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My Night With Kappi

I finally hook up with an amazing girl.
This story takes place just before I moved to London. It took place in the last couple of days I was staying with my parents before taking most of my stuff to their house in Colorado. I had been talking with a girl named Kappi, with whom I had a bit of a history. I told her I would be coming down on a Thursday evening to see a play that several of our mutual friends were in.

A little bit about Kappi. I had first met her in our freshman year of university and we had gotten on quite well. We might have even hooked up except for the fact that she had a boyfriend. Our sophomore year she had broken up with her boyfriend and we started hanging out, but nothing happened, despite the fact that we had a lot of sexual tension. I didn’t really see her again until later in my senior year. We went on another date where she at one point just leaned across the table grabbed me and kissed me. We made out and cuddled a little, but that was as far as it went that night. I didn’t see her again until the night of the show.

Kappi is super cute. About 5’5” and weighed between 120 and 130 pounds (I’m not going to make her into something she isn’t. I don’t like all these stories about unnaturally perfect looking women). She has a cute round face with wonderful dimples and a smattering of freckles. Her eyes are a light blue and she has about shoulder length dark blond hair. She has nice hips and an ass that she says is too big, but I really like. She is a 34b, if she ever wore a bra that is. In all my years of knowing Kappi, she almost never wore a bra and is famous for showing her nipple through her shirt.

I had just graduated from my undergrad degree and went to London as the TA for a study abroad program, and whilst there I applied for and got into graduate school. I came back to the US to sort out my student visa, loans and to work for part of the summer doing construction. I wanted to call Kappi, but I knew it would be pointless since she was working on an archeological dig in the Nevada desert and would be unavailable until a few days before the new semester started.

When I found out I could make it down to see my friends’ play, I was rather excited and called Kappi to see if she wanted to come. I told her that several of our mutual friends would be in the play and she got rather excited about it. Said she would meet me at Big Ed’s, (a burger place next to campus that sold beer as well) and after the show I would give her a ride home.

“Awesome I will see you in a couple hours. I just need to shower and change from my work clothes and I will head down to the city.” My parents lived about an hour and a half drive from where I went to university.

The play started at 7:30, so we met at Big Ed’s at about 6:15 or so. I walked in and she jumped up from her table and hugged me saying, “Chase it’s so good to see you.”
I hugged her back, “Its great to see you too Miss Kappi.”

We sat at our table and chatted. I told her about my trip to London and she told me all about working on the dig that summer. I had a burger, she had already eaten, and we drank a pitcher of beer together.

At one point Kappi looked at me and said, “I remember last time we went out I let you kiss me.”

Laughing I said, “If I remember it properly you reached across a table grabbed me and started kissing me.”

“Hahaha yeah I guess that’s right. But don’t be expecting anything off me tonight. I’m a proper lady.”

“Oh yes that’s right I almost forgot.” Laughing I say, “but really all this is spending time with a cool friend before I leave for another country.”

While we sat some friends of ours came in and sat with us and we all chatted a bit, then it was time to head for the theatre. Kappi and I quickly stopped at my truck and filled her water bottle with beer that I had in the truck. 

As I filled the bottle Kappi leans in and says, “I have this odd feeling that we are really going to need this.” I chuckled and agreed with her.

“Stuart told me that it’s a bit of a mess and a the director has been a bit of a nightmare to work with.”

“Good thing we aren’t in it.”

We made our way to the theatre and find our seats. We went on the free preview night so the audience is fairly full. Kappi kept the water bottle in her little backpack and we settle in to watch the play.

Okay, so the play isn’t horrible, but its not that great either, a few of our friends are really good in it; but generally its not that great of a show. It’s a good thing we have the water bottle of beer with us, and it helps the quality of the show to have a nice buzz through the whole thing.

When the show was over we waited in the lobby of the theatre to say 'Hi' to our friends and chat with them a little. When they had to go back in for notes, we headed to my truck.

“So…that really wasn’t that good.” Kappi says.

“Not at all, but Stuart and Summer were good, and Marin, and I thought most of the lovers were quite good, especially Andy and Laura.”

“Yeah you’re right they were good, but over all…”

“Yeah over all it was pretty crap. I did like the carpeted stage though, even if it didn’t make sense for a play that takes place mostly in a forest.”

We both laughed and got into the truck and headed out. We were listening to the Young Dubliners’ Irish Sessions, and Kappi started explaining why she likes the song we are listening too. “I like that they call the girl handsome and pretty and a belle of the city.” She giggles, she was a bit drunker than I was.

“Lets stop at Seven Eleven on the way to my house and get some more beer.”

I readily agreed and we stopped and ran in. We got a six-pack of Evolution Amber and got back in the truck and drove to Kappi’s house.

She lived with her parents, but basically had her own apartment in the basement. It was a nice night at the end of September so we put the beer in the fridge and sat on the patio that leads into her basement apartment. She suggested cards, and I suggested we play gin rummy. She grabbed the cards and her computer and I got two beers out of the fridge.

(Now I know you all just want me to jump to the sex stuff, but this is all important to the story as this would have been one of my all time favorite dates, even if we hadn’t slept together, so I am going to tell the story in its full.)

We sat listening to music and playing cards for almost 2 hours just talking about everything from music, movies, books, what our futures might hold; to what our dreams and goals were. It was very pleasant sitting there on the patio looking at this beautiful girl, who for some reason, seemed to like me. I felt so happy and contented that I almost didn’t want to ever leave. I wanted that moment of happiness there on the back patio to just go on and on. We would just sit and drink beer, play cards, listen to music and talk for the rest of our lives.

Eventually though, we ran out of beer and it started to get a bit chilly out so we went inside and set her laptop on the coffee table in her little living room.

“I believe the last time we went out you told me we would dance and then you just went to sleep when we got back to your place,” I said to her.

She giggles, “Yes that’s true.”

I held out my arms said, “My lady might I have the honor of this dance.” (Yes, I really do talk like that sometimes.)

She laughed and puts her arms around my neck and I put mine around her waist and we danced to the music. We hadn't been dancing for more than a couple of moments when she looks up and me and leans up and kisses me lightly. It was electric. Even more so then the first time we ever kissed. This was more tender. More caring. The other one in the bar months before, was just an explosion of built up sexual tension. This one was almost a thank you.

I lent down and kiss her. Still gently, but deeper. Her mouth opened and her soft tongue touched mine. We kissed like that for a long time. My hands running over her body. I grabbed her ass hard pulling her to me. My other hand fondled her wonderful soft breasts playing with the nipples through the soft fabric. As usual she was braless. Kappi’s hands ran over my body as well. Rubbing my crotch through my jeans. Feeling me get hard.

We broke apart and she takes me by the hand and led me into her bedroom. Closing the door behind her. She sat on the bed and I sat next to her and we collapsed back on to the bed as we made out. Our hands groping each other. She undid my belt and my jeans and sat up, kicking my shoes off I pushed my jeans down and took my socks off.

I laid back next to her. Kissing her neck down to the top of her breasts. I slid the straps of her tank top off her shoulders exposing her perfect little tits. I took one hard little nipple into my mouth and played with it flicking my tongue over it.

“Mmmm, yes Chase,” she moans as she ran her hand through my short hair. I kissed over to her other breast taking the other nipple in my mouth. She groaned and pulled my face back up to hers and we kissed again and she rolled me onto my back and started kissing my neck and chest, unbuttoning my shirt as she went. She quickly slid it off my arms and tosses it on the floor and went back to kissing and licking my nipples then down across my stomach to the top of my boxers. I lifted my ass to let her pull them down. She started to kiss and lick my now rock hard cock and balls. She sucked first on ball then the other, before licking from my balls all the way up to the head of my cock.

“Oh fuck yes Kappi, that feels so good.”

Grinning she said “Mmmm I’m glad you like it, but I know something you will like even more.”

And she took my cock into her mouth. (Now I’m not going to say I have the biggest cock in the world, but I have been told that it is beautiful and just the right size. Its about 6 ” long and fairly thick. Either way it gets the job done.) She began to slowly suck my cock. She ran her tongue over it back and forth as she bobbed up and down on it. She was soon deepthroating me.

“Oh fuck Kappi that is so fucking good. You look so sexy with my cock in your mouth,” I groaned and laid back and watched her as she sucked my cock. I could feel her soft little breasts with their hard nipples rubbing against my bare legs.

“Oh fuck I’m going to cum Kappi”. She ignored the warning and just sped up. As I started to cum she moved her head so that just the head of my cock is in her mouth and I continued my huge orgasm. When I was done cumming she unceremoniously swallowed my cum and then took a swig of the beer that is sitting next to the table.

I catch my breath as she smiled at me and said, “I have a surprise for you.”

Now one time in our freshman year when we were working on the same play together I accidentally walked into the room where Kappi was changing costume and saw here in just her bra and a blue and green stripped thong. The image of her ass in that thong fueled many a wank session. And now as I watched Kappi stood at the end of the bed and pulled her tank top off over her head, then slowly slid her skirt down revealing the very thong that had fueled so many fantasies.

She reached for the thong to remove it, but I stopped her. “No don’t take it off yet. Come lay down.”

She climbed into the bed with me and I started to kiss her. I kissed down her neck to her beautiful breasts and their hard little nipples. I stayed there for a little while before I began to kiss my way down across her belly to the top of her thong panties. I passed over her panty clad crotch. I paused just briefly to take in her enchanting aroma. Then starting at her left knee I kissed up the inside of her leg, until I get to the edge of her panties. I went over to her right knee and started to kiss up the inside of that leg to the edge of her panties. Then I lightly kissed the top of her pubic mound. I could feel the wetness of her pussy through her thong on my lips and I kissed the fabric. I gently stuck out my tongue and licked the fabric over her pussy. I can feel her squirming above me as she holds onto my head.

“Oh you are such a little tease.” I grinned up at her as I started to play with her clit using my tongue through her panties. Then I reached up and slowly pulled then small piece of wet fabric down off her wonderful little pussy. It was perfect with neatly trimmed soft black hair covering her mound and outer lips. I slowly started to lick all around her pussy. Kissing her mound and outer lips until I gently ran my tongue the length of her wet and very delicious slit.

“Oh fuck yes. Suck on my clit. Make it feel good.” I grinned as I started to lick and suck her clit. As I did this I gently ran a finger up and down her slit until I slowly slid it into her tight sopping wet pussy. I kept up my ministrations for about five minutes before, “Oh fuck yes Chase, I’m cumming, I’m fucking Cummmm….”

She clamped her legs around my head pulling my face into here amazing pussy as the juices flow and I licked them up tasting the biter sweet flavor of her pussy.

As her orgasm subsided I moved up to kiss her lightly on the lips. She grinned at me and I leaned over to my phone and quickly set an alarm for 5 am, so I knew when I have to leave back to my parents house to be to work in the morning. Then I was back kissing her. I was rock hard again by then and I rolled on top of her but she stopped me and reached for the bedside table and said, “I always use a condom.”

I laughed, “Fair enough you can never be to careful, you never know where someone’s cock has been.”

She laughed and opened the package and rolled the condom down over my cock and then laid back again and we started making out again and I positioned myself above her and her hand quickly guided me into her tight wet pussy. It was amazing. We both feel it. It was like there was an electrical charge running between us and our loins were the connection point. I moved slowly. Grinding my pubic bone against her pussy as we fucked. We rolled over in the bed and she was on top of me slowly riding me. We moved together in a slow gentle rhythm. She has her eyes closed and is moaning softly. Then she leaned in and said quietly in my ear, “Chase I want you to fuck me hard, take me from behind.”

With that I pulled out of her and she quickly got on all fours with that amazing ass pointed right at me. I ran my cock up and down her slit, until she looked back over her shoulder at me and said, “Are you just going to tease me or are you going to fuck my tight wet cunt? Don’t make me beg.”

I thrust in forcefully and said, “I’m going to pound your tight wet cunt I think.”

I started hammering into her. I fucked her as hard as I could. She was screaming, “Yes fuck that cunt, fuck it so hard, make that little cunt cum. Make me cum Chase.”

“How about you make my big cock cum Kappi.”

“I will make your big cock cum, if it makes my little pussy cum.”

We fucked harder and faster. I could feel my orgasm building when suddenly I felt Kappi cum. I felt her pussy spasm and her cum running down my balls and I came hard. I collapsed forward onto her back, as she slowly slid down laying face down on the bed. I laid there for a long moment before I pulled out of her. She whimpered, “Please don’t I like him there.”

I chuckled and kissed her back, “Maybe he will be back in a bit.” I got up and pulled off the condom and wiped my cock clean with some tissue and dropped them both in the trash. I climbed back into bed with her and we cuddled up and I quickly drop off to sleep.

I awoke a few hours later to the feeling of my cock being sucked. I glanced at the bedside alarm clock. Quarter to four in the morning. I had bit of time left. I ran my hand through Kappi’s hair and then pulled her ass and delicious cunt over to my face and I began to eat and finger it. I ran my finger up to her asshole and I began to play with it. I slowly slid it in. She moaned around my cock. She twisted around to look at me and said, “That feels so nice, but you aren’t putting your cock up there.”

With that she turned around and kisses me and straddled my cock. Reaching down she started to slide it into her. “What about a condom?” I ask.

“Fuck it, I want to feel your cock in me. Just pull out.”

“Okay.” She wasn't going to get much of a fight from me. She started to ride me slowly. We moved gently, kissing. We rolled over into missionary. Kissing and looking into each other’s eyes as we moved in a slow gentle rhythm. I felt my orgasm rising and I warned her.

“Cum on my face and tits,” she said. I obeyed and pulled out and she took me in her mouth. My first rope landed in her mouth but the next two landed on her face and the rest on her tits. She giggled and I don’t know if I have ever seen anything so sexy in my life.

I looked over at the clock. "Shit I might as well go ahead a leave now, since my alarm is going off in a few minutes anyway," I sighed

She said, “I wish you didn’t have to go.”

“Me too, but I have to.”

She cleaned my cock with her mouth then watched as I dressed playing with my cum on her tits. When I was dressed she wiped some of the cum off around her mouth and got up and found her thong. She slid it into my pocket and said, “Just a little something to remember me by.”

I laughed, “How on earth would I ever forget you?”

She walked with me out to my truck, naked as the day she was born. I got in and rolled down my window and looked at her. I voiced the thing I had been thinking since we'd first met that night, “Do you think we will ever see each other again?”

She laughed and said, “I have a feeling our paths are destine to cross again many times.”

She leaned in and kissed me. I started the truck and turned around in her street as she stood there watching me. I stopped and looked at her. She kissed me one more time then turned, naked as could be, and walked back to her house. I watched her amazing ass all the way. She stopped at the door turned to face me. Giving me one last long look at her amazing nude body and then blew me a kiss and went inside.

As I drove away, I my thoughts were filled with images of the two of us together. Dancing, playing cards, drinking beer, watching a mediocre play, making love, fucking, kissing. I removed her thong from my pocket and took a deep sniff and smiled.

That night I packed up most of my belongings and loaded them into the back of mine and my dad’s trucks. The next day I drove to Colorado and 3 days after that I was on a plane to London.

I haven’t seen Kappi since that night, but we have spoken a few time, and I don’t doubt that she is right about our paths crossing again, but until then I will always have the memories of the night I got to spend with that incredible, beautiful, wonderful lady.

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