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My Neighbour Janice Continued Part 7

Things advance in this segment and at the time I was surprised that it went this far.


I woke up at 11:00 and Janice was not in the bed. I put my jogging shorts on shook the cobwebs out of my head and went to the washroom. I found Janice and Kelly were in the kitchen having a coffee and a cigarette. Janice and Kelly had obviously had showered and were relaxing and talking.

Janice was wearing a pair of tight black cotton shorts, a black tank top, with no bra. Kelly was wearing a pair of tight short blue denim shorts, white tank top, and also no bra.

Janice said “Good morning”.

I asked her what time she got up. She told me at 9:00 and Kelly was already up and had made the coffee. Janice said they just made a fresh pot so I helped myself to the coffee and joined the ladies. I lit a cigarette and Janice then told me Kelly would be staying another week now as Greg called her this morning and he has to stay in Calgary for another week.

Janice then got up and said she had to go put something’s in the laundry left the kitchen, went to the bedroom, and then went down stairs to the laundry room.

I then said to Kelly “I am sorry about last night; I shouldn’t have done what I did; I knew you were pretty drunk; but that no excuse”.

Kelly then looked at me and replied “Jeff if I didn’t want you to touch me I wouldn’t have offered. I don’t feel bad about it so don’t you; I am a grown woman; I have my needs; my husband is not here; I am a bit horny and you’re fucking my mom; so no big deal ok; but this has to be our secret I do not want my mom to know what I did or do”.

I told her OK, and then we left it at that.

Janice then returned had another coffee and cigarette then said she has to pack a few things as she is going to Mikes tonight after she picks him up at the airport. She has taken tomorrow off from work and that she would be home on Monday night.

I asked her what time she was going to leave today.

She said, “At 4:00 as that will give me lots of time to get over, park and get to meet the flight”.

I said “Well I have some things to do today as well, to get ready for work next week”.

Janice then asked Kelly what she was going to do today.

Kelly answered, “I will either get in touch with one of my friends here or just relax and watch a movie”.

At about noon I packed up my belongings I had brought over, and talked to Janice in private in the bedroom.

Janice said “Fuck is Mike going to be pissed off that I am having my period. Well one good thing is I didn’t have to douche myself to clean you out of me mother nature is taking care of that”.

I then asked her “Are you was going to show me what you bought at the lingerie store yesterday”.

She replied “No it is for future surprises”.

Janice then said “I will call you during the week when I get a chance; I know I am going to be busy but we will talk”.

I told her I understood; I’d hear from her when she has time. I kissed her; went out to the living room, I said good-bye to Kelly and told her if she has any time give me a call; maybe we could have dinner sometime during the week before she goes home.

She said “Great Jeff I might take you up on that so I’ll see you later”.

I then went home, I did my laundry some light house work emptied the dishwasher from last week then settled down to watch some TV deciding what to have for dinner. The phone rang and it was about 5:00 and it was Kelly.

She asked, “What are you doing”

I told her I was just relaxing deciding on what to have for dinner.

She asked “Do you want some company as my friends were busy tonight, and maybe we could order a pizza if you like”.

I told her come over and use the back door so none of the neighbors see just to keep any gossip at bay.

She said, “Give me half an hour and I will be over”.

I went unlocked the backdoor put some clothes on as I was just in my underwear. I put on jeans and a shirt and waited for Kelly. She was right on time about 30 minutes when I heard her come in and up the stairs.

Kelly looked really nice, and very sexy to say the least. Her hair and makeup all done, she was wearing her hot pink lipstick, a tight pair of faded low-rise blue jeans that really showed her ass, a tight short light pink top that extenuated her breasts and revealed her belly piercing, pink high heels, gold hoop earrings and gold hearing bone necklace.

I told her she sure looked nice and she thanked me for the comment.

I asked her if she wanted a drink or a beer and she asked for a drink, which I made, and open myself a beer. We decided on what kind of pizza to get and ordered it, as it would take 45minutes to an hour to come. We sat down the couch and talked; it was mainly I asking questions as I have known her for sometime but really did not know all that much about her. I asked her about her husband, how long she was married now, where she went to school, about her sister Mandy, and even how old she was if she did not mind answering that question (men should not ask ladies how old they are).

Kelly told me that she is 25 now and her sister Mandy is now 22. She has been married for 3 years now and Greg her husband works for the family business, which is a business and investment company with offices all across Canada. He has a lot of travel but it is something she accepts as they have a good life with no financial burdens and that is why she does not work. They have a beautiful home; Greg has a nice family, which is very close, and all work in the business. She met Greg her second last year of university and married him a year later.

She told me Mandy just graduated last June from university and has a very good position with a life insurance company.

The pizza then arrived so we then ate and had a few more drinks. We continued to talk about everything.

I told her about my past and she did the same and telling how good her mom was to them growing up and even how amicable her parents divorce was. She said she was old enough to understand but Mandy had some trouble with it for a while.

Kelly then asked me “How did mom and you get together or start to where you are now”.

I wasn’t sure what to tell her and asked her if she spoke to her mom about this?

She said “I really did not want to pry as mom was very much shaken the night I found you two together, even though I assured her it was OK and wouldn’t tell anyone”.

I told her that her mom and I had got together one evening; had some wine and talked a lot learning about each others lives and one thing led to another so to speak and that’s how things started.

Kelly then told me that she secretly knew her mom had a bit of a wild side to her but really never saw it. She never brought men home, and was always available for Mandy and I what ever we were doing.

I told Kelly her mom told me much the same as she just told me and she was very shocked and very rattled the night you came upon us in bed.

Kelly told me that she is glad her mom is happy but never thought she would see her the way she did.

I explained to her that her mom and I have a good time together, neither of us is looking for anything permanent so we were just sort fuck buddies, she has Mike who she does care for, so guess that is why we hide our so called fuck buddy relationship.

Kelly asked me if I ever planned to get married again and I told her it would depend if and when I ever found the right person, as my first marriage was such a disaster. The time really passed quickly; we had quite a bit to drink; which sort of loosened our inhibitions I guess.

Kelly had lit a cigarette; took a long seductive drag; she was looking at me; she exhaled the smoke; she leaned forward then kissed me lightly on the lips. She then put her hand on my leg; she slid it to my groin ever so lightly rubbed my cock in my pants with her fingernails. I never stopped her this time and I lightly kissed her back.

I took my left hand and very gently felt her right tit; I then felt her hard nipple with my thumb and index finger. We then stopped our kiss.

I asked softly “Are you sure about this Kelly”.

Kelly did not say anything back to me; she just smiled; she got up, took her purse and went to the washroom. I made us another drink and lit a cigarette while she was in the washroom.

Kelly then came out of the washroom after a few minutes; she obviously had reapplied her lipstick. She was only wearing a very light pink nylon material bra with matching panties; navy stay-up stockings and her pink high heels. She stood at the end of the hallway with one leg bent at the knee, leaning up against the wall and looking at me.

She said, “Does this answer your question”.

She then started to walk towards me and she sat down beside me.

“So is OK if I’m your fuck buddy too,” she asked as she sort of giggled.

I told her how sexy she looked as I looked at this very hot 25-year-old woman next to me. We then started to kiss and I started to feel her very firm tits through her bra. She reached down to my crotch and she whispered in my ear to me to take off my jeans and shirt, which I did. We continued to kiss; feel and pet each other’s bodies teasing each other.

I could feel her pussy through her sheer panties, she was becoming very wet and her nipples were also very hard and erect. I then put my hand into her panties and slid my middle finger to her slit then just inside the outer lips of her pussy. I could feel a very thick type of discharge present and I would say it sort of felt like Vaseline.

Kelly moaned out softly as I touched her “See how I am. I told you I was horny”.

With all this my cock became very hard.

I softly said to her “Kelly let’s go to the bedroom”.

We got up and I led her by the hand to my bedroom. We stopped next to the bed and I unhooked her bra and removed it revealing a pair of very nice perky tits with small pointy nipples. Her tits did not sag at all and stood out just as if she had her bra on. I told her how beautiful her tits looked. She then removed her heels, took off her panties, and then she sat down on the bed where she took off her stockings. I took my underwear off then she reached forward stroked my cock.

She smiled and said “Oh wow that is sexy you shave down there”.

She took my cock into her mouth and sucked it slowly for a while. She told me my cock was about the same size as her husbands, and I told how good it felt as she was sucking on me as I caressed her hair holding her head gently. I laid her back on the bedspread her legs and started to lick her pussy up and down, inserting my tongue into her slit. Her pussy was just like her mothers a fine slit with everything up inside. I believe she must have been very turned on; as inside her slit there was very thick creamy fluid and she tasted so good. I continued to eat her out and it did not take to long before she screamed that she was cumming.

She told not to stop as she held my head against her; pushing herself against my face; then wrapping her legs around my head. She was holding me tight as her body tensed. She held me against her for a few moments and then released her grasp she had on me with her legs and hands, then she just then let her legs just flop down .

She said between breaths “Oh that was so good; oh yes I really needed that; oh god it sure beats the hell out of masturbating”.

I came up to her; I kissed her slowly then touched her sexy shaved thin little slit.

She moaned she was still breathing hard and softy said, “Oh go very gently; oh I am very sensitive there after I cum”.

I then looked down at her as I took my hand and started to play with the nipples of her tits with my fingers while she lay back still coming down from her orgasm running her fingers through her hair and moving her head side to side. When it seemed that she was relaxed I then took the middle finger of my right hand and gently inserted it into her.

I noticed then that she was very tight and she seemed to have a very small vaginal hole. She spread her legs wider opening herself more but she was still quite tight. I hooked my finger up to her g-spot and started to massage it gently as I started to suck on her tits at the same time.

She moaned out “OH my god that feels so good”.

I asked her if she ever squirted before.

She said “No I don’t know how”.

I asked her if she would like to try.

She told me yes, so I told her to just relax as I played with her g-spot; she would start feel some pressure; just let what ever happens happen, that she would feel like she was going to pee but not to worry as she will ejaculate out of her pussy.

She was looking up at me; her eyes were opened wide as I continued rubbing her spot; I could feel the fluid really building up inside her and an audible sloshing sound. Kelly then grabbed the comforter on the bed lifted her hips up and her body stiffened.

Kelly yelled “Oh, oh, oh, mmm mmm, oh god, oh my god, oh my god”.

I told her to bear down and when she did she started to spray like a garden hose out of her pussy, right across the bed, to the dresser about 4 feet from the bed, and splashed the mirror.

Kelly screamed and moaned “Oh god, oh god, oh no more, oh god no more, I can’t, I can’t, oh no more” she was breathing very hard.

I stopped, I slowly took my finger from inside her and looked at her, and I could see that she was in total ecstasy. I slowly ran my hand up her stomach to her neck and kissed her softly on the mouth then she put her arms around my neck pulled me tight and kissed me very hard; sticking her tongue deep into my mouth.

When our kiss broke she said “Oh my god that was fantastic, oh my I am all wet”.

I told her she really squirted hard; harder and further than I have seen other women do. She reached down stroked my cock and told me to lie on my back. I did as she asked; she started to suck my cock harder than she did before. I have to say that it sure felt good. Kelly took her mouth off my cock I was extremely hard now.

Kelly said “I want to ride you, would you like that”.

I looked up at Kelly and asked “Kelly do you want me to wear a condom”.

“Nope you don’t have to; I have an implant so I can’t get pregnant” she replied.

Kelly positioned herself above me; she took my cock and guided into her pussy then slowly lowered herself on to it. She then slowly started to fuck me riding up and down on my cock. Oh my god she was so fucking tight, I could hardly believe it, she just seemed so small inside and the feeling was incredible. She rode me for a while then she started to cum. She then stopped with me inside her. After a few minutes Kelly then started to ride me again; she brought herself to another orgasm, I could feel her leaking all over my balls and down to by ass. This orgasm was stronger than her first, her body tensed up and her vagina squeezed my cock tightly. She moaned loudly and looked completely dazed. I found hard to believe that I did not cum; maybe it was my nerves, the alcohol I drank or the fact that I had a lot of sex this weekend. When her orgasm passed and she relaxed, she looked down at me, she was smiling and she rubbed the hair on my chest then lightly squeezed the nipples of my tits. Kelly took me out of her pussy, took her tongue and licked down my body until she reached my cock. She started sucking and licking her own cum off my cock. Kelly then stopped; she got on her hands and knees.

“Come and screw me doggy style Jeff I like it like that way” she exclaimed.

I got up behind her, inserted my cock into her slowly; and then started to fuck her.

She yelled out “Oh yes, oh god yes, oh fuck my pussy, oh fuck yes, oh fuck, fuck, fuck yes, oh god fuck I’m cumming again, ooooh yes I’m cumming, oh cum with me, oh please cum with me, oh fuck yes, oh yes. Oh yes, cum in me, cum in me”.

I could feel my load starting to churn in me and I knew I was going to bust my nuts into this beautiful young woman. I knew I was going to cum and I held her hips tight.

“Oh yes Kelly I am going to cum now” I yelled out.

I could feel my cum spurting and spurting inside of her. I held my cock deep inside of her tightness until the spasms stopped; she then wiggled her ass against me; then moved forward; lay down on her stomach. I then laid down next to her, kissed her back from her ass up to her neck; she shivered and moaned as I continued to run my fingers up and down her back with my the tips of my fingers. She then rolled over and looked at me.

“Did you like that”, she asked.

I replied, “Do you even have to ask, oh my god Kelly, you have the tightest pussy I have ever fucked”.

She said, “You probably won’t believe me, but I was a virgin until I was married my husband and has been the only man I have ever fucked until now”.

I really didn’t know what to say to her. I felt sort of weird right at that moment so I did not say anything.

We then got up Kelly put on her panties, and went to the bathroom.

I went out to the living room; lit a cigarette and a few minutes Kelly joined me still just wearing her panties and exposing her incredibly firm stand out tits. Kelly lit a cigarette as well then took a drag and blew the smoke into my mouth as kissed me.

Kelly sat back, smiled at me, and said “Hey their mister you sure do cum a lot don’t you”.

I replied, “Yes I always have, sorry about that, I should have told you. Kelly I have to ask you a couple of more things if you don’t mind”.

She took another drag of her cigarette blew her smoke high into the air then said, “Go ahead ask away”.

“What is your bust size”? I asked first.

She replied, “I am a 34b I hope that’s ok; I’m not to small am I”.

I answered “Oh no, you have lovely breasts I was just being curious”.

I then asked “Kelly why did you want to have sex with me”.

She answered “Jeff it was a combination of things probably. I had been on my monthly before I came to moms to visit and finished the day after I got here. So I didn’t make love with my husband before he left due to my condition. Then I guess seeing mom and you together in bed, even as shocking and weird as that really was; I kept thinking about it. I guess what I saw and heard that night must have affected me some how; and well it simply made me very horny, Jeff I really like sex and I will not be seeing my husband for another week yet, so thought it was safe for you to have sex with me, as I would not tell anyone and I don’t think you will”.

I then said, “You know Kelly that with our difference in our age you are the youngest woman I have ever fucked and please excuse my vulgarity”.

Kelly smiled then said “Oh not at all. I’m sure that I don’t have to tell you my mom has quite a vulgar vocabulary; my sister is even worse, shit she could probably put some truckers to shame. Mom used to always give her shit about her language”.

I asked her if she wanted another drink or anything and she said she would like a glass of ice water, which I got for the both of us. I saw the time was getting late told her I was going to have a cigarette, then have to go to bed as I did have to work in the morning.

“Do you mind if I stay and sleep here with you tonight” Kelly asked?

I answered “Kelly I would like that, but I do get up at about 6:30 if you are OK with that”.

She smiled and said, “That was ok with me I understand”.

We finished our cigarettes then went to bed; we snuggled up to each other, and then went to sleep. I know I had a smile on my face.


I woke to the alarm at 6:30 and could feel Kelly next to me. I looked at her and she was waking up.

She stretched her arms out, smiled and said “Good morning”.

I told her good morning and then felt her hand gently touching my cock and her nails going up and down my shaft very lightly. I looked at her and told her that feels so good, she took the covers off us and started sucking my cock. I moaned and responded to her sucking on me and lifted my ass up so my cock would go deeper into her mouth.

She held the base, took her mouth off me and said “Let me do it, I want to suck you to completion and yes before you ask me, you can cum if my mouth, I like that”.

She went back down on me and she was good, it did not take long and I was cumming into her sweet little mouth. She was swallowing and sucking however she couldn’t swallow as fast I had cum and some leaked down my shaft to her hand at the base. She finished what she was doing cleaned her face with her hand; then spread the remnants that were left on her lips and chin to her tits and tummy. I got up went to washroom to shave and shower

She came in the washroom while I was showering, she went pee, and asked me where the coffee is? I told her it’s all set up just push the button.

I finished my routine; came out to the kitchen; Kelly was dressed; having coffee and a cigarette. I joined her and asked her if she wanted to have a shower. She told me that she would shower at her moms a little later. We exchanged cell numbers and I then had to head out to work. Kelly went out the back and I left for my day.

I had a busy day at work and got home around 7:30 and neither Janice or Kelly’s vehicle; were home and I was pretty beat. I relaxed had a light dinner and watched some TV.

At about 10:30 Janice called me when she got home and I asked her how her day was; she said very busy helping Mike with something’s and she was pretty tired. I told her I was too (as I admitted to myself I was bit burned out from the weekend). Janice asked if I wanted to come over for a nightcap. I told her give me 5 minutes and I would come over.

I went over and Janice was sitting in the living room, in just a black bra, panties, black pantyhose, wearing a black necklace with large beads and earrings with same sort of beads that dangled down from her ear lobes.

She was looking at her mail, having a drink and a cigarette. She told me to help myself to a drink and I asked her where Kelly was. She told me Kelly went to a friends place today and is spending the night there. I helped myself to a drink and went to give Janice a kiss; she stopped me; told me she might have serious cum breath; as she had given Mike a couple of blow jobs today; the last just one about an hour ago; as he would never fuck her when she is having her period. I told it doesn’t matter to me; I kissed her anyway; I couldn’t taste anything but the liquor in her mouth.

She told me Mike was a bit disappointed about her having her period but he would get over it; she would probably be finished Thursday anyway; and that she was going to have a busy week. I told her my week looks like it is going to be busy too and I didn’t get home tonight until 7:30.

We drank our drinks; I asked Janice “So whore do you feel like getting fucked in your dirty slutty menstruating snatch”?

She replied “If it ok with you; I am really flowing very heavy today so why don’t we just orally satisfy each other”.

I told her that’s ok with me. We went to the bedroom, striped got into the bed. I lay between her legs using my tongue all over her box and she moaned loudly as I ate her out with her tampon inside, as she did not want to remove it due to the amount of her flow. It did not take too long for Janice to cum and she held my head with her hands on the top of my head: wrapped legs around me pulled me into her.

She yelled over and over “Oh fuck, oh fuck I ‘m cumming oh my fucking god”.

She let go of her hold on me, and was breathing very hard; as I looked up at her and I could see her tits rise and fall with her breaths.

When she caught her breath and relaxed for a moment she said “Come here and fuck my mouth; give me your cum; I might as well take another fucking load of hot cum into my belly”.

I went up above her; I put my cock into her mouth as I started to slowly fuck her mouth. I was watching my cock going in and out of her sexy red lips as I looked at her pretty face and feeling her tits. She sucked on my cock as I fucked her mouth and the faster I fucked her mouth the harder she sucked. (She does not use her hands when sucking cock).

I told her as I was fucking her mouth that; she is a fucking cheating slut; a dirty fucking whore who has her boyfriends cum in her belly and is going to get some more in her, since her fucking cunt is out of commission.

She sucked harder; I started to CUM hard into her mouth surely shooting most of it down her throat. I just about lost my balance; I had to hold on to the wall above the headboard; and she sucked on the sensitive head of my cock until I had to pull away from her, as I couldn’t stand the sensation any longer. She looked up at me and smiled while rolling some of my cum around inside of her mouth with her tongue. I went down to her and kissed her deep with my tongue; she had a little cum on her lips; and a little in her mouth. We kissed and sucked on each other’s tongues for a while, then had a cigarette and talked. Janice told me she was not sure if she would get a chance to see me again until after Mike leaves on Monday.

She told me that she, Mike and Kelly are going to be having dinner out tomorrow night that she will be going back to Mike’s after they drop Kelly off here at home. She told me that on Wednesday she and Mike are going to dinner and a show. She probably will come home late and that she took Thursday, Friday and next Monday off. She will be able to spend some time with Kelly and Mike, then to again take Mike back to the airport Monday morning.

I told her it looks like I am going to be busy and I generally have a lot to do anyway now with spring here. I lay beside her as she reached down and gently ran her fingernails up and down my cock. She asked if I was going to spend the night. I told her I was here now and in bed so I might as well stay the night. Janice got up put her panties back on; we then had another cigarette and then went to sleep.
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