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My Return Home

I didn't think returning home would provide this much excitement...
Gina, my lovely 53 year-old lover, had been over for the afternoon before I left town that night for a business trip and we were naturally in bed fucking our brains out. She rode me to several of her own orgasms that afternoon. Before that she had given me one of her awesome blowjobs that had drained my nuts but left me yearning for more of her loving delights. We had been in bed for a couple of hours when I had her face down on the bed and a pillow under hips fucking her tight ass. She was screaming as I was humping on her from the rear for all I was worth. As I entered the throe of an intense orgasm the plane landed on the runway at DFW International Airport.

I woke up thinking “what the hell!” Once I fully woke up and was cognizant of my surroundings, I realized I dreaming about that Sunday afternoon before I left. My cock was fully erect in my khaki colored pants when the plane started slowing down at the end of the runway.

As the plane turned off the runway onto the tarmac towards our arriving gate I was thinking that I wouldn’t be seeing Gina until tomorrow. She too was out of town on a business trip but I had finished a day early and came home. I felt the stiffness in my pants give way as I was unusually tired from this trip. The tough negotiations had gone late into the nights all week except for last night which we wrapped up around 7:00 PM. I bumped up my departing flight this morning so I could get home by early afternoon and unwind with a cold beer or two.

I had called my business manager Sally to make arrangements for someone to pick me up since Gina had taken me to the airport on Sunday after our hot unadulterated fun. As I was exiting the breezeway at the gate I saw my young 21 year-old intern, Lacy. She was going to one of local universities and worked for my company over the summer. Lacy was not only smart but she had the looks to match. She had shoulder length blond hair with the face of a high-dollar model. Her piercing green eyes always captured my attention when she spoke to me. She always dressed conservatively at work but today was casual Friday at the office and she wore her cowgirl garb; cowgirl jeans, boots and a loose fitting yellow blouse.

I was happy to see her because I had been around men all week dressed to the nines in their Armani suits and their testosterone attitudes. Lacy was a tough West Texas girl and it showed in her business dealings around the office but I had often seen her soft feminine side when she’d brief me on projects she was involved with.

As I walked up to her she gave that million dollar smile of hers and said, “Welcome back, how was your trip?” I smiled back saying, “Long and exhausting, so I appreciate you coming to pick me up.” With that she said, “My pleasure!”

While at the baggage carrousel she gave me a quick rundown of what was going on at the office. Thank goodness there was nothing that Sally couldn’t handle or couldn’t wait until Monday for I was too tired to mess with anything too serious. Lacy was always professional at the office and her persona didn’t change while at the airport. I grabbed my bag when it came around the carrousel and off to Lacy’s SUV we went.

I couldn’t help but notice Lacy’s tight ass in her cowgirl jeans as we walked to the parking lot. Being from Texas, I always thought Texas women had the best asses and Lacy was no exception. She made small talk but I was too busy checking out her ass looking for panty lines, which I found none. As we approached her vehicle, she caught me checking out her ass and asked, “See something you like?” I replied, “Did you paint them jeans on this morning?” She laughed and opened the back hatch for me to load my suitcase.

Once inside the SUV she asked, “Should I take you to the office?” I replied, “No, thanks. Please take me home.” She responded, “Oh my, now that’s a proposition I don’t get that often in the middle of the day.” We both laughed and I was thinking, “Girl, have a beer or two with me and we’ll be in my bed in no time.”

I gave her directions to my place out in the country as we were leaving the airport. We made small talk as we drove. I knew she lived near her university with a roommate to help with the expenses but didn’t know much else about her. To get to know her better I asked, “Since your family is in West Texas, what do you do for fun in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex?” She replied, “I go home on some weekends but mostly hang out with girlfriends or party on the town.” “No boyfriend”, I quickly asked. She replied, “No, relationships can be too complicated when you’re in college and focused on your educational studies and career goals. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a prude, I just choose to live my life around myself instead of some guy like some of my friends do.” I’m sure she was a heartbreaker and she was politely telling me as much since I was 24 years her elder.

As we got closer to my house, she stated how much nicer the country here was compared to the West Texas country. We had trees and greener pastures compared to West Texas where it’s predominately dry this time of year.

Pulling into my long driveway from the road I saw her eyes light up. I live in a modestly sized house that has two stories with a paved drive way that circles in front of the house. What you can’t see from the front is the professionally landscaped backyard with an eight foot privacy fence that’s my oasis from work. She commented on the size of the house and how nice my “spread” was. I asked if she’d be interested in a quick tour since she had missed my annual “Forth of July BBQ”.

She parked under the covered parking in front of the house. As I pulled my suitcase from the back of Lacy’s SUV she asked, “Do you mind giving me the two-dollar tour?” I replied, “Come on in.”

I opened the front door and waved Lacy ahead of me. I followed her inside admiring her tight ass again as she was soaking in the décor of my foyer. I set my suitcase and laptop bag down by my office door and led her through the living room to my kitchen. I asked her if she wanted a beer and she accepted.

I handed Lacy a cold beer and she stated she had heard about my house from co-workers but couldn’t believe how nice it was in person. I led her to the back patio where she “ooo’d and ahhh’d” about how serene it was along with the hot tub that she couldn’t take her eyes from. I pointed out the shower room I had built for hot tub users and the workout room next it with a working sauna. I could tell she was in “ah” of the place but she really hadn’t seen anything yet.

I led Lacy back into the house and showed her my office, den, which is more like a “man cave”, and three guest bedrooms along with the two bathrooms. I pointed her up the stairs and told her to have a look around while I put my laptop in my office. In the office I took a quick look at the mail that I had my friend Becky picked up for me during the week. Becky left me a note stating she looked forward to seeing Gina and I this weekend.

As I stepped out of my office, Lacy called my name and asked me to come upstairs. I quickly ran to the kitchen for a couple more beers and climbed the stairs with beers in hand. I wasn’t sure what I was going to find when I got up there but I definitely didn’t expect this.

I walked into the master bedroom suite expecting to find Lacy in the sitting room. She wasn’t there. I went to the master bathroom. She wasn’t there either. I went into the bedroom there was Lacy, totally naked with a cold beer in hand showing off her tight cowgirl body on my bed. I froze in my tracks holding the beers in my hands. I couldn’t say anything but I was thinking to myself what a gorgeous 21 year-old intern I had working for me.

Let me tell you, as a decent looking unmarried 45 year-old man I’ve had my share of women, even younger women in their 20s but Lacy was hotter than I had originally thought. I took in the sight of this young woman from her beautiful blond hair to her perfectly manicured toes. She had a Hollywood tan with no lines and firm C-cup breasts with nicely sized hardened nipples. Her stomach was flat showing the slightest signs of a six-pack with a pierced belly button. Further down between her spread legs she had a completely shaven pussy with a pronounced pubic mound and wet swollen labia. I saw the hint of an engorged clit peaking from under its hood. Her legs were long and slightly muscular from either working out or working on her father’s ranch. I was shocked and could not believe what lay on my bed.

“I’m taking you up on your proposition,” she said. I must have turned all different shades of red from embarrassment because she said, “It’s okay I’ve waited all summer to get you alone and naked. I want you to sit back and enjoy this afternoon because it will be memorable for the both of us.”

Lacy waved me to the big chairs against the wall facing the bed. I put the cold beers down on the table between the chairs and sat down. I took a big swig from the one I had opened earlier and turned my attention to Lacy, the lovely goddess on my bed.

Lacy rolled up on her knees and started to give me a show. She grabbed both breasts with her hands rubbing them and moving her hips to and fro. I watched her taut body as she moved in very seductive motions. With one hand on her breast she walked her fingers down her stomach past her belly button and grabbed her pussy. She leaned back a bit and spread her labia as I watched a finger quickly slide in and out of her nether lips. With that finger made a wet trail up to naked breast and rubbed the nipple. Lacy moved that same finger to her mouth where she opened her lips and suckled her finger. All of this while staring at me. Needless to say, my fat cock had refilled with blood and was hard as it had been on the plane when it landed at the airport. It took all I had to keep from touching myself while this goddess did her love dance on my bed.

Lacy turned around on her knees and bent over showing me one of the best rear views I had ever seen. She had a very tight ass and there was no hair between her naturally spread ass cheeks. I was admiring the swollen lips of her pussy that seductively hung down between her legs. She slid a finger between them from the front and slipped inside. I think I heard her moan but, then again, that could’ve been me. Lacy fingered herself as she moved her hips up and down and erotic circles. I watched her masturbate for a few minutes when she slid her finger out of her wet pussy. She moved her hand back further sliding her wet finger to her puckered asshole where she rimmed herself before inserting it to the first knuckle. I know she moaned this time because I heard her. She teased her back door before sliding her finger out and giving me that “come on” wave with her finger.

I was still in a trance from watching this gorgeous woman. Gina does this for me from time-to-time because she knows I’m a very visual person and she loves to tease me. In fact, our friend Becky does it for me as well as Gina.

I get up and move to the foot of the bed where Lacy has her tight ass facing me. I lean down and kiss each of her tight ass cheeks taking in the smell of her womanly scent. She smelled so good I have to have more. I kiss her wet pussy lips and slide my tongue around them with my nose against her puckered asshole. She tasted so good and I moaned my approval. She slid her finger back to me so I could suck it tasting her pussy and ass.

Lacy straightened up on her knees and turned back around. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me full on the lips. She moaned and slipped her tongue inside my mouth. We kissed passionately as she pulled my polo shirt tail from inside my pants sliding it up until I could feel her hard nipples against my hairy chest. We broke our kiss and she removed my shirt before hopping off of the bed.

Lacy was quickly behind me kissing neck and running her tongue to my ears teasing me while she ran her hands up and down my chest and stomach. I could feel my cock pressing against the front of my pants wishing she would hurry and release it because it had become uncomfortable.

Lacy must’ve read my mind because she unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned the button then unzipped my pants. She didn’t waste any more time teasing me. She pulled them down to my ankles. She knelt down and removed my shoes and socks so I could step out of my pants.

Once naked, Lacy teasingly bit my ass cheeks as she reached around and started stroking my hard cock. I instinctively leaned forward a bit and she ran her tongue up and down between my cheeks until she found my asshole. She rimmed me while stroking my hard meat. I moaned out loud to let her know how good that felt. Her other hand found my shaved ball sack from between my legs and I was in pure sensual heaven. She also moaned as she tongued and stroked me.

Lacy released by balls and kissed her way up my back without missing a stroke on my fat cock. She whispered, “Please lay down, I’ve got to taste you.”

I moved to the bed and lay down on my back. Lacy kissed her way up my thighs watching my stiff cock throb in front of her. She licked my balls as she took me in her hand once again stroking me a couple of times before she moved her lips to the head of my manhood. She quickly took it deep into her open mouth until her lips reached the base. Looking me straight in the eyes she gave me a wink and a couple of quick thrusts with her mouth before pulling her lips up the length of cock. I was not only lost in her oral sensations, I was lost in those sexy green eyes that showed me she was enjoying what she was doing to me.

With Lacy’s hand lightly gripping the base of my cock she slipped her lips from me and licked up and down the hard length I had for her. I could tell she was very experienced but I wouldn’t have thought so with her being a country girl from West Texas. I spread my legs and laid back to enjoy her talented mouth and tongue.

I put my hands on Lacy’s head and positioned her lightly colored lipstick lips at the crown. She obediently opened her mouth and I pushed her face down until her nosed was buried in my trimmed pubic hair. I moved her head up and down while she was made sucking sounds. I could feel her saliva coating my cock and ball sack.

Lacy snaked her hand underneath her I felt a finger trying to get between my ass cheeks. I spread my legs more and moved my knees up giving her the access she desired. She teased me before slipping her finger inside me. I was moaning loudly as Lacy worked her finger deeper inside me. I loved having my ass fingered while getting a blow job. It was obvious Lacy knew how to please her man, especially this man. Taking full advantage of me Lacy started moaning and sucking my cock deeper into her hot mouth along with fingering me that led me to a quick climax.

“Don’t stop, Lacy! Please don’t stop!”

I erupted deep into Lacy’s awaiting mouth. She didn’t miss a beat and swallowed all I had to offer her. I released her head as she milked me with her mouth and fingering my prostate. I couldn’t believe this gorgeous young woman had the oral talents of an older, mature woman like Gina.

Lacy didn’t stop after I came, she licked my hardness up and down stopping to kiss my wet shaft from time-to-time. She looked at me, “Oh my, you’re still hard!”

Removing her finger from my ass, Lacy climbed on top of me kissing me deeply as I tasted the remnants of my cum on her tongue and lips. I could feel her firm tits press against me as she wiggled her hips teasing me with her wet pussy.

“I’ve got to have you inside me!”

Lacy reached down between us grabbing my cock and guiding it inside her super wet pussy. She slid all the way down my stiff pole and her green eyes rolled to the back of her head as she made a couple of quick movements of her hips. She paused before moving her hips up and down as she got adjusted to being filled. Sliding her tight and wet pussy up and down the length of my shaft had us both moaning and groaning. We kissed deeply as she fucked me slowly.

She broke our kiss, “Oh my…You feel so good! You’re so hard, so big…I love it!”

“You’re so wet and tight”, was all I could muster.

I laid there and let Lacy ride me. She started kissing and licking my neck while I looked up to the mirror above the bed and watched as Lacy fucked me. I loved the way she moved her pussy up and down my hard cock. Her legs were tightly clasping my hips and legs into a cowgirl death grip as she moved her hips. Thank goodness she brought me off earlier because I would not have enjoyed this as much or as long as I watched her ass in the mirror. Honestly, I don’t she would’ve either.

Lacy was getting wetter and wetter as rode me. I could feel her juices coating my balls and inner thighs. You could hear the “slush” of her juices as my cock moved in and out of her.

Lacy’s breathing was getting deeper and her moaning getting loader as she started moving her hips at a faster pace. I could see the erotic concentration on her face when she finally screamed, “I’m cumming, fuck me, I’m cumming please don’t stop!”

Obviously, Lacy was lost in lust because she was the one fucking me. I was only providing the stiff dick she was getting off on.

I felt Lacy’s tight pussy squeeze harder on my cock and she let out a loud squeal as her body stiffened. I felt the release of her girl juice that was warm and thick coating my balls and thighs. After a couple of good squeezes Lacy stopped and let the juices flow out of her. I love to make a woman cum but Lacy took full control her own on this one.

Lacy relaxed and laid her head down on my shoulder with her face buried at the nape of my neck. She was breathing sporadically but managed to whisper, “That was better than I had imagined.”

My reply was, “Oh, we’re not done yet cowgirl…”

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