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My Tryst With the Professor (Part II)

Lexi was on Cloud 9 as she walked to her Introduction to Political Science class the next Monday morning. All of her relentless teasing had finally paid off, since she had spent the entire weekend, plus the couple of nights leading up to it, in bed with Dr. Claar.

She smiled to herself, remembering the achingly slow way he teased her their first night together, not even a week ago. His lips explored every inch of her body, driving her wild with desire. And when he made his way back to her lips, she graciously returned the favor, leaving no part of him untouched.

She breezed into the lecture hall, throwing Dr. Claar a casual smile as she made her way to her normal seat. He smirked at her, his eyes flickering with desire. Lexi licked her lips, squirming under his gaze. It was unreal what he did to her, how he made her come undone with just one look.

She smiled like an idiot through the rest of the class, barely paying attention to anything he taught. He caught her eye every once in a while, smiling briefly before going back to lecturing. He dismissed the class early (for the third time in a row) and as Lexi gathered her things she heard the other students around her commenting on it.

“Damn, Dr. C must be getting laid…” said the guy who sat in front of her to another student, giving him a quick high-five.

She bit her lip to keep from laughing out loud.

“But I mean, seriously, like, who wouldn’t sleep with him?” asked one of the sorority girls nearby, joining in on the guys’ conversation. A few of her sorority friends nodded their heads in agreement.

Lexi sighed and bent over to pick up her backpack. If they only knew the weekend she had just had with him. They had fucked on almost every possible surface of her apartment and then went back to fuck on some of them again. She walked to the front of the lecture hall, pausing in front of his desk.

“Yes, Lexi, what is it?” he asked, looking up at her while he put his things in his bag.

“I was hoping that I could speak with you about the homework assignment, Dr. Claar?” she said, wringing her hands and trying to come across as nothing more than another student.

He looked around at the few students left in the room and then back at her.

“Come by my office during my office hours and we’ll discuss any concerns you have about the assignment, Lexi.”

With that he left the lecture hall, leaving her standing alone at the desk. His office hours didn’t start for another hour and fifteen minutes, and she wasn’t sure what to do until then. As she was walking to her car, she felt her phone buzz in her pocket.

She smiled when she realized the text message was from him.

Come to my office as soon as you can , it read, followed by his office number. She practically squealed with excitement and turned around in the parking lot, taking off for the building his office was in.

She stopped by the restroom to freshen up, running her hands through her hair and applying fresh coats of mascara and lip gloss. She practiced her sexiest, smoldering eyes in the mirror before remembering that this man had already thoroughly fucked her a few good times. Her cheeks reddened at the memories of their weekend, and she felt her pussy start to get wet.

She walked quickly down the hallway, her black heels clicking unnecessarily loud against the floor. The door to his office was barely open, and she peeked around it, noting that he was on the phone.

He looked up and smiled at her, waving her inside. She came in and shut the door quietly behind her, taking her time to look around while he was finishing his phone call. She ran her fingers gently across framed pictures, trying to imagine what his life was like outside of teaching and sex. She quickly withdrew her fingers when she felt his arms around her waist.

“Hey, gorgeous,” he said, pulling her to him. He kissed her neck, sucking gently.

She turned around to face him, kissing him slowly at first, but then harder with more urgency. His tongue dipped into her mouth, teasing hers, and she gently bit his bottom lip, pulling it with her teeth.

“Lock the door,” she whispered, his mouth inches from hers.

She slid her jacket off and left it lying in the floor, following him behind his desk as he sat down. She climbed into his lap, straddling him, while she teased his mouth with hers again. Her body instinctively started grinding against his, and she could feel his cock straining against his pants.

She moaned, grinding harder against him. His mouth was all over her, and his fingers were quickly undoing the buttons on her blouse. She followed suit, loosening his tie and tossing it to the floor, before quickly unbuttoning his shirt.

“Lexi…” he growled, kissing her harder when she ran her hands over his restrained cock.

“Dr. Claar?” she replied, giggling.

She was down to her heels and jeans when she slid off his lap and sank to her knees between his legs. She unfastened his belt with one hand, while her other slowly stroked his growing cock through his pants. She never broke eye contact with him, watching his eyes grow darker with lust as she touched him. He groaned when she finally undid his pants, letting his rock hard cock spring forth.

She took it in her hands, stroking him up and down slowly before moving faster, increasing and decreasing pressure. She let the head slip inside her mouth and she swirled her tongue around it while she continued stroking. His hands threaded through her hair and he pushed her head down further, filling her mouth with his cock. It hit the back of her throat and he pushed harder, forcing it, while she started to gag and choke.

“That’s right, take my cock down your throat you filthy slut,” he hissed, groaning as she moaned around him.

His hands released her and she was coughing, spit and pre-cum oozing from the corners of her mouth. She started stroking his now wet cock, sucking each of his balls into her mouth to tease and taste. Her hand slid easily up and down his cock as her tongue swirled around each ball before she let it slip from her mouth.

He pulled her up by her hair and pushed her on to his desk, pulling both of her heels off. He stood over her, yanking her head back with her hair so she was forced to look up at him. He kissed her roughly, his free hand twisting and pulling her nipples, causing her to sigh against his mouth.

“Does it feel good when I play with your tits, Lexi?” he asked, biting her earlobe as he pinched particularly hard on one of her nipples.

“Yes,” she said, gasping. “It feels so fucking good, Dr. Claar.”

He bent down and wrapped his lips around one of her hard, rosy nipples, working it expertly with his teeth and tongue. He repeated the process with the other, alternating back and forth several times before slipping his hand inside her jeans.

“Feels like someone is already wet for me,” he murmured against her ear, working one finger inside her tight, soaked pussy.

He quickly pulled her jeans and thong off before burying his face in her dripping cunt. His lips found her clit, and he began to flick it repeatedly with his tongue while sliding two fingers in and out of her tight hole.

She pressed her hands into the back of his head, trying to force him to stay, while she clenched her teeth to keep from crying out while he pleasured her. She let a loud moan escape when she felt his thumb start to rub small, hard circles around her clit, but he quickly covered her mouth with his own. She greedily sucked her juices off his tongue, before moaning again as her orgasm started to run through her body.

“Fuck, Dr. Claar, I’m fucking cumming for you, please don’t stop!” she choked out, holding on to him as she came.

He didn’t waste any time before thrusting his hard, thick cock deep into her pussy, fucking her as she rode out the remainder of her orgasm. It wasn’t long before another began to build, and she whimpered quietly beneath him.

He picked her up with his cock still buried inside her and sat down in his chair. His hands were on her hips, and Lexi immediately began to ride him hard, bouncing up and down. He smacked her on the ass and she groaned, burying her face in his neck.

“God, Lexi, that pussy’s so fucking tight,” he said, leaning down to capture one of her nipples in his mouth.

He continued to move her up and down on his cock, while her fingers slipped between them and began to rub her sensitive clit. He grabbed her wrist, slowing his pace, and Lexi grew frustrated when he slipped out of her and stood her up in front of him.

“What are you doing?” she whined, knowing full well that he was teasing her, seeing just how far he could push her.

He pushed her down to her knees and she happily took his cock in her mouth, sucking and licking her juices off of him. He picked his tie up off the floor and stood her up again, turning her around and grabbing her wrists. He stood up behind her, and she could feel his hard cock pressing between her ass cheeks as he kissed her shoulders. He secured her wrists tightly behind her back with his tie and spun her around to face him.

“Perfect,” he murmured, pushing her back on his desk and leaning over her.

Lexi started panting beneath him, desperate for his thick cock to fill her up. She was so turned on by him and the way he fucked her, constantly teasing and never worried about being too rough. It was just the way she liked sex, and he seemed to know that from the very beginning, never ceasing to please or have his way with her.

He was leaning over her now, the head of his cock toying with her clit. She moaned, her body writhing under his. He entered her slowly, letting her feel every inch of his cock as he filled her. The feeling was both amazing and agonizing, and Lexi arched her back, pulling him deeper into her.

The pace was slower this time, and she could feel the orgasm in her body steadily building. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her as close to him as possible while he thrusted slow and deep into her. His mouth covered hers, their tongues intertwining, and with every hard thrust, Lexi felt herself a little bit closer to the edge.

“Lexi…” he whispered in her ear, his voice laced with lust and desire.

He kissed her again, and she started to whisper against his mouth.

“Please, Dr. Claar…please…” she begged, craving her release.

“Please what, slut?” he replied, starting to fuck her harder. “Tell me what you want, Lexi.”

“Please make me cum for you, Dr. Claar!” she gasped, her mouth forming a perfect O as he began to hit her g-spot over and over again.

“You want to cum for your teacher like a good fuck toy? Is that what you want?” he asked, pulling almost all the way out of her. He left just the head inside her soaked pussy, and she went crazy with desire.

“Yes, Dr. Claar, I want to cum for you like a good fuck toy!” she answered, panting.

He grabbed her by the hair and whispered in her ear as he slammed into her one final time. “Cum for me, whore. Show me what a good slut you are, Lexi.”

Her orgasm exploded inside her, rocking her body. Her pussy clenching around his cock was enough to make him cum, too, and he shot rope after rope of hot cum deep inside her, telling her the entire time what a good slut she was and how amazing her pussy felt wrapped around his cock.

They sank to the floor, his cock buried inside her. She was on top of him with her arms still tied behind her back; she rested against his chest, her body shaking and quivering. She could feel his cum oozing out of her pussy, down her thighs and over his balls. She sighed, spent but satisfied.

He untied her wrists, rubbing each one gently as he kissed her.

“So, about the assignment…” he started, still lying beneath her.

“Mmm, shut up,” she said, placing feather-light kisses on his chest. “I had the assignment finished a week ago. You know I just wanted a reason to be alone with you.”

“Do you know how fucking sexy you are?”

“I think the better question is do you know how fucking sexy you are?” she asked, laughing. “The rest of the class seems pleased that you keep dismissing early. I heard one guy say today that you must be getting laid.”

“Did you tell him it was you?” he countered, a mischievous grin crossing his face.

“Of course not…I’d like for you to keep your job while I continue fucking you every chance I get.”

He slapped her across the ass one last time and smirked.

“Get on your hands and knees and let’s get ready for round two, then.”
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