My Singing Valentine

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This story is about a High School fantasy come true!
It was the day before Valentines Day and it was always the beginning of one of the funnest events of the year. Every year for two days we would have a fundraiser for the Student Council called singing valentines. Students and faculties would the week before purchase a song to have performed for someone. During the two days participants would interrupt classes in order to perform these songs. You could send them anonymously if you wanted to.

This particular year one of the hottest girls in the school (Tosh) decided to participate. She chose to be the one to do the anti-valentine song. Her song choice was Theses Boots Were Made for Walking. A song that would end up being the song every guy in the whole school would want to have sent to them.

As part of the whole experience every person or group could dress up in a costume. This would prove to be the best part of the event. At this particular school the dress code policy was kind of strict. However she got permission to wear a very revealing costume, if she was willing to change out of it when not performing. Her costume consisted of a tight, low cut red top, a short (I mean short) white skirt, and a pair of white boots. In between times she wasn't performing she would have to go into the biology teachers closet in order to change.

During third period no one could do these performances because of it being the lunch period. IT would be too hard to track down where students would be because each teacher had a different shift to go eat lunch. I happened to have the biology teacher third period that day. We were part of the first group to go to lunch everyday. This would be very beneficial to me that day.

As I was walking to the biology teachers room to drop off my books before lunch, I ran into "Tosh". I asked her how things were going and she was very pleased with how things seemed to be progressing. I had always had a crush on Tosh, we had talked many times before student council and had been in a few classes together. As we were walking together I told her about how I believed she would do well in the music industry. I mean she was a beautiful girl, had an excellent voice, and had a go get 'em attitude which is necessary.

When we finally reached the classroom I went to put my books at my desk and walk out. All the other students and the teacher had already left for lunch. As I was about to walk out she looked at me and asked. "Do you really believe I would make it in the music business?"

"But of course!" I said.

"Do you want to be the first to get a back stage pass?"

Before I could ask what she meant by that she pulled me in the closet, shut the door, and began kissing me passionately. I had been kissed by many women before, but wow there was something special about this. It didn't take long before she began to unbutton my shirt. I couldn't believe what was beginning to take place. It was like a dream come true. As she was unbuttoning my pants I began to take her shirt off. To my surprise she did not have a bra under her costume. Her tits were perfect according to my liking. I have never been one to loke the small breasted, but I don't like them too big or fake either. I couldn't help but begging to suck a lick her tits as she pulled down my pants and boxers. Once my pants were down, she got on her knees and began to suck my 7.5 inch cock which by this time was standing at full attention. She knew exactly what she was doing because I have never received a blowjob that gave me that much pleasure. This went on for about five minutes before I had her to stand up so I could take off her skirt and panties.

Luckily in this huge closet was a teachers desk that was not being used at the time. I lifted her up on the desk and begin to go between fingering and licking her already moist pussy. I knew she was enjoying this because her moans became louder and louder the longer I focused on that area. Finally after about three minutes she covered her mouth and let a little scream as what seemed liked a river gushed from her pussy. It took her a couple of seconds to recover her breath.

By this time I couldn't wait to stick my dick into her. So as soon as she caught her breath, I immediately went in. Her pussy was pretty tight around my cock. I thrusted as hard and as fast as I could. I was just having too much fun. Twice during the next ten minutes she arched her back and screamed as she cummed for a second and third time. I knew time was drawing near that lunch would be over, and I also knew that I was about to explode. I picked her up off the desk and she got back on her knees. She begin to suck my cock again. It was no time before I hollered "I am going to cum, I am going to cum!" Ropes and ropes of cum flew right into her mouth. I was not sure if I was ever going to stop cumming. I had never had an orgasm that intense. Once I finally caught my breath and she swallowed the cum, we began to kiss again for about thirty seconds before putting our clothes back on.

She exited the room and I went to my desk in the classroom It was perfect timing, because about a minute later the teacher and the other students began to enter the classroom. My best friend happened to be in my class. He asked me where I was at during lunch. I couldn't quite tell him there what had happened so I just told him that I got invited to have lunch with someone else that day. Little did he know that it would be a lunch I would never forget!