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My Reawakening - Part 1

A new friend becomes my lover.
Sally bent from the waist as she opened the fridge door to remove a cold glass. I admired the luscious curve of her bum, treating myself to the outline of her panties through the fabric of her short skirt. Instantly I was transported back to my youth, when my best mate and I used to hang out in he city, playing 'pants/no pants', a game where we would check out the passing parade of beautiful women, trying to determine the style of underwear they had on.
Sally set my beer down noisily on the bar tray in front of me, breaking my daydream.

I hadn't been to the golf club for a while, but I'd heard that the place had made a few changes. Sally was certainly a visual improvement over the former barman, I mused as I received my change, then went and sat at a table near one of the television screens. 

My golf had been on hiatus for the past four months due to work commitments, but I was now able to resume my weekly playing routine - practice on Wednesdays, and competition on Saturdays.

On Saturday I arrived early for my game, and the club was empty of patrons. I approached the bar and Sally was poring over some papers, deep in thought. She slowly raised her head as she sensed me standing there, but before she straightened, I glimpsed her ample cleavage, and noted her lacy purple bra beneath the black jacket of her uniform. Sally flashed her bright smile, she was a pretty young woman with dark hair and green eyes. I guessed her to be about 24 years old.

"Your usual, Dan?" she asked.

"Yes, thank you."

I was most impressed, she remembered my beer, and my name. "I think I'm in love", I chuckled to myself. I didn't recall the club ever employing anyone who actually understood the craft of tending bar, it was a refreshing change indeed.

I sipped my beer as Sally and I made small talk over the beer taps. She was a single mum with two small children, but her parents were happy to mind her kids so she could enter the workforce again. Her husband had left her two years prior.

Sally was very matter of fact about her life, and told me not to feel sorry for her, when my expression betrayed my sadness at her plight. She was a modern young woman, fiercely independent, and no man was going to run her life again.

As my tee time approached, I didn't feel like playing so much; I was enjoying Sally's company. She was smart, attractive, and a little bit flirty. I was feeling like a young man again, and a woman was showing interest in me. It made me feel vital, in a way I hadn't felt for many years.

Over the next few months, our friendship grew. Often I would stay for a few drinks after my Wednesday practice, when the club was practically deserted, and Sally and I would talk, sharing our innermost thoughts at times. It was implicit that our discussions were never to be shared with anyone else, and I felt comfortable in that knowledge, trusting Sally with some quite private parts of my life.

"You know what I need, Dan?" Sally looked me straight in the eye one Wednesday. "A fuck buddy."

I almost choked on my drink, and laughed aloud.

"I'm serious!" she assured. "I don't see a new man in my life anytime soon, and um, a girl has needs you know."

"Well, I'm aware of the concept, but you need to be careful whom you choose, there are some nasty people out there," I responded. "Promise me you'll be careful."

"Well, I was thinking of interviewing a prospect after my shift today...if you'd like to apply for the position."

WOW! I didn't see that coming.

My mind raced as I considered her words, a thousand thoughts swirling around my brain. As tempting as the offer was, I reminded Sally of the ring on my finger, and she reminded me that I hadn't been intimate with my wife in years.

That was true. I hadn't had sex for over three years, and there was little hope of that changing, since my wife and I no longer shared a bedroom, a situation that evolved due to the odd hours we kept at our separate businesses.

Sally told me I was her first and only choice. She wanted a lover with no strings attached - just sex. The matter of our age difference didn't even rate a mention.

I didn't ponder for too long. "What the hell, I'm in," I winked at her. "Where do I go for the interview?"

Sally squealed and clapped her hands excitedly. She wrote her address on a slip of paper and pressed it into my hand, then leaned across the bar and kissed me quickly on the cheek. 

"See you in ninety minutes, and don't be late on your first day, buddy!"

I downed the last of my beer and headed to the car park with a wave to Sally.

My head was still spinning as I turned the key in the ignition. What was I doing?! I thought about changing my mind, then decided I needed some adventure in my life.

I started the car, and drove towards exciting times.

I checked the note. Sally's place was about a thirty minute drive from mine - no problem. I got home and had a shot of tequila to settle my nerves, then went for a shower and shave, and did some manscaping as well.

Knocking on the door at Sally's house, I waited anxiously, standing there like a nervous schoolboy on his first date. The door opened and my mouth fell open. Sally looked spectacular.

She stepped back and did a twirl, then asked, "You like? Come in, honey."

Her milky white skin was in contrast with the black bra and panties she wore. My anxiety had disappeared, and she looked down at the bulge in my trousers.

"Yep, I think you like alright!"

I closed the door behind me and we kissed for the first time. Our mouths open and our tongues wrestling together as I held Sally close, her plump breasts pressed firmly into my chest as our breathing became heavy, our passion rising, our kissing growing feverish.

As we kissed urgently, I felt Sally's hands untucking my polo shirt from my pants. I raised my arms as she pulled it over my head, then flung it onto the nearby lounge. "Mmm, I love hairy chests," she breathed, running her hands over me, then took my hand in hers and led me to her bedroom.

We held each other's gaze as we began to undress. Sally removed her bra, her breasts swinging free, creamy orbs tipped with dark nipples. I loosened my belt, and as my pants fell to the floor my erection sprung upwards. I spied Sally's wicked grin, she liked what she saw, but as she slid her thumbs into the band of her panties I shook my head, no.

I wanted the pleasure of unwrapping her gift to me.

I backed Sally toward the bed, kissing her mouth as we lay on our sides, our bodies entwined, touching, caressing, losing ourselves in time as we explored each other.

I slid lower down the bed, guiding Sally onto her back, kissing her neck, her shoulder, her breasts, licking and sucking my way down her soft body, inhaling her scent. It had been too long since I'd done this, and I savored every moment, every taste, every sound as I made love to her.

I kissed my way wetly down her stomach, my hands gliding along her sides. I reached the top of her underwear and kissed her mound through the silky material. Sally's legs parted for me as I shuffled between them. Resisting the urge to devour her, I kissed her inner thighs, first right, then left, gently sucking and nibbling her delicate flesh.

Sally's heels dug into the bed and she raised her hips, moving to press her centre against my face.

I sat up and worked her panties down to her ankles, discarding them, then I spread her legs wide with my upper arms as I lowered my face, her beautiful pink folds swollen and glistening. Sally moaned as my warm breath touched her wet entrance, I felt her hands on my head, urging me down on her. I flicked my tongue around her labia, up and down, swirling around her sweetness, drinking her sex as she raised up to meet my mouth.

I reached up and cupped her breasts, rolling her hard nipples as I ate her dripping cunt. My tongue circled the hood of Sally's clit, then I sucked on the hard bud, bringing her closer to climax.

"I want your cock in me, baby," she gasped, her hands pulling at my arms, urging me up her body.

I did her bidding, and as I lay between her spread thighs, she held my throbbing shaft and guided me inside her. I pushed hard, filling her with one thrust. Sally gasped loudly, her eyes wide open and wild, her chest heaving.
I began fucking her with long, rhythmic strokes. "Oh, God…fuuuuuck meeeeeee."

Sally's legs wrapped around my back as we fucked, my fingers gripping her shoulders as I pounded her hard and deep. She felt like hot velvet engulfing my rigid cock, I knew I wouldn't last long.

"I'm close, baby." I breathed heavily into her mouth as we kissed hard, our bodies rocking together as we ground against each other, fucking even deeper.

"Cum inside me, honey." Sally panted. "Cum with me."

Her cunt gripped me tight as we climaxed together, my cock pulsing as I spurted, one…two…three jets of cum inside her, before laying still as the last of my semen poured out of me.

We lay together, a sweaty tangle of bliss, as our breathing slowly returned to normal, I kissed her cheek softly and Sally opened her eyes.

"Mmm," she whispered, holding me tighter.

I felt the same, my body was like jelly, totally spent, but so alive.

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