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My Secretary Rebecca, Chapter 2

My Secretary Rebecca, Chapter 2

It may be a business trip but it's not ALL business!
"Michael are you tired, honey?"

"Not too bad... why?"

"Good," she said getting up from the bed, she turned to him and began unbuttoning her blouse, watching his reaction as she released each button. When she had completely undid every button she slid the garment off her shoulders, seductively placing it on the chair next to the bed. She then reached behind her to undo the clasp on her tight black skirt. She removed it and sat it on the chair as well. Now clad only in her bra, panties, and stockings, she stood there for a moment as she watched him survey her.

Rebecca was the most beautiful woman he had ever known. He had been completely captivated when he first laid eyes on her six months ago. At 5' 7" tall with long blond hair, sparkling blue eyes, and a warm, welcoming smile, she definitely dressed up the front office. And her tight young figure - a voluptuous 36DD-23-35 - certainly made her a pleasure to work with as well!

And now this fetching young twenty-three year old stood half-naked in front of him, ready and eager to give herself to him completely. Well, Michael wasn't one to turn down a gift like this. He sat up on the edge of the bed, took her by the hand and pulled her to him. He reached up and unhooked the front of her lacy bra and slipped a finger under each shoulder strap, easing them off her shoulders and dropping it to the floor.

Rebecca's breasts were magnificent - full, firm, and topped with nipples that just begged to be sucked on. He had always admired them. When she'd wear a sleeveless dress at the office he'd always try to catch a glimpse of her full firm breasts through her open sleeves. Even though they were clad in one of her many sexy black, red, or white bras, he was fully aware of how full and gorgeous they were. At times he would sit in his office peering at her sitting at her desk, just to watch her. She had caught him a few times too, smiling coyly at him before looking down and blushing at his silent compliment.

But as amazing as her breasts were, they were matched in beauty and splendor by her long luxurious legs. What an incredible pair of legs this woman had. She almost always wore a dress or a skirt short enough so that when she would sit down nearly half of her thighs would be exposed. These shapely stalks would be encased in silky nylons and she always wore the sexiest high heels.

Michael would often catch himself fantasizing about reaching up under her skirt to pull her stockings down those beautiful legs. He imagined feeling her up, running hands up her silky soft inner thighs until he reached her moist panties. How many times had he wanted to bury his face between those lovely legs with them wrapped around his head while he ate out her warm juicy pussy. He spent many pleasurable hours daydreaming of orally bringing her to a tremendous orgasm, then afterwards she would beg him to fuck her.

This was no daydream, however. Rebecca stood half-naked and totally ready before him. She waited as he gazed at her, examining her like she was a priceless work of art. Which to him, she was. Finally he pulled her to him and still sitting on the edge of the bed, he took her hands and held them behind her back and he began feasting on her.

His mouth closed around one stiff nipple and she moaned as she felt his rough tongue run over her nipple. Michael had learned over the last few months that his secretary has exceptionally sensitive breasts and nipples - a trait he was not above exploiting! He used her weakness to his advantage now, licking and sucking and chewing on the tender bud and making her moan and quiver as he did. Holding her hands behind her back only served to further vex her and make her all the more excited.

Michael worked on her breasts and nipples for awhile, making sure each got its fair share of attention. Rebecca moaned and thrust her chest out, offering him more of her milky globes. She could feel the fire in her belly ignite and he was very good at fanning the flames as well. Rebecca felt her pussy getting damp and then wet as he chewed on her nipples. She could feel her legs getting weaker... it wouldn't be long before they wouldn't support her at all.

He noticed her unsteadiness and smiled. It was time to up the ante and increase her frenzy.

"Leave your hands behind your back until I tell you to move them," he told her. She clasped her hands together obediently, not knowing what he had in mind.

Michael began his journey down her exquisite body. Leaving her tantalizing breasts behind, he began kissing his way down her trembling form. He kissed each breast goodbye then kissed his way softly to the valley between them. Heading south, he kissed his way down her chest to her quivering stomach.

"Ohhh..." she moaned as the kisses left a trail of fire on her skin. He continued kissing her as he worked his way lower and lower. He paused at her navel, gently tugging at the dangling piercing jewelry she wore there.

Rebecca moaned as he continued moving down her body, getting closer and closer to her smoldering pussy. She began lifting her hips to him, encouraging him to hurry and reach his destination. But he was enjoying the trip and as aggravating as it was for her, he was in no hurry.

"Please Michael!" she whimpered. But he just smiled and continued his soft teasing kisses. He kissed all around her now dripping pussy, making sure he didn't touch it yet, despite her twisting and wriggling efforts to guide him. He kissed her spread thighs, taking soft nips at the insides of each with his teeth and making her gasp aloud.

"Oh please, Michael, don't tease me! I can't stand it!" she cried. The pleading sound of her voice mixed with the musky smell coming from her glistening pussy lips convinced him that she had been tormented enough. He stood up and let his fingers trail over her chest and around her shoulder as he walked slowly around her. Rebecca moaned and quaked at his languid touch.

Once he had moved around behind her, he pushed her hands to her sides and moved in as close as he could to her. She felt him directly behind her and her knees got wobbly to the point she thought she might fall. But he threw an arm around her waist to steady her. His other hand went to her throat and he gripped her throat firmly, but without choking her. He wanted her to know he was in charge; that she was his.

"How long have you been working for me?" he asked. Michael spoke low and quiet into her ear. She felt his hot breath and the tone of his voice made her pussy twitch.

"Just over six months," she said, her voice trembling.

"That's right. And are you happy working with me?" he asked. "Are you happy having a job where you get to fuck the boss on a regular basis?

"Yes! Of course I am sir," she said.

"Well I do have to admit you are one hell of a fuck. But something tells me that you are more than just the average secretary who's trying to get in good with the boss. Am I right?"


"Admit it, slut, you are happiest when you have my cock buried deep in that tight little pussy aren't you? You want to be the office slut - you want to be my little office whore, don't you!" he said, roughly. While he spoke, he moved his hand from her throat to grab a handful of her blond hair and hauled her head back towards him. His other hand, meanwhile, moved up from her waist to grab hold of her nipple, pinching it and twisting it roughly to emphasize his point.

"Yes! Oh god yes, sir! I want to be your slut, your office whore! Please, sir!" she cried as he twisted her nipple harder.

"That's what I thought. Very well then, you are going to be my office whore. You will make yourself available whenever and wherever I want you. While you will remain as my secretary to customers and clients, you and I will know your real role with this company. What do you think of that?" he growled pinching her nipple again.

"Ohhh..." she moaned, her legs getting weak. She knew just what he meant and the thought she would be used like that make her pussy quiver with excitement. Behind her, Michael smiled. He now had a woman at his beck and call who was willing to put the "personal" in personal assistant! His new Girl-Friday pressed her bare ass back at him; wanting to be used, wanting to be of service to him.

Michael pushed the girl forward onto the bed, flipped her over onto her back and spread her legs wide. She grabbed her thighs and held her legs wide open for him, an invitation for him to do whatever he desired to her exposed and hungry pussy.

Putting one hand on her pelvis just above her dripping slit, Michael let his thumb slip down and begin to massage her swollen, throbbing clit. He plunged two fingers from his other hand into her velvety wet hole curling the tips upward to find her g-spot and began to rub it vigorously. If Rebecca hadn't been turned on before this did the trick. When she felt his fingers plunge into her suddenly, she gasped, but when she felt him massaging her clit and her g-spot simultaneously she lost her mind!

"Ohhh Fuuck!" she squealed as her hips leapt upwards to meet his hands. She grabbed at the bed sheets and threw her legs wider as his hand began sawing at her pussy. She tried vainly to back away from the torment, but he dragged her back towards him and held her firmly. He resumed the agony and Rebecca squirmed and twisted in an effort to avoid the worst of the ordeal, but it was no use. He knew what he was doing and he was going to make her work for her orgasm!

Rebecca groaned and bucked and twisted as he continued to work her pussy. She was going lust crazy as he brought her closer and closer to the edge. Finally though he relented and gave her a chance to catch her breath. She laid back panting, grateful for the respite however brief.

Michael waited until her breathing settled a bit before starting again. He didn't want her to cool down too much so once her breathing had calmed to a regular rhythm, he knelt down between her legs and using his thumbs, pulled her thick pussy lips apart to expose the delicious inner pink. He saw the wet juicy meat inside and could hold back no longer. Pushing his face into her crotch, his tongue reached out to explore her tender pussy. She arched her back and tossed her head to and fro as she felt his tongue wriggling around inside her.

"Ohh, yesss.. Ohh fuuck... Please, please make me cum!" she pleaded. He had every intention of doing just that, but not right at that moment. He was enjoying himself far too much to stop right then. She tasted just as good as she looked and his was feasting on her sweet, juicy pussy like a man starved.

He poked his tongue as deep as it would go into her tunnel, then lapped at it like a dog drinking water. Then to add even more variety, he used the flat of his tongue and took long slow licks the full length of her slit, from bottom to top ending with a diabolical flick of the tip of his tongue on her clit. This sent a final jolt of electricity up her spine and tore a gasp from her each time he did it.

"Ohh, Yess... Ohh... Don't stop ... Please..." she begged. She reached down and held his head in place, pressing it into her pussy, wanting more of that tongue in her. Michael licked and lapped at her pussy for what Rebecca swore was an eternity before he pulled away, leaving her gasping and drenched in sweat.

This time Michael was not so benevolent in giving her some time to recover. His cock was screaming for some play time and he was no longer able to deny himself for her pleasure. As Rebecca lay there on the bed panting for breath, Michael grabbed her by the hips and pulled her onto her knees on the floor. With a handful of her blond hair tangled into his fist, pulled her face into his crotch.

"Now my little secretary slut, let's see your dick-tation skills," he said with a wicked grin, "I want to see how good you suck a cock - I'll bet they didn't cover that in your temp training!" Rebecca looked up at him as if she was waiting for permission or direction.

"Take my cock out and show me what you know," he said. She reached up and began unbuckling his trousers and unzipped his fly. She pulled his Armani slacks down to his knees and his boxers with them. As she pulled his boxers down, Michael's hard cock sprang up to attention ready for some action of its own.

"Oh my goodness!" she gasped at its eagerness. She wrapped her hand around the shaft at the base just above his ball sack and ran a finger of her other hand over the velvet-soft head. A small drop of precum had seeped out and she scooped it up with her fingertip and put it to her tongue.

"Delicious," she said, and with that she slid him into her warm, wet mouth. As her lips closed around his straining cock, Michael couldn't help but voice his approval.

"Mmm, that feels good," he said as he closed his eyes. She took him in her mouth a couple inches at first, running her tongue around the rim of his cock head, and over the top of the mushroom, making sure every inch of the sensitive head had been properly loved before proceeding. Once she was satisfied he was ready, she pushed further down onto the shaft.

She had about half of his cock in her mouth and was pumping away when he grabbed her by the back of her head. "Not bad, my little slut, but I'll bet you can do better!" he growled. He pushed her head down on his cock as he shoved forward, driving his cock deep down her tight throat. He pushed into her until he was fully in her mouth and down her throat and her nose was pressed hard against his belly. She gagged a bit, but he held her there in place for a few seconds before letting her up for air.

Rebecca came up sputtering and coughing and sucking in huge breaths of air and he half-expected her to be pissed at him. But instead she looked up at him as if to say pleadingly and then went back to work. This time, however, she didn't need any coaxing. She took him all the way into her mouth and once she had him swallowed completely, she looked up and locked her eyes on him. He took her head in his hands and began face fucking her pushing all the way into her face, then pulling out to allow her a breath before plunging back balls-deep into her throat.

He plunged in and out of her throat like this about a half-dozen times, before she took hold of his cock and began sucking it like a common street whore. She was giving it her all and he was loving every minute of it.

"Oh fuck, baby, you are such a great cocksucker! Oh that feels wonderful!" he moaned.

"Mmhmm," she replied, her mouth stuffed with his cock. The vibrations of her voice added a whole new level to the pleasure he was experiencing. She saw this and began humming as she sucked him.

The warm wetness of Rebecca's mouth coupled with the sucking and humming was driving Michael wild. He knew that if he didn't do something quickly, this party would be over far too soon! And so he regrettably pulled out of Rebecca's inviting mouth, hauling her to her feet by the arm and spinning her around to bend her over the end of the bed. He kicked her feet apart so wide she had to lay on the bed to keep her balance, but it also opened her and made her pussy accessible and ready for him.

"Now, let's get down to business!" he said giving her ass a hard swat.

"Yess!" she squealed, the sting of his hand leaving an angry red hand print on her creamy white ass cheek. She raised her ass up as if asking for another sway, a request he gladly granted with another hard smack on her other ass cheek.

"Give it to me, please!" Rebecca cried, "Please fuck me with that beautiful cock!"

He knelt behind her and pulled her ass cheeks wide apart, opening her pussy and peering into the pink abyss. He saw the wetness, he felt the fire - an odd combination how something so hot could be so wet at the same time. He buried his face in the steamy hole and licked the walls of her pussy, shoving his tongue deep into her and tasting the sweet juice he found there.

"Oh fuuck! Oh sir, please please fuck me! I need your cock! Please please please..." she sobbed. She was out of her mind with lust and with need.

Michael would torment her no more. He stood and got into position behind her, pointing his cock at her begging pussy.

He coiled himself and then with one powerful thrust, he skewered her on his steel-hard cock, burying himself to the hilt in her.

"Ohh! God, yess," she screamed as she felt him inside her at last.

Michael didn't pause for a second. As soon as he felt himself bottom out in Rebecca's pussy, he began pumping in and out of her with hard, brutal thrusts. He was fucking her with purpose and was not going to give her any kind of reprieve or mercy. He slammed into her forcefully and repeatedly, almost knocking the wind out of her with every lunge.

"Ohh! Fuck me. Oh please fuck me. Harder. Harder. Oh God yess!" Rebecca cried, her words abbreviated by Michael's pounding her pussy. She grabbed a handful of the bedspread as he swatted her ass again.

"You like that do you, slut? You like being the boss's bitch?" he growled.

"Ohh! God, yess. Please, fuck me," Rebecca moaned as he pistoned in and out of her like some kind of lewd machine. He leaned forward until he was right at her ear. Grabbing a handful of her blond hair, he hissed into her ear.

"Reach between your legs and play with that pussy, slut. Play with that pussy and finger that clit as I fuck you!"

"Ahh..." she cried as he pulled her head back. Using her hair to hold her still he pounded her pussy still more. She reached between her legs and furiously rubbed her swollen and throbbing clit. Michael used his free hand to reach around and pinch her nipple hard. Rebecca was insane with lust her poor addled brain trying to make sense of all the different signals it was getting from her pussy, her tit, and her ass. Everything was a blur to her and she felt lightheaded as if she was about to pass out.

Rebecca wouldn't have to endure much more as Michael was quickly reaching his crest as well. His savage pumping and the feeling of her tight pussy enveloping him was bringing him to the edge rapidly now.

"I'm gonna cum," he bellowed out. "Cum with me. Cum with me, now!" he yelled as he gave one final mighty thrust and his cock exploded deep in her belly. Rebecca felt his cock swell and then felt the searing hot splash of his cum on the walls of her pussy. It was the final straw and she fell over the cliff with her boss.

"Ohh fuuck! Ohh myy goddd!" she screamed as her body buck and convulsed. Her eyes rolled back in their sockets and her mouth formed a perfect "O" as she was taken from the room and sent spiraling to somewhere else, somewhere outside her own body.

The next thing Rebecca was aware of was his soft voice. "Rebecca? Welcome back, honey. How are you feeling?"

"Huh? What?" she said, her mind slowly clearing. "Did I pass out?"

"No, not completely, but you sure weren't here with me for a bit. Your eyes were open, but you weren't behind them."

"That was, incredible," she said as she finally regained her senses.

"Yeah you were pretty good yourself," he said. Then he lay down next to Rebecca, taking her in his arms as they two of them basked in the glow and rested.

This promised to be a hell of a business trip!

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