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My One And Only Affair

Met Her In A Chat Room, Fucked Her Brains Out A Week Later
I'm divorced now. My ex-wife had an affair which ended our marriage.

She doesn't know that I had my own affair, seven years earlier.

We were great fuck mates. I fucked her constantly and I fucked her one day before we split up.

But after she had our baby, she changed in many ways, including sexually. She didn't want to fuck nearly as often as she used to and her pussy was dry almost every time we fucked, before she changed, her pussy got wet just from thinking about sex!

I'm patient by nature and I was patient with her. But around 18 months after she gave birth, I lost my patience and checked out a "married and cheating" chat room on some web site. I came across, 'Nicole' almost immediately and when I wrote her the first time, she responded within ten seconds. We hit it off - we joked and told each other about our lives and about how and why we had both ended up in that chat room.

This went on for about a week and then I asked her if she wanted to meet up in person. She said 'yes', and we met that next weekend. Neither of us knew what the other looked like but as soon as we saw each other we were both very attracted. There was more than enough mutual attraction to want to fuck each other. She kissed me first, in public, when we were in some restaurant. We agreed to meet up again.

Our second date was in a parking lot. I got into her car and we started making out and groping each other. This went on for almost an hour and when I was ready to leave for home she said, "Goodbye," and then added, "Next time we meet you're gonna fuck me. Right?"

I answered, "Hell yeah!"

But after I left I got cold feet. I never thought I'd cheat on my wife - no matter what or why, and here I was, one date away from cheating and fucking some housewife I'd just met online. I convinced myself to tell Nicole that I couldn't fuck her, even though I'd told her I would.

But she wouldn't take no for an answer. She called me again and again, she talked dirty and one time she fingered herself and had an orgasm, with me listening to it all over the phone. She was crazy to fuck me and Nicole is definitely a hottie whom any man would be glad to fuck. Italian, tall, with long dark hair and big round dark brown eyes. A nice body, slim but curvy in all the right places. I knew I had no chance against all that and I could hold back only a week before I agreed to meet her for our first ever fuck. My first act of adultery.

We met on a Friday night, at a motel which we both knew as the fucking motel for cheaters.

We were both nervous, not too much though. I got a room and took her hand as we walked in the door. We started kissing passionately as soon as the door slammed shut and our clothes were off in two minutes or less.

I have an 8-inch dick which is a full size bigger than the one most guys have, including Nicole's husband. She got down on her knees and worshipped my big dick which must have been hot for her after sucking that small dick for all those years!

Then I ate her out and made her come - twice. She licked her own pussy juice off my fingers which I put in her mouth right after she came each time. Then I fucked her brains out. Missionary position first, then doggy style with me pulling her hair and slapping her butt softly, then she got on top and rode me until I shot my load.

When you fuck someone new for the first time, the sex is usually less than great, for a bunch of reasons. But the first time I fucked Nicole in that sleazy motel room was an exception to that rule. The fuck was definitely hot, and maybe not in the mind blowing category that makes my top five hottest ever fucks, but it was a hotter fuck than most people experience in their entire lives.

I fucked her two more times after that. The last fuck was the best, we knew each other sexually by then and we held nothing back. Dirty talk, ass licking, ball sucking, nipple squeezing, and I was in control the whole time. The only thing she wouldn't do was take a face full of my jizz, which she said she never did and never wanted to do. But I didn't care since the fuck was so hot and I didn't need to come on her face to get off to the max.

I ended it right after that as she was showing signs of being a stalker. She was miserable and told me she didn't love her husband and maybe she never did, and she called me constantly. She was freaking me out so I cut her off.

Too bad. If she was normal or even close to it, I would have kept our affair going - for how long, who knows? She told me she had a hot girlfriend and they both always talked about how much they wanted to have a threesome together with some guy, and I would have been that guy, which made my decision to dump her more difficult than you can imagine.

She asked me once if I ever had sex with a guy, and I told her the truth which was 'yes', I had never told that to anyone else - ever. Then she asked me if I was into any type of guy and I told her the truth again, "Yes, I'm really turned on by a hot black guy with a very huge black monster dick."

Back then this was just a fantasy I never experienced in real life, and Nicole told me she had one friend who was black and very cute. Her friend had told her one night, when they were both really drunk, that he was packing a 9.5 inch dick too! And right after that, he also told her that he had fucked a few white guys when he was a teen and that he really wanted to fuck one more white guy but only one and only once since he just got married.

Not sure if he he ever was gonna fuck me but there was a decent chance of that happening which also vanished when I dumped Nicole. A threesome with her and her hot friend and a 9.5 inch black monster dick in my mouth and slamming my ass. I wanted to do both and I had an affair with a babe who could make them both happen - for real! And I slammed the door on both - by choice - because I picked up a psycho stalker to have my one and only affair with. I made the right choice because a psycho bitch can fuck up your life big time, and not even the hottest threesome with two hot babes plus the hottest gay fuck with a hot black guy packing a huge black monster dick is worth it. Not even close.

So I just am happy that I chose a hot woman to have my only affair with and happy for the three very hot fucks we had together.

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