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My Night Out

This is a story that may or may not be true about my Girlfriend and I.
It all started with a text. She asked if I wanted to go out to the bar with her. I replied that it would be fun. We went to a couple of bars, ending in the biggest bar in town. We started to get a little tipsy. It was almost bar close, and she had that devious look on her face.

Her name is Tamera. She is 5’7”, 28B cup breasts, 26 waist and a nice bubble ass. Not too big, but tight and a good sized handful. I am 6’6”, slim, and moderately built. I am not a hardcore athlete, but I could definitely hold my own in an endurance test.

She walked up to me and pressed her body into me. I put my hands on her waist. She pulled up her shirt and pushed my hands to the top of her pants suggestively. I knew what she wanted. In the middle of the bar, I put one hand around her above the small of her back to hold her to me. With the other I pushed it down the front of her pants. I slid my hand down until I was in her panties, and had my fingers over her pussy. It was already wet. I slid my middle finger inside her slit. I pushed it into her pussy, and fingered her. She moaned into my ear. I pulled my finger out and started to run little circles around her clit. She moaned again. I fingered her faster. She was breathing heavy. She moved her hands up and pulled the front of her shirt and bra down exposing one breast to me. I moaned in lust. She was doing this right here in front of everyone. I bent down and took her nipple in my mouth and bit it. She moaned and pushed me off.

“More.” She moaned in my ear again. She exposed her other breast, and I took it in my mouth again. I was fingering her clit faster now. She was having trouble standing. I sucked on her nipple and bit it again. She moaned loud, and pushed me off. She almost fell. I held her fast when she said, “Oh my god, Steve. I’m coming!”
I felt her pussy quiver. I shoved my finger inside her to feel her contractions. She was gushing her pussy juices all over my finger and into my hand. I pulled my hand out of her pants and said, “How about we go home and I do this to you right.”

She took my hand, and let the way out of the bar. I drove her home.

We got inside her place, and barely got our jackets and shoes off when we were all over each other. She was expertly playing with my tongue in her mouth, and I was exploring her body with my hands. She grabbed my shirt and pulled it up and off of me. I followed, and took hers off, and then her bra too. It felt like almost one fluid motion. She fumbled with my belt, and I took her slacks and just pushed them down with panties in tow. She got to my pants, and shoved them down my legs. At the same time, she dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth.

She got it wet with her saliva and then shoved it all the way in. She managed all seven and a half inches like it was nothing. I moaned loudly, and let her work. She played with my balls softly, but didn’t touch my cock with her hands. She didn’t need to. Her mouth was plenty enough. I was so horny, I told her so.

“Oh Tamera. If you keep going, you’ll make me cum!”

“Good.” She said, removing my cock from her mouth and looking up at me. “Cum in my mouth. I want to taste you.” She buried my cock in her throat, and swallowed. I moaned and could feel the familiar feeling telling me I was going to leap over the edge.

“I’m gunna cum! Fuck!”

I shot my hot cum in her mouth. She locked her lips over my head, and swallowed every drop. I fell, sitting on her bed. Realizing only right then I didn’t remember how we got there; from the entry way to her bedroom.

“Your turn.” I said smiling deviously at her. “I want your pussy in my mouth bad.”

“MMMM good. I want your tongue deep in my pussy.” She smiled back at me.

She climbed onto her bed, and spread her legs for me. I climbed in, and put my head between her legs. I started by licking her whole slit. Then I moved to her clit. I circled it with my tongue. She twitched anytime I licked directly on her clit. I could feel it swelling slightly. I then moved down and shoved my tongue inside her pussy. I used my nose to rub her clit with each thrust of my tongue. She moaned and grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her. I fucked her pussy with my tongue hard and fast. She was moaning loud.

“Oh fuck. You eat pussy so good. Fuck me!”

She grabbed my hair and pulled me on top of her. By now my cock was rock hard again and very ready to go.

“You are so fucking hot. You make me so horny so easy. I love it.” I said to her as I grabbed my cock and felt for her pussy.

When I found the hole I shoved it in all the way in one hard thrust. She screamed. She dug her nails into my back as I began to fuck her. She spread her legs wide to allow me to go as deep as possible.

“Harder!” she yelled, barely breaking her moaning pattern.

I went faster and harder. I could feel our pelvic bones connecting hard with each thrust.

“Harder!” she yelled again. “Fuck me, Steve. Fuck, you are so big! I can feel you slamming into my cervix. It feels so fucking good!”

I went even harder. Soon she grabbed the back of my head.

“I’m gunna cum on your big fucking cock. Oh fuck that feels good!”

She pulled me into a deep kiss. She started to contract around my cock. There was no way I could last now.

“Oh yes! I am gunna cum too!”

“Cum on my tits. I want your cum all over me.”

I pulled out and jerked my cock over her. I started to cum. “Fuck!” I yelled as my first load shot out. It left a nice rope hitting her chin and coming back almost to my cock. The next spurt hit right between her breasts. The next hit her breasts again, and the next pooled in her belly button. The last few spurts landed just above her pussy.

“Fuck that was good.” She said. She held her arms up and we embraced in a hug. My cum was now covering us both. “Shower?” she said as she kissed me and I could hear the seductive tone in her voice…


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