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My Neighbour Janice

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The beginning of my relationship with my neighbour Janice

In the last while I have got to know my neighbor Janice quite well and we started to learn about each other. We are both divorced she has two grown daughters out on their own. I do not have any children and have been divorced for ten years. As we were talking one night over some wine, she asked me what was the reason for my divorce. I told her that my X was not a sexual person and had a lot of issues that affected our relationship and grew apart beyond repair to make it simple. I told her that I was a sexual being bit kinky I guess and love to experiment with sex. I then asked her why she divorced and she told me that her X husband had a booze problem and that he totally neglected her. She told me that she likes sex and is somewhat kinky herself. Janice has a boyfriend who has his own home and she has her own home and she says it will stay that way as she is not probably going to marry again as she likes her Independence.

Let me describe Janice. She is in her mid 40's, about 5'4" tall, medium to thin build, great round well defined ass, dark brunette almost black hair shoulder length, with electric blue eyes and quite attractive. I do know now her bust is a 36c as I have seen her bra's. Anyway she asked me what I meant about being kinky. I told her that I was very open minded and that not much turns me off and that I like being involved with couples. I explained that I have no problem with fucking a woman after her man has just fucked her and that I find fucking a woman with a pussy full of cum very erotic. I also told her that I have no problem with eating a woman after she been fucked either as I had a female friend years earlier that liked me to smell her crotch after she was fucked but that is as far as she would go.

I asked Janice what she meant about being Kinky and she told me she basically likes cum on her and in her. She told me that her current boyfriend is a nice guy and she does care about him but their relationship is mostly about rewarding each other sexually. I then told her that I do not have anything permanent in my life as I said you could probably tell by living next door to me. I did go on to tell her it's not that I do not have sex but I am very careful about any encounters I do have. Janice then proceeded to tell me how much she like having a load of cum dumped in her in the morning before she went to work so she could feel it leaking out of her and when she would go to the washroom during the day the scent would arouse her as well as seeing the cum in her pantie liners that she told me she always wears. She also told me she likes to have cum on her tits, face and her body and told me she has taken cum from her crotch and rubbed it on her tits. She then asked me if she had cum inside her from her boyfriend would I fuck her. I told her that I would have no problem with that at all.

We then started kissing and feeling each other up and went to bed. She asked if I could hold off fucking till the morning so she could take me her with all day. I woke in the morning to the shower running then Janice came out of the shower and bent over on the bed and asked me to fuck her doggy style. I did as she asked and I can't remember blowing such a big load into a woman as I was very aroused. She then said she was going over to her house to finish getting ready for work I did not have to work this day as I took a couple of days off. She said she would call me later in the day to see if I wanted to grab something to eat at lunch. We did meet for lunch and she told me how aroused she has been all day and that she now has a date with Mike her boyfriend after-work as he had tickets to a show in Detroit.

Well I did not see Janice that night and I had to go away on business for a week and when I returned she left me a note that she would be gone for two weeks to Mexico as a girlfriend of hers had a trip to Mexico planned with another friend but couldn't go so she asked Janice to go instead.

Well here we are up to date and I just came home Wednesday as I had to go away again. I was watching some TV and through my front window I saw Janice pull in and it was about 10:30pm. I continued to watch the news when I heard a knock at the door. I went to answer it and it was Janice. She came inside as it was very cold outside and and I said hello stranger with a smile as we did not see each other for three weeks. She came up to the living room and I offered her a drink. I made her a rye and coke and we went and sat in the living room. She had a strange look on her face and was smiling. I asked her what was on her mind and she asked me as she rubbed and tapped the front of her pants if I still wanted to fuck her if she had a load of her boyfriends cum inside her. I said yes and I could fell my cock getting very hard and that I would love to. She sat across from me in the large chair sliding her fingers up and down her pants as we were having our drinks. She then just stood up and pulled her pants off still wearing her panties and pantyhose and pulled her top over her head standing there in her white lace bra. She turned around and bent over and tore her pantyhose open with her fingernails and said well then come over here and and fuck my cum filled cunt. I stood up took my shorts off and walked over to her, she pulled her panties to the side and said fuck me and fill my cunt with another hot load of cum. I was very aroused and put my cock into her and she was full of cum as I could feel it as it inside her. She said fuck me hard which I did and before too long even as wet as she was I started blowing my load of cum inside her. She came very quickly as well and when I came out of her I was so surprised that hardly anything came out with me, she pulled the gusset of her panties back over her hot full cunt. She picked up her pants and put then back on as well as her sweater. She gave me a little kiss and said goodnight and was going home to bed and she would talk to me tomorrow.

Janice called me on the phone telling me she saw my lights on and when I was finished getting ready for work to come over see had coffee on. We leave for work in the morning about the same time. I told I would be about half an hour she she said great she is almost ready.

I went over when I was ready and she poured me a coffee and I sat down at the table. She was wearing a red skirt and blazer, black pantyhose, with a white blouse and her red lipstick looked exquisite. We both lit a cigarette and started to talk. I told her that she surprised me last night with the way she talked as we had sex. She said it turns her on and she cums quick when she talks dirty and she said she also likes to hear it as well when having sex. She asked me if I enjoyed last night and I said I was still excited about what happened. She smiled and took a drag of her cigarette and got up and walked over to me. She lifted her Skirt and said would you like to feel what's in my panties, I said sure and put my hand down her panties and pantyhose and could feel a bit of sticky cream on her liner. She told me she wears light day pads mornings after she is fucked good so the discharge from her cunt does not ruin her panties and any other time she wears panty liners. She put her hand on the front of my pants and said oh my you are hard this morning. I told her I am always horny in the morning and after last night it is much better and beside your hand is on my cock. She asked if I would like to get off this morning before we went to work. I said sure and she opened my pants and took my hard on out. She then sat down and opened her Blazer and unbuttoned her blouse exposing her tits in a white sexy lacy bra. She asked me to masturbate for her and when I was ready to cum she wanted me to cum in her bra. I stated to masturbate and she looked so sexy sitting there it didn't take long to cum and went over to her she pulled the cup away from her tit a bit and I came on her right tit and more than I expected. She rubbed the cum around her tit and on her nipple for me then just let the cup back over her tit. I put my cock back in my pants and she did herself up and sprayed some perfume on her bra I guess to cover the scent. We finished our coffee and chatted and she told me she had to go to Ottawa for a week for work and she was going to go on Monday and she said we could get together this weekend if I wasn't busy and if she could call me. I said it would be great and would look forward to seeing her when she had the chance. She also told me that her boyfriend was going to Australia (LUCKY FUCK) in two weeks for month for his work to set up some system so she was going to be home a lot as well while he was gone. She then gave me a quick kiss and we both headed off to work. I am looking forward to what the weekend might have in store.

The Weekend

Friday afternoon Janice called me on my cell phone while at work as I was just finishing up for the day. I was surprised at what she said when I answered the phone. She said "Hi this is your cum slut and what are you doing" I told her I was just finishing up and was getting ready to go home. Her office is a block from where mine is and she asked if I wanted to get a drink before we go home. I said sure as it looks like we are going to have a storm this weekend and probably not going to be going anywhere anyway. She told me where to meet her and she was heading out the door now. I said it will take me about 20 minutes so I would see her there.She had a booth at the back of the upper section of the bar and it was pretty quiet which surprise me as it was Friday after work but I guess the snow was scaring people to go home.

I sat down at the table next to her and ordered my drink and we started to talk. She asked me if I liked the way she spoke on the phone and I told I did. She said I can talk dirty to her anytime I want and she is not adverse to be called names like what she called herself. I told her I was surprised but very pleasantly and said we lived next door to each other for two years and I did not know so much about her.

I put my hand up her skirt on her thigh and she slightly parted her legs as I slid my hand up to her hot pantyhose covered crotch & asked her does my little slut want me to feel her hot cunt. She just spread her legs a little wider and smiled. I put my hand up to the waist of her panties and hose and slid it down to her cunt and found it very wet and sticky as I touched her pantie liner. My fingers explored her lips and her clit and I could tell she was extremely horny my the look on her face and the movement of her body.

She asked if she felt good down there and I told her it was fantastic. I started to finger fuck her slowly and she let out a quiet moan and said to play with her clit as she could cum very quickly as she was so horny. I slowly played with her clit and after a few minutes her body tensed up I could feel the flood of her cum leaking out of her slit. I took my hand out from her skirt and you could see some the cream on my fingers which she took one and licked it clean and said the other one was for me. It tasted good and she said it was a combination of her and her boyfriend who fucked that morning. I asked her if that turned her on and she said that it did and made her even more horny that she already was. I touched her tit that was next to me squeezed her nipple slightly and it was rock hard and she put her hand on my cock through my pants and it was also rock hard. I told her I also was very horny and said what was my hot little cum slut going to do about it. She told me that we should go home and spend the night together as her boyfriend was going to a hockey game and she did not have any plans with him. We finished our drinks and and headed for home which is about 20 minute drive and when we pulled into our drive ways she came over to talk to me quietly as a couple of the neighbors were talking on the street in front of our houses.She said to come to the back door when I was ready so no one would see us. (WE HAVE SOME GOSSIP HOUNDS ON OUR STREET) I told her I was going to change and see her in about 15 minutes.

I went over knocked she told me to come in the rear door was open as she was in her bedroom with the window open. I went in  Janice was still in the bedroom yelled out to pour us a couple of drinks she would be right out. I mixed the drinks and she came out of the bedroom wearing a sheer black bustier with matching panties, garter belt and stockings with shiny black patent leather high heels. She asked if I thought she looked slutty enough as she stood there next to the counter.

My cock was never so hard as I looked at her, and I took my jeans and shirt off immediately. I told her that she looked like a fucking street walking slut who I could hardly wait to fuck. We went to the living room lit a cigarette and started to talk while we had our drinks. I started to kiss her beautiful red lips as her hand and long red nails massaged my hard cock as I also touched her wet panties. We then went to the bedroom and Janice laid back on the bed with her legs spread. I said I am going to eat you out you hot fucking slut. She pulled her panties to the side and I went down between her legs and started to eat her cunt. She said this is so nasty that you are eating me out while I have some of my boyfriends cum inside of me. I was licking her lips and clit like a mad man and soon she started to cum and grabbed my head and held it between her legs. She relaxed a moment and I started to finger fuck her , she was very sensitive but I kept going. I hooked my fingers up and started playing with her G spot and she was wiggling and moaning. Before I knew it she was shooting her hot cum out of her and all over my hand me and it was splashing all the way up to her tits, face and the wall. I said cum for me you fucking slut like you never did before, cum slut cum shoot it all over me. When she could take it any more I stopped and her body went limp. She said what the fuck did you do to me. I said I gave you a g spot orgasm as yours was really easy to find and did you ever go off. The bed was soaked and so were we and the wall at the head of the bed. She said she never experienced any thing like that before. I said I guess we are going to learn new things about each other aren't we. I then went up to her face with my cock and said suck my cock slut and started to fuck her mouth for a bit then pulled out and went down and said now I am going to fuck your hot tight little hole and shoved my cock up her cunt. She laid back as I was fucking her and said ,fuck me fuck me. I said I am a fucking whore and you better like it. I was very charged and said I was going to CUM and she screamed cum, cum, cum up my little whore hole and I blew my load inside her. I collapsed beside her and started to suck her tit and then we went to sleep.

Waking Up

I remember waking up to a moaning still groggy not knowing where I was. I looked over and Janice was laying back with her hand in her panties. She said "did I wake you and I said not really I just woke up". She just kept playing with herself and said you don't mind that I am masturbating do you. I said not at all as I was enjoying what I was seeing and my cock got rock hard. She said do you want to stick your hard cock in my sticky little fuck hole. I got right up pulled her panties aside (were they soaking wet) and put my cock inside of her as she was playing with herself. I could feel the fingernail of her middle finger rubbing against my cock as she continued to masturbate. She began to cum and I could feel her vagina muscle's tightening on my cock and then flood my cock with our juices. I started to fuck her and she said bring that cock to my mouth and talk dirty to me. I pulled my cock out of her and said here eat this cum cover cock you fucking slut, suck my cock till I cum you fucking little whore. She started sucking and licking it all down my shaft and to my balls and said fuck my dirty slutty mouth and cum on my face when you are ready.

I started to fuck her mouth and she almost choked but kept fucking her mouth and calling her a slut and CUM dump. I knew I was going to cum so I pulled out of her mouth and came on her face and hair. She took my cock spread the cum all over her face with it and then started to suck the tip which was so sensitive I couldn't stand it and I pulled away. We got up and went to the living room to have a cigarette and a drink, she left the cum on her face, I made the drinks and she sat down on the love seat that had a blanket on it and lit her cigarette. She still had her lingerie and her heels on and said to me "I guess you can call me a cocksucker too Jeff and I like that you called me a cum dump I never heard that before by the way how do I look I didn't see myself in the mirror yet". I told her that she looks like a slutty fucking porn star with her makeup & lipstick all messed up and cum in her hair and on her face .She looked at me and said I see that you like that (as I was semi hard) . We talked for a while and she told me that a long time ago she learned about dirty talk and fantasies and that is how she got through the few years she was alone before her daughters moved out and then started dating Mike. She asked if I wanted to spend the rest of the night with her as it was about 2:00 in the morning and it was snowing like hell outside not that I had far to go. She said she was tired as it was a long day and that her cat nap earlier wasn't as long as mine was. We finished our drinks and a last cigarette and went to the bedroom where she crawled onto the bed still wearing wet cum stained lingerie and her heels and laid down on her back. I got onto the bed and knelt above her and said I think my cum slut needs another load on her face before we go to sleep and started you masturbate above her blowing another smaller load of cum onto her face. She asked me to take her shoes off and we went to sleep.

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