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My Neighbour Janice Continued

Continuing my fuck buddy relationship with my neighbour Janice
Continuing with Janice

I was awaken by the phone ringing and saw that Janice was no longer in the bed so I got up and saw a pair of oversize black silky shorts laid out on the bed with a oversize white T shirt beside them. I assumed they were for me to wear so I put them on and exited the bedroom and saw Janice was talking on the phone. She was obviously talking to her boyfriend Mike and I looked out the window and saw that we sure received a lot of snow over the night.

Janice was already showered had her hair and makeup done perfectly along with her perfect ruby red lips (so sexy). She had started to make breakfast of fresh sliced fruit and was waiting for me to wake up. Janice was wearing a tight white tank top and sheer white bra that extenuated her tits and the points of her nipples and the darkness of her aureoles that showed through, along with a pair of very short low-rise blue jean shorts I guess some would call them (Daisy Dukes) and a pair of denim color heels. She finished her phone call and I asked her to I need to make a quick exit and she replied no as Mike told her he could not even get out of his property as he lives out of the city in the country and his lane way was filled right in with snow and did not think he was going to get out today as the snow was to continue all day.

She asked if I would like to join her for breakfast and have toasted bagel and some fruit, which I graciously accepted. She poured some orange juice and some coffee and said she was glad that the shorts and t-shirt fit me OK and said they look good on me. I told her I sorry I did not hear her get up or even shower. She said she did not want to wake me and showered downstairs. I told her how sexy she looked and she said that she normally wears what she has on in the house. I always wear shorts in my house as well as they were well built and are quite warm and do not like to be hot just comfortable.

We ate breakfast and chatted and I asked what she was going to do for the day and if she would like to come over to my house for dinner as I could take some steaks out and barbecue them for dinner. She replied she was going to do laundry and she would love to come over for dinner and that she would make a salad as well, but could not spend the night but I was welcome to come over and spend the night with her again at her place in the event Mike would call. I said I could do some laundry as well and would shovel our drives out later if and when the snow slowed down or stopped as I usually shoveled them anyway not like we get a lot of snow but had our fair share this winter. We finished our breakfast retired to the living room had a cigarette and some more coffee and just seemed to be in no rush to do anything. I said I guess I should let her get on with what she needed to do and she laughed and said she has to wash the bedding as the bed was still all wet. I smiled at her and said it was fun wasn’t it and she replied she didn’t know what was happening and then it felt so good she just went with it. She asked what time I wanted her to come over and I said come over when you are ready and we could eat at around six.

I said I was going to change then go home when she asked if I wanted to fuck her before I left. I told her I was game if she was and she stood up took off her shorts and panties exposing her freshly shaved vagina and knelt in her arm chair and said “Come over here and fuck me doggy style and fill me with your fucking cum. I dropped my shorts as my cock was stiff from the moment I laid eyes on her this morning and I went behind her and shoved my cock inside her and started to fuck her and told her how tight her little fuck hole was and how I want to pump a hot load of cum deep inside my hot little cum-slut. She started to moan said “fuck I’m cumming your hot little fucking slut is cumming” and then I started to shoot my load of cum deep inside her. I stood there behind her holding her hips as my cock was in her for a while as the tension was leaving our bodies before I pulled out of her and she said she could really feel me cumming inside her. We went to the bedroom and I got dressed as she changed her pantie liner in her very sexy white panties and then dressed as well.

I wonder of those women reading this “do many other women wear liners in their panties after fucking” or other times?

She gave me a little kiss and said she would see me later in the day for dinner and I went to my house out the back door however had to shovel a path to my house.

Well the day went on as I did the things I planned like shovel snow, housework, and laundry. When I came in the house I saw the message light blinking on my phone. Janice had called and suggested that I bring the steaks over to her house after cooking them and call her when I started and she would get things ready inside. Well I showered and shaved relaxed for a bit then called Janice and asked if she was ready and told her It would take about 25 minutes to have the steaks done and she said that would be great. Well I started the Q and cooked the steaks and went over to Janice’s with them. She had the table set and had baked potatoes and had a beautiful salad already. She poured us a glass of wine and she looked beautiful wearing a pair of skin tight fitting blue jeans that went to just above her ankles and made her ass look fantastic (she has a great ass). She also had on a very silky red blouse and red high heels accented with a pearl necklace with a pair of pearl earrings that hung down on gold chain from the lobes of her ears and very bright red shiny lipstick. I told her she looked very hot and we sat down to eat dinner. After dinner we cleaned up then retired to the living room had some drinks and talked about everything from her daughters to a woman she works with who is pregnant and her husband won’t even touch her, and even Janice’s boyfriend.

Janice then got up and lit some candles and said she was going to get changed and I said that she looked great, but she had something else she wanted to wear for me. She went to her bedroom and came out about 20 minutes later. My cock jumped right to attention as I looked at her with what she was wearing. She had on a black see through negligee that went to half way to her knees, black see though bra and panties with stay-up stocking with wide lace tops and red stiletto high heels with gold tips the type you would see exotic dancer’s or hookers wear and her pearls and earrings accented her outfit beautifully.

She said does your fucking little cum slut look good enough to eat as she smiles and ran her hand down between her legs. I said you look so fucking hot my cock is hurting in my pants. She said take your fucking clothes off I want to please you. I got undressed stood up in front of her and rubbed her slit through her panties and she moaned. She told me to sit down and enjoy what was going to happen. My cock was very hard and she took in her hand and stroked it then took it in her mouth and teased me by sucking it and licking it. I just wanted to grab her head and start to fuck her mouth as I was getting so turned on and excited watching and feeling her sucking my cock. She looked up at me and said I want you to cum in my fucking mouth and went back to sucking my cock. it didn’t take to long and I could feel myself getting ready to cum and my whole body started to stiffen and my cum started to shoot into her mouth and she taking my entire load into her mouth and was swallowing it as I was cumming. When I finished cumming she licked and sucked on the head of my cock and it was so very, very sensitive I could hardly stand it. She looked up at me and said ‘am I a good fucking cocksucker’. I told her she is a fantastic dirty cock-sucking little slut and pulled her up to me and started to kiss her and tasting the residue of my own cum in her mouth. She then came and sat down beside me on the couch and laid back spread her legs and said, “come here and eat my fucking wet cunt”. I knelt down in front of her pulled her panties aside and started to eat her out sucking on her clit and running my tongue up and down her lips of her hot little fuckhole as I also looked up and saw her playing with her tits. She started to moan and gasp and yelled “OH god yes eat my hot fucking slut cunt” and I could taste her cum leaking from her as she closed her legs tensed up and holding my head as she cum. She said “OH god that was so fucking good” and relaxed her body. I pulled her panties back across her wet hole and she pulled me up to her and she kissed and licked my face.

We sat back had a cigarette and had some more drinks and talked. Janice said that she was really enjoying the day and I told her I was too. Janice said “Jeff I want you to be nasty with me and do what you want too as I am going to be very nasty to you. It is what I am like and I don’t want you to think that I would think any less of you or me. I have a very dirty mouth at times and with you I can do things I only fantasized about, as my relationship with Mike is not like this I want you to understand this. You and I are simply fuck buddies and I want to explore all my fantasies if it is OK with you”. I told her I understood but didn’t want to come on to strong at first. Janice said, “Good so lets not hold back anymore OK and just say and do what we want with each other. I am going to have some surprises for you and I hope you are going to have some for me, don’t forget Mike is going away for a month and we will have some time to explore”.

I wanted another drink so I got up and asked her “does my fucking little slut like another drink”. She replied “yes” then I went and mixed the drinks and when I came back Janice was playing with herself. I put the drinks down and she asked if I like watching her play with her tits and cunt. I told her very much so and that she could masturbate anytime in front of me. I asked her if anyone else ever watched her and she said long time ago while in University in Toronto and asked if I ever masturbated while some watched me and told a few times in the past and that I dated a woman who loved to watch me cum in front of her.

We finished our drinks and I said, “does my little cum slut whore want to go to the bedroom and fuck or do you want me to fuck you right here in the living room.” She stood up and replied “take this fucking whore to the bedroom and fuck me you cunt licking bastard”. She took off her panties laid back on the bed; spread her legs open and said “Come fuck me”. I got on the bed felt between her legs and she was dripping wet and shoved my cock inside of her and started to fuck her. She played with her clit while I was fucking her and this excited me quite a bit. I lifted her legs up while fucking her and told her she was a cock-sucking fucking slut who loved to be fucked. She yelled out Yes I am a fucking slut who loves to fuck. I was fucking her very hard and she started to cum and was screaming out loud “Fuck I am cumming I am cumming’ her body tensed up and I said does my cum dumpster want my load inside her and she yelled yes “cum in my fucking hot little whore hole” and at that second I shot my load deep inside her and I could feel her vaginal muscles milking the cum out of my cock. I kept my cock in her for a few minutes then lay down beside her. She touched my cock for a minute or so then she got up and straddled my face and yelled 'eat your cum-sluts cum filled cunt' as she slid herself up and down my face. She seemed to cum very quickly then got off me and started to kiss and lick the mixture of our cum my face. I started to French kiss her and played with her tits and finger fuck her. She laid back and said she really enjoyed that and suggested we go to sleep. I spooned next to her and drifted off to sleep.

I woke to find Janice was no longer in the bed so I got up and found her in the living room all showered and dressed the same as the day before and she was having coffee and a cigarette. She said good morning sleepyhead and saw that it was about 9:30 am as the clocks had gone ahead that night. She said the snow had stopped and the temperature was going up and it was melting outside. I helped myself to a coffee, was still naked and joined Janice in the living room. I asked her if she had a good sleep and she told me she did and woke at 7:00 and showered and got ready for the day. She said she called Mike and he asked her to come to his place this afternoon as he has his lane cleared and his daughter was coming out and was going to be cooking dinner. She said she was going out about 1:00. We sat and coffee and chatted and she asked if I had a good time last night which I said I did. She said that the next two weeks she is going to be seeing Mike a lot and be with him the next couple of weekends as he is leaving on the 28th for Australia but said she would be home most nights, as she hates not to be home when she is working, as she does not like to live out of a suitcase. She said she would be talking to me anyway during the week and hoped we could have some chance to get together. I said, “Just call me any time as I was going to be around and just working and maybe get together for lunch or coffee”. She replied, “Yes she enjoys our morning coffee” and smiled. I replied “oh yes me too”. I could see her nipples were very hard as could see them sticking out through her tank top and bra which made my cock hard and since I was still naked it was easy for Janice to notice. She then said, “Well it looks like someone is horny”. I answered “well looking at you little fuck slut can you blame me”. She stood up took off her shorts and panties and bent over on the arm chair and said “come here and fuck your cum slut then as we can’t have you going with a hard on all day now can we”. I positioned myself behind her put my hand between her legs and she was very wet. I put my cock inside her and started to fuck her slowly and then increased my strokes faster and she was fucking me back and yelled “yes fuck me fuck me hard”. I started fucking her harder and she started to cum and I said “oh yes slut cum all over my cock I like it I want your cum all over me” I then I could feel myself getting ready to cum and yelled out “Oh fuck here I cum” and I blew my load inside her and then just held my cock inside her for a few moments. I then took my cock out of her and she turned around and sat back in the chair and spread open her legs looked at me and said “your not done yet, come here and eat my cum filled slutty cunt”. I could see a very small amount of my cum leaking from her hole and went right down on her and started to eat her out by licking her and sticking my tongue right into her cum filled hole. She had cum quickly and said “OH stop, stop”. I looked up at her and smiled and she leaned forward and took my head in her hands and guided me to her face and kissed me as I knelt in front of her. I said, “That was fucking great” as I felt her tits. She said she loved it and had to start to get cleaned up and dressed to get going for the day. She said I will call you when I get home tonight if it not to late if you want, which I said if my front light is on to call if not call me in the morning and we could have coffee. I then got dressed and went home.

Well the day was successful for me as I was able to get a lot things done that I was sort of behind on and was even able to get all my dress shirts ironed so I was ready for another week at the office. I cooked a couple of chicken breasts for dinner with rice and broccoli (as I do like to cook). At about 9:00pm phone rang and it was Janice and she said, “I’m home now and asked if I wanted to come over” and I told her sure and I would be right over. I went over and she asked if I wanted a drink and accepted and we went and had a seat in the living room. I asked her how her day went and she said it went fine but she felt little tired and was horny. She was wearing a black t-shirt and her bra outline was visible under her shirt, with a tight pair of black jogging type pants with the word (HOT ONE) written across the ass (she has a great ass, with buns that are firm and when wears tight pants there is a distinct division between them by the crack of her ass). I then said to her “so slut why are you so horny are you not getting enough fucking”. She replied “I like the fact that I am getting fucked by two men and that seems to be making me hornier and the fact that it just seems to be very nasty and I have never been like this before”. She said “there was of a period of about 6 years after my husband and I separated and I had the girls at home and did want men here and did not want to go out tramping around, that I did not have any sex at all except for masturbation so maybe I am making up for lost time”. I asked her “So whore did Mike give you a good fucking up your tight slutty little fuck hole and dump a hot load inside you”. She replied as touched herself “yes he did and I can still feel it and that there is probably still some of you mixed inside me too from this morning”. I said, “Oh you are just such a dirty nasty hot little fucking cum-slut aren’t you”. She replied, “Yes I am a fucking dirty whore and you like that don’t you”. I replied “yes I do so come over here so I can smell you’re nasty cum filled pussy”. She then said very strongly “Jeff you can call my vagina: a twat, a snatch, fuck hole, a box or cunt butI do not refer to it as a pussy, I never have, and don’t care for that term at all, I do not have a cat between my legs and there is no hair there ”.

I corrected myself and said, “Well then come here and let me smell that dirty cum filled fuck hole”. She got up from the arm chair walked over to me where I sitting on the love seat and stood in front of me with her legs slightly spread and I put my face into her crotch took a deep breath and inhaled the scent coming from her. I looked up at her as I took her tits in my hands over her shirt and bra and said “Oh fuck you do smell like a well used dirty whore” as I continued to feel her tits and slightly pull on her nipples. She said “Oh that feels so fucking good please don’t stop I love it when my tits are touched like that”. I continued to feel her tits and pull on her nipples for a while and her hips started to gyrate and her knees seemed to be getting weak. I said, “Well you dirty slut are you ready to get fucked now”. She moved back from me took her pants and panties off and bent over on the arm chair and said “come here and fuck you’re dirty little fuck slut and fill my fuck hole with your cum I am just a nasty whore”. I took my jeans off and took my hard cock and shoved it right up inside of her. She moaned right after I entered her and said “fuck me hard Jeff, fuck me hard and put your sperm deep inside my horny fuck hole”. I started to fuck her very hard and hear a squishing sound, which was very audible coming from her fuck hole and said, “Do you hear that you dirty fucking slut”. She said “fuck yes fuck yes I’m cumming”. I could feel myself getting ready to cum and yelled out “I am going to cum I am going to blow my fucking load into your hot slutty cunt” and then shot my load deep inside her and could feel her milking my cock with her vaginal muscles as I held my cock inside of her. I pulled out of her and a very small amount of cum pooled at the entrance of fuck hole. She stayed like that for a moment and then got up reached to the floor and picked up her panties and put them on so when she sat down the cum would not stain the furniture. We had a cigarette and talked a bit. She leaned back in the chair and smiled, looked up at me as she said “Well I think I‘m well fucked right now and my cunt is so full of cum and I am ready to go to sleep as morning comes early” then I noticed it was almost 11:00. I said “Yes well I better head for home so my little cum dumpster can get a good sleep”. I put my jeans on and bent over to her in the chair and gave her a kiss and said “goodnight call me in the morning for coffee if you want when you’re ready”. When I left, the room reeked of the smell of sex and she was just sitting back in the chair in her t-shirt and panties looking completely spent. I went home jumped into bed and could still smell the scent of sex coming from me.


Janice called at about 6:30 and said that the coffee is ready and to come over when ever I was ready and that she had just finished getting dressed. I told her I would be over shortly. I went over and it was a nice morning outside and that the snow seemed to still be melting. I went in the front door this time (LOL) as neighbors wouldn’t be any more the wise as nothing wrong with having coffee together. Janice yelled “come on up” as she was in the kitchen (Our houses are the raised ranch style upper and lower levels) so I took my shoes off and went up.

Janice sure looked fantastic, very sexy, but yet very classy. She was wearing a dark blue (navy) skirt that went to just above the knee with matching blazer, ruby red scoop neck top that really showed her tits, navy pantyhose and pair of black pumps. Her outfit was complemented with pearl necklace and earrings. She was standing by the bar style counter with her coffee and having a cigarette (by the way she smokes the 100’s style of cigarettes which I think is very sexy) and asked me if I slept well. I told I did, helped myself to a coffee and gave her a little slap on her ass as I gave her a little kiss as not to mess her make-up or lipstick. I then asked, “So how did my little cum-slut sleep” and she replied “very well thanks and how did you sleep”. I told I had a good sleep and I complemented her on how HOT she looked and she smiled and said “glad you like it”. I then asked her if she had any plans for lunch or if she knew how her day was going to go. She said, “I will call and let you know if I can do lunch and maybe know what the rest of my week will be like”.

We finished our coffee and still had a little time before we had to leave and she asked “do you want to have a quick fuck before we go as I am still horny this morning”. I said “sure why not” I would not turn her down as she made me quite horny again as well. She reached under her skirt and took off her panties which were red, and put them on the counter then went over to the arm chair, hiked up her skirt which revealed she was wearing stockings and not pantyhose that were held up with red garter belt and knelt on the chair as I took my pants off. I went over to her and shoved my cock into her inviting and very wet vagina and started to fuck her and said “You look so fucking hot you fucking cum-slut whore” and she replied “Yes I am a fucking whore now slam that cock into my fuckhole and shoot your fucking cum into me”. I was surprised that it did not take to long and Janice started to cum then as she tensed up I shot my load inside of her and held my cock in her and she used her muscles to milk on my cock. I said “Fuck that feels incredible when you do that” and she replied “lucky for you I do kegel exercises everyday” I then pulled out of her and she remained on her knees and said “pass me my panties off the counter will you” so I went over to the counter picked up her panties and put my nose to the pantie liner that was on them and gave them to her. She said “do you like the scent of my cunt cover” and I replied, “Yes it smells like sex”. She stood up put her panties on, and straightened up her clothes and stockings as I put my trousers on. We still had a little time before we had to leave, so we had another coffee and cigarette. Janice asked “did you enjoy that” which I replied “fuck yes how about you, my dirty little whore” to which she replied “Ohhh yea I can feel you leaking from me, god I feel like such a nasty whore, I have had so much cum pumped into me in the last few days I just love it”. I told her that she really surprised me after living next door to you for three years to find out that you are such a hot woman. I told her I always admired her body and am very much enjoying our time together. We finished our coffee and headed out the door for work.

Janice called me later in the morning and said she could not meet for lunch and Mike was going to take her to dinner after work then just go back to her place. She said if it’s not too late she would call me after he left. When I came home that evening I made some supper, relaxed on the couch and watched some TV and dozed off. I woke to the phone ringing and saw it was about 9:30pm and saw on the call display it was Janice. She asked if I wanted to come over as Mike just left a few minutes ago as he has an early morning. I said I would come right over and she said that the back door was open and to just come in and come upstairs as she was in bed. I went over and went upstairs to her bedroom where she was laying in the candlelight smoking a cigarette, on her back on her bed completely naked, her legs spread slightly with her right leg bent at the knee. She said “Come and do what you want with me, I am a freshly fucked nasty whore and you’re probably not going to get it any fresher than this”. I stripped off my clothes and looked down at her and I could see some cum pooled at the entrance to her tight little fuckhole. My cock was hard instantly, as this was such a turn for me and I said “open you’re fucking legs you dirty nasty slut I am going to fuck that freshly fucked cunt, and pump another hot load into you’re hot little fuckhole”. She took a drag of her cigarette put it out and I climbed on top of her, lifted her legs up and slammed my cock inside of her soaking wet cum leaking hole. She screamed out “Fuck me Jeff like the dirty little slut I am, fuck me hard Jeff, fuck me hard, fuck my cum filled fuckhole, fuck I need it I m glad I have you to fuck me”. As I was fucking her I grabbed tits and squeezed them and she said, “OH fuck yes squeeze my fucking tits, squeeze my fucking tits I love it”. I continued to fuck her hard and the sounds were very audible as you could hear the sloshing and squishing sound coming from her cunt and my balls slapping against her ass. She started to scream “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, fuck yes I’m cumming”. I could feel the pressure of myself getting ready to cum and I yelled out “fuck yes here I cum you fucking slut, here I cum” and she screamed as I blew my load deep into her “god yes, yes fill my fucking cunt with your cum”. After I had cum she started to milk my cock with her cunt muscles as I held my cock inside her and it felt amazing even though she did this before. I pulled out of her and lay down beside her on my back then she got right up and straddled my face looking straight down at me and started yelling “eat my cum filled cunt you mother fucker, eat my dirty little cum filled fuck hole, come suck the fucking cum out of me you nasty fucker, I know you like it, eat your fucking little whore out”. I sucked and licked her and could feel and taste the cum coming out of her it was amazing she pushed herself down on me and slid herself up and down on my face and I could feel the cum all over me. She stopped and quickly turned around and yelled “clean my ass hole you fucker, lick my fucking ass, lick my fucking whore little ass hole” I licked her ass up and down as she grabbed a hold of my cock and stroked it then went down and sucked on it very hard, and it I would say hurt but a pleasant hurt. She stopped and came up to my face and started to kiss me deep and lick my face all over then laid down be side me and asked “how did you like that” I replied “that was fucking amazing, it was so fucking hot”. We sat back on the bed and lit a cigarette and Janice said, “I really liked that and now you can see how nasty I can be and there is more that I want to do when we have lots of time”. She told that Mike commented on how wet she was in bed tonight when he went to fuck her as she said “I wouldn’t let him go down and eat me because of this morning, and I told him I was really horny and just wanted to fuck and he was ok with that”. We finished our cigarettes and Janice said “stay here and sleep with me tonight OK, I really don’t want you to go home, I have the alarm and coffee set and we will have time in the morning to do what we have to do and still get you home to change”. We curled up and we went to sleep with me holding her tit in my hand.

I woke in the morning to Janice sucking on my cock. She said “Good morning” as she looked up at me “do you like getting woke up like this” with a big smile on her lips to which I replied “Oh yes”. I said lay down on your back and got into a sixty-nine position with her and started to eat her out with my cock in her mouth. I licked and suckled her clit and lips and before to long she was cumming and started to suck on me harder, she was tensing her body and I started to fuck her mouth and blew my load in her mouth. I got off her and she sat up and let some of the cum dribble out of her mouth and onto her tits then rolled her tongue back into her mouth and swallowed then opened her mouth and said “all gone” as she looked proud as punch. I said, “My god you are so fucking sexy I just can’t get over it”. She smiled and said “go get us a coffee and bring it to bed” as she lit a cigarette. I went and got the coffees and returned to the bedroom and joined her on the bed. We chatted as we had our coffee and a cigarette she told me she was going to Mikes after work today and couldn’t meet for lunch today either as she had some shopping she had to do but if it’s not to late when she gets home tonight she would give me a call. I told that’s fine and after finishing our coffee and cigarette I headed for home to get ready for work and when I got in the house I realized that I had left the TV on when I left last night and forgot all about it. Wouldn’t you have?

I had a busy day at work and time went by quickly and went out with a friend for a drink after work and grabbed a bite to eat as I had taken anything out and what the hell it was just as simple. I got home about 8:30 and Janice’s house was in darkness so she was not home yet. I went and had a bath shaved the pubic area and watched some TV. At about 11:00 I went to bed I didn’t hear from Janice and she was still not home.

I got up at about 6:30 and looked out the front window and Janice’s car was home. I shaved and showered an about 7:15 Janice called and said “Mike was coming to pick her up this morning and taking her to dinner tonight so we had better not rendezvous this morning and she would call me later and if not tonight, if not to late but she did not get home last night until well after midnight”. I asked her “so was your fuckhole full of cum when you got home” and she said “I wished you would have been a wake when I got home” and laughed. To answer her question I told her that would be fine, if possible and look forward to when we can get together but I understand you have a lot going on. Work was a really wild today so many things going on and having to help out a visiting firm. The time went by fast but just really busy. I got home early enough, about 5:15 that would give me a nice evening, which I like during midweek. I cooked some dinner and went for a walk as it was a nice evening and when I returned back to the house I relaxed and browsedon the computer. At about 8:30 I saw Mike’s car pull into Janice’s drive and after about 5 minutes it pulled out and left. A couple of minutes later phone rang I saw it was Janice on the call display and said that she was home as Mike had an early meeting in Michigan in the morning at his parent company about the Australia trip. She asked if I would like to come over and I said sure and she said to give her half an hour and then come over the back door would open and to come right on in. I went over and Janice was in the living room in the candlelight sitting back on the love seat with a glass of wine and her legs crossed, and smoking a cigarette. She was wearing a sheer hot pink top that went to her waist, with spaghetti straps and you could see her beautiful full tits and her nipples through it with a matching pair of panties, pink stay up stockings and pink high heels with gold tips on the toe area. She obviously had just done her made up and lipstick and was made up a little more than usual and she sure looked hot. She said “there is a glass of wine I poured for you on the bar” I replied “thanks” as I looked at her and told her how hot she looked. She said, “I am glad you approve as your slut dressed for you” as she took a drag of her cigarette and blew the smoke seductively in the air. I picked up my glass of wine and went and sat down in the living room and said, “I am surprised you were home so early”. She replied “Mike did not know about tomorrows meeting until he was at work this morning which cut our night short but we went to the KEG and still had a nice dinner anyway, but just no fucking”. I told I was glad she was home and that we would be able to spend some time together tonight if not I would have had to jerk off tonight. She told she was glad too as she is not going to be working Friday (taking some owed time off) so tomorrow night she would be going to Mikes for the weekend and not be home until sometime on Sunday and she said my girls also told me today that they were coming home the following weekend (Easter) and spending a girls weekend together. We then drank our wine and had another cigarette and talked. My cock just seemed to be getting harder as I looked at her sitting there and had to move it in my pants to get comfortable and Janice asked “are you getting horny sitting there” to which I replied “I can’t help it you look so fucking hot sitting there”. We finished our wine and Janice stood up in front of me grabbed me by the back of my head and pushed my head into her crotch and held it there and said “Jeff smell my fucking hot cunt you prick, have a good sniff as you are not going to be able to smell it for a few days”. Fuck she smelled good as I sniffed her, as she rubbed her crotch in my face and took in the aroma from her. She released my head from her grasp and asked, “You like to sniff my fuck hole don’t you”. I replied “yes I do” as I stuck my hand in the side of her panties, pushed them to the side and stuck my finger into her wet hole and said, “Do you like my finger in your tight little fuck hole you dirty fucking slut”. She moaned slightly as I must have surprised her and she replied louder “Yes finger fuck me I like it when you finger fuck my fuck hole”. I said, “Let’s go to the bed before I make you spray your fucking cum all over the living room”. She lay down on the bed, took off her panties and her top as I stripped off my clothes. I then got on the bed next to her laying there in just her heels and stockings and started to suck hard on her tits and I shoved my fingers and hooked them inside her and started to play with her G spot. She started to yell out loud “Oh yes oh yes suck my fucking tits, suck my fucking tits, suck them hard, I love it, an oh god yes finger fuck me, fuck my hole hard, I want to fucking cum all over you my dirty mother fucker”. I could feel as her cum juices starting to flood in her took my mouth off her tits as I continued to slam my fingers into her and then she started to squirt all over, it was hitting my hand and splashing all over us, the bed, the headboard and even the wall above the headboard. I started to yell at her “yes my dirty little fucking cum slut, cum, fucking cum, fucking cum all over” She was screaming back “Oh yes, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fucking yessss oh fucking shit yes’. I stopped when I could feel her stopping and she went limp and said “Oh fuck, that was so fucking good”. I was still kneeling beside her while looking down at her, and she was soaked with cum and my cock was hard as a rock. I turned moved to her face and took my cock and shoved it into her mouth and yelled “suck my fucking hard cock you filthy fucking whore, suck it good you nasty fucking cum slut” and she really started to suck it good and hard but before I was going to cum I pulled it out of her mouth and she yelled “please I want your fucking cum, I want your fucking cum” and I yelled back at her “I am going to fuck your nasty fucking tight little cunt now, and I am going to cum deep inside your hot little fuck hole”. I started to fuck her, grabbed her tits and she yelled “oh yes fuck me, squeeze my tits, fuck me hard, fuck me with that hard cock I am such a dirty fucking whore slut cunt” I could feel myself starting to cum and yelled out “I am going to cum fuck I am cumming” and she yelled back “oh yes, oh yes fill my hot wanting fucking cunt with your hot cum, shoot it deep inside my dirty fuck hole I need it, I fucking need it so badly”. I had CUM very hard and did not think I was ever going to stop when I did, I let go of her tits and held my cock inside her for a while till I caught my breath, then pulled my cock out of her looked down at her, and moved myself forward and shoved my wet cum covered cock into her mouth and yelled “suck the cum off my fucking cock you nasty fucking slut, lick and suck it clean and taste your fucking cunt juice you nasty fucking whore” and when I could stand the sensation any longer I pulled my cock out of her mouth and laid down beside her and the bed was soaking wet. She said, “Oh fuck that was good. I think way, way better than before. Was I a good fucking little slut? I think I am ready to go to sleep now. Will you stay the night and sleep with me I really want you to”. I lay down next to her and ran my fingers along her cunt slit, put to her mouth and she licked the cum from them. I said “I would love to stay the night” we kissed for a bit she kicked off her high heels, pulled up the covers even they were wet, and then went to sleep.

I woke at 5:15 I had to have a piss and the alarm had not gone off yet, and Janice was still sound asleep. I got up very quietly went to the bathroom took my piss and came back to the bed and looked over at Janice laying there next to me. About five minutes later she woke, and looked over at me and said, “oh you are awake” I replied, “yes I woke about five minutes ago. She said “the coffee should be ready in the kitchen, it’s on a timer so why don’t be a love and go fetch us some, there is a tray next to the coffee maker with two cups on it and bring our cigarettes in here with the clean ashtray from beside the bar”. I got up and went to get the coffee, cigarettes, and ashtray as I was asked and returned to the bedroom. Janice had taken her stockings off and was sitting back naked on the bed. She said “do you know my fucking stocking’s are still soaking wet and so is this bed if I didn’t know better I would have thought that I pissed the bed, I guess I will strip the bed and put the sheets in the laundry and leave the bed open to dry”. She took her coffee and cigarettes of the tray leaned back a lit a cigarette and sipped on her coffee. I joined on the bed lit a cigarette as well and had my coffee too. She asked “Was I a nasty enough of a slut for you last night”? I was looking right at her beautiful tits and I replied “You were a very nasty slut last night and I loved it”. She said “fuck you sure did cum hard, I could feel your cum as it was going in me like little taps inside me and I can still feel your cum inside me”. She then ran her finger along her vaginal slit and then licked them and said “mmmm yum cum” and smiled. She then asked “I meant to ask you this from the first time we fucked, do you always shoot such big loads of cum”. I replied to her “Yes I have always been a heavy cummer, as some other women have commented about this before and I was very surprised that when you sucked me off that you took it so easily and did not choke as some other women have”. She replied to me “Oh that’s easy I am talented as I do not have a gag reflex that’s why when you fuck my mouth I don’t choke”. She said, “I sure did not remember my husband cumming like that and neither does Mike. We finished our coffee and I looked at her beautiful naked body and I said “so you nasty little slut why don’t you lay down and I will fuck you before I go home”. She did just as I asked, she laid down spread her legs and said “come on and fuck me then”. I positioned myself to her lifted her legs and shoved my cock into her sopping wet cunt and you could hear the squish as I shoved my cock into her. She smiled up at me licked her lips with her tongue and said “fuck me, fuck me good and hard, as you won’t be able to fuck me for a few days anyway”. I started to fuck her and grabbed her tits and she yelled out “oh yes squeeze my fucking tits while you fuck me, I love that, fuck me hard, fuck my nasty cum filled cunt with your hard cock, blow your hot fucking load of sperm up my hot eager tight little fuck hole, oh fuck yes, oh yes fuck me hard you dirty slut master” I continued to fuck her and was very turned on felt my load getting ready to cum and yelled out “fuck I am coming are you ready” she screamed back “fuck yes, yes, yes shoot that hot fucking load of sperm into my wanting fucking cunt” and I then came deep inside of her hot fucking box. I let go of her tits and held myself up as not to collapse on top of her and held my cock inside her and then she started to milk it with her muscles as she did before and the sensation was fucking amazing. I said, “Well I better get going home to get ready for work” as I got off her and sat on the side of the bed. She took two of her fingers and slid them along the entrance to her fuck hole and scooped up some cum put it to her lips and said “having my breakfast” as she licked the cum off her fingers. I said “you are bad” and she replied “don’t you forget it”. I got up put my clothes on and looked down at her and could still see some cum seeping out of her hole. She said “wait before you go” she was reaching to the drawer of her night stand and took out a plastic bag and handed it to me and it had a pantie liner in it and she said “that is the liner I wore yesterday I took it off when I got home and put in the sealed bag for you as I thought you might want to smell my sex hole for the next few days as I won’t be home”. I said “thanks that is thoughtful of you” I smiled, gave her a kiss licked her lips which had some cum on them and took my present and went home to get ready for work.

Thursday evening I got home about 4:30 and Janice was home already and when I came in the house my phone light was blinking I had a message and it was Janice her message said “ Hey this is your fuck slut and if you get this before I leave this evening come over but just come to the front door it will be open I am just getting ready to head to Mikes and it 4:25. I went over knocked at the door and she yelled, “Come in”. I went in and she said “glad I had a chance to see you come on up”. I went up she was dressed in tight blue jeans white t-shirt the kind which you could see bra through. She sat in the armchair and said come here which I did. She opened my fly and took my cock out and pants and said “give this whore a mouth full of cum before I go” and she started sucking my cock really hard and I began to fuck her face and after a few minutes I yelled out “fuck yes fuck yes I am going to cum in your mouth you dirty whore” and then blew my load in her mouth and throat and she did not loose a drop. I said “fuck that was good’ and she said “hope that holds you till I get home sometime on Sunday”. I replied ‘it’s going to be tough but I think I will manage” and laughed. She said, “Oh fuck my lipstick is all over you cock,” she laughed. Then she said “don’t masturbate this weekend I want your load when I see you next”. I told OK and gave a kiss and went home.

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