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My Slutty Weekend

This is a true story of a weekend I acted like a slut to get revenge on a boy friend who cheated.
About a week ago I discovered my boyfriend had cheated on me. To say we were done as a couple is an understatement. Let’s face it, if you don’t have trust you don’t have anything.

There was a big camping trip scheduled for the coming weekend. Naturally I planned to go with my recently acquired ex, but that was no longer an option as far as I was concerned. But a bunch of friends still wanted me to go, but I knew he would be there and didn’t want to attend even though I do love camping.

I was talking to a friend on-line and he suggested that if I went and flirted with a few other guys it would drive my ex nuts. I eventually seen his point and thought this would be a good way for a bit of revenge. So when the time came I borrowed a small tent from my brother and headed off.

The group I was with was the first car there. The first thing accomplished was the unloading of the beer cooler and frosty beverages for everyone.

As I started trying to set up my tent a few guys from the next camp site seen me struggling and soon came to my rescue. Being a 5’3”, 115 lb 19 year old blond with handful size tits and a womanly curve to my hips does have its benefits. They had my tent up and my sleeping bag and suitcase out of the car and into the tent in no time.

Other cars were showing up as I got acquainted with my new friends. I must admit everyone of them was pretty hot. It was a hot sunny day and they weren’t wearing any shirts. The sweat glistening off their slim, tanned bodies along with all the beer that was flowing down my throat was putting me in a very good mood, especially when that piece of shit ex of mine showed up and gave me a dirty look as I sat at a picnic table surrounded by studs.

The guys had a pontoon boat and asked me if I wanted to go tubing with them and grill out in the middle of the lake. I quickly accepted and told them to let me slip into my swimsuit and I would be right with them.

When I came out of the tent in my new bikini I loved the reaction I got. It is white and has green tiger eyes on my ass. I loved the way I looked in it when I bought it and I could tell every guy there loved it too.

I took off with four guys I just met to their boat. They had a nice set up. Was my first time on a pontoon boat, but they had a grill on it and a few coolers full of beer. I wanted to laugh as all four of them were vying for my attention, they couldn’t take their eyes off my bikini which I was eating up.

We spent a few hours out on the water having fun, the guys stopped and grilled burgers and dogs, we drank several beers, everyone went for a few tube rides and they even let me drive the boat for awhile. But I wanted to go back and party with the friends I came with, I did invite them to join us, in which they did.

We were at the campsite drinking and having a good time. I was being hit on hard by a guy named Cody. He was one of the new guys I had met. Cody was quite attractive. He was maybe 5’10”, he was very fit, flat stomach, nice muscle tone. He had short sandy blond hair, brown puppy dog eyes.

Ex was giving us dirty looks and when I heard him commenting about me, I decided to go for a walk with Cody. We left holding hands, and took a leisurely stroll around the camp ground. For some reason the camp ground was quite empty. We ended up walking into an empty sight with lots of trees; we sat on the picnic table and had a pleasant conversation about each other’s hobbies, goals, general getting to know each other stuff.

Cody leaned towards me and before I knew what was happening his hand was on the back of my head and he was kissing me. It was extremely passionate, almost eating my face as he made a point to use his tongue. He was actually a really good kisser.

He picked me up and sat me on the table; he pushed my bikini bottoms aside and slid a finger inside of me. We were kissing deeply as his finger pumped in and out of me. He stopped for a brief moment to take off my bottoms. He then continued to probe my pussy with his fingers. I was arching my back, pushing myself towards his hand trying to get him deeper.

He reached down and released his cock as he pulled me to the edge of the table. As he wedged himself in between my legs I felt his cock nudge against my opening. As he pushed in slowly and steadily his hands reached up and stroked at my tits. The pulling and pinching of my nipples really got the fire in between my legs going.

I grunted in pleasure as his cock stretched the walls of my pussy apart. He pulled back and pushed in, getting a steady rhythm going. I wrapped my legs around his waist, so he could go deep, right up to the balls. Soon he was plunging into me over and over, reaming out my fiery pussy. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass with each stroke. My pussy exploded in climax as his rock hard cock rammed in and out of me. I could feel his cock jerk, swelling with urgency as he squirted his thick hot cream into my soaking cunt.

We dressed and headed back to the party going on at our camp site.

After we got back I started talking with another of my new friends. His name was Mike. He was tall, wearing just a pair of grey swim trunks. His hair was thick, black and wavy. He was lean and tan. We drank till almost midnight. The glares of my ex fueled me on as I invited Mike back to my tent.

He lay beside and half on top of me. He kissed me long and thoroughly as he ran his hands up and down my body. He found my nipples and rolled them between his thumb and forefinger. He bent his head to my right nipple and sucked it, gently nipped it with his teeth.

His hand ranged south over my ribs, across the hollow flat of my quivering belly, down between my legs. He had no difficulty finding what he sought there. I was already dripping wet, the lips of my pussy gaping wide and hot for his searching finger.

Instead of shoving his fingers up my pussy, he played around the entrance until he found the small, fleshy button of my clitoris. He rubbed me into a thunderous climax then guided my hands to his throbbing cock. I wrapped my fingers around him and tugged him on top of my body, opening my legs to his entry.

He positioned himself above me, and then lowered himself slowly into my wet, waiting pussy. He slid deep inside of me, immersing his cock in the heat of my body. I wrapped myself tight around him, clinging with arms and legs alike and latching my mouth on the side of his neck. He began to stroke in and out, slowly at first, but quicker then deeper until he was pounding my pussy with near frantic pace. I rocked my hips meeting his thrusts until he arched his back and drove one last powerful thrust deep inside of me. I could feed his cock’s convulsion of pleasure as he exploded filling my pussy with his cum.

We fell asleep all entangled in each other’s limbs.

Mike woke slowly feeling like he was surrounded by warmth. His eyes snapped open seeing the back of my head moving up and down his erect cock. He could hear the wet gobbling noises that kept escaping my mouth. He placed the flat of his hand on the back of my head by way of encouragement and began to thrust into my mouth harder and deeper until with a grunt of effort he shot a wad of cum into my throat.

After breakfast a guy named Jim asked me if I wanted to go rent a canoe and paddle around with him. Jim was a good looking fellow, six feet tall with a full head of brown hair and a big smile. He was in very good shape.

It was beautiful summer morning. I started out with a tee shirt and tight jeans over my swimsuit but as the sun beat down on us and I soon threw them in the bottom of the canoe. The paddling was easy since the lake was calm, making it a perfect lazy day.

We stopped on a grassy island and walked around a bit.

Every time I glanced at Jim I could tell he was checking me out. So I asked him “Do you like the look.”

“Very much so,” was his reply.

"I'm glad you like the way I look because I am going to fuck you, just like I fucked Cody and Mike and will fuck Brad later tonight."

Jim's mouth fell open and he stopped walking. He stared at me in disbelief as I undressed and stood in front of him naked. I walked right up to him and pressed my tits against his chest. I leaned straight forward and pressed her lips against his. Soon our mouths were open and tongues working as Jim groped my ass. His cock hardened under the attention.

I got on my hands and knees.

"Fuck me like a dog, Jim, fuck me like a dog." I said.

It only took a minute for Jim to pull his shorts down and kneel behind me. Within seconds his long cock was plunging in and out of my pussy as he held each side of my hips. With each thrust my breasts shook. Jim’s fucking of me got more vigorous.

"Oh Kellie, my cock feels so good in your pussy," Jim said.

"Then give it to me. Give it to me deep," I moaned.

Jim slammed hard against my ass, burying his cock deep within me.

“Cum inside me please. Make me wet," I moaned.

Jim's response was to thrust even faster and harder. Finally he groaned as he made one last thrust. He remained buried in me to the hilt and I knew he was squirting his seed into my body.

We jumped in the canoe and headed back. I began to wonder what would happen between me and Brad tonight, thus completing my fucking off four strangers to piss off the ex.

We got back to the camp site and a full fledged party was going on, we quickly joined in. The beer was flowing and I moved up to Brad and started flirting. It didn’t take much for him to start flirting back. As it got late and most people were headed off to their tents, we started making out in front of my ex. He stormed off pissed which brought a big smile to my face.

Brad led me into my tent. We quickly undressed. I looked at Brad and noticed he had a large cock. From its base to its end it looked like it could be nine inches. It was thick too. I lay back with legs in the air as Brad climbed on top of me. He entered me completely with one long hard thrust. It took the air from my lungs. I started moaning as he started pushing it in and out. I shuddered in orgasm with the sensation of being penetrated by such a large cock. I grabbed Brad by the ass and helped him plunge in and out. My breath quickened and I could tell I was close to cumming again.

"Oh, oh, oh," I moaned and bucked up against the plunging cock.

"Fuck me Brad. Fuck me with that magnificent cock. Fuck me and give me your sperm." I screamed.

"Oh yes, I'm going to fuck you and fill you, you are my whore aren't you?"

"Yes, I'm a whore. I'm your whore. Now give it to me, fill your little whore up."

My breath once again quickened as I neared my third climax.

"I'm cumming again. Cum with me, fill me, fill me, fill me," I gasped.

As my body tightened up in climax, my pussy tightened as well, grabbing Brad's cock as it slide in and out.

"I'm cumming," groaned Brad as his massive cock unloaded inside my pussy. I lay beneath him, legs wrapped around his back, pulling him into me as deeply as possible with my hands. His body jerked as he unloaded stream after stream of semen into me.

Exhausted, he finally fell on top of me, kissing my face and mouth. Ever so gradually Brad's cock softened and he finally pulled back and out. As he did, a stream of semen poured out of my pussy and puddled onto the sleeping bag.

The next day as we were packing up, I couldn’t help but smile as I seen how upset the ex was. Me being a slut for the weekend sure had the effect I wanted on that cheating bastard…
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