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My Step-Sister Amy, Sequel

The continued newfound and strong attraction between Amy and Drew
In the morning, I rolled out of bed and remembered where I was;

Elle's house.

Shit, I thought to myself. We'd fucked all night and Elle and dad could've come home at any time, I couldn't believe I'd been so careless. Amy was still asleep, her sweet, soft hair curled around her adorable, perfect face.

I leaned down and kissed her cheek, and she woke up a little, yawning and turning over. Suddenly, her eyes widened as she realised her step-brother was naked in her bed.

'Oh Drew, last night...' She murmured, sounding fearful.

'What about it', I said softly, reaching down and brushing the back of my hand against her neck softly.

'I feel strange... I... I don't know, we shouldn't be doing this I don't think Drew, it's so...'

'So what?' I said, becoming upset that she felt this way. I didn't think she would regret what had happened in the morning but I was beginning to doubt that.

She looked up at me, her blue eyes confused and bewildered. I pushed my body over hers so I was on-top of her, and kissed her breasts, I wanted to reassure her that it wasn't just a one-night fuck because we were home alone together - it really meant something.

She lay there looking at the ceiling, rambling on about how embarrassed she was and how she felt like such a slut. She said she'd never had sex before, she said she'd always resisted even though she had always wanted it, but she wasn't sure if she should be doing it. Then she clarified, saying she definitely shouldn't - that her mum would be disappointed if she found out, and then finally said,

'Drew, I should probably get out of bed to check if mum's home but all I want to do is stay right here with you'.

My heart just about melted, and I leant in and gave her the softest, most delicate kiss.

'Then stay', I said quietly, staring into her eyes.

'I'm scared', she whispered, caressing my face.

'Amy, baby, calm down ok. It was fine. It was the best night of my life and I'm not even going to lie about that.'

It was building up inside of me again, it had been ever since I woke up but now it was really getting hard to restrain. My cock was rock hard between Amy's legs.

'I kind of want to do it again now, Drew. I know you probably don't want me again bec...'

'Is that a joke? Amy, Amy...' I said as I stroked her hair. I checked to see if she was still naked, which she was, and then posed the question.

'I want you again too. Do you want to have sex again?' I whispered softly into her ear.

'Yes', she moaned, putting her hands on my ass.

It was so easy, all I had to do was push into her, but I wanted to make it last a little longer this time. Her electric toothbrush was still sitting on her dresser, so I took it and placed it on her clitoris, doing very slowly so she would know what I was about to do, and hopefully wetten her cunt her a little more.

'Turn it on', she groaned, her back arching up, which made her tits fall back ever so fuckably.

I pressed down on the button, and the vibrations started through her. I worked her tits as she let out high moans, and couldn't keep her legs still. I trapped them under mine and began to lick her rock-hard nipples. She squealed in delight and called out my name. I loved knowing I was giving her pleasure but my cock needed to be paid attention to. There was too much tension and it was too intense a torture to not subside.

'Amy,' I whispered, 'I'm going to put it in now'.

Amy moaned in anticipation and clutched her tits, moving them back and forth as she waited for my cock. After I said that I noticed a small pool of moisture on her sheets, which turned me on big time. I shoved my cock into her, one hand steadying the vibrations on her clitors and the other holding onto her ass as I moved in and out. Even though they slept downstairs, if Elle and dad were her, they certainly would've known that Amy and I were having a whole heap of fucking by the way she squealed and cried out.

'Drew, oh yes Drew, DREW!'

Her moans of ecstasy got me going even more, and I didn't even try to stop myself as my body got to the point of pleasure that I needed to release some of it. I started to moan too.

'Oh fuck Amy, your cunt is so tight and slick.'

'Go faster Drew, faster'.

'I'll go so fucking hard and fast you're going to cum all over the bed!'

'AH!' She screamed in ecstasy, 'Drew! Yes, yes, yes!'

I knew I was nearly to the point of cumming, and so was she. She screamed as the first jolts of pure, numbing ecstasy hit her, and she freezed, eyes and mouth wide open.

'OH AMY!' I screamed as I came inside her, rocking into her so hard the pleasure was unbelievable.

We slowed down, and as our orgasm subsided, we started to kiss again, holding each others bodies close.

But it was disturbed suddenly as we heard a loud noise from downstairs - the front door opening.


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