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My Secretary Rebecca, Chapter 1

My Secretary Rebecca, Chapter 1

Rebecca goes on a business trip with the boss... and makes herself useful in more than one way!

It had been a little over six months since Rebecca began working for Mr. Roberts. She had come to him as a temp after his previous secretary had left to get married and moved away. Rebecca had been a very good secretary as a temp, and Mr. Roberts finally offered to hire her away from the temp agency and make her his full-time permanent secretary - an offer that she jumped on immediately!

Rebecca was a drop-dead gorgeous woman, about twenty-eight years old. If you were to look at her, you would say she was nineteen or maybe twenty years old. She really did look that young. In fact, he didn't believe her when she first told him her age. It wasn't until he read her profile from the temp agency and cross-checked it with the company that he believed her. He had never seen such a gorgeous woman before and wondered to himself what she must have looked like when she really was twenty.

At five foot seven-inch tall and 36DD-23-35, she had a body that was built for something a lot more exciting than typing and filing! She had almost waist length blonde hair which was always perfect, that is to say, it is never out-of-place. Typically she would keep it in a ponytail with a couple wisps that hung down in front to frame her face. And what a gorgeous face it was. With a perfect complexion, lovely deep blue eyes, and a sparkling smile that could light up the darkest room. It was the kind of face you could stare at all day and never get tired of looking at her beauty.

Even now, after six months of working with her, he still had difficulty concentrating on his work when she would enter his office. And she didn't help any - the clothes she wore to work were acceptable, but he couldn't help visualizing her through the thin material. On the weekdays when there was a possibility of a client walking into the office, Rebecca wore a simple white blouse and a black, knee-length skirt (both perhaps a little tighter than they should be) and her heels. She was still quite attractive and he appreciated her ability to "pretty up the place" for the clients.

However, on Saturdays when the office was closed and no clients came by, or when the two of them would work from his home, her work attire was considerably more "free" and shameless. Rebecca and Mr. Roberts established their "working relationship" in the first few days of her being his temporary secretary! And since then they have only gotten closer and developed a rapport that had enabled them to be able to work seamlessly with one another. Work was going very well and they had just landed a big new client this week.

To celebrate signing on the new client, Mr. Roberts called Rebecca into his office that Thursday.

"Rebecca, tomorrow is Friday, do you have any plans for tomorrow night after work?" he asked as she sat down in front of his desk.

"No, Sir. Just going to go home and maybe watch some TV and chill out. It has been a crazy week!"

"That it has, indeed. Well the reason I asked, is that I would like to thank you for all your hard work and extra effort you have put in to help the company and me in landing the Jefferson account. If you would like to, I would like to take you out to dinner tomorrow night, as my way of thanking you for your work."

"Oh Mr. Roberts! Thank you, Sir. I would love to go out to dinner tomorrow night," she said smiling broadly.

"Good. Then it's all set. Tomorrow after work we'll go out to dinner to celebrate and so I can thank you," he said.

"I am looking forward to it very much, Sir. Thank you. Is there anything else?" she said.

"No. Just have a good evening and I'll see you tomorrow," he said. Rebecca got up and strode out of the office thrilled and very proud of herself that afternoon.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next morning, Rebecca woke up a bit earlier than usual. She was going to be having dinner with Mr. Roberts that evening so she wanted to look extra special for him. She didn't know his plans for the dinner date, but she knew what SHE wanted out of it! So she rose early so she could get herself in a proper state of appearance for him. She showered and as she was in the shower she made sure she was clean-shaven and smooth in all the right places. Once she was satisfied with that she picked out both a suitable work outfit, but also something special for after work. While she wanted to be respectable and professional-looking to her boss, Mr. Roberts, in the office, she wanted to be sexy and pleasing to Michael, her date, afterwards!

She picked out her office attire - a simple white button-front sleeveless blouse and a black mid-thigh length skirt with an enticing slit up the side to her hip. She also picked out some very flirty pink panties and a "nude" color push-up type bra that would give Mr. Roberts a little something to think about all day! She made sure she left the top two buttons of her blouse undone so he could get a good view whenever he walked past her desk.

Rebecca picked out the outfit that she wanted to wear after work as well and put it in a garment bag that she could hang up once she got to the office. She put on her makeup and finished getting ready for work, putting her makeup in a bag for touching up later.

The day was not real busy, she did some filing, typed up some letters and did some regular office work. The day dragged on for her though; she kept glancing up at the clock as if willing it with her mind to move ahead to 5:00. She was excited about her dinner date with him and the closer the clock ticked towards that time, the more antsy she got.

By 4:00 pm, she was almost beside herself. She could feel the moisture in her pussy dampening her panties and she could barely sit still. Mr. Roberts had passed by her desk several times for various reasons and had acted as if she had been wearing a turtleneck sweater! He had made no comments or actions toward her apparel or her more than obvious interest in flaunting herself off. She was beginning to get a little concerned!

Finally 5:00 ticked off and just as she was about to leave her desk to get ready for dinner, Mr. Roberts peeked out from his office. "Miss McGavin, can you come in here for a moment before you leave?" he said.

"Yes, Mr. Roberts," she said, getting up and walking into the office. Mr. Roberts shut the door behind her and secretly locked it as he did. Once inside, he took her by the arm and quickly spun them both around pushing her up against the inside of the locked door before she had a chance to know what was happening.

He crushed his lips against hers, capturing her gasp in his own mouth and forcing his tongue into her open mouth, searching and finding hers waiting for him. He pinned her wrists to the door and she reached up to wrap her arms around his neck. Standing there, pressed between the door and his body, Rebecca was his and he made sure she knew it as well.

After a long, passionate kiss, he pulled away as Rebecca gasped for breath, he spun her once again, this time pressing her face first back into the door. He reached around, taking her firmly by the throat, not choking her, but rather possessing her... claiming her as his own.

"You dirty wanton little slut!" he hissed into her ear. "Did you really think I hadn't noticed the trashy way you are dressed today? You look like the filthy whore you are!" he said. As he spoke his hands roamed over her body. He started at her hips, sliding his hands slowly up her sides to her ribcage, then moving around in front of her to cup and squeeze her full, proud tits.

"Ohhhh," Rebecca moaned, closing her eyes and laying her face against the door.

"That's right, my little office slut, you like my hands on your body don't you? You like it when the boss feels you up, isn't that right?"

"Oh yesss Sir," she moaned her response. Rebecca felt her pussy getting wet at his sudden interest and his words.

"Well you have had your fun teasing me all day. I hope you enjoyed yourself slut, because now the tables are turned and I am going to be the one doing the teasing for a while!" he said. Then he reached under the waistband of her skirt and cupped her hot wet pussy in his hand. He gently caressed her mound and rubbed his fingers softly across her panty-covered slit. With one foot he gently nudged her legs apart further as his hand found what it was after.

"Ohhh God!" Rebecca moaned again, louder this time. She was going crazy and he had only started!

Mr. Roberts pressed himself up against her and she could feel his hardness rubbing up against her ass. She could feel his hot breath against her neck as he spoke the words that ignited her fires. And she could feel his firm, demanding grasp on her tit. Her breathing became more labored as he continued fondling her and she could feel her legs getting weak. She had been thinking about her date all day and had already worked herself up in anticipation of what she hoped would happen. Her imagination now turned on her as her fantasy was coming true before her very eyes.

"I can smell your lust, my slut. I can feel how wet your pussy is. It is wet, isn't it?"


"Tell me."

"My... pussy is wet, Sir."

"That's right. And it will be a lot wetter before the night is through, slut. You see, your teasing ways have gotten you just what you wanted. I will have you tonight..." he paused for a long dramatic moment "...more than once."

"Ohhhh, goddd..." Rebecca moaned as her legs trembled. She faltered for a second and he caught her, holding her up against the wall as she regained her footing and steadied herself. He turned her back around, pushing her to the door once again. He kissed her again and felt her give herself to him.

"Now go..." he kissed her on the left side of her neck.

"get ready..." he kissed her on the right side of her neck.

"for dinner." he kissed her right above and between her heaving tits. Rebecca held her breath at his last kiss.

"Y..yes, sir," she said holding onto the doorknob for support. He opened the door and let her leave, watching her as she wobbled a bit walking to the ladies room where her clothes were stashed. Michael Roberts smiled knowingly.

Rebecca was in the restroom for an unusually long time, and Michael was beginning to get worried. He was about to go into and check on her when she reappeared. She walked up to him tentatively, unsure about how she looked since she had changed clothes. He hadn't seen her in anything but work clothes or casual wear. Now she stood before him dressed to the nines and wondered what he thought of this side of her.

"I..I'm sorry I took so long, but I had to... compose myself before I could get ready," she said, fidgeting nervously as she waited for a response from him. He purposely took his time, studying her and examining her as she stood there. He knew full well the effect he had on her, and he was using it to his advantage.

He pushed himself up from the edge of the desk where he was half-sitting/half-leaning and stood up. He took her shaky hands in his own and looked her straight in the eyes. "Don't worry, it was worth every minute. You look amazing." he said.

"Thank you, Sir," she said, blushing deeply.

"Are you ready to go then?" he asked.

"Yes, Sir," she said. He offered her his arm and she slid hers under his. They made their way down to the parking garage. They went to her car and he got out to check and make sure it was locked and secure. Then he got back in his car and they drove to the restaurant.

As they waited for their meal to arrive they talked a bit about the work and the client they had just signed. Then Mr. Roberts had something else to discuss with Rebecca.

"Rebecca I have something to ask you and I'm not really sure how to go about it. I mean we seem to have a good working relationship, but we have only been working together for six months or so and this... well this may be a bit precocious."

"Michael, why don't you just ask, and let me be the judge of that," she said, taking his hand across the table.

"All right then. Today I spent the better part of the afternoon on the telephone with a couple other agencies like ours. It seems that our company has been invited to a conference in Hawaii. It's a pretty big deal - not every agency gets this kind of invitation." he said.

"That's wonderful," she said. "You are going aren't you?"

"Yes, I am. But I was wondering if you'd like to go as well. I would like to have my secretary there - it is, after all a business trip." he said, cautiously.

"Really? Oh, Michael! Oh, I would love to go to Hawaii with you!" she said excitedly.

"You would?" he said, surprised that she was so agreeable to the idea.

"Of course! I have never been to Hawaii, and I've always wanted to see it. Besides, this is business and I am your secretary. I should be there to help you," she said. Then she leaned in closer and took both his hand and with her other finger traced softly across his palm.

"But I do hope it won't be ALL business Sir," she whispered as she smiled at him playfully.

"Oh, I think we will have time for some recreational activities. I'm sure we can come up with something to relax us after the conference is out for the day!" he said with a wink. Rebecca blushed again.

Their dinner came and they ate while talking about the trip a bit more. Rebecca kept looking up at him and smiling. She was going to Hawaii - a location she had always wanted to visit but thought she never would get the chance. And not only that, she was going with HIM! She was overjoyed and as they ate and talked, her mind began making plans on what she needed to buy and bring on the trip.

It was one of the longest weeks of Rebecca's life, waiting for the day they were to leave for Hawaii. She had tried to use the time to get brochures and plan what she wanted to see while she was there, and shopping for new clothes for the trip. She had learned from talking to him that there would be a formal dinner at the end of the conference, so she bought a dress for that as well as a swimsuit for a day at the beach. She didn't have a camera so she picked up a small digital camera as well - she didn't know if she would ever get another chance to go to Hawaii, so she planned on taking a lot of photos!

Finally the big day came! As they had arranged, he came by to pick her up at her apartment. Of course the night before she hadn't slept, she was far too excited for anything as mundane as sleep! She had packed things that day before and had spent most of the night going over what she had packed to make sure she hadn't forgotten a thing. She also whiled away the few remaining hours looking through her collection of travel brochures, imagining what it would be like to actually be there.

Rebecca had been born and spent most of her life in Colorado, only coming to Los Angeles a little over a year ago. Her first job upon arriving in Los Angeles was with the temp agency - the same agency that had brought her to Mr. Roberts. She had only seen the ocean in pictures until she arrived in L.A. and since then only once or twice. The idea of a trip to Hawaii a destination she had dreamed about since she was young and watched shows like Hawaii Five-O, and Magnum P.I. But now she was leaving on the very trip she had imagined for so long.

Rebecca was siting in her apartment waiting when she heard the buzzer sound. She went over and pressed the intercom button.

"It's Mr. Roberts." the voice from the box said.

"Come on up, Sir," she replied and buzzed the building's front door to let him in. A couple minutes later she heard the knock on her apartment door and she opened it to let him in.

"I'm all packed and ready to go Sir," she said.

"Good. We have plenty of time to get to the airport, but something tells me that you don't want to wait till the last minute!" he said giving her a cocky smirk.

"No Sir," she said smiling at him, "I've wanted to get this trip going since the day you told first me about it."

"Well we had better get these bags downstairs then," he said chuckling. He picked up the heaviest of the bags, leaving her a small carry-on and her purse. They took the buildings elevator to the ground floor and then out to the waiting taxi. The driver helped load the suitcases in the trunk next to his and then they were off to the airport.

45 minutes of Los Angeles freeways and traffic brought them to LAX (Los Angeles International Airport). "Oh my god! This place is huge! How will we ever find our plane?" she thought to herself. But Mr. Roberts seemed sure of himself so she just followed behind him, letting him deal with the ticket agent, security checkpoint, and getting them to the right gate. He led her through the immense building and they got to the gate in plenty of time. As they sat there waiting for their plane to board they talked more about the trip.

"So what is going to go on during this conference Sir?" Rebecca asked him.

"Well there will be an exhibition of the latest technologies on the first day, with tables and booths set up in the large conference room. On the second day there are meetings and business. Day three is the day I am most interested in - it is filled with different training seminars and classes. The last day is the banquet dinner and presentation of awards," he said.

"Awards, Sir?"

"Yeah you know the typical stuff - the award for most productive office, best supervisor, best support staff member, various other kinds of awards, that kind of thing. It is a big 'atta boy' thing, but it's fun and they usually put on a pretty good spread."

"I see."

"After those four days, I thought we could spend some time looking around and doing the tourist thing. I'm sure you want to take in some of the sights while you are there."

"Oh yes, Sir!" she exclaimed, "I have been to a couple of different travel agencies and I got a bunch of brochures and guides to what to see and do!"

"Well, Miss McGavin, I am sure we can find enough there to keep you occupied," he said, smiling mischievously. He put his hand discretely on her thigh and gave it a bit of a squeeze, letting her know that he had some special ideas in mind for the recreational part of the trip himself.

Rebecca felt her pussy tingle and her heart flutter when he touched her thigh. "Oooh" she cooed softly. She took his arm and squeezed closer to him. This promised to be a hell of a trip!

After what seemed to Rebecca like an eternity of waiting (although it was only about 25 minutes in reality), the announcement came over the speaker that their flight would begin boarding. Rebecca was trembling with excitement. She had never been on an airplane before - she had come to Los Angeles by bus, so this was a whole new experience for her. He led her down the corridor to the plane and let her have the window seat so she could watch as they took off. A few minutes on the taxiway and the plane was ready. She sat there as the pilot revved the engines and she felt the plane start to pick up speed, then lift off the runway. She watched, fascinated, as the ground dropped away. Within a couple of minutes, the plane was in the clouds and out over the ocean to begin its 6 hour flight to Hawaii.

It was about 2:30 in the afternoon when the plane finally touched down in Honolulu. Rebecca had been watching out the window once the pilot said they were about to land and had turned on the seat belt sign. She saw the island approaching and marveled at how tiny the runway looked as they had to circle once because of other air traffic. But they came in for a perfect landing and Rebecca barely felt the wheels touch down on the asphalt. When the plane had come to a stop at the terminal building, she waited while Michael got the carry-on from the overhead bin. He held the line for her to get out then they proceeded to leave the plane and walk into the terminal building.

Rebecca looked around in wide-eyed wonder at everything inside the Honolulu airport terminal. He took her by the hand and led her through the airport to where baggage claim was. They got their bags and then went to the car rental counter. After securing a rental car for their stay they went out to the lot and found the car, loaded it with their suitcases, and headed for the hotel.

Rebecca tried to take in everything as she rode in the passengers seat. She had learned that Michael had been to Hawaii a couple times before so she fired question after question at him, wanting to know everything about this exotic locale. He answered each question as best he could as they drove. It only took about 20 minutes to reach their hotel and as they pulled into the parking lot, Rebecca's questions came to a close for now. She waited in the car as he got the bags out and then opened the door for her. They went into the hotel lobby and up to the counter.

"You have a reservation for Roberts," he said, matter-of-factly.

"Yes, Sir right here," the young man at the hotel check-in counter said. He handed Michael the key to the room. "Room 415, Sir. The elevator is right around the corner over there, he said, pointing to the elevator. The pair walked across the lobby and took the elevator to the room. He unlocked the door and held it open for her. She walked in and he closed the door behind them.

"This is a beautiful room," she said as she looked around, "but... um.... where do I..."

"Well I was kinda hoping here with me. That was my idea at least. But if you'd rather not I can..."

"Staying here with you will be perfect Michael," she said, stepping closer and putting her arms around his neck. He leaned in to kiss her as his arms went around her slim waist. He pulled her tightly against him and held her firmly in his strong embrace. They kissed long and deep and passionately for several moments before she had to break the kiss to come up for air.

"Oh Michael, thank you so much for everything. For the job, for this trip, and for... just being you," she said.

"Well, you have a hand in all that as well," he said, "you make it pretty easy for me. You are a good secretary, you take care of business, and... well let's face it, you are smoking hot!"

Rebecca blushed as she smiled. "Well wait till you see the new bikini I bought for the trip," she said.

"Well, while I am waiting for that bikini, I have something else in mind..." he said, sweeping her up into his arms and carrying her across the room and down the hallway to the bedroom. He laid her on the bed and took each ankle in his hand, taking off her heels and setting them on the floor. Then he kicked off his shoes and climbed into bed crawling up her body. He kissed her as he hovered above her for a moment, then laid down beside her, taking her in his arms and holding her as they rested from the trip.

This story is a continuation of the storyline first introduced in My story "The Temp" and occurs sometime after that story takes place. If you haven't read "The Temp" yet, please do, it will introduce the characters and give you a little background which will help this story make more sense.
The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events in it are products of the author’s imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over sixteen (16) years of age.

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