My New Experience

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My neighbour is teaching me a lot...
Although I'm almost 40, I like to think I'm still sexy. Great figure, lovely tits and arse.

My boyfriend and I have been living together for 10 years now, and things have become a bit dull sexually. He works long hours and I'm often home alone.

 Yesterday, I was returning from the shops when I bumped into our neighbour.

I've always thought he was attractive; in his early forties, tall and fit looking with a naughty glint in his eye: he made me feel as though he was looking at me stark naked. We had chatted occasionally over the hedge but never been alone together. He asked me if I'd like a coffee, and I found myself agreeing and going into his house. Rather than putting the kettle on, he opened a bottle of wine and poured us both a large glass.

"You look unhappy", he told me.

"Sometimes I feel life is passing me by" I replied.

"You look like you just need a really good long fuck", he said, shocking me.

I blushed, and mumbled "I do have a boyfriend..."

"Perhaps your boyfriend just needs a few tips to liven things up" he said. "You should start by watching some porn films together. Actually I sell porn DVDs, amongst other things, why don't we choose some that might turn him on?"

I gulped down my wine as he looked through a massive pile of discs. Pouring me another glass, he asked me what we liked: oral, spanking, roleplay or whatever.

I must admit I was speechless; when my boyfriend fucked me it was usually quick with him on top.

"Don't be embarrassed", he told me; "it looks like you need a bit of tutoring. I can help, if you'd like?"

I nodded, my pussy was already wet and my nipples hard.

He chose a film and turned on his huge screen TV, I saw a woman sucking happily on one guy's cock while another man fucked her from behind.

Paul sat next to me on the sofa as I watched and slipped his hand up my skirt.

"I bet your boyfriend would love to fuck you after seeing this he told me as he slipped his hand into my panties and gently rubbed my clit. I felt I absolutely agreed.

"I want to suck your cock," I told him.

"Not yet, first take off your clothes, I have some things to show you," he replied.

He left the room and I stripped nervously. He returned with a shoe box, smiling, not telling me what was inside.

" You look gorgeous, get on all fours on the floor, please" he murmured.

I obeyed and he began to stroke me, all down my back and around to cup my tits, squeezing my nipples gently and making me groan.

"I think your boyfriend might like to use this on you, suck it," he ordered, showing me a lovely big pink dildo.

I took it into my mouth and licked and sucked eagerly as he watched.

Next he slipped two fingers up my wet pussy and began to slowly finger fuck me.

"Lets test it out," he said and moved the dildo down to my arse.

Still on all fours, I moaned with pleasure. He pushed the dildo up my pussy and pressed a switch. It began to buzz and I felt hornier than ever before.

" Fuck me, fuck me please" I begged.

He moved the dildo in and out a few times then replaced it with his own cock, big and rock hard.

He fucked me fast and hard and within seconds I was coming, moaning with pleasure. He kept going and finally pulled out, turned me aroung and shoved his cock in my mouth. I sucked it hard and his lovely spunk squirted into my mouth.

"Come back tomorrow, you need to be fucked up the arse, amongst other things" he told me.

I dressed and left. That was yesterday. I'm about to go next door. What will happen?

To be continued.....