My turn to take charge

By Sexxy_Delilah

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Tired of his flirting, I decide to teach him a lesson.
We had been at the party for two hours, and I was bored. My ass was sore from the spanking I had gotten earlier for my flirting ways. I wanted to go home and Fuck. I looked around for my boyfriend, and I didnt see him. I started looking. Walking around the building peeking in all the unlocked offices. I heard a noise. I went to the office the noise was coming from. He was in there. MY boyfriend and some cheap slut. She was rubbing her huge tits all over his face and rubbing his cock. I was PISSED. I got my ass beat bright red with a hairbrush just for flirting with another guy. Here he was with his face all over her tits.

I slammed the door. He looked up with a gasp. She jerked her top up and started to walk out.

"Good get out you fucking whore. Filthy little slut, you better run." I screamed at her as she ran out into the hall. I said to him, "We are going home NOW!" I turned my back and walked out without a word. 
We didn't speak much on the way home. He knew I was pissed. We got in the house and he started apologizing. I didn't want to hear it. Not for a second. I slapped him in the face and told him to shut up. I grabbed his cock hard through his pants and squeezed. He tried not to cry out, but I could see it hurt him a little.

"Sit in that chair." he sat like a dog. I said, "You are gonna watch me have fun, and if you move or try to touch me, I will walk the fuck out. Is that understood?" He didn't dare speak so he just nodded. I went and got my vibrator and my biggest dildo. I stood in front of him and slowly undressed. I slid my hand over my tits, and rubbed my nipples till they were hard as diamonds. I pinched them, and looked into his eyes letting him see how much I liked it. I slid my skirt down, and he saw I was wearing the garter and stockings he had made me wear earlier when he had spanked my ass.

"Oh you like looking at me now huh? Well thats all you get to do." I slid my panties down and walked in front of him wearing nothing but the stockings and garters, and high heels. I rubbed my hands over my body, my fingers brushing my pussy. It was smooth and silky, completely bare. I got a chair from his desk and rolled it right in front of him. I sat in the chair and put one leg over each arm spreading my thighs wide. I pulled my pussy lips apart so he could see the glistening pink wetness. I started sliding a finger up and down my moist slit.
"mmmmmmm" I moaned, "Fuck that feels good."

I rubbed my clit and fingered my pussy for a few minutes, getting myself so wet. His eyes were bulging out. His cock was trying to burst out of his pants. I then climbed into his chair and stuck my pussy in his face. I knew how bad he wanted to taste me. I teased him with it. I showed him my pink wet pussy. I rubbed it in front of his face. Then suddenly, I grabbed his hair and shoved his face into my pussy.

"Lick it good, you fucking worthless manwhore. Make me cum fast or I will go find someone who can."

He started licking it hard and fast. He concentrated right on my clit. He sucked it into his mouth and rubbed the tip of his tongue over it in quick little flicks. I held onto the back of his head and ground my pussy onto his mouth hard enough to hurt his lips. I started bucking my hips into his mouth, the way he did mine so many times when I was sucking his cock.

"You like that pussy? OH Fuck yeah, suck my pussy." I said to him in a low voice. I thrust onto his hot tongue till I came twice. My pussy jerking and twitching as I humped his face.

"Well, that was pretty good, but not good enough. I need some real fun." I dragged him over to the bed and shoved him down on it hard. I took is cock out and stroked it...I licked him and sucked him untill I could feel his balls tighten up and I knew he was about to cum. I suddenly stopped. His ass was coming up off the bed trying desperately to get me to bring him to orgasm. I laughed at him. I said, "If you cum, I will leave you." I turned around and got my toy out.

I told him to sit up against the headboard and watch me. I slid the big dildo in and out of my wet pussy, moaning with each thrust. I made sure I was right in his face. He could watch that big toy fuck me and not do anything about it. I fucked myself right in his face with the dildo untill I was ready to cum again, and I screamed out my orgasm as my wet cunt jerked all over the place. I was sweating and breathing hard.

"See, I dont need you." I laughed at him some more...Then I bent and sucked him, till he was ready to cum again...then I laughed again and stopped. "Oh no, you don't get to cum. Whats wrong is it starting to hurt?" I shoved my ass in his face...."Well, since you have been such a good boy, I will let you lick my ass." He dove in with a fury, tonguing my ass. "OH yeah, I moaned, get your tongue in there" He stuck his tongue in my tight ass and tongue fucked me for a few minutes. I whispered to him, " I bet you would love to fuck me now huh?" he thought it was over and eagerly started to move.

"TOUGH!!" I screamed at him. "You can only watch, as a toy does your fucking job" I bent way over my ass in his face, my face buried so close to his cock he could feel my hot breath on it. I reached around and pushed the vibrator into my tight ass. I pushed it in and out moaning in pleasure as the vibrations filled my tight ass. I moaned in pleasure. I told him to use his hand on me but nothing else and try to make me cum. He took his fingers and started playing with my clit. Rubbing it in circles, as I fucked my own ass with the vibrator. My climax shuddered through my body...I moaned in pleasure...collapsing on top of him. I could see his hard cock still pushing up at me.

I leaned over and sucked it..hard, hard enough to make him moan in pleasure...Then I got him ready to cum again...and I stopped for the third time. He was desperate now to cum.

"Go ahead, asshole, jerk that cock for me. I wanna watch how weak you are. I wanna watch you jerk yourself till you cum." I leaned back and rubbed my pussy while he stroked his cock. He jerked it for less than a minute. I had him so hot, he shot cum everywhere. Gasping and moaning like an animal. I tossed him a towel.

"Clean yourself up." I snapped at him. I laid down on the bed, and spread my thighs..."You can now spend the rest of the night, making me cum over and over...if you do a good job I will finally let you fuck me." He grinned like a little boy and dove in...The rest of the night was the hottest I can remember. The things he did to me made me cum over and over and over. I finally gave in and let him fuck me. I knew there would be more of these "punishments" to come.