bang my fucking cervix, oh yes, oh fuck that’s so good, fuck me like the dirty cheating slut I am, you like fucking another mans woman don’t you, it turns you on cumming inside another mans woman, you want to fill my fucking cunt with cum don’t you, come on you slut fucker give me that load, just think babe, if my tubes were not tide you would have made me pregnant by now dumping all that cum into me ”.

I started to moan and screamed out “I’m going cum inside you slut, I’m going to cum inside of your menstruating cunt”.

She yelled back “Yes cum in me, fuck I’m a slut, fuck I’m a dirty fuck slut, I’m your cheating whore, oh fuck yes, oh fuck cum, cum, cum inside me, I want it”.

I could feel my sperm starting to spurt out of me and I pushed my cock deep inside her; held it in her deep as I could.

I moaned “Oh fuck yes, here it is, take my fucking cum up your fuck hole, oh fuck yes, you are a hot fucking whore taking my cum in your snatch”.

I could feel the sweat dripping down my body as I let her legs go and they fell to the bed. I looked down at her and she was smiling at me.

She asked “Was that good, did you like fucking my dirty filthy cunt”.

I replied “Oh so good, and oh so hot”.

I slowly pulled my cock out of her and my cock was covered in fluid and cum.

Janice said “Come up here, I want to suck your dirty cock. I am nothing but a filthy whore, so make suck your dirty cock”.

I went up to her face with my cock and put it into her mouth and she sucked and licked me. I could hardly believe she was doing what she was doing.
When she finished cleaning me she looked at me with a really nasty look upon her face.

Janice then asked, “Is there a big mess there”.

I told her “Yes you are pretty dirty but we can clean up”.

She asked “Would you please go into the washroom; get the burgundy wash cloth I left by the sink; wet it with warm water; bring it to me so I can clean up a bit before I get up so I do not flow all over the fucking place, and in the second drawer on the right are some tampons and pads please bring me one of each too”.

I did as she asked, and watched her clean herself up. She then inserted her new tampon inside herself and put her new pad into her panties. She wrapped her used tampon into her used pad and set it down on the blanket.

She put her panties back on; she then got up and gave me the washcloth.

She said “You might want to clean up a bit too I may have missed some”.

I went to the washroom and cleaned myself up then returned to the bedroom. While I was gone she had removed the blanket off the bed and put it in the laundry. She was taking off her bra when I came back into the bedroom and I went over and gave each of her tits a suck.

She then went to the washroom to do her nightly routine.

She returned to the bedroom and joined me on the bed. We had a cigarette and talked a bit; then realized it was 4:30 in the morning.

We then decided we better get to sleep.

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