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My Scottish Girl

This is my first story and its about a trip to Scotland I'll never forget!
A few years ago I went for a family trip to Scotland. I drove up on my own because I didn't have a girlfriend at the time and all my other family already there. So when I got there I checked into my hotel room where my aunt worked and then unpacked and waited for her to finish because she was having a party at her house and I offered her a ride.

So the next morning I wake up with abit of a headache but I go for breakfast with my family and they go on about how we're going out for dinner tonight but all the girls and going shopping during the day but the guys are going to play golf but not til much later in the day. So the girls go off and I have about 4 hours to kill so I decide to go for a swim. After I'm done I have a shower by the pool and take my trunks of and wrap and pop them in my wet bag and start walking back to my room just wearing a shirt and a towel carrying quite alot though.

Then on the way back to my room I drop my key my phone my wet bag and it goes all over the place and I'm worried I'm going drop my towel and show everyone my packing but then I look up and there is this gorgeous girl in front of my helping pick my things up.

'Ummm thanks!' I say with a big smile on my face .

'No problem' This 5ft 8 girl says wearing a pink polo shirt and this short white shorts that make her look so hot!

'Alex btw' Holding out a hand


'Sorry about the towel just been for a swim'

'Don't apologize for looking so good'

'So are you staying here too?'

'No I live in the next town over but I'm seeing my uncle today and he's with his friends playing golf he does it ever time he's got to see me and I usually come here because I love this hotel What brings you here?'

'A family party this evening and I really like it here.Lovely place! and have you ever stayed then?'

'No I've never ever seen a room here'

'Well I'm just going back to my room if you'd like to join me' I say with an even bigger smile on my face.

'I thought you'd never ask!'

As we walk back to my room just chatting about ourselves then we get to my room and I open then door and as I do I feel her pull my towel off and push me into the room. Then I drop all the stuff on the floor and we start to kiss passionately. I feel her tongue softly go into my mouth so I respond by giving her mind as I push against the wall and run my hands down to her top and start to move it up when it reaches her head I stop just as it passes her mouth then kiss her again then tease her with a kiss then finally take her top all the way off. As I do that she take my shirt off and I lead her to the bed wear I take off her shorts and see her laying on the bed just in a matching purple lacy set on underwear but they don't stay on long.

Then I join her on the bed and she takes hold on my hard 7 inch cock and start rubbing as we kiss then I feel her going down and then I get some of the best head I've ever had its not long before she's swallowing my cum and before she has time to come back up and I already on top of her kissing my way down to the lovely shaven and tight looking pussy begged to be fucked but I take my time teasing her and pleasuring her until I hear.

'Please fuck me now!'

I do as I'm told and ram it straight in and I feel her hands digging into my back and the sound of pain and pleasure.

After about 10 minutes of moaning and her biting my neck and scratching my back I hear her screaming she's going to cum but I keep going and after about 15 more minutes she's cumming again then I say 'I'm close' and she's tells my 'Cum in my mouth please!'

So I take it out and guide it to her mouth and shot my load for the second time in her mouth.

After that we got dressed and went for a cup of coffee and exchange numbers and I've been up to see her a few times when she wanted to get any from her uncle ;)

Id love some comments on my first story please!

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