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My secret

    Okay this is my first story, but it really captured what I felt.. hope you like it :)

            He walked up to me, my breathing became heavy. We were in the woods, an open patch in the middle of the green surrounding forest. He wrapped his arms around me, holding me for the first time in months. My heart beat became rapid, my legs began to shake. I wouldn’t let him go; I clung to him, letting myself fall into what we once almost had.

            He pressed his lips to my neck, taking small nibbles as he breathed heavily in my ear. His lips trailed up to my mouth and he kissed me long and hard. His tongue forcing my lips open, making wetness drip down my leg. I was wearing a skirt for a reason; I hoped this was going to happen. We walked over to a tree next to the river. He pinned himself to me thrusting his hips against mine. His pants were still on, they wouldn’t be for long. There was a bulge in his pants growing bigger and bigger as his hands trailed up and down my back. His nails scratched my back. I wasn’t wearing anything under my skirt; he found that out as I wrapped one of my legs around him, pulling his crotch towards his prize. His hand slid up my thigh raking my ass with his nails.             Both hands were on my ass as I bit his lip. His fingers were warm as they trailed my slit. I pulled his shirt off, and he pulled mine off tossing it on the dirt. No bra. His left hand circled my clit as the right gave me the shocker, it hurt at first, bit after a few thrusts I loosened up and became even more aroused. I scratched at his neck pulling him towards me. He stopped touching me, I grabbed his right hand, and sucked on the fingers that were in my pussy, I could taste myself.             My fingers slid down his chest and went into his boxers, I teased him by caressing his shaft, I could feel him pulsing with desire. He groaned as liquid dripped down my legs. I turned him, so he was leaning against the tree. I unzipped his pants, letting them drop to the ground. His boxers came down too. His penis jumped out at me like a bat out of hell, waiting to be sucked. The tip of my tongue flicked his tip. He groaned in a good way and a bad. His cock slipped between my lips as his hips thrusted in and out. He grabbed the back of my head as I sucked him, his cock pulsing as he came. His cum dripped down my throat. He pulled out and pushed me onto a blanket on the ground. My head hit the dirt, making my sight blurred. He stripped his pants from around his ankles.    He got on his knees around my hips facing my feet. His erect dick resting on my chest, he shifted his waist up, my hands pulling his waist towards my mouth. He pulled him, making be beg for his dick to be in my pleading mouth. I groaned, pulling on his hips, he forces himself into my mouth as he flicks my clit with his tongue. Slowly tongue fucking me as I lifted my hips off the ground and he took his wet fingers from my pussy and slammed it into my ass hole. I pulled down on him, electricity traveling through my body. I came and he licked me dry.             I sunk back down to the ground as he faced me. His lips inches from my neck, he aimed his cock at my present, and he jammed into me. I jolted and screamed in pleasure, his hand covered my mouth as he thrusted in and out of my soaking wet pussy. I felt his lips on my neck. One kiss and a bite. His teeth sunk into my skin drawing blood. He pulled back, still thrusting and looked at me. My blood was dripping down his lip, I couldn’t resist. I grabbed the back of his head and slammed his mouth to mine; tasting my own blood I came again. He grabbed my hands using all his strength to pin my arms above my head. He licked my boobs, biting down on my hard nipples. I screamed in lust. He shifted his weight, and I was on top. I was holding his arms down.             I straddled his cock as I scratched his chest. Up and down, faster and faster, harder and harder. I leaned down and bit his neck; I could taste his metallic blood on my tongue. I licked his wound, and moved to his chest, licking his blood all over his body.             I could feel his cock swelling inside me. I slid off him, getting on my hands and knees. He grabbed my hips and thrust his pulsing cock inside my ass. He thrusted as I fingered myself. He came inside my ass, he pulled out, exhausted he laid on his back I licked his limp cock clean, and licked his bloody chest and neck clean.             We got dressed in a hurry. I grabbed him, pulling him close, I kissed him deep, my tongue wrestling his, and I bit his lip. He kissed me back, biting mine. I looked at him one last time, my hand slipped into his pants, stroking his dick one last time. He kissed me once again. I turned to leave, he slapped my ass and I walked home. Imagining what will happen next time.

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