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My night with Jacob

Jacob was what she wanted. Jacob was what she got.
The first time i saw Jacob I couldnt keep my eyes off him. He was a tall, toned man with piercing blue eyes and shaggy brown hair. He was irresistable and I knew I had to have him. I tried my best to catch his attention and after many nights of flirting and getting to know eachother it finally worked. I couldnt believe my luck the night I ended up going home with him. I'd had a bit to drink but I knew perfectly well what I was doing.

We got back to his place and immediately started kissing. He passionately threw me down on the couch and layed his body on top of mine. Oh how I loved the feeling of his warm body up against mine. I wanted him right then and there. As the kissing got more passionate his lips started to move down to my chin and then to my neck. I started moaning with pleasure and unbuttoning my shirt. He undid my bra and started kissing my breats, taking my nipples in his mouth and teasing them with his teeth. My breath was getting heavier as I was moaning more and more. He then took my hand and led me from the couch into his bedroom where he layed down on the bed. It was now my turn to show my affection.

I took hold of his hands and placed them above his head, restraining him from touching me. I started to kiss his chest and worked my way down to his stomach. I took off his pants to find his rock hard cock inside. I wanted him inside me so bad by this point. I started to lick his penis. Every lick made him moan and moan so I started to suck it. His moans got louder and he started pushing his cock into my mouth. I started sucking quicker and quicker. He whispered "oh fuck that feels so good". I started going faster and before long his moaning became uncontrollable and he started thrusting his cock deeper in my mouth. He kept moaning "suck it hard. suck it harder". I could feel that he was going to cum soon so I stopped and made my way back up on top of him.

I took off my underwear and sat on his rock hard cock. I was so wet that it slid right into me and we both moaned with pleasure. His cock felt so good inside me. I started riding him, rubbing my clit at the same time. He continued moaning and whispering "fuck me I want you to fuck me" so I started riding him faster and harder. I could feel his cock going deep inside of me and at the same time it was rubbing against my clit. My breathing started getting heavier and heavier and I started moaning. It felt so good. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to coming and before I knew it I was moaning and screaming "I'm gonna cum, fuck i'm gonna cum" and then suddenly my movements became uncontrollable and waves of orgasms rushed over me. I slowed down my movements as he slid his penis out of me. Now it was his turn.

He layed me down on my back and slid his still rock hard cock inside of me. He then started moving in and out of me saying "I want to cum inside of you". This made me moan, I loved his hard cock inside of me. He started fucking me faster, and I could feel his balls slapping against me. He kept going faster and faster, pumping in cock into me as hard as he could. Then suddenly he pulled me up and turned me over and started fucking me doggy style. His body started slapping against my ass as he kept fucking me harder and harder. I could feel his cock getting fuller inside me. He started moaning "uhh fuck yeah'"
"Uhhhhhh fuck im gonna cum"
"Im gonna cum inside you. Uhhhh. UHHH. Uhhhhhhhh"
He started going as hard as he could until finally he let out one last moan and came hard inside of me. I could feel his juices explode deep in me as his moaning subsided. As his movements came to and end we both layed down, exhausted from what had just happened. But I knew for certain there was no way that would be the last time I would have sex with this man.
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