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My Next door Neighbor - Part Two

Scott's lovely neighbor acts as his date, becoming naked at a party and having public sex with him.

My Next Door Neighbor Part Two

The following Saturday I was extremely nervous and highly excited. I had spent all week thinking about taking Christine to the beach party. I kept hoping against hope that nothing would happen to keep us from going. When Saturday finally came the hours dragged by. I shaved probably three times, even though I really only needed to shave about once a week at that time in my life. Finally it was time. I was wearing a sport shirt and slacks. I walked next door and rang the bell. Christine opened it and my heart melted. She looked stunning. She was wearing a white tee shirt sheared off just below her breasts which I could already tell were unencumbered by a bra. Acres of beautiful bare skin was showing between her top and the extremely short blue denim skirt that barely covered the skin from about three inches below her navel to what I judged to be just below her pubic region. And I wasn’t certain if that area was actually completely covered or not. I got an instant erection. Christine’s eyes moved down below my waist and saw me growing there. She said that she guessed that I liked her outfit. I told her I thought it was spectacular.

The party was being held on the beach close enough to our houses that it was easier to walk than to drive and try to park. As we walked I mentioned that there would be some swimming if she wanted to. Christine said that was nice and that she had brought a suit with her. Since her handbag was just a minuscule purse I asked her where it was. She held up her purse and said, “In here.”

Wow, I thought, it must really be a tiny suit. I couldn’t wait to see it on her. When we got to the party Christine took my hand in hers, “To let everyone know that I’m with you and that you’re a stud,” she said. I whispered thanks and basked in the envious looks the guys were giving me as we walked in and the frankly unbelieving looks on the faces of the girls. I felt like a million dollars. I introduced Christine to the very few kids I knew and was very pleased when lots of others, almost all boys but even some girls, came over to be introduced. Christine made a big thing of running her free hand down my arm or caressing my cheek. And even put her hand on my ass and squeezed it when there were lots of kids around to see. She was playing her part perfectly. When she mentioned that she could use something to drink I left her standing by a tree while I squeezed my way up to the bar. Although most of the kids were under age alcohol was being readily dispensed so I had no difficulties in obtaining a mai tai for her and a coke for me.

When I walked back toward Christine I saw that about half the guys at the party were standing and staring at her. I circled around so that I could see what they were staring at. When I did I gulped. Her very short top no longer completely covered her breasts. In fact, her left nipple was bared and her right nipple almost was. No wonder everyone was staring at her. She had certainly been right about dressing casually.

I looked at the faces of the kids around me. They were completely mesmerized, as was I. Christine smiled at the attention she was receiving, took a few steps and raised her hands to her breasts. I don’t think any of the gawkers could believe their eyes. She was actually touching her nipples as we watched. When I could finally tear my eyes away from her nipples I realized that her skirt had shifted its position a little bit and was no longer covering her pussy. Which I could see was totally naked as she hadn’t worn any panties. From the murmurs of the guys around me, “Holy shit, she’s playing with her tits, and she’s not wearing any panties. Holy shit,” I could tell that they had noticed as well. I made a big production of walking over and handing her drink to Christine. Before she took the drink, though, she put her arms around me and kissed me. I was so startled I almost pulled away from her but she held on tightly and I was soon responding, with our tongues exploring each other in full view of my amazed school mates. When she stepped back from me and took the drink from me she immediately took my hand and placed it on her right breast. I smiled at what she was doing for me as I took her nipple ring in my fingers and gently tugged on it before taking her nipple in my thumb and forefinger and playing with it.

After we sipped our drinks for a few minutes Christine said that she thought we ought to go swimming. I said that would be swell, or some such inane thing as that and we went to the changing rooms. I put on my baggy swim trunks – I had a Speedo but it was so tight that you could see every inch of my penis and I knew that I was going to get an erection as soon as I saw “my date” in her bathing suit. If I had been smarter I would have realized that at least some of the girls there would have liked to have seen my cock erecting itself within the confines of my Speedo but, of course, I wasn’t. I had barely come out of the changing room when Christine came out from the girls’ side. I almost gasped. She was wearing the tiniest orange bikini bottom I had ever seen. And nothing else at all. Her breasts looked so beautiful they were breathtaking. I could hear gasps from the kids all around. Christine walked over to me, took me by the hand and we strolled down to the beach. On the way I told her how much I liked her bathing suit. She said that she thought orange was a good color on her and I enthusiastically agreed. She also said that I looked ridiculous in my huge bathing suit and should have worn a European style one. I said I would certainly do so next time.

We swam and played around in the water for a little while until Christine said that she wanted to catch the last few rays of the sun. I said okay expecting her to lie down in her suit. But as we began walking out of the water Christine undid the ties to her suit. I could hear whoops and hollering as guys were encouraging her to “take it off, take it all off.” Christine didn’t need their encouragement as that, she told me, had been her plan all along. Holding on to one set of the straps she let go of the other set and allowed her suit free rein to fall off. Because it was wet it didn’t do so immediately but rather continued to adhere to her skin. As she walked, however, her movements dislodged the adherence and the suit gradually began slipping down, uncovering more and more of her smooth tummy. I could almost hear everyone holding their collective breaths waiting to see if she was really going to let the suit fall completely off, baring her naked pussy to them. She did better than that. She handed me the straps she was holding in her hand and said, “Here, Scott, you pull it off for me, please.” I did so, to cheers from the crowd. Christine let herself fall gently face down onto the sand then rose to her knees and put her head back with her arms behind her, thrusting her bejeweled and sandy pussy forward towards the crowd. I am sure they were in as much of a state of shock as I was. It was such a wonderfully scintillatingly erotic sight. My bathing suit couldn’t begin to hide the erection which was now sticking out straight in front of me. Nor could the bathing suits of almost every boy there. When Christine eventually sat up and looked at me she said that maybe my bathing suit wasn’t such a bad idea after all as a Speedo would have held my erection down and this way the girls could easily see exactly how well endowed I was. In spite of her encouraging words I really was a nerd and was embarrassed to have an erection in public so I sank to my knees beside her, still holding on to Christine’s suit. We stayed like that for a while as guys would edge towards us but never quite get up the nerve to come and try to talk to Christine. When the sun sank behind the horizon Christine suggested that we should get our clothes back on. I tried to hand Christine her suit but she said that I should keep it as a souvenir. She took my hand, stood up and we walked hand in hand, with her completely naked, back to the changing room. Guys immediately piled in behind me asking me questions about my “date.” I gave vague responses most of which were half lies or outright untruths. I could hear guys telling other guys things like, “This Scott must be okay. Nobody gets a babe like that who doesn’t have a lot going for him.” Some of the comments were cruder, of course, but that’s the way guys are.

When I was dressed and came back out to wait for Christine several girls came up to me and asked similar questions, though much less crudely phrased of course. I told them that Christine was a free spirit, as they had seen, and that while we were lovers we both believed in open relationships. Christine had suggested this response because, she said, it would show that I was a stud but that I was also available, at least to the right girl. When Christine came out she was wearing the same white top she had come in but had changed to a white skirt which was about the same extremely short length as her denim skirt had been. We were both hungry so we got a table and I went off to get us some food from the buffet table. When I returned I saw that Christine had her usual crowd of admirers around her. When I had forced my way through them I could see why. With her legs spread apart, Christine’s stunning pussy was on full display with her clit rings and jewelry in place. After I put our plates down on the table Christine reached out and took my hand which she brought to her lips and kissed. It might have been overkill but I was loving it. The guys watching were clearly very jealous of me. And the girls were looking at me with an interest and respect that had never been on their faces before tonight.

When we were back at Christine’s place I thanked her at length for all she had done for me. She said that she had been happy to do it and had even had a good time, mainly from watching people’s jaws hitting the floor. She said, though, that we still needed to do more. She didn’t want the kids to think that perhaps I had hired a professional escort to pretend to be my date, never to be seen again. We arranged to have lunch at a popular place half a block from school on the following Tuesday. She then kissed me good night and sent me on my way. In bed I went over the events of the evening while my hand was busy beneath the sheets. I tried to hold off as long as I could but I had only gotten up to the part where Christine was beginning to undo her swim suit when I couldn’t hold back any longer. This time I was prepared, though, and avoided the mess of the other day.

The following day I received several calls from kids asking me about Christine and inviting me to come to this function or that function, always with the implication that I would of course bring Christine with me. On Monday I was the object of attention in all of my classes. A few guys suggested, as Christine had thought they might, that I had hired someone to come as my date. The fact that they weren’t that far off the truth upset me but I told them that I was meeting Christine for lunch the following day. That statement was met with general disbelief but I assured them that it was true.

On Tuesday I went to the restaurant where I was pleased to see a large crowd of kids from my school were already there. Christine was, too, and she looked ravishing. She was wearing gorgeous red boots that came up almost to her knees, a very, very short black skirt and, for a top, nothing but a black shawl draped around her shoulders and barely covering her breasts. When I came up to her she pulled my face down to hers and kissed me full on the lips. After we broke apart I glanced around and saw that all the kids’ eyes were on us. I told Christine how happy I was to see her and filled her in on what had happened on Sunday and Monday. She was pleased that her efforts were bearing fruit. We ordered and as the waiter was bringing our food, red snapper and a salad for Christine, a burger and fries for me, Christine as if unconsciously adjusted her shawl, exposing both of her gorgeous breasts to my eyes and to those of everyone else in the restaurant, and most especially to my classmates.

Her nipples were erect and I was aching to take them into my mouth. I told Christine that and she only smiled and said I would strain my back trying to reach across the table but that I could caress them if I wished. I did wish and promptly took her up on her offer before she could change her mind. I heard the waiter mutter “lucky kid,” under his breath as he walked away from the table. When we had finished lunch, which I tried to prolong for as long as possible – I had a free period after my lunch break so didn’t have to get back to school too promptly – I walked Christine a couple of blocks away from the restaurant, holding hands the entire way, before saying good bye. She said that we needed to follow up a couple more times and then I should be okay on my own. I asked what she had in mind. She said she would meet me after school the next day and asked what was the most public place on the school grounds where the maximum number of kids would be likely to see us. I told her there were some brick benches with stone tops just outside the main doors to the school building. For security reasons, I added, the main doors were the only ones kids were allowed to enter and leave the school building except in the case of emergencies. She said she would be there a few minutes before school let out and would meet me there, though I could take my time coming out of the building. I looked questioningly at her but she just smiled.

At my classes that afternoon more girls came up to talk to me. I did my best not to sound like a nerd but not to brag, either. I guess I did okay as the girls actually seemed to enjoy talking with me. A couple of them commented on the Saturday night party and the rearrangements that had occurred in my swim suit after Christine had taken off her suit. I apologized and said I hoped I hadn’t offended but they said it was entirely understandable and undoubtedly beyond my control, but, and this was said with emphasis, very impressive. I’m sure I blushed but I was quite pleased.

School dragged on and on the next day. If it hadn’t been for the attention I was receiving from both guys and girls it would have been terrible. When the last bell rang I leaped from my desk and was about to race to put my books into my locker and go outside when I remembered that Christine had said not to hurry. I took her at her word but lingering was difficult for me to do. It became easier when one of the cutest girls in my classes, Veronica, came over to me and began to talk. She said that she thought I was really nice and knew that I was very smart and wondered if I could help her a bit in calculus, which she was having difficulties with. I said I would love to and she asked if I could walk her home from school the next day and help her get her homework done. I was very happy to say that I would be delighted to. She was staying after school for rehearsals for a play so I said goodbye to her and strolled on outside. I saw a throng of people milling about and knew that Christine must have worn something interesting. She had.

Her off white transparent blouse did nothing to hide her lovely breasts and her nipple jewelry. She wore black stockings, the kind that stay up by themselves, but no panties. She had attached a dangling ornament on a long chain to her clit ring. She was sitting with her legs spread wide open so all of these splendors were in plain sight for all to see. When I came into her view her face lit up and she waved enthusiastically to me. I strode over to her and reached down to kiss her. She put her hands behind my head and held me to her while we kissed. And kissed. And kissed. Finally when the kids began clapping we broke off. Christine stood up, to universal groans from the guys who could no longer feast their eyes on her delightful pussy, took my hand and we strolled off.

We went back to her place where she gave me a coke and some cake she had bought. She said that she thought we needed only one more activity to cement my new found reputation at the school. I asked what she had in mind. When she told me I turned bright red and began to stammer. I asked her if she thought it was really necessary. She said that this would leave no doubt whatsoever in the minds of both the guys and the girls that I was not a nerd but a macho stud of the first order. “But it’s so public,” I said. “It has to be,” Christine calmly and quite logically replied. I gulped but agreed with her. I said that I might be so embarrassed in public that I wouldn’t be able to perform. She said that I shouldn’t worry, that she would take care of that. I asked if it really needed to be the very next day. She said it did because she was leaving on a long trip on the weekend and wouldn’t be back for a couple of months or more.

The next day at school was the opposite of the others. This time the hours went by all too rapidly. I grew more and more nervous as the time raced by. I had to take a leak in between each class and if I hadn’t been too embarrassed to do so I would have asked to be excused in the middle of most of those classes to go to the men’s room. When the final bell rang I put my books in my locker and headed to the soccer field where Christine had said we should meet. Soccer was the most popular sport at this school and there were a large number of students standing around watching the team practice. I spied Christine standing apart from the students, but within plain view of them, and of the team, some ways away. She was wearing a white top with straps and another very, very short blue skirt. She was standing with her foot on the upper rung of a low iron fence.

I went to her and we immediately kissed. She brought my hand to her ass and placed it on her. I began caressing the firm yet ever so soft flesh of her lovely rounded bottom. She was wearing a jeweled butt plug which I placed my fingers on and manipulated slightly, which Christine said felt very good to her. I could see some of the kids who had come for the practice turning their heads and watching us. I stiffened, but not the part of me that needed to be stiff. Christine understood what was happening. She told me to remove her butt plug and to replace it with my fingers, which I willingly did. This was the first time I had ever put my fingers into a woman’s ass. It felt incredibly exciting to me. My cock was twitching and beginning the process of erecting itself when Christine bent down and took it in her mouth to help it along.

I glanced over and saw that almost all of the kids had turned away from watching the soccer players and were staring intently at us. When I had, with Christine’s expert help, become fully erect she instructed me to replace my fingers with my erection. I couldn’t believe my ears. This was better than I would have dreamed to have hoped for. I almost asked if she was sure but checked myself in time. I said only that I could use her help to be certain that I didn’t put it in at the wrong angle. Christine told me that I should first stand a foot or so away from her so that the girls could see my erect cock. I had thought such a sight would embarrass girls but Christine assured me that girls were as interested in these matters as boys are. When she thought I had disported myself sufficiently she reached back to my cock and drew it to her anus. I pushed forward and felt it begin to slide in where it was enveloped with the warmth and closeness of the aperture. Christine kept her hand on my cock as I gradually pushed it in millimeter by slow, lovely millimeter. This time when I looked over I saw that the kids had edged closer to us. They weren’t right on top of us but they were definitely close enough that even the ones with glasses didn’t need them. Some of the kids were standing on their tip toes or even on the fence in order to get a better angle. When she was certain that I was correctly positioned, Christine removed her hand from my cock and I began slowly pushing myself into her and then back out. She pushed her ass back to meet my thrusts.

Although I was incredibly excited I was just as incredibly nervous at doing what we were doing in public with all the kids, and now even the soccer players, who had ceased their practice, watching. The result was that I didn’t cum within a half a minute as I’m sure I would have done if we had been doing this in private. Instead I was able to continue thrusting in and out for long enough that Christine had, as she assured me later were totally real, several loud, shuddering orgasms. When I finally came I spurted for what seemed like an eternity although I’m sure it was only for a few seconds. When the last drops had gone out from me I rested on Christine who was supporting her arms on the iron fence. Sustained applause immediately broke out. It was only when my cock slid out of Christine’s ass that she turned around, put her arms around me and kissed me. We adjusted our clothing and, after Christine waved to the astonished kids, walked off hand in hand.

I didn’t see Christine again for almost three months as her trip had extended for longer than she had anticipated. By the time I did see her I was going steady with Veronica and turning down requests from other girls to go out with them – usually phrased as helping them with their homework. I had joined several clubs and had a lot of friends among the guys at the school. Because of Christine, what had begun as my worst year ever in school had become my best. The next year, when I went off to university, I had a confidence with both women and men that I had never had before. It is not too much to say that Christine truly changed my life.
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