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My Paradise with Bella

You could say it started my junior year of high school. She had recently transferred from a rival school. That's how I met her

Yes I remember the day like it was yesterday. First day of school, 3rd period, she walked into our science class and into my dreams. She was a stunning girl, and wouldn't you know it. We ended up being sat next to eachother. I was nervous from the start. But soon it wore off. And we became great friends, that went on for ages it seemed, because deep down, I wanted her with all my soul. But the first school dance of my Junior year, it all set off

She showed up, and I smelled the liquor on her breath. She claimed that it was more fun for her to get fucked up before something like this.

Long story short, grinding the entire night made her extra excited.

"You should come with us, my friend Hannah's parents let guys sleep over," winking at me. I couldn't resist, I graciously agreed and followed her.

We piled into the car. It was a two door Mustang, and our group consisted of 7 people. And, I, being the new kid in the group had to ride in the trunk while my dream girl layed down on the girls' laps in the back seat. Two stop signs later I wanted to break out of the trunk and knock the driver out. Mustang, a lot of horsepower, and I guess it was sort of an "initiation" to slam on the brakes as hard as possible They were the heavy partiers, but they could really be a couple of assholes. The girls were nice, really nice, one actually had a bukkake session with 6 guys, and we were only in 11TH GRADE, so they were fuckin' head-to-toe gorgeous, with curves in all the right places.

Once we arrived at Hannah's house, we all chose a spot to lay down and start getting intimate.
We immediately got the "love seat" which was going to serve it's name tonight. Everyone began kissing, rubbing, and letting their moans out into the air; while the heat settled in and the mood began to get a little more intense.

Bella was laying on top of me, but even at this age I was some what of a regular smoker. I began panting for air until finally I turned the tables and pushed her back onto the other end of the couch. I shot down to meet her lips again; tongues flailing about with eachother. Her hands were, to my dissapointment, still on my back. Holding me close. But mine, were on an exploration of her body.

Slowly gliding over her breasts which seemed like an average C36 (I used to be pretty good at estimating sizes, as bad as that sounds). My hand started sliding down her flat stomach as she lightly squirmed under me and invaded my mouth with her tongue. The next moment was the highlight of the night.

Hitting her hot, damp spot of her tight spandex, she froze and let out a loud moan. Loud enough that the entire room, filled with lip smacking and moans; went silent. I felt the eyes upon me as I slowly worked my hand under her tight shorts and thong.

The soaking wet clit was mine as I rubbed her slowly. The comments shot from all around and whispers filled the empty silence. Quick as a gunshot, I felt her hand leave my back and go straight for my now throbbing cock.

Seconds turned into minutes, my fingers strained to give her more, and another feeling washed over me. It was a second set of hands unbuttoning my jeans, these hands belonged to Hannah, Bella just kept moaning.

The rest of the group simply got up and walked out, thinking we had basically taken over and if anyone got caught up in there was going to see something they didn't want.

Running my fingers over her clit, she moaned for more. Hannah had my jeans in her hands and fought them down the length of my legs and off. She then pulled down my boxers, first to get a peek of my length. I'm not one to brag, but by the speed she shot them down and started stroking it, I could tell she was impressed.

My own horniness was firing up and fast. I grapped Bella by the ass and I lifted her hind end up and turned her around so she could poke that luscious ass out at me. I sat down next to it, while Hannah was on her knees in front of me. Grabbing her spandex shorts and her thong I pulled them straight down.

While toying, and sliding my fingers inside of her, slowly moving in and out Hannah's mouth wrapped around my cock.

To be continued... let me know if you want more

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