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My partner in crime

My partner in crime

Two detectives fianlly come together
I'm Veronica, I'm 5'4, with red hair and just B-cup boobs. I'm 37, I've never been married, or had any kids. For the last ten years, I've been a detective. I've personally solved over 100 cases, myself. Although, last year my captain actually assigned me a partner. Honestly, I just never wanted a partner. I always worked best alone, I got the job done, and didn't have any drama to go along with it. My partner is named Steven, and he is a little younger than me, at 32. I heard he had a little experience before he was transferred to my precinct, but nothing major. Anyway, he has brown hair, and is about 6 foot. If you looked at him, you'd never expect him to be a cop. Not that that was bad, but he still didn't feel like a good fit for me. Although, I didn't want anyone for a partner.

One thing I did a lot before Steven showed up, was go out on stake outs. I had to see what criminals were up to, and see if they would lead me to the bigger fish. I liked doing them alone, because there was no one to cramp my style. I could eat whatever the hell I wanted, and didn't have anyone talking my ear off either. I could focus on my work, and not have to worry about someone else, when I was in pursuit. For the first few stake outs, I did my best to not bring Steven along. I often made excuses, so I could try and ditch him. Steven could only take some much before he went to the captain. My captain brought me into his office, and just made it clear, that if I didn't bring him on the next one, I'd be suspended. So, on the next stake out, he was right next to me, talking up a storm.

"I just don't get it, how can they make these burgers so good?" Steven asked as he stuffed his face.

"Who gives a shit, it's just food. Now shut the hell up, I don't need any distractions," I told him.

"By that, you mean me?" Steven inquired.

"You asked me, so I'm gonna tell you, yes. You never seem to shut it, and when things don't go your way, you just go to the captain. Then I get my ass chewed," I told him.

"Well, you are the only one that seems to not like this situation. I'm used to working alone too, but I've gotten used to working with someone," Steven said a little angrily

It was awkward, but then he finally shut his trap. After watching a criminal for two hours, he finally made a move. We followed him, and we found out he was meeting someone to make a deal. Once we saw the deal was in place, we came in and busted them. For once Steven proved himself to be useful for something, other than annoying me.

"See, we got them this time, partner," Steven said as we were in front of the cell.

"Yes, we got him, but it wasn't like we just brought down the mafia," I told him in an annoyed voice.

He seemed determined to make me like him, he took everything quite well, and didn't let it get him down. So we went on quite a few more stake outs, and they seemed endless. If only I could get the criminals to turn themselves in, that would make work suck less. Anyway, one night we had been on another stake out for about four hours, but that didn't stop him from talking.

"You really need to get laid," Steven let me know.

I just gave him a dirty look.

"And what the fuck is that supposed to mean?" I needed to know.

"You haven't taken your eyes off this guy for hours now. The only thing we know for sure is, that he loves to fuck doggie style. We've been partners for a year now, and I don't even know if you have a cat. You don't really talk to me, and all I can do is talk for the both of us. You are too committed to your own world, catch bad guys, sleep, eat, and then do it all over again. Face it, you need a cock inside you," Steven explained.

Whether or not he was right, I was really offended.

"Who do you think you are, Steven Seagal? You think you can just preach to me?" I asked him.

"I think I should ask the captain for another partner. I just give you some real advice, and you bite my head off," Steven replied.

I just sighed for a minute, I was annoyed as hell at him, but he still didn't deserve that.

"OK, I'll bite. Do you have anyone you can set me up with?" I asked him.

He stayed silent for a minute.

"Well, is there any rules against, partners sleeping together?" Steven hesitantly asked.

I just gave him a dirty look, of course that was a big rule breaker.

"You really gotta ask if that's against the rules? Who do you think we are, Castle and Beckett? No, we can't sleep together," I told him a bit angrily.

"Fine, shit. I'm just saying, you look good for your age. What are you 28 now?" Steven inquired.

"Was that an attempt at flattery?" I wondered.

"Maybe," Steven let me know as he put his hand on my leg.

He rubbed it, and somehow I didn't get the urge to hit his hand. I was also next to positive if I did swat him, he'd go straight to the captain, and have a hissy fit. I just let it go for the time being.

"You know, this maybe a love/hate thing, but I just find you to you be quite sexy. You are just like Kate
Beckett, you are the sexiest cop alive," Steven told me sweetly.

Truth be told, I was flattered then. If this was all bullshit, he was selling it quite well. I couldn't help but to look down at his pants, and he was packing a hard on in there. It had been quite a while since I had sex, so my wheels were already extra greased. He knew the right buttons to push then. I could only assume that he went through a trial and error process, to try to get into my pants. It was odd to me that this guy, that I found to be really annoying, knew more about me than just about anyone else. I guess my mother was the only one that knew more than him. I slowly leaned towards him, and kissed him once, to test the waters. After that, we just looked at each other for a second.

"Now was that so bad?" Steven pondered.

For the first time in over four years, a man had gotten my panties wet. Then our lips came together, and stayed together for a few minutes. We made out, and eventually he put his right hand onto my right boob, underneath my vest. I didn't even object to that, we just kept our lips together. I wasn't sure where this all came from, but I found myself not hating it when it happened. I took off my bullet proof vest, and then my blouse too. He got a good look at my boobs with my bra on, and be began to drool.

"Shit, Veronica, you have some nice tits," Steven let me know, as he eyeballed my tits.

Then I got up, and got right on top of him. I sat on his lap, and put my hands on his back. I undid his bullet proof vest, and threw both vests in the back of the car. I leaned up a bit, and had my boobs right by his mouth. He had his hands right on my boobs, and then he moved my bra just a tad. I had decent sized nipples, and he seemed to really like them. He almost immediately put his teeth right on my right nipple. He bit my nipple, and it hurt a bit. I didn't mind it though, I just had a lot of adrenaline going through my system all of the sudden.

"Take my bra off, Steven," I commanded.

He wasted no time, he got it off in a second.

"Suck my nipples, suck them now," I commanded again.

He put my mouth right onto my nipples, and sucked them. It was an amazing feeling to have my nipples sucked, especially by him for some reason. He had some sexy factor working for him.

"Fuck, that's the spot," I said slowly.

I began to get a little worked up, so I just had to go nuts. I opened the passenger door, and got out. I grabbed his hand, and pulled him out. It was sudden, but then I just saw him as a very sexy, and eligible fuck buddy. We were under a big bridge, so we weren't exactly out in the open. We both got in front of the car, and I gave him a direct order.

"Rip off my pants, and my panties. Then fuck me hard against the car," I told him.

He was down for that. He got down on his knees, and stripped me completely. I would have thought he would have taken a minute to admire my entire naked body, but he was more than ready to fuck. He quickly undressed the bottom half of his body, turned me around, and had me lean forward on the car. He immediately stuck his cock into my pussy, and began thrusting it. I actually had never been fucked on a car before, but so far, it was rather kinky. My boobs were right on the hood, and he was pounding me.

"Yeah, you like that, don't you, Veronica? Take it, and take it hard," Steven told me.

I only saw his cock for a second, but it felt a hell of a lot bigger, as it went inside my pussy. It felt like it was ten inches long, and incredibly thick too. I kept going back and fourth, shaking the car in the process. He had his hands on my butt, and continued to fuck me hard. He quickly made my pussy rather sore, and I leaned up towards him. Then he slowed down, and I put my left hand on the back of his head. We both turned our heads, and kissed each other for a few seconds. He put his hands back onto my boobs, and held me tight.

"Oh, Veronica, your pussy is a little tight. I guess you really did need to get laid," Steven said slowly.

I laughed a for a minute, and laid my eyes on him. We both gave each other some rather lusty looks. I found myself being overjoyed with his cock inside me. He grabbed my arms, and continued to thrust his cock. I was a little worried someone might see us, but I was just having too much fun to really care. I knew we were watching someone, but I guess it was their lucky night. I let out a few loud moans, because I was being pleasured rather well.

"Fuck yes, shove it in there deep!" I yelled.

I closed my eyes, I was having a lot of trouble taking the pleasure. I was breathing quite heavily, and I was getting to pop. This was the first time in years, I ever felt so much adrenaline going through my system. Eventually, he pulled out, and I was disappointed.

"I wasn't done yet," I told him as I turned around.

"Me neither," Steven let me know.

He put his lips onto mine again, and had me lean down on the hood. He got on top of me, and reinserted his cock in my pussy. As his feet were still on the ground, he began thrusting his hard cock again. He had his head right on my shoulder, and I could feel his breath. He was quite worked up too, it was almost as if he had some plan set in motion, to get into my panties. He made love to me, it wasn't like he just wanted to fuck me, and get back to our stake out. A man's chest was almost a foreign feeling to my breasts, so once I felt it again, I was in paradise. He grabbed my wrists with his hands, and held them above our heads. I just had this guy screwing me on our car, and I couldn't think of a single good reason why it was bad. Other than getting caught I guess.

"Steven, your cock is so big. It feels so good in my pussy, shove it in there as deep as you can get it," I whispered in his ear.

That was just too much for him. Once the words went in his ear, they made him go nuts.

"Fuck, I gotta pull out. I'm gonna cum," Steven said quickly as he yanked his cock out.

He got off me, and covered my pussy and stomach with hot cum. It was sexy, and a great photo finish. After he popped his load all over me, he slowly got on the hood of the car with me. We both needed a little down time for a minute.

"Oh shit. I've sat inside in this car for so many hours, I had no idea it would be so nice to fuck on the hood," I let out.

Then I looked over where the guy was, that we were watching. He was gone of course, but he wasn't gonna get us to anyone or anything big anyway. What we did was so worth missing him.

"Seriously, when was the last time you had sex?" Steven wondered.

I hesitated to tell him, but I wasn't gonna bullshit him.

"Four years ago," I replied.

He couldn't believe his ears, so he fucked me again. We had sex a few times that night, not just on the hood of our car either. So, we began going on stake outs on a regular basis. Although, we frequently didn't do what you were supposed to do on stake outs. We almost always ended up having sex, and it was great. Our captain never knew what went wrong on our stake outs, but he pulled the plug on our partnership eventually. So now, we can only have sex on our off hours.
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