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My slutty birthday.

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Girl who discovers obsession with sex fucks cabbie
It all started one day when a boy at school told me my ass was hotter than his girlfriend's. I think I was 16, and I'd just moved schools.

It turned me on, I'll admit. I wanted to say 'Wow, thanks.' But of course, not being a dirty little slut at the time, I said 'I'm sure it isn't'.

Then over the next year or so as I continued to properly mature, I started going out and drinking, and experienced that feeling of being smashed, lying on the floor at your friend's house with five guys leaning over you pinching your nipples and trying to roll you over to slap your ass, begging you for drunk sex and going in for jerky hook-ups. It was the feeling of being desired, of having attention, of feeling wanted. Most of all, though, I felt like one smoking hot piece of meat, and that was an incredible feeling.

Following that was at school, throwing on different kinds of clothes in the morning - tight black leggings that hugged my perky ass which would make the boys' mouths drop on sight. Short-shorts that nearly exposed my crotch when I bent over began to knead their way into my wardrobe. White, half see-through tops that exposed the outline of my push-up bra, and a whole new loop of friends who did the same thing started to take place of my child-hood ones, who labelled me a 'slut who doesn't care about her friends', which was true. I'm not going to deny it. Well, I did care about my friends, but my sexual needs were seriously taking over.

So basically, that was the year I turned into a slut.

It was destined for me - it couldn't have worked out any other way. So now, at 20, I think over what I just did in a cab last week in my half-drunken state after my 20th birthday, horny as fuck and craving sexual attention after a night out being drunk. I was with my two best friends all night, clubbing to celebrate, and they decided to drunk-drive home, and, my uncle having died from doing that, I wasn't stupid enough to join them, so took a cab instead.

I was wearing a tight, black, tit-and-ass hugging short dress that showed off my amazing long legs and figure. My skin was perfect that night, my face was glowing in the moonlight as I struggled along the pavement in my 6-inch heels.

'TAXI!' I called out to the busy street, and nobody in particular. A cab happened to be coming my way though, and picked up from my semi-drunken gestures that they would be the answer to my prayers that night. Just in terms of getting home, not in a sexual way... yet.

I didn't have a thing for cabbies. They were usually old or didn't speak English, and kept their head firmly fixed on the road while they drove as slowly as possible to rack up a decent fix for the night without pissing off the passenger too much.

When I jumped in the cab and slurred out my address, I realised that the cabbie was actually really hot. Like, really, amazingly hot. He had sexy dark eyes fringed with thick lashes, and behind the blue taxi shirt was obviously a large, toned chest. He smiled at me as I entered the cab. What was this? Since when were cabbies like this?

After I'd said my address, I could feel myself just staring at him, but I couldn't really look away. Although in a few seconds, regaining my slutty confidence, I started to act more hard-to-get, because believe me, I wanted to be gotten by him that night.

'Sure,' he said. He really did have the sexy, low, perfect voice that all the famous male movie stars have. I was confused as to why this man wasn't a model and rather a taxi driver. Still, I kept looking out the window, pretending I was over the way he looked. After we'd passed about the first block, though, I noticed the way he looked over at the way my tits perked out of my dress. I felt myself being turned on as his glances got more and more frequent. The sensible, non-drunken part of me said 'Keep your eyes on the road or we'll both die', but my preferred half said 'Ask me to take it off'.

The latter side, call it the 'devil' for now, took over. I moved my hand up to my breast, and massaged it a little, pretending to be moving my bra to a more comfortable position, but then getting turned on by it. I let out a quiet moan and closed my eyes, biting down on my lip. I looked over into the front seat to check on what was happening, and saw the cock of the taxi driver standing well and truly to attention. It made my heart pick up speed and my cunt open up from a little wetness.

'Hey babe, can you keep doing that?' He said in a husky, low tone.

One part of me said, 'Excuse-me?', but the more prominent part at the time said, 'Yes, indeed I can'. Once again, the latter made me move both my hands up to my hard tits, and let out a pleasured sigh. I wasn't very worried about what was happening on the road anymore. Then, I realised we had stopped. I was about to protest and ask what was happening, but then I realised how excited this made me.

Funnily enough, the boot of this taxi was one of those large, high rise ones. I felt a plan forming in my mind, but felt somehow like it was all coming along too easily - maybe even someone else's plan. I dismissed that thought as I saw the cabbie's eyes delving into my cleavage and all I wanted now was a fuck.

'I'm going to step outside for some air, join me if you want', he said, before clicking open the door and then shutting it behind him. It was obviously an invitation, so I took it up.

My vision was only slightly blurred as I got out of the car. It was a beautiful night, and we were next to some small houses and there was a park on the other side of the street. New York is a good-looking city, what can I say.

He was leaning against the back of the cab, arms folded. He actually looked like should a picture be taken at that exact moment, any publisher would pay thousands to put it in their magazine. I stood up on the grassy side-walk, admiring his muscles through his shirt, and he my breasts through my top.

I walked over to him, slowly and seductively, and put my hands on his shoulders.

'I'm a little bit drunk', I whispered in his ear.

'That's what they all say', he murmured back in mine.

I wrapped my arms around his waist. 'Have you got something?' I said quietly.

'Always', he replied, winking. I nearly came.

He moved my face to his, and leaned in, kissing me softly and so sexily. With one hand he felt down to my ass and massaged it gently, and with the other he clicked open the boot, and gently pushed me forwards so that the door would rise behind us without hitting us. I felt like such a dirty slut - really? the taxi driver who took me home, I was about to fuck? This was taking things to a whole new level. I didn't even know who this guy was, he could be anyone.

He flipped me around with my hips, taking both hands to do it.

I lay down into the boot, never breaking eye contact with him.

'You're going to let me fuck you?' He said in his perfectly low, masculine voice.

I nodded and reached for his cock, unzipping his Giorgio Armani jeans. Very strange - did taxi drivers really earn that much money? I didn't think twice about it at the time though, I was focusing on how huge his cock looked through the pants. It made my nipples harden even more, and I felt a little moan escape my throat.

'You really are a fucking hot, horny little slut aren't you?' He whispered as he slid on a condom. I just nodded, continuing to stare at his member. I soon began to pull up my dress, after remembering in my sloshed head and hazy state of mind that this was necessary for the act of fucking. I was wearing no panties, I realised. God, I really must've gotten up to a lot of mischief even before this, I thought to myself - racking my brains to try and remember. He leant over me, his breath hot. I could smell an expensive cologne, and once again my mind was sent wondering... but not for long. He was working fast - he'd already pressed his penis into my dripping cunt, going deeper as he leant in to kiss me. I took his face in my hands and accepted the kiss with enthusiasm.

The hugeness was incredible, it stretched me all the way out. Who was this guy? A porn-star? No, why would he be driving a taxi if that was the case. All thoughts of that were forgotten though once our lips met, he was a great kisser. Our tongues danced as he slowly began to move in and out, fucking to a steady rhythm. As he built in speed, we couldn't kiss any more - our breathing was too shallow. Wow, he was a great fuck, he knew just how to push in the exact right direction.

'Spread your legs wider, slut', he moaned, just the sound of his voice made me moan with pleasure. I could hear him laugh a little, knowing the effect he had on me. He suddenly stopped, withdrawing himself from my cunt. He stood up on his knees looking down at me as I lay before him, my breast heaving as I breathed heavily.

'Why? don't stop!' I pleaded.

'Turn over, I want to fuck you from behind'.

So simple, so hot. He was my fucktoy from heaven. I did as I was told.

I could feel how hot I must look from this direction, my perky ass ready to be shoved against. I could feel the cabbie moan as I bent and my rump faced him. He grabbed both my tits and shoved his huge cock into me again, this time going much faster. He reached his hand up to the top of my slit and started rubbing, very fast. He had obviously had a lot of experience. With the other hand, he clutched my left buttock cheek, groaning each time his pelvis rocked and his cock deepened into me. I responded with high moans, I couldn't help it as I heard myself squealing out like a real horny slut 'AH, AH!' each time he went in.

As the rubbing got faster, I really felt like I was going to cum.

'Oh my god, fuck, please go in harder, I'm going to cum'.

He started to pound me really hard, like REALLY hard, continuing to rub my bulging clit. I could feel the build up, and it was amazing. 'AH! AH! AH!' I called out into the night. He started spanking my ass, groaning at each kinky little slap, and soon I came all over his cock. He let out a loud 'Wow, fuck!' of pleasure at the same time my juices flowed out. It was a fucking great orgasm. When he pulled out, I let out another small moan, and then it was over.

We dressed in silence, but it wasn't awkward. It was the kind of silence which means both of you are thinking about the fucking good time you just had. After that, we got back in the car and he drove me home for real. When I tried to pay the fare, he laughed and said 'Your friends have taken care of it for you'.

'Whatever,' I replied, having no idea what he was on about.

'Bye gorgeous', he said softly as I left the cab, I looked back and gave him a little smile.

I stumbled upstairs, well and truly ready to just crash into bed and face it all in the morning. Jennifer was calling me on my mobile though, and so I thought I'd better pick up and tell her I got home alright.

'So how was the stripper?' She asked on the other end.

'What str...' and then it hit me. 'Oh my god'.

I could hear laughing on the other end. 'You better have fucked him', she said 'He made us pay through the nose for all that'.

'Oh my god...' was all I could say again. Then I laughed, 'Yeah, OK look, I'll tell you everything in the morning.'

'That sounds promising.' She said.

Wasn't such a bad birthday present, I must say.

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