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My Quantum of Solace

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The Day I had Perfect Sex with my BF
I work at London's main airport, every day I meet assholes, really nice patient customers, the crazy ones who think it's all my fault and sometimes a famous face enters the round of people I have to deal with. Today was different, I was working United flight 3029 to Los Angeles and I know it was late and was going to have to deal with estranged passengers wanting to get home or their vacation started because it is very annoying when it does not go as planned. All of a sudden everyone got really silent and starstruck, turning heads and whispering to friends or family, and I knew in my head here comes another prissy celebrity that NEEDS special treatment. But I was always prepared for whatever may come and this time I was not ready.

I was facing away from the desk talking to my co-worker next to me about why her computer decided to retaliate and go against her, but she stopped talking to me and went totally silent; staring at the customer awaiting my customer service.

"Hello Ladies, is this the flight back to LA?" asked the customer who had a familiar accent.

I turned around to help the man, and oh my god it was none other than my boyfriend Rob, ok so I have to be dreaming, there's no way in hell he's standing in the gate at the desk asking if he can have some help or if this is the flight to LA. Back to reality, yes it is him, and of course I'm going to help him.

"Why yes it is the flight to LA, can I check you in or assist you in any way" I replied as I stared at his sexy body.

"Yes I would love it if you could check me in, and is it possible for an upgrade?" Rob asked and I had a good way of "upgrading" him.

"Yeah I can upgrade you to first class if you come with me." I told him in a playful manner

Rob started to follow me as I led him to a place where no one else could hear or see us and my devious plan to have a romp was hopefully about to happen. We entered the room and I took his bags and coat and set them down. He stood there very puzzled and I was ready to make love to the most sexiest man in the whole wide world.

"I will upgrade your seat if you kindly make love to me baby!" I told him very sternly.

He was hesitant with a response but surely enough he says "of course I will, you are one cheeky gal but I think a nice fuck will calm me down before this long flight to LA!" and so he grabs me and pulls me closer, we lock lips and Rob and I are making out. He sticks his tongue in my mouth and we're standing there and he is kissing me so well I am lost in heaven! I break the kiss as I look into his sparkling blue eyes while I remove his clothing, (he was looking extra sexy today in his Tom Ford suit) and once I had him naked, my heart lapsed and then I went to work.

I kissed his chest and I licked his nipples for a bit, then I went straight to his cock, I began to really suck hard on it, I felt it hit my throat, wanting to go down and possibly gag me; so I began deep throating him and he leaned back and started to moaning out with pleasure as I just kept thrusting over his cock. I took it out of my throat as I began to lightly lick it and suck it more, then deciding that the deep throat seemed to be his favourite. I began to deepthroat and he started to really moan out loud, damn I was pleasing him well, and then all of a sudden it happened! My sexy Rob shot his cum down deep into my throat and I loved swallowing every last bit!

He got up and moved me to the table, he removed all my clothes and I laid down to receive my licking, it was like my fantasy coming true, my sexy Rob being able to finally fuck me. He licked around my tits, bit my nipples and gave them a pull with the ring, He then licked down my stomach all the way to my pussy and sucking in my clit ring while he fingered my tight little hole. This was so fucking amazing, especially because it was my Rob pleasing me. He got down on his knees and started to fuck my pussy with his tongue, it was going in quite deep and as he did this he fingered my ass as well and I was in pure heaven as of right now and I sure as hell did not want this to end.

After I squirted in his face and on his body he got on top of me and started to enter his cock into my pussy. Slowly it entered me, and it felt so good. After it was all in, he started to fuck me, going slow, gaining speed with each thrust, and I loved it. As he fucked me, he sucked lightly on my nipples and giving them nice little bites. I began to moan out really loudly as he got harder and faster and really giving my nipples a pull. As he was fucking me, he lifted me up, his hardness still locked in my pussy and sat on the table allowing me to ride him.

I began riding Rob's cock nice and hard as I was kissing and biting his neck. I loved the way he moaned out with pleasure, the pleasure I was giving him. I kept riding very hard and fast awaiting his cum to shoot up in me. We kept doing this for awhile, I was riding him for a long time, and finally I heard the sexy Rob yell, I'm going to cum and I got faster, very fast; bouncing up and down like crazy and then I felt his cock tighten up and there his hot, sticky load went, deep in my pussy. I kept riding just enough to cum all over his cock.

I got off of him and cleaned him off by sucking off our cum. Then I got dressed as did he and we both walked out of the closet all hot and loving every last bit of what went on in there. As we walked back to the gate, he gave me a little kiss on the lips and asked, "Can I have my upgrade now, love?" and yes I gave it to him and a little smack on the ass as he boarded the flight with the other first class passengers. Then all the others boarded and I closed down flight 3029 to Los Angeles, as I did this I came to notice one thing. I achieved my Quantum of Solace.

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