My Vacation

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I have been a journalist for about ten years now and from time to time I do a lot of hard work and traveling. Covering stories and having to write them up, to make sure the public is getting all the correct information as soon as possible, I am busy constantly. So after more hard work than usual these past couple of months, I decided to take a little R & R trip to Brazil. Out of habit I found myself still bringing my camera, notepad and laptop just in case. I booked a flight from Florida to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A 7 day 6 night trip that began with an excruciating 16 hour flight. I realized I had never sat down for so long on a plane! Oh well, it’s a much needed trip and I know it will be worth it.

Sixteen hours later I arrive in Brazil, I busy myself making sure I secure all my belongings. That task completed, I head over to one of the buses that will take me to the resort. I have tours booked, but really all I want to do is relax by the pool, enjoy the walks, take pictures and just overall enjoy it all. Once in my hotel room I am feeling great. I can rest since jet lag is a big problem for me. As a world traveler in my job, I believe my body doesn’t really have a ‘normal time zone’ so before I fall asleep I set my alarm clock just to make sure I’m up on time.

I rise refreshed, to start my day sightseeing and enjoying what this country has to offer. I get up, do my showering and find some comfortable clothes to wear. I put on a pair of black cargo shorts and a white shirt with a visor and sunglasses. I also grab my still shot camera. Now that I’m ready I head downstairs, pick up a snack from the dining area and head to the information counter. Here I ask where the tour pick up location will be. I am told right outside the front door. I say, “Ok thanks,” and head outside, ticket in hand. As I wait for the tour guide to show up I eat my breakfast. Within five minutes more people arrive and then a tropical jungle tour truck pulls up and the driver gets out.

“Hello, I’m Marisela, and I will be your guide today.” I look her over with appreciation. While she explains about the trails and hot spots, everyone loads into the large truck and we are on our way. Once in the jungle we park and begin to head out on foot. As she guides us up the trails I find myself stopping often to take pictures of the lovely view and sneaking in a pic or two of her as well. She tells us about the trees and everything else that can be found throughout the jungle. Her knowledge of her surroundings and her love of her job makes her more attractive to me. As the tour continues I try to start up a conversation with her.

“How is it your name sounds Spanish but you reside here in Brazil?” Marisela tells me that she traveled here on break from college and she fell in love with the place, so when she graduated, she moved here and became a tour guide so she could show others what she fell in love with.

I smile at her softly, “That’s great!” then I say, “Where are you from originally?”

“I am Hispanic, Salvadorian and Guatemalan,” is her reply.

“Wonderful mix,” I compliment. As we continue chatting, I ask her if she is single and she replies that she is and that her job won’t allow her to stay in a relationship.

“I am always looking though,” she teases with a wink.

I reply,” What a shame! You’re just beautiful.” I softly brush my hands across hers and ask if she could possibly meet me later on for something to drink and eat. She agrees to meet me right where she picked me up earlier for the tour. I say, “That would be lovely I’ll be down by 8 PM.” As we return from the tour, I rush back to my room and pick out something casual, but nice to wear for the evening. I nap to help time roll by. Waking with many expectations, I get ready and go down to wait for her. She arrives promptly out front, looking very lovely.

She stands 4’ 11’’ and weighs about 115 pounds I would guess. She has dressed casually in khaki shorts and fitted gray top. Her hiking boots snug on her small feet make me smile. As the sun is going down it shines off her toned body and her bronze skin. The harsh glare in her dark, brown eyes looks so amazing as well as how it reflects offer hair, so lovely and long, dark chocolate hair that matches her eyes and ends well past her butt.

“Lovely as usual,” I comment and she smiles. We decide to take a little walk as we talk.

“There is a nice restaurant by the water,” she tells me. Walking side by side my hand brushes hers every once in a while and I turn to her with a smile.

“It sounds good to me,” I agree with her choice.

As we eat and chat I begin to realize that I could listen to and look at her all night. We decide on another walk, towards the water this time, only a few yards away from the restaurant. She takes my hand and we drift into the tree line a bit. We come to a stop, well hidden from prying eyes and I mention that I would love to sit and talk even more.

She nods with a small smile and I slowly take off my shirt revealing a tank top underneath. I place the shirt on the sand so she can sit down on it as I sit on the sand leaning back against a tree. She sits in front of me on the shirt and I take a hand full of her hair and lay it across her shoulders, telling her she looks amazing. She smiles and blushes as I brush my hands and finger tips across the side of her face. Making myself more comfortable with my legs around her body, I place a gentle but firm hand on her shoulders and begin to massage them. Her head falls to the side as I go from her shoulders to her neck and gently run my fingers through her hair, then back over her shoulders. Her soft moan and gasp encourages me to be bolder. I lean forward slightly and softly breathe into her ear as I kiss on her earlobe. She released another soft moan as I move lower towards her neck. Kissing each side then nibbling on each side her moans becomes louder still. I bite on her neck a little hard and suck on it. As I suck even harder my hand falls over her shoulders and to her chest.

I gently trace over her lovely 36 C breasts, before softly cupping them in my hands. I gently squeeze and tease her nipples as they become nice and hard and show through her shirt. Encouraged by her reactions I slowly slide my hand down to the bottom of her shirt and pull it over her head leaving her with her bra and shorts. I hurriedly take off my tank top and get up. I walk in front of her and drop down on my knees. I place my hands on her chest and push her body down and leaning forward I kiss her soft lips. Our kissing becomes deeper and slightly harsh. I pull her bra off showing those perky breasts with her hard, chocolate nipples topping the round, bronze mounds. From her lips to her neck I kiss hungrily working my lips down her chest and over her stomach.

Placing my hands on her shorts I unbutton and unzip them and slowly pull them off. I kiss around her navel and let my tongue going circles and kiss around her pelvic bone right about her green, lace trim panties. The goose bumps all over make me smile as I look and see she has a moist spot on her panties. I kiss over the wetness then I grab her panties with my teeth and pull down on them taking them off as well. I spread her legs apart, kissing up to her thighs and then over her pelvic bones on both sides then kissing over her clit hungrily. Sliding my tongue along the sides of her clit, slowly licking and teasing as I press down onto it, I slide my tongue down her wet lips, placing her legs over my shoulders. I grind my face into her well shaved pussy licking all of her juices as they pour out.

Listening to her moans I shove my face into her wetness and push my tongue deeper. As I pull out my tongue and suck on her clit, I slide my finger inside her as she begs me to just take her and stop teasing her like this. I finish undressing myself, throwing my clothes to the side. I take my hard cock and slowly stroke it up and down using the head over her clit teasing her even more. I give into her begging and slowly push my hard cock inside the snug wetness. Feeling her pussy stretch apart I fill her up with every inch of my hard, throbbing dick. I pulsate inside of her, thrusting into her slowly, leaning forward over her. I continue kissing her breasts, licking her nipples, softly nibbling on them, sucking her breast the deeper I thrust.

The more she moans and the more her body move into mine I find my lips on her neck and ears whispering my passions with each thrust. Her body is so amazing, so beautiful as more of her juices release over my cock wetter and wetter! Hearing the smacking of our bodies together she becomes louder, I thrust harder and deeper, faster squeezing her body tighter!

“Oh my God Marisela I’m going to cum baby! I’m going to cum!”

She screams out, “Yes, yes, yes, yes!” moving faster as her body starts to shake. Her legs tighten as her pussy grips my hard cock tightly. She begins to orgasm holding me tight and squeezing me! Her moaning gets louder and she screams” yes,” again, as I cum right along with her. I thrust deeper as I cum and hold myself in position, not moving, letting it all flow out of me and into her grasping depths. As the orgasms wash over us, our bodies go limp and we collapse. I hold my body over hers and then I move to her side cuddling her tiny frame gently.

“You’re so amazing my dear, when can I see you again?” Her only answer is a tired, satisfied smile.