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My Steamy Shower Pt 1

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My first submission! Hope you enjoy it...
It' s been three weeks since I last saw you and this long distance thing is killing me! We've been texting naughty pictures, emailing fantasies and having phone sex..but nothing is a substitute for the real thing.

Today is the day, you come and see me for the weekend at my parents house. I've been lying in bed all morning fantasizing about all the things we're going to do when you get here. You say you want to make me cum over and over. As soon as you step through the door I can't contain myself. I walk over to you and push you up against the door and give you a passionate kiss. No one is home and I don't say a word just lead you upstairs to my parents room, it feels kind of naughty going in there, but I tell you they have a huge double shower...

You sit on the edge of the bath and watch me strip, you're already getting turned on just looking at me. You feel your cock twitch as you look at my pretty little feet, my legs that go on forever, and my pert breasts. We step in and I turn the water on hot so the whole room steams up. I soap up my body slowly and press against you my tits sliding up against your chest, I give you a long slow kiss. My body is tingling all over with excitement and I can feel the heat between my legs as you caress my ass and pull me closer to you. You bite my bottom lip gently and slide your tongue across it, slowly you kiss up my neck and behind my ear, your hot breath against my ear gives me goosebumps and butterflies in my stomach that seem to move down to my pussy as you trace your fingers up my spine.

I pull away and lean back against the wall. I tell you to sit down, I take my foot and trace it slowly up your thighs and rub your stiffening cock gently, then I move it up your chest and rest it on your shoulder. You have a perfect view of my pussy. I'm pinching my nipples with one hand the other one sliding down my chest to my pussy. I push my fingers between my pussy lips and start to rub my fingers up and down, my pussy is so wet and warm, and the water running over me only adds to the heat. My head falls back and I close my eyes. You can see how horny I'm getting so you lift my foot from your shoulder and start to lick and suck my toes one by one, you know it turns me on so much. I slide a finger inside my tight pussy and push it in and out teasing myself. I moan harder, and you're desperate to touch my pussy and feel how wet it is so you run your hand up my thighs and slide two fingers inside me. I gasp and you start to rub my clit with your thumb. Your rubbing your thumb in slow circles on my clit and I'm grinding against your hand, I'm soaking now and moaning so loud, each time you push your fingers deeper in my pussy hitting my G spot I curl my toes in your mouth.

I can feel the heat in my cheeks and over my chest. It gets you so horny watching me moan.

"Cum for me you little slut." You say and push your fingers deeper.

You know name calling turns me on and all I can do is moan as you call me your slut. You're pushing deeper with your fingers, twisting and opening them feeling my wetness all over them. I'm bucking my hips against them as you increase the pressure with your thumb on my clit. Keeping eye contact the whole time. The friction and the heat is intense. I can feel myself on the edge of orgasm and you continue and increase your pace, I cum so hard and fast, my pussy clenching round your fingers, my juice dripping down your wrist, I'm panting, my legs are shaking. You lick it off then get on your knees in front of me, you're not finished yet!

You put my leg over your shoulder and start to lick my pussy, lapping up my wetness like you're dying of thirst. You love how I taste and you start to push your tongue faster inside me, while you gently rub my sensitive clit. I arch my back and you know I'm going to cum again, I grab your hair and push your face closer to my pussy you grab the shower head and spray it over my clit. It's so sensitive and the force of the water makes my legs buckle. You hold me up my my thighs and I'm screaming your name now begging you to stop, but I don't really mean it and you want to make me cum again. There's water everywhere, the floor is flooded but we don't care, my body is shaking as the hot jets of water hit my clit, making me tremble as I cum feeling it through every inch of me. You get up and kiss my pussy with a smile on your face, then upwards, you tongue my bellybutton knowing I love it, then kiss up my chest licking and biting my nipples. You grab my wet hair and pull it back while you suck my neck, you tell me you're so hard and I'm really going to get it.

You pick me up and get out of the shower and throw me down on the hard wet floor, my hairs soaking and my mascaras smudged you tell me I look like a sexy little bitch. You turn me over so I'm on my front and you pull my hips up slightly and rub the tip of your cock over my pussy lips teasing both of us, you do this for a minute and I can feel your cock get so hard as you feel my wetness. It's silent and we're both shaking, the feeling is so intense waiting for the moment you slam your hard cock inside me. You can't resist any more, you push your cock all the way in so deep making me gasp. 'you love my cock don't you' you ask me, and I just moan, my heads to the side so I can watch you fuck me.

"Fucking say you love my cock you slut!" You say again as you push my face down against the cool floor until I say it.

Hearing me tell you how much I want your cock turns you on so much, you fuck me so deep, long strides, taking your cock all the way out and back in, your grabbing my thighs so hard marking them. I'm fucking you back just as hard, you're squeezing my ass, you spit on your finger and push one inside my ass gently then you can feel my pussy tighten.

"Cum for me you slut!"

You fuck me even harder, hitting just the right spot, a finger in my ass and the other hand round my thigh pulling yourself in deeper. The feeling builds and my pussy gets almost painfully tight before a wave of pleasure courses over me, I clamp down on your cock so hard and I squirt. The feeling makes you cum instantly and I can feel your hot cum shoot into my pussy, mixing with my juice. I'm soaking, dripping, its down my thighs and on the floor. You collapse on top of me and sigh, pull me against you and we spoon on the floor until I'm ready to return the favour...

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